Looking for an unbiased GoCharlie review? Wondering whether it's the best AI writing tool for you? Well, search no more because we have got you covered with all the important details.

Content marketing is confusing – with so many words and choices around, writers or marketers can get their heads thinking for hours. Questions like – How better can I write my product description? Are there any more word choices to go for? Is the tonality of the content written good or not? 

The list of questions and doubts is literally endless!

But this won't be the case if you invest early in the right AI writing tool. A tool that can easily understand your tone and, in fact, your brand's voice before generating any content. A tool that not just generates blog posts but even crafts wonderful words for social media posts and websites. 

Undoubtedly there are several options available outside, but the popular ones are not really the best ones (a great sigh). Having said that, here we are reviewing one such underrated yet best AI writing tool of 2024, GoCharlie.ai. We have used this tool personally and are still in shock with the output it has generated for us; read it out NOW!

Quick Summary on GoCharlie Review

GoCharlie is an AI content writing tool best popular for its innovative way of generating human-like content. From writing long-form blog posts and social media posts, generating images and art, to content repurposing – GoCharlie.ai comes with 50+ use cases.

And the best part about the tool is its pricing; you can get monthly access to GoCharlie AI for as little as $39, and your whole team can use it for $299. Read out the GoCharlie review below to explore whether it's the best AI writing tool for you!

What is GoCharlie.ai? – GoCharlie Review in a Nutshell

GoCharlie Reviews

Launched very recently, GoCharlie.ai is a powerful copywriting tool that can help content creators generate quality blogs, ad images, and influencer posts within seconds. To give you all a quick sneak peek into GoCharlie AI's popularity, the team, on September 5th, 2022, launched Charlie 2.0, and it ranked number one on ProductHunt. Moreover, within a few days, Charlie's total users rose by 303%, and there was a massive 10x increase in daily active users count. 

These numbers literally highlight how fast this AI writing tool is growing and evolving every passing day. 

All the articles generated by GoCharlie.ai easily pass major plagiarism checkers online, like Copyscape. And if you are still wondering whether GoCharlie.ai is the best AI writing tool for you, read the GoCharlie review ahead because we have got you covered with features, pros, and, more importantly, cons!

Key Features of GoCharlie.ai – What can you do with GoCharlie.ai?

1. One-Click Blog Generator

One of the best GoCharlie.ai features is the one-click blog generator. Through this generator, any user can use AI to generate 1500+ word blog posts within seconds. And if they want a few more specifications, they can use Charlie's wizard to generate blog posts step by step. 

For generating a one-click blog, users will first have to select the number of H2 headers and H3 headers they want in their blog. Next, they will have to enter the blog title, the tone of the blog, the target audience, and SEO keywords. Hit the write button, and Charlie will readily generate a 1500+ word blog post for you within seconds. 

2. Social Media Tools 

GoCharlie has even come up with multiple social media tools, the best one being its Social Media Wizard. With the wizard, users will just have to choose the social media site for which they want to generate the content. Next, they will have to enter what the post is exactly all about and specific keywords users might need in their social media posts

If not posts, users can even generate YouTube video titles, YouTube topic ideas, TikTok video ideas, relevant hashtags, and descriptions for their social media channels.

3. Text to Image Converter 

Gone are those days when an individual used to sit for hours to generate just one picture from scratch – GoCharlie images and art features can do it all for you within seconds. Users can literally turn any text into 4k, vertical, and widescreen images. And if they already have one image with them but are unsure about what to write, the tool can also generate relevant captions/words quickly.

Additionally, users can even modify any image by uploading it and telling Charlie the exact areas of modifications. By following the same step, they can even generate variations of a single picture. And to the last, users can even create ad copies by simply using an image as input.

4. Content Repurposer 

Already generates content but looking forward to uploading it on different social media platforms? Well, GoCharlie.ai's content repurposer can do it for you. You simply have to choose the input type – YouTube video URL, Text, Website URL, or Audio/video file and hit the FETCH button.

The tool will automatically generate outputs depending on what type of output you have selected – summary, blog, summary outline, Facebook campaign, Instagram campaign, LinkedIn campaign, or Twitter campaign.

5. Charlie's Playpen

If you are someone who loves writing content on their own but are unsure about the tonality, well, the AI writing tool has got you covered with its very unique Charlie's PlayPen.

You can use this section to write anything freely, and after you are done writing, you can make the changes in real time. You can either pick up one tone from several options available – like smart, pirate, CEO, remove fluff, first-person narrative, and more. 

There's even a write more option available within the editor; the tool will read all your written words and will generate further content within seconds. 

6. Other Tools

Apart from these many features, GoCharlie comes with 60+ use cases. There is even a content library available within the tool for users to check their past created content.

Users can toggle between light and dark modes or, with the help of the Project option – manage multiple projects at the same time, all seamlessly within the tool.

👉 How does GoCharlie.ai Tool Work? (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Now that you have explored some of the best GoCharlie.ai features, next comes the usage part. Using Charlie AI for content generation is extremely easy. You will just have to sign up, pick a plan, or simply move ahead with the free forever plan.

