What are Helium 10 Gems? You might have heard of Helium 10, but what are these Gems offered by Helium 10.

Helium 10 GEMS is one of those excellent free-to-use features offered by Helium 10 including the canonical URLs, Add to cart URLs, targeted ASIN search URLs, and some additional tools that can be helpful for Amazon sellers as well as Walmart sellers.

In this article, we'll be having a brief overview of how Helium 10 GEMS can be utilized to upscale and unlock selling opportunities that you might be missing out on in terms of Amazon and Walmart's selling operations. In addition to that, I have also listed some of the Helium 10 free tools that can be used for better management of Amazon's selling operations.

Just in case if you are looking forward to read an in-depth article on my experience with Helium 10, check out the Helium 10 review.

Now, let's have a better overview of the Helium 10 GEMS and understand how can they help to make you a market leader.

Helium 10 Gems

As an Amazon seller, you might be well known about what is Helium 10 and what are the basic features offered by it, but what are these hidden gems?

What are the key features that they'll be serving you? So to clear up all the questions that might be encountered, let's get started.

Helium 10 offers some features in terms of listing optimization, inventory management, keyword research, product research and much more. Despite those features and tools, it also offers some great free tools that can be helpful in terms of Amazon selling operations.
These free tools are called Gems from many, which can be useful to expand yourself in various aspects.

Let's look at these Helium 10 Gems and offer you as an Amazon seller tool.

To get to these tools, you only need to get alongside the tools section seen on the top of their official website, and later click on the Free tools and later into the URL builder, and now you will be able to access some of the great features and tools in terms of Amazon selling operations.

Tools> Free tools > URL builder

After clicking on the URL builder, you can access the tools and key features that can help you expand and explore your selling operations with better management and strategies.

Now, after getting track of how to get to these gems, let's look at what these Gems are and what they do?

So let's get started !!

Helium 10 has many features that make it an excellent choice among Amazon sellers. Still, in addition to all the features, the Helium 10 also offers some additional features that are free to use (yes, additional features that are free to use). These free tools are Amazon Anomaly tracker, PPC audit, URL builder, and much more. Well, these gems are found in the URL builder, as I have already mentioned above, the pathway to get along with it.

Helium 10 Gems are used to make your product rank across Amazon; the promotional URLs made by these tools can help make more audience engagement while getting your product listed on the top.

Helium 10 Gems Unforeseen Analysis

Helium 10 can be helpful in terms of turning your target audience into potential customers. The feature that grabbed my attention was the promotional links created on URL builder (Helium 10 Gem) leads the customers/audience directly into the product listing, for example, the promotional links created by the URL builder will take you directly to the product listing or add to cart, this as a results give better chances of converting your audience into a potential customer and having better conversion rates.

Considering the steps for using Helium 10 Gems, which are some of the easiest operations to get along with, well, if talking about using these Helium 10 Gems, its a way of making promotional URLs to make better strategies and promoting your products in a single stroke.

You might be well aware that having a promotional URL can help you better impact the audience. Here are some of the steps to use Helium 10 Gems and promote your products using them:

Step 1: Know your Marketplace

Helium 10 Gems Marketplace

We all are well aware of how Amazon has been delivering its services across, which means different marketplaces like Amazon.us, .ca, .in, and the list goes on and on. So targeting an audience in the right marketplace can be considered one of the critical factors to outgrow your competitors.

Step 2: Canonical URLs

Helium 10 Gems Canonical URLs

These canonical URLs get you along with different keywords which represent your product; for example, you are selling a Samsung smartphone screen protector, let's say Galaxy S10s screen protector, so having a URL with random alphabets and numerals is not going to make a good presentation over the audience since they are not aware of what this URL is going to do, but what if the URL itself shows you that the URL is going to lead you to the specific product.

The Canonical URLs feature lets you get along with relevant keywords that represent your product, which as a result, gives you relevant promotional URLs and makes it easier to get along.

Step 3: Add to Cart

Helium 10 Gems Add to Cart

Well, this can be considered as a great tool in making your audience get directly to the add to the cart page; this, as a result, can help in making better conversions, as you have already cut one or two steps by directly getting you along with the product add to cart page.

