Thought about stepping into the Essential Oil niche? Wait first read what I have for you! I am presenting you the 5 Best Essential Oil Affiliate Programs.

Essential oils are known to be effective against headaches and stress and also known to reduce inflammation. And because of these benefits, the Essential Oils Industry is known to be worth just under US $20 billion, with 7% annual growth projected for the next several years.

And because of the benefits offered by them, they are pretty expensive and finding the most genuine one is difficult at times. Also, most people need a clearer understanding of the benefits of Essential oils and also how to use them.

So when the Essential Oil niche continues to grow, so do the Affiliate Programs associated with it. Let me explain to you by an example how. As this niche is unexplored, a blogger can join any Essential Oil Affiliate Program of a reputed company and can help people to get authentic essential oils, and in return, the blogger can earn some money by promoting those products.

For someone who is running a blog under lifestyle, healthy or Ayurveda Niche, joining any of our 5 Best Essential Oil Affiliate Programs can be the way to go for!

How Essential Oil Affiliate Programs Work? 

The recent Covid-19 Pandemic has shown us the importance of health. People are worried about what they can do to avoid undesirable illnesses and how they can cure them faster. Also, they are looking for alternative medical practices to cure their ailments. So this space is no better to introduce essential oils to come forth. Though they have been quite popular for ages, there for therapeutic effects and ability to soothe and heal is something which has been continuously being researched and used for several years. Essential oils are known to aid in pain, inflammation, and even mental health issues like anxiety or depression, which are quite widespread, especially in people living in cities.

But the benefits associated with Essential oils are less popular; many people are unaware of their advantages. And that's where the Essential Oil Affiliates Program comes into the picture. By joining an Essential Oil Affiliate Program, you can grasp the opportunity to let people know more about them and also help them find genuine and authentic products of reputed brands and also enlighten them about their side effects or any counterfeits.

But before joining any Oil Affiliate Program, there are a few key things to note. These programs mostly work as any other affiliate program. The entire process is almost like any other Affiliate, where Affiliates have to promote Essential Oil through a referral link containing data about the exact Affiliate for a limited amount of time. And if a customer is interested in Essential oils, he can visit the official website and get all the necessary information; even he can click the link and find himself on the Seller's page. And as he makes an order, the Affiliate will get the respective commission from that order. Just so Simple!

What do the Essential Oils Affiliate Programs Pay for?

The registered partners of Essential Oil Affiliate Programs promote products such as oils on their websites dedicated to health or new trends and lifestyle and get payments for every customer's action for a limited frame of time. So here, the buyers have to buy an Essential oil via a referral link in order to make it count for the affiliate. And, of course, the mode of payments and the commission rates may vary and depend on the seller and the terms and conditions of affiliate programs.

So after knowing quite a bit about Essential Oils, let's dive deeper into our best essential oil affiliate programs that are offered on the market, their commission rates and cookie windows. Do let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below.

Top 5 Essential Oil Affiliate Programs

All done theory, let's hunt down the list of the top essential oil affiliate programs containing the in-depth information you require. After this, we also have a few tips for the Essential Oil Program Affiliates, which can boost their revenue. So do stay tuned!

1. Barefut Essentials Oil Affiliate Program

Barefut Essentials Oil Affiliate program
  • Commission – 20% on the first order then 10%
  • Cookie Duration – Unknown 

Barefut is a brand that has some of the best collections of Essential Oils, which are sourced from 35 countries across the globe. Moreover, it has 90 single oils, 14 different types of the blend, lip balms, herbal teas, diffusers and books on essential oils at an affordable price.

With such variety of products, you can better present to your audiences and you can offer a lot if you join this affiliate program.

If you become a Barefut affiliate, you get a chance to promote a wide variety of products that are sold at affordable prices among buyers. So this means that you can earn more money if you manage to convert more visitors. The company offers a 20% commission for the first sale via the referral link and a 10% bonus in case of the second purchase through your Affiliate link.

And one more thing which I really like about Barefut is that it offers its Affiliates a 10% discount on their personal purchases, which is great.

2. Amrita Aromatherapy Essential Oil Affiliate Program

Amrita Aromatherapy Essentials Oil Affiliate Program
  • Commission – 10%
  • Cookie Duration – 30 Days

Amrita is a family-owned and operated organic essential oil supplier and is also among the biggest in the United States.

Dr. Christopher Streicher, who is also the founder of this company, has worked hard to combine the best Ayurvedic and naturopathic practices with essential oils and managed to combine them with the best organic farming methods. Also, it is a USDA-certified business that has been operating since 1989, and almost all its products are 100% sold to product manufacturers or professional aromatherapists.

As for now, their wide range of products includes 140 different oils, all of which are USDA-certified. Along with this, they also sell carrier oils, blended essential oils, and massage, along with dozens of different body and skincare products. The brand also has an excellent reputation, and customers spend $67 on average whenever they shop on their website.

Amrita’s affiliate program allows you to promote its products through your blog, allowing your audiences to get access to its high-quality, pure organic essential oils. And as an Affiliate Marketer, you can get a 10% commission for every referred sale with a 30-Day Cookie period. This program is simply the best if you are interested in promoting organic products rather than a generic ones.

3. Jade Bloom Essential Oil Affiliate Program

Jade Bloom Essentials Oil Affiliate Program
  • Commission – 10%-15% on first orders, 5%-10% on repeat orders.
  • Cookie Duration – Lifetime 

Jade Bloom is a brand that sells organic essential oils along with other healthcare and lifestyle products that use oil as the primary ingredient. The company only offers its customers products made of 100% Essential oils, which include shampoos, teas, soaps, toothpaste, hair care and so on. The mission of Jade Bloom is also quite appealing, which goes “to change the way people think about health for all humanity.”

