If you own a website, you can relate to this. It is not sufficient that people visit your website and buy nothing.

It is good that consumers are getting interested in your services or products. But tell us one thing, only gaining traffic is enough? If they are visiting your website and getting down without purchasing anything, what does it states?

It simply states that you need to make your conversion rate higher. And for that, you need a platform that can help you with the conversion process.

Today, we bring ✅Fomo Review + Coupon. FOMO is a platform, which can help you with the above-stated issue.

If you integrate your platform with social proof Fomo, you will observe a drastic jump in your sales.

Social proof is excellent to start people start trusting your platform. It convinces people that you have a trusted brand which ultimately leads to a hike in your sales.

But for that, you should read our full Fomo review to have a clear picture of what Social Proof is.

So, what are we waiting for? Let us get started!

What is Social Proof?

Fomo Review

Social proof is a tried and true marketing method. It is proven best in the circumstances, such as a line outside of a restaurant indicating that it's a quality business deserving of your time. 

But, showing off social proof in eCommerce is not as simple as that. So various companies have come up to the plate to present a solution. Notifications on your website that prospective point customers to what conversions are occurring in real-time. 

Fomo is one such organization with its social proof software. So in this article, we're looking into whether or not they're a good choice for your online store. But here, you will also get a legit coupon code to get started!

But, here you will also get

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But, if you would like to get to know about the software first, then keep reading the article.

Detailed Fomo Review

Fomo Review

Perhaps you've heard the term Fomo before. (It stands for ‘fear of missing out)

But did you know it is a social proof marketing software as well?

This web app was designed by Ryan Kulk, where it first commenced its life under the name “Notify” back in 2014. 

It has since grown into an equipped conversion marketing tool.

Here's how Fomo works in a few lines:

Do you wish to sell a product? Then you can combine Fomo with your Stripe account and display a notification whenever someone buys something from you.

Displaying these notifications to your visitors is an easy way to add social proof to your offer. It also boosts your conversions and gets you more leads and sales.

Advanced Features of Fomo | Fomo Review

It is now time to enlighten the features of this brilliant marketing tool.

#1. The Design Flexibility

With various plugins and tools to account for these days, it becomes harder to maintain brand consistency.

Fortuitously, Fomo wastes no time throwing you into their theme editor. Here you'll promptly get a sense of the design flexibility this platform has to provide.

Not only do you have these pre-styled templates & also style handles to play with.

#2. Events

The Events are basically Fomo notifications (1 Event generates 1 Fomo notification) & represent an episode of customer behavior that you want to record.

That could be one sale, one click, one subscription, etc. Your connected services send data to Fomo. 

It is turned into an event such as a customer's purchase or a new Instagram photo.

Millions of events were created by Fomo users in the past few months,& these events have been served over 1 billion times across 5,000 customer websites. Great! Isn't it! Redeem our exclusive Fomo Code and start savoring its features.

#3. Create Conversion Pop-Ups

#4. Utilize Smart Data

#5. Integrate without Coding

#6. API Developer


#7. Settings

Fomo has improved settings with which you can play around 30+ controls. This enables you to customize the look and feel of your FOMO popups. Also, you have several options for colors, style, positioning, animation, and so on.


You can set the frequency of the display of the popup. How long for, and the time gap within each one, including the following:

#8. Tracking & Reporting

Tracking & Reporting

Marketing software is incomplete without some form of built-in tracking & reporting.

Fomo's dashboard gathers statistics across all notifications, including impressions, clicks, & engagements.

Sadly, there's currently no way to drill down further into this data. What you see is what you get, & it isn't much.

This flaw becomes more noticeable compared to alternatives like proof, which gives you both campaign and goal-based reporting dashboards.

Also, to gain access to conversions and sales data, you'll need to gain once combine it with a third-party app.

In this case, it's Google Analytics.

Sadly, Fomo relies so heavily on a separate tracking platform for a straightforward reporting dashboard.

Another tracking feature worth mentioning is the ‘Scorecard,' allowing you to set simple goals based on page visits.

An everyday use case for this is to create a goal for your thank you page, enabling Fomo to know a conversion has taken place.

Here's an instance using the ‘Scorecard' feature:

Overall, Fomo manages to cover the standard. But, the reliance on Google Analytics & the lack of granular data is a little disconcerting.

Fomo Integrations | Your Favorite Apps Work with Fomo

Fomo promotes integration with over 83 various websites, programs, and applications. They also keep adding in your custom integration. Here are the most common integrations that Fomo supports:

FOMO Integration

Ecommerce Platforms & Marketplaces


  • Zapier
  • Webhooks
  • Google Analytics
  • Stripe
  • Privy

Social Media

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter


  • Google Reviews
  • me
  • Trustpilot
  • Yotpo

Marketing Software

  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot
  • Drip
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Aweber
  • Infusionsoft

Management Software

Disadvantages of Fomo

  • No chat support on the $39/month plan

It's fair to say support is critical when looking at any software solution for your business.

If you want live chat support, you will need to bypass the $39/month plan to double your budget.

If the critical support is taken away from paying customers, it can be a risky strategy for your business, but doing so on a $39/month monthly rolling subscription? That's not exactly pocket change.

  • No entry-level pricing for smaller websites

Most of the social proof platforms, including Fomo, tend to price their services on “impressions,” stating all the notifications that are shown.

Fomo plan starts at $39 per month for 50,000 impressions. The dollar to impression ratio is respectable, and not every website gets 50,000 images.

It would have been nice if Fomo had a $19 monthly plan with fewer impressions, so more people with lower budgets could test the service out.

  • No native A/B testing

An integral part of marketing optimization is A/B testing, so, unfortunately, split testing in Fomo is only available as part of their most expensive plan.

If you're not on this plan, you'll need to use Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer if you want to run split-tests with Fomo notifications.

Fomo Pricing Plans | Exclusive Fomo Discount Coupon

FOMO Pricing

Fomo has four pricing plans:

Starter Plan – Costs $19/month 

Essential Plan – Costs $39/ month

Plus Plan – Costs $79/ month 

Advanced Plan – Costs $199/month

But, if you plan to choose the coupon code mentioned above, you will avail of maximum benefits!

🌟 Fomo FAQ

✅What is social proof marketing?

Nobody cares what you have to say about your company. When customers sell for you, it's called social proof marketing.

✅What is Fomo?

Fomo is the first social proof marketing platform in the world.

✅Is Fomo Legit?

Yes. Fomo is the best social proof marketing company. Read case studies or 250+ 5-star reviews.

✅How can I calculate Fomo's ROI?

That is done automatically via the Fomo dashboard. A/B testing is another option.

✅Is it necessary to know how to code?

No. Fomo integrates with hundreds of your favorite apps. 

Conclusion: Fomo Review 2024 + 50% Fomo Coupon Code | Should you buy this social proof marketing tool?

We strongly recommend Fomo to make a substantial impact on your customers! It is the right time to convert leads into sales!

Did you find our latest cover on Fomo review + coupon valuable? 

The comment section is all yours to tell if you tried it. We always love to hear from our lovely audience!

Stay safe❗❗

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