Finding a Winning product is the first stepping stone towards making your Amazon Selling Business Successful. And in order to find the best product to sell, comprehensive and in-depth research is an absolute must.

Helium 10 offers a Product Research feature, which is going to deliver you all that's required to be a successful Amazon Seller. It has multiple search filters, which the tool offers to make your Amazon product hunt very easy.

The Helium 10 Black Box is a Product Research Tool from Helium 10 which is going to remove the manual search from your strategy and going to offer you all the robust and powerful features that will take your Amazon business to a whole new level.

This article is going to cover the topic of Helium 10 Black Box Review and will offer you all the information required about this exciting feature. So let's begin!

Helium 10 Black Box Review in a Nutshell

Helium 10 Black Box for Product Research

The Black Box by Helium 10 is a Product Research tool that is going to help users find the winning product from a database of over 450+ million Amazon products. With this tool, you can easily find high-demand products with low competition that you can sell on Amazon and boost your revenue.

For this, the tool provides you with smart filters and keyword research through which you can get precise results according to your preference. Finding products that are already selling well can also be analyzed through this tool, and you can find products to be the potential winner, and it will also alert you when you should go for it.

This tool guarantees Pinpointed research with great accuracy as you can search by product category, estimated monthly sales revenue, number of images, amount of sellers, price, weight, review rating, and more! You can easily add products to your favorites, download them to CSV, or even click directly onto Amazon product listing. It also provides you instant access to Historical BSR, monthly sales and price change graphs.

Advantages of Helium 10 Black Box

Next, in our Helium 10 Black Box Review, we will look into its various advantages.

Precise Information

This feature of Helium 10 has got good accuracy in terms of data offered. With such a vast database of over 450+ Amazon products listed on Amazon, the tool will provide you with all the correct and in-depth information about each of the products accurately, through which you can make an informed decision and devise your strategy accordingly.

Easy of Use

The tool is not at all complicated like most other Product Research tools, even though it comes with a variety of filters. The tool only requires you to enter an ASIN or a Keyword Phrase into the search field, and then you can see the magic of this tool. You can also enter product ideas in the search and then narrow them down with the help of search filters.

Quick Results

Black Box does not take much time to offer you results for your product-related query as the tool will only take 4 seconds on average to display the products according to the filters you set in.

Provides Historical Data

With this tool, you can also get access to a product's historical data. You can check out its Best Sellers Rank (BSR) and more, through which you can determine the potential of any product.

Easy Data Exportation 

The tool also lets you download data in CSV file format, which you can use later on to analyze the information. You can quickly gather the data in a single place without the need to look for data elsewhere. You can explore this data using simple tools like Google Sheets or MS Excel to devise your strategy accordingly.

How to Find Winning Products using Helium 10 Black Box? 

To make your Amazon FBA business successful, what you most require is a successful launch and a winning product. And for this, the Helium 10 Black Box is something you can use. You can uncover the various profitable products in your niche through the Niche Tab of Black Box.

Once you are on it, you just enter the phrase or the keyword which you are looking for and then adjust the advanced set of filters and hit the Search button. The tool will offer you an extensive list of different products which you can rank for on the Amazon search engine.

For example, if you like to research “Hello Kitty Shaped Door Mats,” and you feel that they have the potential to be a big-selling product, you first have to see if there is a winning Amazon product niche that will be related to this phrase. And here comes Black Box again, as you can use the “Niche” tab, and it will instantly find for you a list of numerous products that rank for that particular phrase. So that's how Black Box is going to help you discover only the winning products which can boost your revenue.

Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Use Helium 10 Black Box

Helium 10 has already been proven to be the game-changing tool for many Amazon Sellers. It has already been loved by many of them. One among many reasons why Amazon FBA Sellers love Helium 10 is this Black Box feature which is mainly used to find winning products on Amazon.

Now we shall discuss an In-depth Helium 10 Black Box Review on how you can begin with this tool and find winning products.

Step 1 – Access the Black Box from the helium 10 dashboard by clicking on the menu bar, and you can find it inside the Product Research section.

Helium 10 Black Box

Step 2 – As you click on it, you can check out the Helium 10 Black Box dashboard which contains several options and advanced filters. The key filters which are here are: 

  • Products
  • Keywords
  • Competitors
  • Niche 
  • Product Targeting 

Next is where you can apply a few advanced sets of filters to get accurate search results for your query.

Helium 10 Black Box Product Research

After you pick out your main search focus area, you have to fill up the filters and further narrow down your search results and click on the Search Button. It will show you populated data from which you can quickly find the products you are looking for.

Now let's have a quick look at the Search Filters that Black Box Offers.

Products Tab

In the Products Tab, you have the option to choose specific Product categories to look for your winning product. It allows you to set the Category and Subcategory of the niche you are looking for. You can set the Review count, Shipping Size, Competitors, Sales and other aspects.

Helium 10 Black Box Products Tab

Keywords Tab

In the Keywords tab, you have the option to choose specific keywords through which you can find your winning products on Amazon. And for this, the Black box offers you detailed filters through which you can even exclude keywords that you don't want through advanced filters. Even you have the option to set competitors' ratings and also the Shipping Size Filter, which is really handy if you are looking for Small-sized products.

Helium 10 Black Box Keywords Tab

Competitors Tab

This tab is a handy one as by only entering the ASIN number of the product; you can look for your competitors. It is a convenient filter to find products that are similar to your competitors. It is also handy in knowing the best-selling products in your niche, and they are also the ones that are in heavy demand.

And through this tab, you can fine-tune your results by using the advanced filters. If you have a competitor with a best-selling product, you can do a reverse ASIN lookup from this tab.

