Want a single platform to track advertising performance on all platforms?

Combine paid and organic traffic in a single funnel?

Best platform for performance marketers? 

Affiliate marketing has the potential to be an extremely profitable occupation or be a massive sinkhole for your money as well.

If you don't maximize the value you get from your advertising budget, you will eventually lose too much money to keep your business running.

Tracking which traffic sources are giving you the most benefit and which are dead in the water is essential to helping you create and maintain revenue streams.

Everyone is aware of ad targeting, but the issue is even with targeted ads, you are not aware of which parts of your campaign are getting you the conversions.

This means you'll be just as clueless at the start of your next campaign, and your conversions are never guaranteed.

FunnelFlux is a one-stop solution to all these problems. It is an affiliate tracking software and visual builder which can create complex funnels.

Read our detailed ✅FunnelFlux Review that helps you to know more about this visual tracker.

FunnelFlux Review

FunnelFlux is an easy-to-use tool that allows marketers to create highly optimized funnels quickly and easily. The only visual funnel editor in the world that lets you create and understand funnels like a pro.

Don't waste time and money building your own funnel tracking software. Try FunnelFlux, and get up to 10x better conversions with its visual editor.

This super-easy-to-use platform will help you break even and make more money with your next product.

Stop testing your campaigns manually and start saving time & money by automating your marketing campaigns, funnels, landing pages, and more with FunnelFlux.

Essentially most of FunnelFlux's features are geared towards helping you understand various traffic sources in every marketing campaign. 

We will be going over many features which set apart FunnelFlux from other affiliate tracking tools in the market and how it helps you get the conversion rates you always wanted in our detailed FunnelFlux review.


The self-hosted tracker offers just as much functionality as the cloud-based one.

They offer many detailed video tutorials on the complete walkthrough of setting up a campaign but ensure these basic requirements before you move on to choosing traffic sources and other advanced features.

Funnel Heatmaps is one of the most premium features part of the FunnelFlux experience.

What a funnel heatmap essentially does is, is that it helps you track user journeys on your website. By understanding which parts of your blog posts or social media ads are the ones that get you conversions, you can understand your audience much more comprehensively. 

FunnelFlux features

You have to use the detailed reporting data in the heatmaps to perform advanced routing operations. First, let us understand different parts of the statistics module.

If you check the revenue heatmap and total earning on lander two is $16, lander 1 is $8, and directly linked purchases are only $2. Does this mean Lander 2 performs better?

Not necessarily. We would advise you to conduct a split test to see the proportion of users between these three.

If lander two is getting more visitors, then it is obvious that they will have higher revenue. If lander one is getting fewer sales despite more traffic, then that is a cause of concern.

You can optimize both pages accordingly to help you isolate and monetize profitable traffic segments. 

The best way to compare landers is the Earning Per View heatmap. EPV has the highest statistical significance when comparing landing pages as it decides how appealing a landing page is to a broad set of users.

The lander with the highest EPV will always get you the most revenue. If, in the past example, Lander 1 has lower overall revenue but higher EPV, you should dedicate more resources towards powering Lander 1 than others with higher total income. 

The visual tracker requires you to have a minimum of one distinct node per path before adding the odder to compare the two. 

In the EPV heatmap, you have to compare the data for Lander 1, then check the status on the rotator leading to offer one, then Lander 2, and so on.

It should be noted all rotator nodes slow down redirect speeds as all of them are processed on the server-side of things. It is better to use them when creating paths to have nice separate routes for your heatmaps. 

A simple answer would be that most affiliate tracker software virtually burns money at high volumes. This is because, by design, other trackers are linear.

You cannot create email marketing campaigns or opt-in buttons as part of your marketing efforts. You are also stuck with using their basic default offers and landers with no option to create customized or complex funnels.

FunnelFlux use

Bot detection, multi-variate testing, or automation functionality are also obviously not available. Most tools in the market are outdated because they've not changed with the times and added features that today's marketers simply cannot function efficiently without. 

FunnelFlux differs from this by letting you use your creativity to maximize sales for your affiliate program or affiliate network.

They achieve this by allowing you to build precisely the kind of funnel you want and complete flexibility in your marketing efforts to help you design and implement campaigns exactly as you want them.

The good thing is that along with the flexibility that FunnelFlux provides come a set of data and testing tools that always ensure you have the correct data to help you make the right decisions.

