The European iGaming Excellence Awards 2024 returns for its second edition, promising to be bigger and better than ever.

On October 15, the elegant city of Warsaw will host this prestigious event, celebrating the pinnacle of achievement within the European online gambling industry.

Building on the legacy of its debut at the European Gaming Congress, the EiGE Awards will shine a spotlight on the industry's brightest stars and most innovative contributions.

Join us for a night of recognition, inspiration, and unmatched networking opportunities.

About European iGaming Excellence Awards 2024

European iGaming Excellence Awards (EiGE Awards) 2024

The European iGaming Excellence Awards (EiGE Awards) epitomize prestige and recognition within the European iGaming industry. This illustrious event is dedicated to celebrating the remarkable achievements of those who have significantly contributed to the sector.

From online gambling operators to suppliers, testing laboratories, and payment providers, the EiGE Awards spotlight the outstanding contributions of key players.

The mission of the EiGE Awards is to honor excellence, foster a sense of community, and inspire continuous innovation and growth within the European iGaming industry, ensuring the industry's vibrant future.

EiGE Awards 2024 Event Timeline

Industry participants are invited to submit their nominations across various categories, showcasing the best and brightest in the iGaming sector.

The iGaming community will have the opportunity to cast their votes for the nominated candidates, ensuring a democratic and transparent selection process.

The eagerly awaited shortlist of nominees will be revealed, building anticipation and excitement as the event date approaches.

Participants of the European Gaming Congress will engage in the final voting process, adding a dynamic element of live participation.

The event will culminate in a grand celebration as the winners are announced during the European Gaming Congress, honoring excellence in the industry.

Nomination Categories

The EiGE Awards feature a diverse range of categories to honor excellence across the iGaming industry:

  • Best iGaming Supplier: Celebrating suppliers that deliver top-quality products and innovative solutions.
  • Best Testing Laboratory: Recognizing laboratories with comprehensive, efficient, and trusted testing services.
  • Best Payment Provider: Honoring providers offering seamless, secure, and fast transaction solutions.
  • Best iGaming Product: Awarding the most impactful and innovative product launched in the past year.
  • Best Customer Service: Recognizing companies with the most effective and helpful customer service teams.
  • Best Marketing Campaign: Commending the most creative and effective marketing efforts in the iGaming sphere.
  • Best Responsible Gaming Program: Celebrating companies that prioritize and promote responsible gaming.
  • Best Game Developer: Awarding developers who create the most engaging and innovative games.
  • Best Emerging iGaming Company: Recognizing the best new company in the industry.
  • Best Mobile Gaming Provider: Acknowledging providers offering the best mobile gaming experiences.
  • Best Live Dealer Provider: Honoring providers with the most immersive live dealer experiences.
  • Best iGaming Affiliate Program: Celebrating affiliate programs with high levels of success and influence.
  • Best eSports Betting Provider: Awarding providers with comprehensive and innovative eSports betting offerings.
  • Innovation in iGaming Technology: Recognizing companies making significant technological advancements.
  • Company Launch of the Year: Celebrating the most successful and impactful company launch over the past year.

Individual Awards:

  • iGaming Leader of the Year: Recognizing exceptional leadership and vision.
  • Rising Star in iGaming: Celebrating individuals showing remarkable promise early in their careers.
  • Innovator of the Year: Awarding groundbreaking innovations introduced by individuals.
  • iGaming Influencer of the Year: Honoring those whose influence and insights have significantly shaped the community.
  • Best iGaming CEO: Recognizing CEOs who have led their companies to new heights with outstanding strategic direction.

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