G GATE is organizing the ground-breaking Manifest 2024 music event in Dubai's magnificent Al Sahra Desert Fortress on March 1st, in a daring move that combines music, technology, and commerce. Over a thousand guests are expected to have an incredible time at this first-of-its-kind event, which combines cutting-edge technology, top-notch entertainment, and opulent facilities with breathtaking desert scenery.

G Gate Manifest 2024 sets a new vision for entertainment, using immersive technologies and stunning visuals to complement headline acts and renowned DJs like viral sensation Altego_music.

By catering specifically to the affiliate marketing community, the festival pioneers a platform for creative expression, meaningful connections, and advancing a culture that celebrates the collective.

Join us as G GATE turns imagination into reality at Manifest 2024.

Why Should I Attend G GATE Manifest 2024?

G Gate Manifest 2024

Transporting over 1000 attendees into an alternate reality, the G GATE Manifest 2024 fuses music, art, and the latest innovations into an immersive multi-sensory experience. Set against the endless Dubai desert, this first-of-its-kind event features custom-built stages with AI and desert themes, mirror installations blending with the smooth festival grounds, and exhilarating performances by three mystery headliners and four world-class DJs like viral sensation Altego_music.

With luxury amenities and activities complementing the natural beauty and energy of Manifest 2024, G GATE is turning imagination into reality – inviting the affiliate marketing community to connect, express themselves freely, and be part of a cultural movement redefining entertainment.

What to Expect at Manifest 2024?

G Gate Manifest Agenda

Starting at 16:00, there will be a warm greeting and registration to kick off the celebrations and set the tone for an amazing day. The beat will greet you at 17:30 as the DJ sets the tone against the stunning background of a setting sun.

The official opening at 18:00 will unleash a wave of excitement and usher in a mysterious and musical evening. At 19:00 and 20:00, get ready to be amazed by a series of sneak preview performances that will absolutely blow you away. Excitement will peak at 21:00 when ONATIVE hits the stage and at 22:00 when a captivating Burning Show lights up the night sky.

At 22:30, Altégo's live concerts will bring the event to a height, with sounds that will speak to your soul. Ultimately, at 03:00, we will officially close, saying goodbye and leaving you with memories that will always shine in your heart like the stars glimmer in the early morning sky.

Don't miss this extraordinary event, a symphony of sights and sounds that will bring together music, art, and community for an extraordinary experience!

Words from Margo G. (Owner G GATE)

“The inception of the MANIFEST began as an ambitious concept that initially seemed challenging to materialize, but we want to turn the wildest dreams into tangible reality. We declare a MANIFEST for live communication against AI. As well there are a lot of plans to bring our festivals around the world and now we are already preparing something grand in Yerevan “.

G Gate Manifest Tickets 2024

G Gate Manifest Tickets

G Gate Manifest 2024 offers three ticket tiers to cater to different preferences and budgets. The Festival Pass, priced at $150, grants access to main performances, buffet, bars, and hookah zones. For a more exclusive experience, the $800 Ultima ticket provides VIP access, while the $3000 Ultima+ Concierge ticket offers luxury add-ons like fast-track services and a personal assistant.

A Festival That Will Echo in Your Heart Forever

As the desert sun rises after a transcendent night of boundary-pushing music, art, and connections, Manifest 2024 will draw to a close, leaving attendees longing for G GATE's next innovative event. By bringing the affiliate marketing world into an alternate reality blending music, visual arts, and technology, the festival pioneers a platform for creative minds to express themselves freely and forge inspiring relationships.

G GATE Manifest 2024 sets a new bar with its fresh lineup, genre-bending performances, and the glow of its immersive world, catalyzing unforgettable moments of imagination turned reality. We eagerly await what G GATE will dream up next, as Manifest 2024 affirms this cultural movement's power to captivate minds, foster togetherness, and redefine entertainment.

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