Tired of being blocked from accessing your Gmail account? Frustrated with geo-restrictions and network limitations? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to manage multiple Gmail accounts or send emails from different IP addresses? That's where Gmail proxies come into play!

With over 1.8 billion users sending around 121 billion emails daily, it's no surprise that Gmail is the go-to email service for many. (for both personal and professional uses)

Gmail proxies are a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their email management and boost their email marketing efforts. Using proxies specifically designed for Gmail, you can easily switch between accounts, protect your privacy, and even automate your email outreach.

Get ready to say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple accounts and hello to a more efficient way of using Gmail!

What are Gmail Proxies?

Proxies for Seamless Gmail Access

Gmail proxies are specialized proxy servers designed to facilitate secure and unrestricted access to Gmail. They act as intermediaries, routing your device's internet connection through another server. This masks your real IP address, enabling access to Gmail from restricted areas and enhancing privacy by preventing direct access to your location and identity.

Top 9 Gmail Proxies of 2024

Proxy ProviderKey FeaturesRating
ProxyRackShared data center proxies along with location proxy⭐⭐⭐⭐4.1/5 — (Trustpilot)
Smartproxy40M+ residential IPs, advanced rotation, user:pass auth⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐4.7/5 — (Trustpilot)
Bright DataResidential, mobile, datacenter proxies. Browser extension.⭐⭐⭐⭐4.6/5 — (G2)
SOAXResidential & mobile proxies, user-friendly dashboard⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐4.9/5 — (G2)
OxylabsResidential, datacenter, ISP proxies. Proxy rotator.⭐⭐⭐⭐4/5 — (TechRadar)
RayobyteStable residential proxies for social media, web scraping⭐⭐⭐3.9/5 — (Trustpilot)
Ace ProxiesResidential & ISP proxies, affordable plans⭐⭐⭐⭐4.4/5 — (Trustpilot)
Zyte (Crawlera)Rotating proxies, browser extension, large proxy pool⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5/5 — (Capterra)
PacketStreamDecentralized residential proxy network, affordable⭐⭐⭐3.5/5 — (Trustpilot)

1. ProxyRack


ProxyRack offers high-quality Gmail proxies that enable users to create and manage multiple accounts, automate tasks, and scrape data without getting blocked. Their proxies provide enhanced privacy, bypass geo-restrictions, and allow access to Gmail even in locations where it is blocked. 

ProxyRack's residential rotating proxies regularly change IP addresses to simulate natural usage across accounts. They also offer static residential proxies that can be uniquely associated with each Gmail account for optimal performance and to avoid detection.

ProxyRack Key Features

  • Rotating residential IPs simulates natural usage across Gmail accounts, avoiding bans and restrictions.
  • Shared data center proxies offer fast speeds and high reliability for new proxy users.
  • Location targeting enables running international campaigns and bypassing geo-restrictions on Gmail.
  • Large pool of unique IP addresses ensures a fresh IP for each Gmail account.

ProxyRack Pricing Plan

ProxyRack has products to suit all needs and budgets. Rotating Residential Proxies starting at $49.95/month for 10GB, with larger plans available, or take a 7-day trial of all products for just $13.95Shared Datacenter Proxies plans range from $75/month for 100 threads to $680/month for 2000 threads. Dedicated Datacenter Proxies offer Custom pricing.  All plans come with a 3-day money-back guarantee. ProxyRack's flexible pricing allows users to choose the best option for their Gmail proxy needs.

2. Smartproxy


Smartproxy offers premium Gmail proxies that enable users to create and manage multiple Gmail accounts, automate tasks, and scrape data without getting blocked. Their proxies provide a large pool of residential IPs from real desktop and mobile devices across 195+ locations worldwide. Key benefits include avoiding IP bans, simulating natural usage across accounts, defeating geo-blocks, and scraping data anonymously. 

Smartproxy's rotating residential proxies, ISP proxies, and mobile proxies deliver high success rates and performance for any Gmail-related marketing, research, or account management needs.

Smartproxy Key Features

  • Unique residential IPs for each Gmail account make them appear as real users, preventing IP-based restrictions.
  • Rotating residential proxies automatically change IPs, mimicking organic human behavior across multiple Gmail accounts to avoid triggering spam filters.
  • Gather Gmail data discreetly using anonymous residential IPs without risking blocks or CAPTCHAs.
  • Smartproxy's Gmail proxies have an average response time under 0.6s, enabling efficient bulk account creation and management.

Smartproxy Pricing Plan

Smartproxy offers flexible pricing plans for their Gmail proxies. Their residential proxies start at $75 per month for 5 GB of traffic (Micro Plan) and go up to $400 per month for 50 GB (Regular Plan). They also provide a Pay As You Go option at $15 per GB, which is suitable for users with varying needs. All plans come with unlimited threads, multiple subnet varieties, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and access to their user-friendly dashboard.