And the Jade Bloom Essential oils come at an affordable price. Besides this, the company also offers a loyalty program for customers who return to buy more. Customers also have access to an online game that presents them with an opportunity to earn bonus points and discounts on future deals. Plus, the brand also offers free shipping on any purchase over $15. And it does not end here as it also provides a 100% refund no matter what reason for return is named.

And about the Jade Bloom Affiliate Program – Lifetime commission on sales and No Cookie Expiration worry. The commission rates, though, vary depending on what tier you choose. Plus, you can also study at Jade Bloom University and learn how to use oils in the most effective way. And after you are done with the course, you can get you get a $32 bonus plus free information. And its cookie widow is much greater than the industry standard. 

4. Amoils Affiliate Program

Amolis Affiliate Program
  • Commission – 20% per sale
  • Cookie – 60 days

Amoils has its associated product line as ‘Healing Natural Oils.’ The brand has been supplying aromatherapy practitioners and the aromatherapy market for over 20 years now. Amoils is known as a seller that sells high-quality products which are created for a few specific issues like warts, skin tags, wrinkles, stretch marks and even varicose veins.

Each of the bottles is made in the United States of America, and all are FDA-listed and made of natural and pure ingredients, which makes them fantastic items for promotion. Also, the average order price is $62, which also makes the commission quite interesting. Plus, the brand offers various bonus and incentive programs, which makes its Affiliate Program even more worthwhile.

5. Essential Oils Affiliate Program Essential Oils Affiliate Program
  • Commission – 10% per sale
  • Cookie – 21 days is a famous brand in Canada because of its fantastic collection of health and personal care products. As it is a Canadian company, it does ship to almost the entire United States except for Samoa, Guam, etc.

The brand has over 40,000 health and beauty-related products in its stock in which the brand also has a massive collection of quality essential oils in which there are several specializations as well. As it has a variety of products, the company does store several thousands of Essential oils, blends and products infused with essential oils, including massage oils blends and many more. has launched its Affiliate Program via CJ Affiliate. And the best part about them is that you can promote a variety of products, including oils, diffusers and many more.

Few Tips for Affiliates going for Best Essential Oil Affiliates Programs 

Now that you have selected the niche of Essential Oil for Affiliate Marketing, these key tips can help you to avoid mistakes and also save you from serious efforts, as there are many factors to look for in an Affiliate Program, along with the cookie window and commission rates.

  • As you enter into a new niche, you should go for affiliate programs that offer training and courses and support that will give you a basic understanding of the market and will also make your journey as an Affiliate Partner much easier.
  • Go for promoting the high-quality products as it is easier to promote them as their sales are also high even though their cost is more.
  • Look out for reliable tracking, custom referral links, and cookie duration, as a good Affiliate Program offers them all!
  • Ask for promo materials, coupon codes, and essential oil samples for reviews and testing as recommendations based on something that you first are trying for yourself to make you more convinced.
  • Go for brands that offer good marketing assets and are eager to communicate with their Affiliates on all the latest updates and critical ones concerning the products, corporate news, guides and policies.

What is the essential oil niche?

Basically, essential oils belong to the marketing sector niche. And they are used for the production of products for healthcare, beauty, home, aromatherapy and much more. Women are the primary target audience in this niche, but oils, in general, are popular since ages are widely used for various purposes.

Which are the most popular sources of traffic in Essential Oils Affiliate Program?

The popular sources of traffic in Essential Oils include website traffic from Affiliate Marketing campaigns, organic traffic and also traffic from Social Media Platforms.

How much can you earn from the Essential Oils Affiliate Program?

As in the case of most of the Affiliate Programs, here as well, the earning mostly depend on performance, expertise, market and also a fair bit of luck. If you manage to combine all of these factors, you can earn limitless.

What are Essential Oils Affiliates paid for?

Just like with other Affiliate Programs, Essential Oil Affiliates are paid a commission rate for promoting products and new clients, which are made through their referral links.

Which are the GEOs in demand for Essential Oils Affiliate Programs?

All of the Affiliate Programs at times have target locations or GEOs for their Affiliate Audiences. The most demanded of them include the ones who have high-quality users with an income above average, users who are easy to convert and users from developing markets that are at the beginning of their way to spending extra money.

How long will the income be stranded in Essential Oils Affiliate Programs?

Well, the money being stranded depends on the niche, conversion type and purchase funnel. It is also dependent on several other factors by which the payout can vary from several minutes to several weeks.

Which of the Essential Oils are in demand?

Mostly used essential oils are tea tree oil, lavender oil and rosemary oil. You can choose products containing these oils to start your journey of being a successful Essential Oil Affiliate. 

Final Verdict – Are these Best Essential Oil Affiliate Programs Really Worth it? 

Essential oils are a commodity that has been used for centuries, but for a few years, there has been a considerable upliftment, especially since the pandemic started. You can still consider it as a developing market which has plenty of growth. You can promote essential oils for yoga, meditation, cleaning, fitness, mental health and other niches. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to choose a new niche and grow in it and boost their passive income. The commission offered is also decent and also the cookie life. 

While I enjoyed compiling this list of 5 Best Essential Oil Affiliate Programs and briefly describing them, depending on your preference, you can join any of them and make good money. Please let us know in our comments section below if you join any of these programs!

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