Who, in the field of web development, doesn’t know about GoDaddy?

Godaddy is a premium domain registrar and web hosting company for a very long time in the market. You cannot ignore their catchy ads in the newspapers, television, or road-side hoardings.

You might have learned that such firms offer great starting packages for their first-time customers. The only issue comes when you want to renew your plan with them at full cost. Don’t worry as this post will give you the 💸💸 money-saving GoDaddy Renewal Coupon Codes

You can utilize the GoDaddy renewal coupon codes given below and save some money to be put in other productive resources.

As we have experience with the GoDaddy domain and hosting services, we will also share the process to apply the renewal codes. These coupons are not rare as GoDaddy offers such deals occasionally. 

Are GoDaddy Renewal Coupon Codes just a Myth?

GoDaddy Renewal Coupon

On the website, GoDaddy states that the prices they offer are very much competitive in the market. And even if they do provide renewal coupons, they are designed for specific customers only.

So we will not waste your time and give you a long list of non-working GoDaddy renewal coupon codes, but instead, the few that are taken from the site itself. 

You can save some cash while renewing your domain through the Discount Domain Club. This club was introduced in 2014 and is beneficial for those who have registered more than one domain with GoDaddy.

The membership will come around $60.29, but you will be able to access up to 60% discount domains, transfers, and renewals. 

Besides, make the most of your domains with FREE CashParking Premium, free membership to GoDaddy Auctions, and more.

Few examples of Discount Domain Club benefits are:

DomainRenewal PriceDiscount Club PriceSaving

✅GoDaddy Renewal Coupon Codes (💯 working)

[quick_offer id=9835]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddydomain” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”cjs2off30″ title=”Save Upto 33% via Discount Domain Club” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” offer_coupon_mask=”1″]

👉 Steps for using these GoDaddy Renewal Coupon Codes

You can redeem the above code by simply following a few steps:

  • Go to the website and choose the service you want to renew and put everything into the cart 
  • Go to the final cart and check that you have put all the required services and add-ons with given pricing
  • On the same page, you will be asked to put the GoDaddy renewal code given above and click on Apply
  • Do check that the code is valid and in working condition, after that, click on Checkout
  • Do fill in other details asked from you on the second page. As you are renewing your plan, you don’t have to put in many details as information is already with GoDaddy. It might be that you want to change the payment method or so. 
  • Get the confirmation mail from GoDaddy and get going.

Some extra 💯 Working GoDaddy Renewal Coupon Codes

We do not test the below coupons, but still, some sites claim them to be working, so you too can check out.

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddydomain” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”GD7346M” title=”Get Upto 23% OFF on 1 Year Domain Renewal ” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” ]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddydomain” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”cjcgnc30″ title=”Get Upto 11% OFF on 2 Year Domain Renewal ” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” offer_coupon_mask=”1″]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddyhost” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”CJC1HOS5″ title=”Get 50% OFF on GoDaddy Hosting” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” ]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddydomain” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”rp25dom” title=”Get 25% OFF on .com, .net, .org, .info…. domain renewals” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” offer_coupon_mask=”1″]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddydomain” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”rp20dom” title=”Get 32% OFF on .ORG Domain Renewal ” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” ]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddydomain” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”GDRP3554A” title=”Save 35% OFF on Domain Discount Club” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” offer_coupon_mask=”1″]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddydomain” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”CJCGROUP34″ title=”Save 34% OFF on Bulk Orders” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” ]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddyhost” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”CJC1HOS5″ title=”Renew Your Hosting with Flat 50% Discount” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” offer_coupon_mask=”1″]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddydomain” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”GOFD2001AJ” title=”Get .Com Domain Name at Just $0.99/Year” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” ]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddydomain” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”GDPR3554A” title=”Get 25% OFF on GoDaddy Renewal” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” offer_coupon_mask=”1″]

GoDaddy Coupon DescriptionRedemption Link
GD7346MGet Upto 23% OFF on 1 Year Domain RenewalActivate Deal
cjcgnc30Get Upto 11% OFF on 2 Year Domain RenewalActivate Deal
CJC1HOS5Get 50% OFF on GoDaddy HostingActivate Deal
rp25domGet 25% OFF on .com, .net, .org, .info…. domain renewalsActivate Deal
rp20domGet 32% OFF on.ORG Domain RenewalActivate Deal
GDRP3554ASave 35% OFF on Domain Discount ClubActivate Deal
CJCGROUP34Save 34% OFF on Bulk OrdersActivate Deal
CJC1HOS5Renew Your Hosting with Flat 50% DiscountActivate Deal
GOFD2001AJGet .Com Domain Name at Just $0.99/YearActivate Deal
GDPR3554AGet 25% OFF on GoDaddy RenewalActivate Deal