3. Bright Data


Bright Data offers a powerful proxy service for accessing Google and Gmail, providing a large pool of over 72 million residential IPs and 1.6 million ISP proxies. With advanced features like unlimited concurrent sessions, the ability to target specific locations down to the city level, and a 99.9% network uptime, Bright Data's proxies enable efficient web scraping of Google search results while minimizing the risk of getting blocked or encountering CAPTCHAs. The service also includes a user-friendly proxy manager and Chrome extension for easy integration and management.

Bright Data Key Features

  • Compatibility with all main protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 for handling versatile Gmail connectivity.
  • Proxy Manager tool for customizing dedicated IP configurations for Gmail use cases.
  • 24/7 customer support with an average response time of under 10 minutes for prompt assistance.
  • Suitable for various Gmail and Google use cases like email scraping, verification, and managing multiple accounts.

Bright Data Pricing Plan

Bright Data offers flexible pricing plans for their Gmail proxies, with options for both pay-as-you-go and monthly commitments. The Residential proxy network starts at $10.50/GB on pay-as-you-go, while monthly plans range from $9.00/GB to $12.75/GB based on volume

The ISP proxy network begins at $15.00/GB for pay-as-you-go and $9.00/GB to $12.75/GB for monthly plans. Mobile proxies are priced higher, starting at $24.00/GB for pay-as-you-go and $14.40/GB to $20.40/GB for monthly commitments, depending on traffic.



SOAX offers reliable Gmail proxies that enable users to create and manage multiple accounts, automate tasks, and scrape data without getting blocked. Their ethically sourced residential and mobile proxies provide IP diversity across different countries and cities, allowing marketers to avoid restrictions and maintain anonymity. 

SOAX proxies integrate seamlessly with Gmail via simple setup on various devices. With features like automatic rotation, 99.95% uptime, and expert support, SOAX is a trusted partner for businesses looking to optimize their Gmail operations.

SOAX Key Features

  • Precise targeting by device, ISP, and location with city-level precision to tailor the scraping process.
  • User-friendly dashboard and rotation features for easy setup and management of dedicated residential proxies.
  • Unlimited concurrent requests and automatic rotation among high-performing IPs to support parallelized scraping at scale.
  • Expert human support via chat, email, or phone to troubleshoot issues within 30 minutes guaranteed.

SOAX Pricing Plan

SOAX offers flexible pricing plans for their Gmail proxies, with residential, mobile, and ISP proxies all priced the same. Plans start at $99 per month for the Starter plan with 8 GB of traffic at $12/GB with 300 ports. As your needs grow, you can scale up to the Pro plan costs $300 per month for 27 GB at $11/GB and 400 ports. The Plus plan provides 55 GB for $500 per month at $9/GB and 500 ports.

The Regular plan offers 100 GB for $700 per month at $7/GB and 600 ports. SOAX also has plans with higher data limits, up to 5000 GB at $2.2/GB for $10,999 per month. Custom enterprise plans are also available. All plans include 99.95% uptime, unlimited concurrent requests, and automatic rotation for seamless integration.

5. Oxylabs


Oxylabs provides premium proxy solutions for email protection, offering dedicated proxies that enable cybersecurity companies to scan emails from different IP addresses and detect threats effectively. 

With a vast network of over 2 million IPs worldwide, Oxylabs ensures high performance, 99.9% uptime, and complete anonymity for Gmail and other email providers. 

Utilizing advanced features like IP rotation, Oxylabs proxies seamlessly integrate with third-party software to help organizations avoid cyberattacks and protect sensitive email communications at scale, and are trusted by clients for their high performance and excellent customer support.

Oxylabs Key Features

  • Oxylabs proxies use the HTTPS protocol, encrypting traffic between the user and proxy server for enhanced security.
  • Oxylabs proxies are fast and guarantee 99.9% uptime, enabling cybersecurity companies to efficiently scan emails without interruptions.
  • Dedicated proxies come with unlimited traffic, allowing cybersecurity providers to scan emails extensively without worrying about data caps.
  • Oxylabs provides friendly and responsive customer service, ensuring clients have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Oxylabs Pricing Plan

Oxylabs offers flexible pricing plans for their Gmail proxies. The pay-as-you-go option starts at $8 per GB, with a minimum top-up of 1 GB and a maximum of 50 GB per month. For larger needs, subscription plans are available, providing more attractive pricing for high-volume usage

Prices for residential proxies start at $99 for 11 GB. Prices for Shared Datacenter proxies start at $50/month, and Dedicated Datacenter proxies start at $8.25 per IP. Custom plans can be tailored to specific requirements by contacting the Oxylabs sales team.

6. Rayobyte


Rayobyte is a reputable proxy provider that offers a range of services, including datacenter, residential, ISP, and mobile proxies. Their proxies are designed to help users with web scraping, data aggregation, and anonymous browsing. 