Crop the image focusing on the ASIN, and all other details are not necessary.

Helium 10 Gems Free Trial

You need to fill in the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and the quantity you want to get along while getting over the Add to cart page. You can get the ASIN in the product detail similar to the image I have mentioned above. But what if you have a couple of products you want to sell, but the feature mentioned above lets you get along with a single product and add it to the cart? Helium 10 has already worked on it as they are well aware of how necessary customer retention is; this feature is offered under the buy Together tag.

Step 4: Helium 10 Gems Buy Together

Helium 10 Gems Buy Together

This feature enables you to get along with two or more products and get them all the way to customers carts,

Helium 10 offers a feature that lets you go across the target ASIN searches and create a page for products depending upon the ASIN. Helium 10 buy together option offers you 4 different fields to fill (ASIN & quantity). Just fill in the ASIN and the quantity you want to deliver, and voila, you are good to go.

Now click on the link generation button; as a result, it will give you a link that directs the customer directly to add to the cart page as mentioned above, but now with more products altogether. But, let's take this to the next; what if you are looking forward to getting a list of the product along this process of conversion.

Step 5: Target Search ASIN URLs

Helium 10 Gems ASIN URLs

This can be considered as one of the powerful tools offered by Helium 10; this tool enables you to create a page for specific products you want to get along with.

The number of products you can insert in this feature is 50; all you need to do is insert the ASINs for these products without adding any commas or spaces in between, as all of them are unique and made of 10 characters limits. These target search ASIN URLs can be used for social media, blogs, etc.

The final URL will lead you to a page similar to the image mentioned above.

Click here to get started with Helium 10 Gems & boost your AMZ business.

You might be aware of the platforms Helium 10 works upon (Amazon & Walmart); I have already discussed all the features/ Helium 10 Gems that can be used to upscale your Amazon selling practices.

If your company sells products on Walmart and you want to rank for your keywords, the Helium 10 Gems-generated URLs will send the customer to a search result. There are also steps to take in order to generate income and add more traffic to those URLs.

  • Walmart 2-Step Via Brand
Helium 10 Gems Walmart 2-Step Via Brand

This feature enables you to get along with different products over Walmart, all using relevant keywords and brand names. As a result, it helps in making URLs targeted to specific products and everything.

  • Walmart 2- Step Via Seller
Helium 10 Gems Walmart 2- Step via seller

Well, Helium 10 enables you to get along with Walmart product promotion using two different processes, one of them is already mentioned above (using the brand), the other process involves searching and working on the product using the seller and keyword, this can be a great feature as you can explore around the particular product being restricted to certain keywords and specific brands, this can be very helpful for dealing.

As a result, this will help you in making you get along with sellers who might be delivering the best deals from your perspective.

The answer to this question is pretty simple and complex at the same time; by this, I mean to say that these gems can work as a great way to work along with the promotional URLs and make your Amazon & Walmart selling operations easier and more strategic in various aspects.

One of the main reasons I would recommend using this Handy tool is due to the doorways these few things can open to you as an Amazon or Walmart seller. Well, all the features and tools mentioned above are free to use, but think about the features that Helium 10 can help you with; I guess if you came to this, you might be well aware of the fact that how Helium 10 can work among product research tools as well as keyword research tools.

In addition to all the features that I have mentioned above, Helium 10 lets you get along with some other free tools, which are Keyword research, PPC Audit, QR Code Generator and Amazon Anomaly tracker. These few tools can be beneficial in the making your business operations much better in terms of promotion, marketing, product research, keyword research and much more.

In addition to the features that I have mentioned above, Amazon keyword research is another free and powerful tool that can help you with creating better SEO and keyword research, making your product rank better over Amazon. This feature also enables you to get along positive aspects like; Improving your product visibility, boosting your product ranking and running better Amazon PPC operations, which as a result can help you and your product in outgrowing your competitors.