Few active GoDaddy Coupon Codes for first-timers

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddyhost” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”CJC1HOS5″ title=”Web hosting at $1/mo” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” ]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddydomain” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”GDD99com1″ title=”1st domain at $0.99/mo” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” offer_coupon_mask=”1″]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddyhost” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”CJSWPH1″ title=”WordPress hosting at $1 with free domain” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” ]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddyhost” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”CJC2OFF30″ title=”Get 30% OFF on New Product Purchases!” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” offer_coupon_mask=”1″]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddyhost” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”CJC30PR” title=”Get 35% OFF on Domain, Hosting, Email, etc” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png”]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddyhost” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”CJC1HOS5″ title=”Get GoDaddy economy hosting at $1.00″ logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” offer_coupon_mask=”1″]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddyhost” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”CJCWPH1″ title=”Get Managed WordPress Hosting at $1.00 with FREE Domain” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” ]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”https://aff.ninja/go/godaddydomain” button_text=”Get Deal” offer_coupon=”CJCCUPOSR” title=”Get 25% OFF on Standard SSL Certificates” logo_thumb=”https://res.cloudinary.com/depoyqjj7/image/upload/v1585302664/GoDaddy_Logo_ayuzq1.png” offer_coupon_mask=”1″]

GoDaddy CouponDescriptionRedemption Link
CJC1HOS5Web hosting at $1/moActivate Deal
GDD99com11st domain at $0.99/moActivate Deal
CJSWPH1WordPress hosting at $1 with free domainActivate Deal
CJC2OFF30Get 30% OFF on New Product Purchases!Activate Deal
CJC30PRGet 35% OFF on Domain, Hosting, Email, etcActivate Deal
CJC1HOS5Get GoDaddy economy hosting at $1.00Activate Deal
CJCWPH1Get Managed WordPress Hosting at $1.00 with FREE DomainActivate Deal
CJCCUPOSRGet 25% OFF on Standard SSL CertificatesActivate Deal

The process of applying the GoDaddy coupon codes is just like you use renewal codes. The only difference is that you have to fill in your personal and account info along with valid payment details.

You have to carefully choose the services and put in to the cart and then apply the code. 

Quick Review on GoDaddy and its Services

GoDaddy is a popular and most appreciated domain registrar and web hosting firm. It is known for its fast, trustworthy, and secure services. It is a reliable partner for many growing as well as established entrepreneurs. They offer the ideal tools to start your online journey and make an impact on the internet world

GoDaddy was established in 1997 and is an extensive experience holder in the digital field. Though it has been involved in some controversies for their ads and its former CEO's behavior, GoDaddy has never squared off its service for the customers. It has become the biggest ICANN-accredited registrar in 2005. 

It has 14 offices from Seattle to Belgrade that are serving worldwide requirements of domains, web hosting, and also website builders. Over 78 million domain users rely on GoDaddy for their robust services.

People choose GoDaddy for several reasons, and to name the few are GoDaddy's state-of-the-art technology and 24/7 support team. 

Features Offered by GoDaddy

  • Inexpensive hosting and domain registration

GoDaddy is undeniably the largest domain registrar in the world. With every web hosting plan, you also get a free domain name. It is the best place to start your online career and make your presence felt in the internet world at the most affordable pricing. 

  • Simple user interface

It offers easy to use cPanel control panel with its hosting service so that the management becomes streamlined. Even the newbie can understand the working process of GoDaddy as the installation takes a few minutes, and you can set up your website without any hush. 

  • Up-to-the-minute support

GoDaddy knowledgeable team offers assertive support to every customer. The helpful team is available 24/7 via live chat, phone call, and ticket support.

Don’t forget that GoDaddy is highly active on social media, too; in case of any query, you can ping them on Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, and Twitter. 

GoDaddy’s Community forums are the place where customers come together to learn & find help from others, share knowledge, and show expertise. They have ample information available for each service they offer on the website. 

  • Money-back and free trial

To try the services and then build faith for them, GoDaddy offers a hassle-free 30-day money-back money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the services, your money will be refunded without any questions asked. Moreover, you can build a website in an hour and try it for 14 days. 

GoDaddy offers numerous resources to provide complete information to the users. The resources are Webmail, WHOIS, ICANN confirmation, code redemption process, product catalog, site map, and customer testimonials

GoDaddy Products

GoDaddy not only dominates as a domain registrar and hosting firm but offers other valuable products and services to the users.

Have a look at the services given below:

  • Domains
  • Websites
  • WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Web Security
  • Email & Office

💹 Domains

Find your perfect domain name with GoDaddy. More than 19 million people trust them with the best expertise in the market. They have the biggest collection of domains at the lowest ever prices in the industry. Few examples to quote are -.design, .site, .in, .org,. Com, .gg, .life, .shop, etc. 

GoDaddy domain hosting offer:

  • Single domain set up. No need for technical skills.
  • Up to 100 subdomains to create a customized web address.
  • Real-time observation to keep an eye on performance.
  • Fast and simple tools to forward your domain to any current website.
  • World-Best support from their web pros standing by ready to help.

🏹 DIY Website Plus Marketing Tools

Under website hosting, GoDaddy offers many other tools to make your online journey easy. It helps in pulling traffic to your site with the right means of website building, email marketing, SEO, and WordPress websites, online store, and social activity.

The hosting offered by them is quick, dependable, and protected. GoDaddy also offers SSL certificates with some plans. Web designing is done in a brilliant way that your website will stand out of the box idea. 

