You might be wondering how Helium 10 can help you Amazon selling practices that can help you operate across Australia? Can you use Helium 10 in Australia, and Does it work?

I guess you are well aware of the fact that Helium 10 is a great tool globally and how its services and tools can help you operate from an Amazon Seller POV, but what if we talk specifically about certain regions like Australia? Well, Australia itself is a great country in terms of opportunities and resources; Helium 10 can help you in different aspects used in terms of Amazon selling operations, but how?

We'll get to that later in this article, but before diving into the details, you can use Helium 10 in Australia; let's take a quick peek around the tools and services offered by Helium 10, basically to help those who might be new to Helium 10 and what features are offered by it?

Helium 10 in Australia

If you are someone who is indulged in Amazon selling operations, maybe Helium 10 can be a great tool that can help you in keeping an eye on almost every aspect of your Amazon FBA practices, whether it is Inventory management, Amazon product research, keyword research, analytics and much more. Helium 10 can provide several features and tools that can help you manage your Amazon selling operations, making it a tool for sellers but in a more organized and strategically planned way.

Helium 10 can be a resourceful tool for entrepreneurs or Amazon sellers for product ideas, management and selling products, and the eCommerce suite can help you in various parameters such as keyword optimization (Amazon products), identifying trends, split testing, identifying the sales trends, daily sales, product launches and much more.

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Well, as an Amazon seller, Helium 10 has been being a great tool in terms of services and features for selling operations; the key factor that makes Helium 10 a great tool is broadness, you can use Helium 10 as a product research tool, keyword research tool, and a lot more than that.

Like any other country in the world, the features and tools are pretty much similar to Australia's. As a tool suite that offers multiple features, one of the important factors that gained my attention was its inventory and financial analytics; in addition to that, I'll also mention other key factors that make Helium 10 a good-to-go tool for Amazon sellers.

So, let's dive into the features offered by Helium 10 (for Australia).

Can I use Helium 10 in Australia?

The answer to this is YES!! Absolutely Yes !! Like all other counties, Helium 10 can be a great tool used in Australia. I don't need to mention that Amazon operates globally, so why not Helium 10? Well, as an eCommerce suite, Helium 10 has broadened its parameters in terms of services provided and countries covered.

You can use Helium 10 in Australia as in any other country. You can explore every tool and feature that can help you better manage and analyze how your business and selling operations are performing? I'm not sure about other eCommerce tools that operate in Australia, but Helium 10 can be counted among those that provide their full-fledged services like they do in other countries.

Talking about the features and tools offered by Helium 10, they are pretty much similar to what other sellers and entrepreneurs across the Globe have; there are only a few changes you need to make (minor changes) that can make things ready to use in Australia.

Well, most of the features and tools will be all set for your location after logging into Helium 10 (plus your Amazon sellers account). Now talking about the features and tools you need to change for use in Australia, as I have mentioned, the tools and services are pretty much the same for every location/country, but you might need to change marketplace when getting along with Helium 10. If talking about the features and tools offered, they are pretty much great in almost every aspect, so let's take a glance around what these features are:

Product Research Tool

This tool/feature can be considered as one of the crucial tools that let you explore other aspects of Amazon selling practices; the product research gets you along with different aspects like:

Chrome Extension: This can help you get along with different tools and features on the go; over a single click, the chrome extension can help you with product research (more of a product validator).

Black Box: It is considered an important tool for product research that can help you perform product research with advanced filters and get along with better data.

Trendster: I guess I don't need to get along with it as the name would have given you an idea of what Trendster does? (Visualize the sales trends)

Profitability Calculator: Gives you an idea and data about how much a product will cost and how much it costs, and all this is available on Helium 10 extension.

Keyword Research Tool

Well, performing keyword research is counted as one of the most important features that can help you get your product listed under certain keywords. Basically, keyword research and optimization are applicable to Google and Amazon. Helium 10 offers some additional features/tools in the Keyword research: Cerebro, Misspellinator, and Magnet. All these tools deliver different services and features for Keyword research.

Cerebro: Understand and analyze suitable keywords for your product and spy on competitors who are using those keywords to outrun you.

Magnet: As the name suggests, it helps you get those high volume, low competition words that can help you get along with better keyword research.

Misspellinator: This can be a great tool to help your audience/customers get along with your product, even if the product is misspelled.

In addition to some of the key features that I have mentioned above, here are some other additional features offered by Helium10:


This is one of the in-house tools that has made pretty much a good name in keyword processing; Frankenstein enables you to get along with searching for keywords in a couple of seconds, which as a result, helps you in getting over the A9 search engine that Amazon uses.


Well, this tool enables you to get along with all the keywords that are related to the product that you are listing; it also enables you to use those keywords depending upon the volume, where red shows the highest volume, orange, yellow, green, blue and black in decreasing order (search volume).

Other features and tools offered by Helium 10 in Australia:

  • Index Checker

This tool enables you to perform a keyword index check, something that would take hours for you single-handedly, but the Index checker by Helium 10 enables you to get along with different parameters such as Keyword Field-ASIN Index, Storefront Index, Cumulative.

  • Listing Analyzer

It does what its name is: analyzing; the tool enables you to analyze your products (using ASINs) and perform competitor analysis likewise. Something that amazed me a bit was its broadness, and it enables you to export upto 10 ASINs which enables you to get a better insight into what those products are performing.

  • Split Testing

This can be considered as one of the impactful practices that Amazon sellers are using across the Globe. Basically, split testing is a form of performing operations/tests based on a different audience group and later analyzing which group was performing better and how the data insights can help you make better selling and marketing strategies.

