Are you an Amazon Seller looking for exclusive Helium 10 Coupons & Discount Codes? In this article, you will get to know all you want to know about the new buzz, i.e., Helium 10, and get details about attractive discounts using the Helium 10 Coupon code!

Let us check what waits for us in the detailed Helium 10 coupon code!

All you need to know about Helium 10!

Helium 10 is one of the powerful tools built especially for Amazon retailers. It provides tons of options by which Amazon sellers can increase their revenue. . There are numerous options available for Amazon sellers to improve their product listings.

Why use multiple software for product optimization? When there is one tool available for all!

Helium 10 is the answer to a needy Amazon retailer's prayer! This all-in-one suite of tools is designed to streamline your operations, increase your profits, and give you an edge over the competition. It also offers the Chrome extension feature that can further help you to manage your online operations effortlessly

But did you know you can make these benefits even more affordable with a Helium 10 Coupon Code?

A newbie might find it a bit confusing to start with Helium 10 at first, but once you get to know about the software's technicalities, the questions will become an answer!

This software is perfect for an upcoming retailer. Using Helium 10 will sure make a massive impact on the seller's revenue.

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Step-by-step process on How to use Helium 10 Coupon Code

Using a Helium 10 discount code is simple. Follow these steps to apply your discount:

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Exciting features of Helium 10

Here we have mentioned some unique tools of Helium 10 that are broadly categorized into 3 categories.

  1. Product Research Tool (Black Box, X-ray, Trendster, and Chrome Extension)
  2. Keyword Research Tool (Cerebro and Magnet)
  3. Listing Optimization Tool (Frankenstein, Scribbles, Listing Analyzer, and Listing Builder)
  4. Operations Tools (Inventory Management, Refund Genie, Alerts, Follow-ups, and Seller Assistant)
  5. Analytics Tools (Profits, Market Tracker, Keyword Tracker, and Market Tracker 360)
  6. Marketing Tool (Adtomic)
  7. Free Tools (Keyword Tool, PPC audit, Chrome extension, sales estimator, Trending products, Anomaly tracker, URL builder GEMS)

These tools are further categorized into their sub-parts. Let us have a quick look at the sub-categories. Shall we?

The first step to becoming a successful Amazon seller is finding a profitable product to sell. The Helium 10’s Product research tool equips you with in-depth and accurate insights into potential products. With an extensive database and advanced market trackers, you can make informed decisions based on comprehensive data. With this tool's help, you can also perform research to know about a specific product's competition in the Amazon Market. This amazing tool allows you to choose a perfect product from around 450 million listings on one website! Quite a wide range of choices. Isn't it?

So, Amazon sellers’, finding the right product is just a click away! What are you waiting for?

Black Box

Black Box is an Amazon product finder and product research tool.

Key Features of the Black Box:

  • Enables you to find better opportunities with advanced smart filters.
  • Get your search results in seconds.
  • It helps you make better decisions with strategic data.


X-ray is a product validator that provides Helium 10's powerful Chrome extension.

Integrated with the Helium 10 Chrome Extension, X-ray provides a high-level view of the market for a particular product, including estimated monthly revenue, sales trends, and competition.

Key Features of the X-ray:

X-ray helps in Amazon product research. It works as a:

  • Supplier finder
  • Demand Analyzer
  • Profitability calculator
  • ASIN Grabber
  • Review insights provider
  • Inventory levels provider


Trendster helps to visualize sales trends in beautifully intuitive graphs.

Trendster analyzes product trends over time, helping sellers identify seasonal demand and potential sales spikes. This can be particularly useful for inventory planning and product launch timing.

Key Features of the Trendster:

  • Checks the seasonal trends
  • It gets back Visual results in seconds.
  • Lets you see how prices and sale fluctuates.
  • It helps you to identify the market trends.
Helium 10

As the name suggests, the Keyword research tool helps perform dedicated research on a specific keyword for an Amazon seller.

Keywords are an essential thing for an SEO optimizer. Just like that, for an online seller, this Keyword research tool helps to enable more dedicated research, rather than only random google research. This tool contains Cerebro & Magnet, which are worth getting to know about.


Cerebro is a reverse ASIN keyword for everything you wanted ever.

This reverse ASIN lookup tool that allows sellers to see what keyword strategies their competitors are using. By entering a competitor's ASIN, sellers can see what keywords they're ranking for, helping to inform their own keyword strategy.

Key Features of the Cerebro:

With the help of Cerebro in helium 10, you can:

  • Find essential keyword data at your convenience
  • Calculate your product rank
  • Discover your competitor's strategy with the ASIN search
  • Find all the relevant keywords that you could never think about


The magnet has the largest database of Amazon-related search terms and long-tail keywords in the overall market.

This tool identifies high-volume keywords that can attract more buyers. It also provides long-tail keyword suggestions, helping sellers to optimize their product listings and increase visibility.