The ecommerce platform helps in building an all-inclusive online store. It will connect your store to the world’s most prominent outlets and allow for flexible shipping and payment choices.

✅ WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting from GoDaddy will fetch you more traffic, period, and concord. It is all because of simple setup, automatic software apprises, and a pre-installed SSL.

Features of WordPress hosting include.

  • 99.9% uptime and money-back assurance 
  • CDN Boost for quicker loading up to 50%
  • One year Free business email
  • Automatic WordPress central software and safety updates
  • Retrieve thousands of free of cost themes and plugins
  • For novices, it has Pre-built websites and drag & drop page editor
  • SFTP included in Deluxe, Ultimate, and Ecommerce plans
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 1-click migration tool
  • The current edition of PHP 7
  • Short-lived domain name 

🐱‍💻 Hosting

There are all hosting options available to you when you go for GoDaddy hosting. Besides web hosting and WordPress hosting, as we have already discussed, you will get business hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.

If you are new to the online field, then go for basic web hosting or WordPress hosting. For more power, choose VPS and business hosting, and for adding maximum power to your website, go with dedicated servers. 

🔐 Web Security

For small online business owners, security can be the biggest challenge faced ever. Hackers efficiently target small business websites. So to protect them, GoDaddy offers a simple, cost-efficient way to defend your assets (alias your information and the delicate content of your visitors).

Products offered are SSL certificates, website backup, and web security. 

SSL certificate offers trustworthy sites with the secure padlock in the address bar. That lock icon is the evidence to show visitors that you are concerned about their data.

With a machine-controlled Website Backup, you can fix it and leave out it, knowing a secured edition is accessible when you need it.

Website Security scrutinizes your site for malicious activity and gives a signal when something is trying to mess around. 

📧 Professional Email

Professional Email comes with simple characteristics like a calendar, contacts, and chores along with a webmail entryway you can tailor with your preferred email client, like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.

Professional Email works great on any device, with your smartphone, and mechanically adjusts across all the devices. 

There are two plans, one for individuals and the other for teams. Both professional plans will have the latest and catchy webmail portal, ad-free email, full-text search, 99.9% uptime, and quality data security and spam filtering. 

Pros and Cons


  • Great uptime and speed
  • Free of cost services
  • 30-day money-back policy
  • Affordability in all services
  • Easy sign-up
  • Free domain


  • Upsells and pricey renewals
  • Less variety in cheap plans
  • Limitation in hosting features when compared to others
  • Confusion in the refund policy

🌟 GoDaddy FAQ

Does GoDaddy hosting support WordPress?

GoDaddy is one of the largest and popular hosting companies in the world, and it is an official partner of WordPress hosting. If you already use GoDaddy’s hosting service, then you can use that service for the WordPress site.

Is GoDaddy reliable for Web Hosting?

If you are looking for your website and business, then GoDaddy is the best option for hosting. It is the world-renowned domain registrar and provides a reliable hosting service.

Where are GoDaddy servers located?

It owns a huge 320,000 square feet data center, which is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Its data centers are located in Chicago, Los Angeles, Ashburn, and Virginia.

What kind of customer support does GoDaddy provide?

You will get 24/7 customer support from GoDaddy via live chat, phone. Apart from English, GoDaddy customer support also available in many languages.

Is GoDaddy reliable?

Yes, it is. GoDaddy is reliable. They are among the top best web hosting service companies. Their server uptime is positive, and their speed tests are reasonably fast.

Does GoDaddy automatically renew the domain?

When you purchase several GoDaddy products and services, they are configured to auto-renew by default. Go to the Renewals & Billing section of your GoDaddy account. You may be asked to log in. Under Billing Date, the list indicates when each product is scheduled to auto-renew.

Will GoDaddy refund money?

Annual plans can be refunded if they are canceled within 30 days after purchase. If you wish to cancel a monthly subscription and receive a refund, you must do so within 48 hours of the purchase date.

Conclusion: GoDaddy Renewal Coupon – 2024 | Get Upto 80% OFF

GoDaddy has robust brand recognition in the market. The services offered are ample, and it depends on you what all services you need for your website. From basic to the most advanced plans, it has got everything is for every online business owner. 

The features highlighted on the website are fully functional and contribute genuinely to building the best site. There are no major issues encountered with the server speed and page loading, but people have faced some problems with the refund policy. 

Well, you will come to know the real flaws when you start with GoDaddy services. You might get lots of upsells for features stated as free. Because of these hidden elements, the cost of the plan might increase. So it is always advisable to go for the free trial first, try the services, and then sign up for the premium plans. 

I hope the information given on GoDaddy and GoDaddy renewal coupons is enough for you to make the right decision. You might find other influential web hosting services or domain registrars in the market, but by far, GoDaddy is standing firm in the first place due to its cost-efficient plans and all-inclusive hosting services. 

Do you have any encounters with GoDaddy services? Were you satisfied or faced any prominent flaw in the GoDaddy commitments? 

Do tell us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends who want to renew their GoDaddy account. 🤞

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