  • Listing Builder

The listing builder enables you to get along with Keywords lists keyword suggestions, optimizing old listings that might need some optimization to be performed.

  • Inventory Management and Alerts (Security)

Inventory management and managing Inventory levels can be considered as one of the important factors that enable you to get ready for any fulfillment of products and manage them so that your products never go out of stock, in addition to that Helium 10 also offers some top-notch security for protection towards hijackers, Helium 10 not only enables you to get security from hijackers but also alerts you when any suspicious activities are going on, basically gives you alert.

  • Adtomic and Landing Page Builder

Adtomic is another great tool that enables you to manage your advertising campaigns. As a result, it can help maximize ROIs and minimize your efforts for these campaigns.

  • Alta (Financial Solutions)

The more you wait, the better you get; basically, Alta might be in the latter part of the blog but one of the most important and standalone features that enables you to get along with various aspects regarding funds and controlling your capital. Alta enables you to convert currency according to your needs, give you access to capital funding if needed, and receive your payments daily. All the services mentioned above and features can help manage and perform better financial analysis over your Amazon selling.

Similar to all the features and tools offered by Helium 10, it delivers similar tools and features in Australia as well; the Helium 10 Gems, listing optimizer, keyword research tools and financial tools are all similar and work accordingly in Australia as well.

Suppose talking about the pathway of Helium 10 Gems, Tools> Free tools > URL builder is the pathway. Talking about the Helium 10 Gems involves several steps to get along with it. Basically, the Gems enable you to get a better conversion and customer funnel.

The URL builder offers a 5 step process that can help you in understanding how these tools can help you in getting your audience in a more filtered manner; starting with the process, the first thing you need to do is choose your marketplace, from which you can choose among different options such as, .in,, and so one, with one option being, I guess this can be considered as another state of proof for showing Helium 10 is fully operational in Australia as well.

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Some of the steps involved in this feature are as follow:

  • Choosing your marketplace can help you understand which Amazon marketplace you are working on or the marketplace which has a certain product we are using.
  • Canonical URLs, basically this is one of the main reasons for listing Helium 10 Gems; this feature/step enables you to get along with keywords that are relevant to your products; these keywords are later used to make a better and promotional URL with keywords being involved, this can help you in making your boring and not so attractive URL into a self-promoting (in terms of keywords) attractive URL.
  • Add to Cart step involves using ASIN and quantity that can help you create a straight funnel towards the Add-to-Cart page directly, with the use of ASIN and quantity as only two fields needed to be filled.
  • Targeted ASIN results, this step enables you to make a separate page with products that you have listed, therefore creating a page for ASINs that you have entered. (can enter up to 50 ASINs in bulk)
  • The other steps involve operations for creating searches and tools regarding Walmart selling practices, and the last feature enables you to search for products or create lists based on Keywords and brands.

The features and tools you can access in Australia are pretty much enough to show that you can use Helium 10 in Australia, similar to other sellers using Helium 10 across the Globe.

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✔What can Helium 10 do?

Helium 10 is the best Amazon seller software that is covered with a suite of powerful tools that give your business everything you need to succeed. Helium 10 is the first-ever software that puts you in control of your entire Amazon selling process. With its easy-to-use interface, you can start selling on Amazon today. Create your own product listings and manage them like a pro.

✔Can I try Helium 10 for free?

If you want to test this amazing software for free, you can easily create a free Helium 10 account. The Free plan offered by Helium 10 is free to use, but it comes with certain limitations.

✔Is Helium 10 worth the price?

Helium 10 is the leading software for Amazon designed for Amazon sellers to help them quickly find and sell profitable products. It's never been easier to diversify and grow your online business with this easy-to-use software. If you are not sure about this amazing platform, then you can even go for its free trial and test its all features for free.

✔Which Helium 10 plan is right for me?

Purchasing Helium 10 plans completely depends upon the sellers' requirement and where Amazon seller is in their seller journey. If you have queries regarding the pricing package, you can contact the Helium 10 customer support team and make a more wise decision.

✔Does Helium 10 offer access to Walmart tools?

If you are going with Helium Free Trial and Platinum Plans, you will get limited access to Walmart tools. If you want to boost your selling on Walmart with unlimited access to Walmart tools, you need to go for its Diamond Plan or Elite Plan.

✔Can I share my Helium 10 account with others?

The Free and Platinum plan of Helium 10 is a single-user plan. But if you purchase its Diamond Plan, then you can add upto 3 more users to your account, and in the Elite plan, you can add upto 5 additional users.

✔Can I upgrade my Helium 10 plan?

Yes, Helium 10 allows its user to upgrade the subscription plan at any time. You just need to visit the Plans section within Helium 10 or even mail to to upgrade your plan.

✔Which plan of Helium 10 includes Adtomic?

The Diamond and Elite plans of Helium 10 give you complete access to Adtomic. If you go for Platinum Plan, you will only access Dashboard and Analytics sections.

✔Is there any active Helium 10 coupon code?

If you are looking for the verified Helium 10 discount coupon, use the above-mentioned Helium 10 coupon code and save 20% for six months.

Overall, as per my personal experience around Helium 10, I'm sure how it can help perform Amazon sales. I have already mentioned various tools and services that can help you with product research, keyword research, finances, inventory management, and much more. These tools and features are fully accessible in Australia, similar to sellers across other companies.

Basically, the features and tools offered are pretty much similar for every seller around the Globe if compared to Australia and just in case you drop upon any issues and queries, feel free to contact Helium 10's customer support; as per my experience, I'm pretty confident that they are going to help you so that you can operate effectively and efficiently.

Hopefully, this article would have cleared most of the doubts that you were having regarding the use of Helium 10 in Australia.

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