This tool/feature enables you to get across Amazon ACoS (Advertising Cost of sales), Search Term Analysis, Campaign Analysis, Keyword Analysis and much more. Overall, the report enables you to get along with almost every important aspect that can help you in keeping an eye on how your products are performing.

The Chrome extension can help you do better research over your competitors and create a better insight into how your product is performing that too is available on the go. Well, the Chrome extension by Helium 10 also gives you a better overview across aspects such as finding your supplier on Alibaba, enhancing your sales funnel, etc.

The Helium 10 Chrome extension offers different features that can help in making things better for your business operations, these tools include Xray- Amazon Product Research, Xray keywords, ASIN Grabber, Profitability calculator, inventory levels, and review insights. All of these different features combined can be of great value to Amazon sellers.

Helium 10 Free Keyword Tool

Helium 10 offers this excellent feature to perform keyword research, there are basically two ways through which you can perform your keyword research, this includes using Keywords or ASIN. On the other hand, the keyword tool is functional on the Amazon marketplace and includes the US, Mexico, Italy, France, Japan, and other Amazon marketplaces. The keyword tool can help in making better analyses across high-volume keywords and using them for business operations.

Helium 10 Anomaly Tracker

The Helium 10 anomaly tracker is another free feature offered by Helium 10 that can help in making things better for your business operations and making better strategies on the way. Since you can look forward to any anomalies ongoing at a certain time period, the operations like Amazon product listing can be done accordingly so that it does not hamper the ranking factors of your product being listed on Amazon.

Amazon sellers can also look forward to this sales estimation tool for ongoing Amazon sales operations, even though the sales estimation is a free-to-use tool, you might need to make a Helium 10 account to get access to Helium 10. On the other side, if you already have a Helium 10 account, you can get along with the Helium 10 Chrome extension to explore the profitability calculator to have an overview of the net, margin, and ROI per unit

All these features and tools offered by Helium 10 are pretty much great help in making you and your products rank better over Amazon, overall making better strategic plans and executing them.

🙄What can Helium 10 do?

Helium 10 is a leading platform for Amazon sellers, making it easy to sell on Amazon and manage their Amazon business. With its robust e-commerce tools and account management, Amazon sellers can easily grow their business. Helium 10 helps to streamline all your Amazon activities like listings, promotions, and PPC campaigns with one platform.

🔎What is Helium 10 Gems?

It is the free tool offered by Helium 10 that helps sellers to send their potential customers to their Amazon or Walmart listing via unique URLs.

🤔Can I try Helium 10 Gems for free?

Yes, One can easily test Helium 10 Gems for free and enhance their Amazon or Walmart listing. Click here if you are looking to try Helium 10 Gems for free.

💲How much does Helium 10 Gems cost?

To use Helium 10 Gems, the users simply need to visit the Gems page and start using this tool to create unique URLs. Helium 10 Gems tool is absolutely free; therefore, the user does not have to spend anything.

🚀Why should I go for Helium 10 Gems tool?

Helium 10 Gems is a tool that can be used to generate promotional URLs. The promotional URL generated by Helium 10 Gems sends potential customers to your Amazon product page. If you are looking to increase your Amazon search ranking, it becomes crucial for you to use the Helium 10 Gems tool.

🔥Is there any working Helium 10 coupon code?

Use Helium 10 coupon code BLOGE6M20, which enables you to get a 20% discount for the six months.

Helium 10 offers pretty much easy-to-use and great features that can help you in expanding your selling operations in a positive aspect. As an Amazon seller having access to these features and tools can help you in various aspects, making you outrun your competitors while having a strategic plan. What makes Helium 10 GEMS a problem solver feature is that it can enhance sales across different marketplaces (Amazon and Walmart) using canonical URLs, Add to cart URLs, and much more.

Overall, these Helium 10 GEMS combined with the free tools offered by Helium 10 can be helpful in upscaling your selling operations. Tools like keyword tool, PPC audit, Amazon sales estimator, etc. can make a few operations like keyword research, and strategies for PPC campaigns more streamlined.

Hopefully, this article would have cleared some of the questions and doubts you were having related to Helium 10 Gems.

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