Key Features of the Magnet:

  • It has a Magnet IQ score.
  • Let you determine your keyword phrase.
  • Has a broad phrase search volume
  • Has an exact phrase search volume
  • Let you know about the competitive products in the Amazon market.

Making listings on Amazon is a sweating job. With the help of the listing optimization tool, you can now automate your whole work.


That is a popular Keyword processor provided by Helium 10.

This keyword tool helps sellers optimize their product listings. It takes large lists of profitable keywords and transforms them into traffic-pulling keyword lists.Key Features of the Frankenstein:

  • Transforms a massive list of keywords into a more manageable group to use in your Amazon listing optimization.
  • When your list is combined and cleaned, it becomes more valid.
  • Sort your keyword with various outputs settings like de-duplication filters. Removes unwanted characters and words & sorts them by popularity.
  • Improve your Amazon product ranking in the A9 search engine to get more traffic to your listing type.


Scribbles is a listing optimizer used to enhance and optimize your listings.

Scribbles ensures that all relevant keywords are included in product listings. It helps sellers to optimize their product titles, descriptions and features to maximize visibility and conversion.

Key Features of the Scribbles:

  • Scribbles make product listing much easier.
  • Scribbles allow you to include the best keywords at the front & the back end of your product listing to enhance your listing.
  • It has convenient features to retrieve previous listing drafts and the convenience to import listing from your Amazon account.

Listing Analyzer

This tool provides a detailed audit of your listings, identifying areas for improvement. It uses AI technology to compare your listings against successful competitors and provides actionable suggestions.

Key Features of Listing Analyzer:

  • Uses AI technology to analyze your listings and identify areas for improvement.
  • Compares your listings against successful competitors.
  • Provides actionable suggestions to improve your listings.
  • Helps to improve product visibility and conversion rates.

Listing Builder

Listing Builder helps sellers create SEO-optimized listings using their chosen keywords. It ensures that all important keywords are included, helping to improve product visibility.

Key Features of Listing Builder:

  • Helps create SEO-optimized listings using your chosen keywords.
  • Ensures that all important keywords are included in your listings.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for creating and editing listings.
  • Helps to improve product visibility and attract more buyers.

Helium 10's Operations Tools are designed to streamline your Amazon business operations. From managing your inventory effectively to protecting your brand and automating customer communication, these tools help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Inventory Management

This tool helps sellers manage their inventory effectively to avoid stock-outs and overstock. It provides alerts when stock levels are low and helps sellers plan for reorders.

Key Features of Inventory Management:

  • Helps manage inventory levels effectively to avoid stock-outs and overstock.
  • Provides alerts when stock levels are low.
  • Helps plan for reorders to ensure continuous product availability.
  • Provides insights into inventory turnover and sales trends.

Refund Genie

Refund Genie identifies potential reimbursements from Amazon for damaged or lost inventory. It automates the process of finding discrepancies and filing claims, helping sellers recover lost profits.

Key Features of Refund Genie:

  • Identifies potential reimbursements from Amazon for damaged or lost inventory.
  • Automates the process of finding discrepancies and filing claims.
  • Helps recover lost profits due to Amazon errors.
  • Provides a user-friendly dashboard to track refund claims.


Alerts monitor your listings and send alerts if there are any unauthorized changes or hijackers. This helps sellers protect their brands and maintain their listing integrity.

Key Features of Alerts:

  • Monitors your listings and sends alerts if there are any unauthorized changes or hijackers.
  • Helps protect your brand and maintain your listing integrity.
  • Provides real-time alerts to enable quick response.
  • Tracks change in product reviews, ratings, and buy box ownership.


This tool automates the process of sending email follow-ups to customers for reviews and feedback. It helps sellers improve their customer service and increase their review count.

Key Features of Follow-ups:

  • Automates the process of sending email follow-ups to customers for reviews and feedback.
  • Helps improve customer service and increase review count.
  • Provides customizable email templates for different types of follow-ups.
  • Complies with Amazon's communication guidelines to maintain seller reputation.

Seller Assistant

Seller Assistant helps sellers manage customer messages and feedback efficiently. It provides a centralized platform for customer communication, helping sellers respond quickly and effectively.

Key Features of Seller Assistant:

  • Helps manage customer messages and feedback efficiently.
  • Provides a centralized platform for customer communication.
  • Helps sellers respond quickly and effectively to customer queries.
  • Tracks customer communication history for better service management.

The Analytics Tools offered by Helium 10 provide you with a deep understanding of your business performance. They track your profits, monitor market trends, and keep an eye on your keyword rankings, providing you with the data-driven insights you need to make informed decisions and grow your business.


Profits provide a detailed breakdown of your Amazon FBA business profits. It tracks revenue, costs, and profits over time, helping sellers understand their financial performance.