Helium 10 Black Box Competitors Tab

Niche Tab

Through this tab, you can easily find the products in your targeted niche. You can just enter the keyword phrase in your targeted niche of the product which you wish to sell, and it will display all the products accordingly. You can also use the advanced filters then to narrow down the search results. It is an easy way to begin your search if you are looking for low-competitive and high-profit-winning products.

Helium 10 Black Box Niche Tab

Product Targeting Tab

If you are someone who is looking for Frequently bought together, Amazon's Suggested Products or Customer also bought products; then this tab is just for you. You enter the ASIN of the product, and it will display all the products, and then you can use the advanced filters to get precise results.

Helium 10 Black Box Product Targeting Tab

Key Helium 10 Black Box Features

Data Accuracy

From an enormous database of 450+ billion products listed on Amazon, the tool offers you precise and up-to-date information as the information is directly sourced from Amazon's database.

Advanced Filters

As discussed earlier, the tool offers you in-depth and advanced filters through which you can narrow down your search results and get the exact product you desire. It makes product research convenient and makes product research accurate. This is also among the main reasons which have made Helium 10 a robust product research tool.

Easy to Use

We did review Black Box and found this feature easy to use. You can easily navigate through all the options and get precise results quickly. The platform already has an intuitive user interface, and you can easily check out all the tools as they are self-explanatory, where only a small input and setting of filters will give you your winning product.

Key Metrics to look for in Helium 10 Black Box

Well, while you first begin your journey of finding winning dropshipping products using Black Box, there are a few key metrics that you should look for.

  • First is the Monthly Revenue, which you should look for in a Black Box. You should pay attention to this as you won't like a product which does not have many monthly sales.
  • Secondly, you should look for the Monthly Sales units where you would like to see products that Amazon Sellers have no issues accepting, and you should look for the ones which have a selling history of at least 150 units per month.
  • Third, what you should look for is the Price. Now, if you are selling on Amazon FBA, you have to ensure that you are earning a bit more to cover the FBA fulfillment fees. So Price becomes a crucial note to look after as all the profit will ultimately depend on it.
  • Lastly, you should also look for Search volume with at least 500 search volumes per month. You also require enough traffic on products that you split with other competitors, and you prefer to sell products that are in demand. You will also need to have a close look at the Number of Sellers. 

Why do we Recommend Helium 10 Black Box?

For any e-commerce store owner, it is essential to find winning products which they can sell and get good revenue. The ones who are just starting their Amazon FBA Selling journey find it challenging to find the correct product list from which they can find the winning product.

And that's where Black Box can help. It has got a wide variety of Product Research features that can help Amazon Sellers to find the right product which can fetch them significant revenue. Whether you are a small seller or a prominent seller, this tool is fantastic, with accurate results and proven methodologies to deliver successful winning products.

Its advanced filters are something that can be counted upon to get precise results. You can also export the data provided by it and then further scrutinize it to create an effective product strategy for yourself which can make your revenue increase.

What is Black Box in Helium 10?

Black Box is the Product Research feature of Helium 10. This tool is typically helpful for Amazon Sellers to lookout for winning products that they can sell and boost their revenue. For this, it offers an advanced set of filters with great data accuracy. It even allows sellers to extract valuable information from current listings, which can produce actionable insights in giving you a successful product launch strategy.

Can you purchase the Helium 10 Black Box separately?

No. You cannot purchase Helium 10 Black Box feature separately, as it comes along inclusively with any of the Helium 10 pricing plans.

In which Helium 10 Pricing Plan do you get the Black Box feature?

If you wish to use Black Box to its full potential and unlimitedly, we recommend you the Helium 10 platinum and diamond plan. That's because, in the Starter Plan, you only get 20 uses a month.

Is the Black Box Data Accurate?

The accuracy of Black Box is simply excellent. We have used the tool has found it to be almost 100% accurate. It sources its data directly from Amazon's database and offers correct products from which you can curate your strategy and find winning products to sell on Amazon.

Who should use Black Box?

We recommend the Helium 10 Black box for all Amazon FBA Sellers. And that's because even beginners can use this tool as it has an easy-to-use interface and comes with intuitive filters through which they can launch their first product. Black Box has clear instructions, and sellers can quickly determine the useability of each filter by its name. Even the Pro Sellers can use Black Box and find new and trending products in their niche and even discover the ones which they have never tried yet.

Is it possible to save your search results in Black Box?

Yes. You can save products to your list of favorites for future reference and can even export the data in CSV file format.

Can you use Black Box For Free?

Yes, You can use Black Box for Free, but there is a limitation of 5 uses. So if you wish to use Black Box to its full potential, it is essential you subscribe to any of the Helium 10 pricing plans.

Can you use Black Box from the Helium 10 Chrome Extension?

Yes. You can use Black Box through Helium 10 Chrome Extension. It is available in a convenient toolbar format, making it even easier to use through this browser extension. You can easily check out key metrics like Historical prices, Monthly Sales Volume, Estimated Revenue, Best Seller Rankings, and more with just a single click.

Final Verdict: Can Black Box really provide you with Winning Amazon Products?

It is time to answer the Real question. And after doing this In-depth Helium 10 Black Box Review, we can definitely say that Black Box does provide you with the winning products which you can sell on Amazon and boost your revenue.

Helium 10 Black Box can be the all-in-one tool for Amazon Product Research. It can help you find all products which can fetch you good profit, which any product research tool cannot. If you are using this tool, you already have an unfair advantage over your competitors, and you can even surpass them and become a leading Amazon Seller in your niche.

This feature can make your product research even swifter and more accurate with intelligent and advanced filters, which will offer you winning products to sell on Amazon and boost your revenue. 

We hope that you learned the key aspects of Black Box in our review. If you have a few crucial views to share about this fantastic Helium 10 tool, do pen down your comments below, as we would love to hear them from you!

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