These are some of the biggest reasons FunnelFlux is a software that has left behind others by such a long margin that they can't even be called competitors.

FunnelFlux Free Trial

A 14-day free trial is available for all FunnelFlux Pro cloud-hosted tracking solutions. You can pay a $1 fee for a one-month trial to FunnelFlux's self-hosted services.

As we mentioned earlier, FunnelFlux offers you the option of having a self-hosted tracking solution or using their Cloud Based tool. The pricing plans for both are outlined below: 

If you go for the self-hosted version of FunnelFlux, you first have to pay $1 for a 30-day trial of the service. After the first month, you have to pay a flat licensing fee of $99/month. This flat fee gives you complete access to the tool and all features that we mentioned above. 

FunnelFlux pricing

FunnelFlux Pro has replaced the cloud-based variant of FunnelFlux. They have a range of pricing plans as described below:

Core: $99/month

As the name suggests, this plan is designed to help you get the core functionality that FunnelFlux provides. This includes access to the visual editor for easy funnel building, powerful reporting affiliate engines, unlimited custom domains, and very high accuracy IP and device data.

Their redirect speed is best in class, and all tracker data is stored for a full year. Host and track a million visitors every month. Extra users can be tracked at a $0.20/1000 visitors rate.

Growth: $299/month

Ideal for users who have established their business and are looking for initial expansions. A bump up to hosting and tracking 5 million visitors every month and a reduction in the rate for extra visitor data at $0.10/per 1000 visitors. All features from the Core plan continue to be available in the Growth plan.

Scale: $499/month

Designed for established campaign managers, agencies, and other large-scale operations. Handle over 20 million visitors with the ability to add 1000 visitors at just $0.05 per 1000 visitors. All advanced tracker features from the core and growth plan are available here as well.

Essentially all funnel building and tracking features are available across plans. The various pricing options are added to differentiate between the number of visitors to be handled.

This number changes with the level at which different users are operating, so the opportunity to easily upgrade creates a pleasant user experience.

✅What is FunnelFlux?

FunnelFlux is a graphic builder and affiliate tracker program. Even if affiliates don't know how to code, it can assist them in creating landing pages.

✅What are the requirements to install Funnel Flux?

PHP 5.6+ with the following extensions: zip, mcrypt, mbstring, JSON, hash, curl, MySql, sockets, ionCube Loader 5.0+. These should be installed by default on 99% of all web hosting. Our minimum installation requirements can be found here.

✅What is the speed of FunnelFlux?

It's a snap. Overall speed is determined by the distance between a tracked user and the physical server where FunnelFlux is installed. FunnelFlux is also smartly designed to leverage various caching layers, ensuring that redirects don't visit your (very) slow back-end database and that logged data is cached before being stored. As a result, FunnelFlux can deal with surges of traffic and excessive loads at the software level.

✅Is a money-back guarantee available?

Yep! For a full 30 days, FunnelFlux offers a $1 trial. If you're still unhappy with FunnelFlux after that, cancel your subscription within 3 days, and we'll give you a complete refund.

✅With a single license, how many copies can we run at once?

FunnelFlux can be installed in a single instance with a single license. While FunnelFlux strongly advises utilizing only one installation, power users can receive a 50% discount on additional licenses.

✅Is there a free trial period?

Yes, of course. FunnelFlux provides a $1 trial period during which you can test as much as you want. Unfortunately, FunnelFlux does not offer a trial period for the managed version.

One of the growing realizations shared with all industry members is that unlimited traffic is nearly useless without the proper data-driven optimizations.

Even if millions of users show up on your site, they will leave without generating any revenue for you if they don't find content designed to appeal to them.

It is also not enough to think you will cater to a single set of users as you will be losing money offering content to users who don't.

You need to create multiple landers and ensure that you support the ones which generate the most revenue for you while working to increase revenue on those which don't.

What we described above are essential all the features FunnelFlux pro offers. It is simply the best tool to help you build and monetize your traffic sources.

The visual representation models, custom tracking fields for all your affiliate campaigns, bots traffic filters, complete campaign optimization, and so much more are part of just one subscription.

All of this is packed into a tool that comes with a free trial, and a responsive customer support team is too great a deal to refuse, and we're sure at the end of our FunnelFlux review, you can't.😊

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