Key Features of Profits:

  • Provides a detailed breakdown of your Amazon FBA business profits.
  • Tracks revenue, costs, and profits over time.
  • Helps understand financial performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Provides a user-friendly dashboard with real-time financial data.

Market Tracker

Market Tracker allows sellers to track their competition and identify market trends. It provides insights into competitor pricing, sales volume, and product range.

Key Features of Market Tracker:

  • Allows sellers to track their competition and identify market trends.
  • Provides insights into competitor pricing, sales volume, and product range.
  • Helps identify opportunities and threats in the market.
  • Provides a visual representation of market share and competition.

Keyword Tracker

Keyword Tracker monitors keyword rankings over time. It helps sellers understand how their SEO efforts are performing and identify opportunities for improvement.

Key Features of Keyword Tracker:

  • Tracks your product's keyword rankings over time on Amazon.
  • Allows you to monitor both organic and sponsored keyword rankings.
  • Provides real-time data and updates on keyword performance.
  • Offers the ability to track keywords in multiple Amazon marketplaces.
  • Includes a feature to track the impact of changes to your listing (Boost feature).
  • Allows for tracking of competitor ASINs for specific keywords.

Market Tracker 360

This tool provides a comprehensive view of your market landscape. It tracks market trends, competitor performance, and customer behaviour, providing sellers with a 360-degree view of their market.

Key Features of Market Tracker 360:

  • Provides a comprehensive view of your market landscape.
  • Tracks market trends, competitor performance, and customer behaviour.
  • Provides a 360-degree view of your market for strategic decision-making.
  • Helps identify opportunities and threats in the market.

Helium 10's offers the one and only powerful Marketing Tool called Adtomic.


It is a comprehensive solution for managing your Amazon PPC campaigns. It provides detailed analytics, automation features, and strategic suggestions to help you optimize your ad performance and maximize your return on investment.

Key Features of Adtomic:

  • A comprehensive PPC management tool for optimizing Amazon ad campaigns.
  • Provides detailed analytics to improve ad performance and ROI.
  • Offers automation features for efficient ad management.
  • Provides strategic suggestions based on data-driven insights.

Free Tools by Helium 10

Helium 10 also offers a range of Free Tools that provide valuable insights for Amazon sellers. These free tools include a keyword tool, a sales estimator, and a trending products tool, among others. These tools can help you optimize your product listings, estimate sales volume, and stay ahead of market trends, all without any cost.

Which Helium 10 Pricing Plan is Suitable for Me?

Choosing the right Helium 10 plan can be a game-changer for your Amazon or Walmart selling operations. With a variety of plans tailored to different levels of sellers, Helium 10 offers a suite of features that can deliver massive value to both Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) sellers.

So, which Helium 10 plan is the best fit for you? Let's delve into the details of the Helium 10 pricing plans and find the perfect match for your business needs.

Helium 10 offers three main pricing plans: Starter Plan, Platinum Plan, and Diamond Plan. Each plan is designed to cater to different levels of selling operations, making it a versatile tool for all types of sellers.

Helium 10 Pricing and Plans

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is perfect for beginners who are just dipping their toes into the world of Amazon or Walmart selling. It offers basic tools and features that can help you get started with your selling journey. It’s priced at $39 per month and $29 per month when billed annually.

Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plan is ideal for intermediate sellers who are looking to scale their operations. It offers more advanced features and tools that can help you boost your sales and profits. It’s priced at $99 per month and $79 per month when billed annually. With our Exclusive discount coupon it cost $80 per month and minimum $72 per month when billed annually.

Diamond Plan

The Diamond Plan is designed for advanced sellers who are running large-scale operations. It offers unlimited access to all Helium 10 tools and features, making it a lucrative choice for sellers who want to maximize their selling potential. It’s priced at $279 per month and $229 per month when billed annually. With our Exclusive discount coupon it cost $224 per month and minimum $207 per month when billed annually.

Choosing the best Helium 10 plan depends on your selling operations and needs. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced seller, Helium 10 has a plan that can help you succeed in your selling journey. So, take a closer look at the Helium 10 pricing plans and choose the one that's best for you.

Pros & Cons

Since we know all the critical tools of Helium 10, let us have a glance at the pros and cons of it!

Now, as you already know about Helium 10 and its attractive features, let us guide you on how to sign up for Helium 10 using your discount code!

Conclusion: Our Final Verdict

Without a doubt, we can sum up the conclusion that Helium 10 is indeed the best all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers!

If you look at the key features provided by Helium 10, you will get to know that the in-depth services provided by Helium 10 make your selling business better than ever!

Helium 10

We hope you all like our detailed review of the Helium 10 Coupon Code.

And with our exclusive Helium 10 coupon code, you can access these benefits at a discounted price. So why wait? Use a Helium 10 coupon code today and take your Amazon business to the next level.

Feel free to comment in the sections below. We will be waiting to know about your experience with this software!

So Amazon retailers, Happy selling!

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