Today, in this post, we have shared that honest FastComet Review 2024 will tell you about one of the most powerful web hosting companies that have earned a good reputation in the last few years.

In case you are more interested in the technical features, specifications, etc. and familiar with the high performance of FastComet, then you can directly visit and go ahead with ordering.

Read our FastComet hosting review, at last, to get detailed insights about this hosting provider. You will also find some of the tested and verified FastComet coupon codes.

Detailed FastComet Reviews

Fastcomet Review

FastComet is one of the best and excellent hosting providers established in 2013 and has headquartered in the USA. Usually, the things one would consider while choosing a hosting would be high performing hard drive, powerful RAM, high bandwidth capacity for data traffic, etc.

FastComet web hosting company will meet all these requirements as they have servers with the latest intel E5 processor and high-end SSD drives with at least 32GB of RAM per node.

FastComet was the Flagship Hosting company in 2016. Though FastComet is the great platform that has been new in the growing hosting providers, this review would highlight their hosting history along with how highly reliable, stable, and performance-oriented they have been these years.

FastComet is a new web hosting company in the market and also archives excellence in various fields. FastComet offers a wide range of services when we compared it with other competitors.

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FastComet Hosting History and Plans

  1. FastComet has been in the web hosting business for more than seven years. They started with hosting websites for multinational companies and became their official hosting partner. They are now venturing to offer hosting services to the public.
  2. Their growth can be estimated by the fact that they are serving more than 11500 customers of 70 odd countries, which is quite fast as compared to the few years they have been in the business.

The different hosting plans offered by FastComet are:

1. Shared Web Hosting

It allows you to host unlimited websites on a shared server with different plans as mentioned below:

  1. Single Website: This is a low budget, one website, 35 GB SSD space plan for a fast and reliable hosting package of personal or business websites.
  2. Multiple Websites: This is multiple websites, 55 GB SSD space plans for hosting solutions with priority support, and a performance boost.
  3. E-commerce: This is multiple websites, an unlimited SSD space plan for optimized hosting with Free GlobalSign SSL certificate.
Shared Web Hosting Pricing

2. Cloud VPS Hosting

It allows you to host websites on a cloud infrastructure with the added advantage of VPS. The most popular plans available are as mentioned below with the specifications:

  1. VPS cloud 1
  2. VPS cloud 2
  3. VPS cloud 3
  4. VPS cloud 4
Cloud VPS Hosting Pricing

3. Dedicated Servers

It allows you to host a fully managed server with the Intel E5 server and high configuration of RAM, disk space, etc.

The most popular plans available are as DS1, DS2, DS3, and DS4 with the specifications as mentioned below:

Dedicated Servers Pricing

✅ FastComet Features

Listed below are only a few reasons to go for FastComet hosting while you could find hundreds of them while using it:

  • High Uptime

One of the reasons why sites like Google have high uptime (page loading speed) is that they use SSD drives for hosting, which improves the speed by 300%.

FastComet is providing you SSD drives with a very low price of $2.95/month for the basic shared plan, which will benefit you to host your blog or a single website of your business.

  • Level Caching Mechanism

The websites hosted on FastComet are powered with 4 levels caching layer, which is highly advanced as compared to other hosting providers going for 3 levels caching layer. The 4 level caching layer includes:

  1. Google page speed optimization: This is a technique developed by Google, which increases the load time by 21%.
  2. Facebook FlashCare: This caching mechanism developed by Facebook caches the most frequently accessed files in your accounts, such as the index file and home page images. This way, it can deliver pages much faster to your website visitors.
  3. Optimum Cache: This will improve your website’s response time by reducing memory usage and decreasing the number of disc operations.
  4. Memcached: This technique used by major leading websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to improve website performance.
  • Improved Site SEO

FastComet doesn’t allow websites like child porn, spam, and scam websites to be hosted on its servers. Consider the example of your website hosted on shared hosting with say 100 other websites and out of which 50 websites are related to porn.

Since all the shared websites are using the same IP address, google would list your website as a scam. Most of the hosting providers do mention this. However, they have been caught red-handed.

If there are no such scam, spam websites hosted on shared hosting with your website, then most search engines would rate your website higher than others.


💰 Pricing of FastComet Hosting

There are no hidden fees or additional charges for the hosting services offered by FastComet. Even you get the same price when you renew the plan with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

FastComet Pricing

✅ Additional Features

You can ask for more than 150 open-source application installation on the server with automatic upgrade features and without any downtime. However, certain hosting providers charge for these additional features.

  • Backup and Monitoring

Using FastComet provides daily and weekly backups to all customer files, folders, databases, emails, etc. stored on the server to a different server, which is included the cost charged per month i.e., no extra charges. Recovery of data is one of the most important parts of server management, given the scam, spams happening nowadays.

Along with backup, FastComet ensures proactive monitoring to prevent some of the most common website issues and improve performance.

  • Security Monitoring

FastComet performs a regular audit of their servers to prevent against viruses, Trojans, and malware by making use of Firewall and SSL certificates.

  • Geographic resilience

FastComet is having wide data center locations across the world which are:

  1. Chicago, US-North
  2. Dallas, US Central
  3. London, UK Europe
  4. Frankfurt, Germany, Europe
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe
  6. Singapore, Asia-Pacific
  7. Tokyo, Japan, Asia

This gives the benefits, as mentioned in the below picture:

Fastcomet Features

👉 Steps to buy FastComet Hosting

Buying FastComet is an easy 3 step process, as mentioned below:

Step 1: Select your preferred plan and select next.

Step 2: Register the domain without any cost

Step 3: Verify the final amount and pay using Paypal or Credit card.

🌟 FastComet FAQ

How to transfer the website to the FastComet hosting plans?

FastComet transfer free website for all their clients worldwide. FastComet technical support team will help you to move all your website’s content to their servers and make sure that your website is appropriately configured. In order to transfer your website, you need to submit a ticket to our support team via your Client Area.

Does FastComet allow domain transfer to other companies?

Yes, FastComet allows domain transfer to other companies, but you need to do certain things before and met certain requirements before transferring a domain to other companies.

Does FastComet provide a free SSL certificate?

Yes, FastComet offers a free GlobalSign SSL certificate for their clients on FastCloud Extra hosting plans. The SSL certificate provided by FastComet is private and is assigned to your domain. It will cover all of the subfolders so you can safely configure it on your website.

Does FastComet support PayPal?

Yes, you can make payment through PayPal.

Conclusion: FastComet Review + Discount Coupon (Upto 80% OFF)

If you are looking for Faster Webhosting, 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, and advanced security features, then nothing is better than FastComet hosting.

Along with this, it gives the same price on renewal, Free domain hosting for a lifetime, SSD drives, daily and weekly backups that signify FastComet is much better than many other hosting providers.

I hope this review of FastComet gives you insight and help in understanding the hosting provider. Also, use the exclusive coupon to get a discount on FastComet hosting.

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