The European Gaming Congress is now again set to step into the big leagues, with its prime event taking place in 2023. This event will discuss the endless and newest trends, challenges, and best possibilities in the iGaming business.

Get a chance to meet industry experts from all of the D-A-CH regions as well as from the Nordics. This year the European Gaming Congress will be taking place in Poland which is the most leisured city and will be held on October 30-31, 2023.

About European Gaming Congress 2023

European Gaming Congress

If you are the one who is a gaming enthusiast and are interested in the iGaming industry talks, or if you are an operator, service provider, regulator, or some other expert in any gaming sector, this event should be your highest priority.

The European Gaming Congress 2023 will provide some exceptional opportunities to build a network with like-minded people and gain knowledge from specialists who will be present in and around the event.

One can also witness many product announcements at this event, keep up with the most recent news that is happening in the gaming industry, and also get information on any news that has not yet been made public.

Topics for European Gaming Congress 2023

As the regulators are looking at the industry with great attention and with strict rules, the prime topics that will surround the European Gaming Congress will be around regulations and compliance. It is an important topic as the gaming industry is continually growing and evolving at a greater pace.

A few new regulations and systems have been introduced to put an end to the money laundering that happens in the industry. And also to have tighter data protection laws with increased security during gambling.

What all you can expect from European Gaming Congress 2023? Well, this will be one event where you will certainly be exposed to all of the latest news. Also, if you are a small operator and a service provider, who is seeking for some expertise to navigate through a complex regulatory environment, this is the best place for you to have yourself filled with the related knowledge.

Schedule of European Gaming Congress 2023

On the first day of the event, October 30 a welcome drinks session will take place from 18:30 to 22:00. This is where you can start networking with your future clients.

During the day of the main event, the registrations will begin at 8 in the morning, from where you can pick your badges up and start networking in the event.

During the first half of European Gaming Congress 2023, a number of panel discussions as well as insights talks will take place surrounding the topic of Unpacking the Polish iGaming Market: Navigating Opportunities and Challenges, The Greek Odyssey, La Dolce Vita, Vive Le iGaming, Tulip Mania, and The Belgian Waffle, D-A-CH Decoded: Insights into Germany, Austria, and Switzerland's iGaming Markets and more.

Here, one can also have a morning networking session and also attend the complimentary lunch break.

As of the second half of the event, you can attend the topics for Nordic Updates, iGaming Meets Blockchain: A Game-Changing Encounter, Afternoon networking session, Fintech in iGaming: A New Frontier, and more.

Tickets for European Gaming Congress 2023

The tickets for the event come in two different segments, a combo pass, and a delegate pass. You can buy any of these and be a part of the greatest event coming up this year.

Venue for European Gaming Congress 2023

This year the most anticipated event European Gaming Congress 2023 will be taking place at the InterContinental, which is an IHG hotel in Warsaw, Poland.

The hotel is located near to the center of Warsaw, with a touch of both Palace of Culture and Science. The InterContinental is a conference hotel widely known for its rich hospitality and leisure.

Warsaw is indeed one of the greatest locations to visit that also offers a rich culture and heritage. Be a part of this upcoming iGaming event and explore more what's about to come.

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