GoCharlie Coupon

However, if you are a content creator and have been generating quality content for months now, we will recommend you switch to Charlie's paid plan instead of the free one to make the most out of the AI's capabilities. Now, here's how you can generate content with GoCharlie:

  • If you are a new user, create an account by entering your email id and a strong password
  • Move to the Charlie Classic option available at the left corner of the website 
  • Pick any one use case from the list, and if you aren't able to find a relevant one, you can search for one from the search bar available at the bottom right corner
  • Add your brand name, image, SEO keyword, or whatever input you want the AI to know for content generation
  • Hit the FETCH button
  • GoCharlie.ai will then fetch customized and engaging content pieces for you within seconds.

For example, here's how we have generated a Startup elevator pitch for our website to give you a quick preview of what quality words you can expect from GoCharlie.ai: 

  • We first clicked on the Charlie Classic option
  • Went down to copywriting section and hit the generate startup elevator pitch option
  • We entered our brand name (website's name)
  • We then described our website in brief for AI to understand what exactly we are in search for
  • After hitting the fetch button, the tool gave us four elevator pitch variations within seconds
  • There was even a make image option available, which we believe was not too relevant for our pitch (but you can give it a try)
  • At the top of every pitch generated, there is a Score your content feature available – the tool automatically scores the generated content so that you can edit and pick just the best ones
  • We are amazed! 

What type of Content can you get from GoCharlie? 

Above is just a guide about How you can get started with GoCharlie AI; over here, we will explain what you can do with this tool. So, with GoCharlie AI, you can: 

  • Become a Pro Social Media Marketer by brainstorming new TikTok ideas
  • Generate YouTube Descriptions and relevant hashtags
  • Write a slogan, create a simile, and motto for your business
  • Create a target audience
  • Create a marketing strategy for your business and generate questions
  • Create hooks for your potential customers
  • Build brand vision and mission
  • Generate Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and SMS Ads
  • Create product reviews, product benefits, product descriptions, and pros and cons
  • Get Email subject lines, create angel investor pitch, generate thank you notes for customers
  • For websites – build website headlines, and work on SEO meta descriptions and meta keywords.

GoCharlie.ai Pricing Plans – What to expect from the dollars you pay? 

GoCharlie.ai Pricing Plans

The best part about GoCharlie AI, when compared to all other AI writing tools in the market, is it allows your creativity to flow without you worrying about words. Hence, by keeping this in mind, the team has come up with ONE FLAT COST. So, while using Charlie AI, you literally don't have to look after the word count, making it easy for you to generate as many variations as you want for your business. 

GoCharlie AI Fetch Free – $0 per month 

  • Generate limited content 
  • Access to all Charlie AI features
  • Preview level usage
  • Limited capabilities 

GoCharlie AI Fetch Plan – $39 per month 

  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • Access to all Charlie AI features
  • No password sharing

GoCharlie AI Fetch Pro Plan – $99 per month

  • Custom plans built for users who want to generate bulk content 

GoCharlie AI Fetch Team Plan – $299 per month

  • Custom plans built for a team who want to generate bulk content
  • The team provides a dedicated AI for better support 

In addition to all these plans, do remember that GoCharlie AI doesn't offer any trial period. Instead, it offers a free forever plan. The intent of the team over here is to give users a preview of Charlie's amazing content-generation capabilities before they actually make a purchase.

GoCharlie.ai Customer Care Service – Do they have the necessary resources for your help? 

GoCharlie AI itself is a beginner-friendly tool, and even when we used it for our blog, the need for customer support service never really arrived. The tool is extremely easy to use, but to make the most out of it, the team has come up with a blog section on the official website. You can even check out GoCharlie AI's social media handles to explore what new the team is offering and how best you can use the tool.

Additionally, if you are choosing GoCharlie AI's Fetch Pro and Fetch Team plan, the team will constantly be in touch with you. You can always customize the plan or can even demand a dedicated AI for your business and get round-the-clock support.

Pros & Cons of GoCharlie Review

Top FAQs on GoCharlie Review 2024

Is GoCharlie.ai available for free? 

Yes, GoCharlie.ai offers a free forever plan to users, but none of its paid plans comes with a free trial.

Is GoCharlie.ai good? 

Yes, GoCharlie.ai is the best AI writing tool, ranked #1 on Product Hunt for the best features it has been offering to users for years now.

Can I generate unlimited blogs with GoCharlie.ai? 

Yes, you can generate an unlimited number of words with GoCharlie.ai with any of its paid plans.

Final Words: Is GoCharlie AI any worthy for Copywriters & Marketers? 

After the team launched Charlie 2.0 back in 2022, we literally were in awe of the young white pup. Because of the way GoCharlie is bringing in more features for their users followed by a free forever plan, it's truly the best AI assistant tool you were in search of. 

Above we tested GoCharlie.ai for you, but trust us; we have been using this tool for a year now. The elevator pitch (one of the many use cases of Charlie) the tool has come up with for our own website is just a quick sneak peek for you to see what wonders Charlie can do for you.

Yet another use case of GoCharlie we are quite literally fond of is the one-click blog generator. Generating blogs has never been so easy, plus there are no word count restrictions here. Users can generate as many variations as they want until they get the best one. 

To the last, the reason why we are vouching for GoCharlie AI this much is because of the team itself. From MBAs, and PhDs to AI Scientists, GoCharlie AI came to reality all because of the sweat and blood of these educated minds, and we truly believe that in the coming years, GoCharlie AI will probably be the best AI writer tool; USE IT NOW!

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