Rayobyte places a strong emphasis on ethics and compliance in its data collection practices. They provide dedicated account managers and extensive documentation to support their customers. While their mobile proxy network is still developing, Rayobyte's data center and ISP proxies are known for their reliability and performance. 

Rayobyte Key Features

  • Users can filter proxy lists by key parameters like protocol type, geography, anonymity level, and update frequency.
  • Rayobyte proxies work seamlessly with Chrome, allowing users to route browser traffic through the proxies for various purposes.
  • Rayobyte provides flexible pay-as-you-go pricing plans based on bandwidth or number of IPs required.
  • Rayobyte offers an intuitive dashboard for users to easily manage their proxy packages and configurations.

Rayobyte Pricing Plan

Rayobyte offers Gmail proxies with flexible pricing plans. Their prices start at $50 per month for mobile proxies. For residential proxies, the cost is $15 per GB. Rayobyte also provides ISP proxies, which combine the authority of residential IPs with the speed of data centers, starting at $4.60 per IP.  The pricing is based on the number of IPs or bandwidth required, with discounts available for longer subscriptions and larger packages.

7. Ace Proxies

Ace Proxies

Ace Proxies offers premium Gmail proxies that provide anonymity and security for managing multiple Gmail accounts and automating tasks. Their dedicated Gmail proxies mask your IP address, allowing you to avoid IP bans, simulate natural usage across accounts, and access Gmail from anywhere. 

With a large pool of residential IPs from 130+ countries and flexible plan options, Ace Proxies is a trusted provider of reliable, fast, and secure Gmail proxies for marketers, agencies, and businesses looking to scale their Gmail marketing efforts while staying undetected.

Ace Proxies Key Features

  • Each proxy is exclusive to you, not shared with other users, ensuring high performance and avoiding IP bans.
  • Proxies use username and password authentication for enhanced security compared to IP authentication.
  • No limits are placed on the number of simultaneous connections, suitable for running multiple Gmail accounts.
  • Rayobyte offers an intuitive dashboard for users to easily manage their proxy packages and configurations.

Ace Proxies Pricing Plan

Ace Proxies offers various pricing plans for their Gmail proxies. Their Dedicated Private Proxies start at $4.99 for 1 proxy, with 5 proxies for $14.99 ($3/proxy). For residential proxies, they have GB-based plans starting from $17.49 for 1 GB, up to $899.99 for 100 GB. The number of proxies ranges from 100 for the 1 GB plan to 10,000 for the 100 GB plan. Static Residential Proxies are priced from $4.99 for 1 proxy to $399.99 for 100 proxies.

8. Zyte (Crawlera)


Zyte (formerly Crawlera) is a leading web scraping API and data extraction platform that offers AI-powered tools and services to help businesses access the web data they need. 

One of their offerings is Gmail proxies, which allow users to automate and manage their web scraping activities through Gmail accounts. These proxies provide a reliable and efficient way to collect data at scale while maintaining compliance with industry standards. 

Zyte's intelligent pricing model ensures that customers only pay for the data they need. The company has received positive reviews on G2 for its API, data extraction services, and smart proxy manager.

Zyte (Crawlera) Key Features

  • Anti-ban system that intelligently evades anti-bot measures on websites to maximize success rates.
  • Browser profile configuration to mimic real user behavior, including user-agent and header management.
  • Headless browser support for rendering JavaScript-heavy websites, reducing the time to get successful requests.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model based on successful requests, ensuring cost-effectiveness at scale.

Zyte (Crawlera) Pricing Plan

Zyte (formerly Crawlera) offers custom pricing plans for their web scraping tools and services, including Gmail proxies. While exact pricing is not publicly available, plans likely start around $450 per month for Data Extraction Services

The cost per request varies based on monthly spending, with discounts for higher volume. Zyte Smart Proxy Manager starts at $29 for 50k requests per month

One user mentioned subscribing to the C100 (Crawlera) plan for $250 per month, but it's unclear if this plan is still offered or what exactly it includes. Zyte also provides a pay-as-you-go option for 100k requests.

9. PacketStream

Packet Stream

PacketStream is a peer-to-peer proxy network that provides affordable residential proxies for accessing Gmail accounts securely. With PacketStream's Gmail proxies, users can create and manage multiple Gmail accounts, automate tasks, and scrape data without getting blocked. The service offers a vast pool of over 7 million residential IPs across 100+ countries, enabling users to bypass geo-restrictions and maintain anonymity. 

PacketStream's pay-as-you-go pricing at $1/GB and 99% uptime guarantee make it an attractive option for Gmail proxy needs. PacketStream's user-friendly dashboard and API make it easy to set up and use Gmail proxies for various marketing, research, and account management purposes.

PacketStream Key Features

  • PacketStream offers a 99% uptime guarantee, ensuring reliable access to Gmail accounts via the proxies.
  • Users can choose to rotate IPs on every request or keep the same IP until the source goes offline.
  • With PacketStream, there are no monthly commitments, connection limits, or IP restrictions when using their Gmail proxies.

PacketStream Pricing Plan

PacketStream offers affordable pay-as-you-go pricing for its Gmail proxies, starting at just $1 per GB of traffic. To get started, you need to top up with a minimum purchase of $50 ($50 for 50 GB). With PacketStream, there are no monthly commitments, connection limits, or IP restrictions.

How to Set up Gmail Proxy? Step-By-Step Guide

Setup Gmail Proxy

While the choice of Gmail proxies can vary, the process to set them up is pretty simple, let's take Oxylabs as an example to set up your Gmail proxy and understand how you need to get things done:

  1. Register an account on the Oxylabs dashboard and purchase a Residential Proxy plan or sign up for a free trial by contacting Oxylabs support.
  2. Once you have access, go to the setup screen and create a proxy user by giving it a name and password.
  3. You will be provided with a cURL example that includes your proxy user credentials. It will look something like this.
curl 'https://ip.oxylabs.io/location' -U 'customer-USERNAME:PASSWORD' -x 'pr.oxylabs.io:7777'.
  1. To configure the proxy settings, specify the following details:
  • Connection type: HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS5
  • IP address: pr.oxylabs.io
  • Port: 7777
  • Login and Password: Enter your Oxylabs proxy user credentials
  1. You can optionally set location targeting parameters in the username field, such as country (e.g. -cc-GB) and city (e.g. -city-london).
  2. To enable session control and use the same IP for multiple requests, add -sessid-randomString123 to the username.
  3. Replace the USERNAME and PASSWORD placeholders in the cURL example with your actual proxy user credentials.
  4. Paste the modified cURL command into your terminal or setup and run it. You should get back a residential IP address.
  5. Configure your Gmail account or email client to route requests through the Oxylabs proxy server using the provided IP, port, and credentials.

And that's it! You have now set up Oxylabs Residential Proxies to use with your Gmail for emailing. This will allow you to bypass geo-restrictions, hide your real IP address, and prevent tracking while accessing Gmail.

Your Burning Questions Extinguished for Gmail Proxies

Why Do I Need Gmail Proxies?

 Gmail proxies are intermediary servers that hide your real IP address when accessing Gmail. They provide privacy, security, and the ability to create multiple accounts.

What Types of Proxies Work Best with Gmail? 

Residential proxies, especially private static residential proxies, work best for Gmail as they are harder to detect and block compared to data center proxies. Mobile proxies can also be effective.

Can I Use Free Proxies with Gmail or Do I Need Paid Ones?

While free proxies exist, they are not recommended for Gmail as they are easily detectable. Premium proxies from a reputable provider are much more reliable and less likely to get your account flagged.

How Many Gmail Accounts Can I Create with Proxies?

With a good proxy setup, you can create hundreds or even thousands of Gmail accounts. Using a different proxy for each account helps avoid triggering Gmail's fraud detection systems.

How Do I Avoid Getting My Proxy Gmail Accounts Banned or Blocked?

Rotate your proxies regularly, don't send too many emails too quickly from new accounts, spread out account creation over time, and “warm up” new accounts with normal activity before heavy usage. Avoid spam trigger words.

Can I Use Proxies to Access Gmail from a Country Where it's Blocked?

Yes, by using a proxy server located in an unrestricted country, you can bypass regional censorship and access your Gmail account from anywhere.

What's the difference between HTTP and SOCKS Proxies for Gmail?

HTTP proxies are good for basic web browsing and work with the Gmail web client. SOCKS proxies provide more flexibility, working with any TCP/IP traffic including SMTP for email clients.

How Often Should I Rotate My Proxies when using Gmail?

For the best security, use a new proxy for each Gmail account and rotate them regularly, such as hourly or daily. Your proxy provider may offer automatic rotation settings.

How do I Troubleshoot Errors When Using Proxies with Gmail? 

Check that your proxy and Gmail account credentials are entered correctly. Make sure you are using the right proxy protocol and port. Consult your proxy provider's documentation or contact their support for help.

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Maximize Your Gmail Experience with the Power of Proxies

As we wrap up this article on some of the best Gmail proxies, it's clear that these powerful tools are a game-changer for anyone looking to level up their email game.

With the insights from this article, you're well-equipped to make an informed decision that keeps your Gmail access smooth, secure, and uninterrupted. From bypassing geo-restrictions and avoiding IP bans to automating tasks and managing multiple accounts with ease, these proxies are like a secret weapon in your email arsenal.

By carefully evaluating factors such as speed, security, and user-friendliness, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free Gmail experience, no matter where your digital journey takes you.

Happy emailing!!

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