Are you finding an efficient way to earn millions from the Amazon FBA platform❓ Well, this is possible but you need to put extra effort into handling multiple tasks such as inventory, keywords, and many more.

Moreover, there is tough competition and most of the people are in the race. So, you must get some tools that will simplify your work.

But you don’t need to worry at all because Helium 10 is with you. This is an amazing software that helps Amazon sellers to enhance the business. In this article, we have featured our exclusive ✅Helium 10 Review that includes its detailed insights.

If you want to boost your business in Amazon FBA then you should know about Helium 10 Review. The review contains, Helium 10 tools, objectives Helium 10 Pricing, and significantly more.

Detailed Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 Review

The Helium 10 dashboard offers every single piece of information that is relevant to perform in the Amazon FBA. It is a well-managed software that comprises 13 very useful tools inside for the convenience of Amazon Sellers.

Moreover, Helium 10 Chrome Extension is an added advantage for the seller. It boosts the morale of the seller because it compiles the Amazon products smoothly.

It will help you to know which product is in demand and which keyword is ranking high.

Helium 10 will give you plenty of information such as the keyword that is ranking on Amazon, your competitor status, product optimization, and many more.

After knowing the quality and the performance of Helium 10, most of the Amazon Sellers are applauding it.

It will help you to seamlessly perform in the Amazon FBA platform as you will get comprehensive ideas of the products.

✅Exclusive Helium 10 Coupon Codes (💯 Working)

It is a series of digits that comes in a pattern that helps the Amazon seller to get the desired plan at a minimal cost. The Helium 10 coupon varies and if it is a festive season, then you will get a big discount on a plan.

👉 Steps to Redeem Helium 10 Coupon Code

Key Features of Helium 10 | Helium 10 Review

  • Product Research & Listings

Helium 10 allows you to research the products that are suitable for the business. This process is very useful as it gives you an idea of the products that are in demand.

Once you get the product, you can optimize it and make it reachable to the audience. Helium 10 offers the listing feature and the same will do this job.

  • Keywords

Keywords are an important factor to sustain in the Amazon FBA, as you need to know which keyword is ranking high. This information will give you the right path to target the audience.

In Helium 10, you can perform Keyword research operations and using the same, list your product.

Keyword Tracking is also important as it helps you to know the rank and other parameters. Using the same, you can get an idea of your keyword status.

Who can Use Helium 10?

This question comes to the mind of every seller, whether they are Amazon vendor or the seller who retains their logistics.

Helium 10 Review

Now, here you will get a clear picture of the usage of Helium 10. The Amazon sellers who possess their logistics or using Amazon Logistics can use Helium 10. But Amazon Vendors are excluded from this list.

These were the features of Helium 10 and now it’s time to see the 13 tools of the software. These tools are very vital for your business and knowledge of the same and their usage is essential.

Why Helium 10 is Different from it’s Competitors | Amazon Seller Tools

1. Black Box: Product Research Finder

Black Box Helium 10

Finding the right product for the user is a tough job, but a big thanks to Black Box. It is a product research utility that helps the seller to get the product as per their needs.

The search utility is broad that means, Black Box, uses keywords, niche, and many more to give the best product result to the seller.

The search utility of Black Box has a precise filter feature that gives more descriptive information about a product.

The same includes the monthly performance of a product, its price variation, and significantly more.

As an Amazon seller, if you go deep into the Black Box, you will get multiple tabs that show, competitors, niche, and targeting the right product.

The above feature helps you to do the deep research of a product that other competitors can’t even imagine.

Black Box is not restricted to any definite Amazon marketplace. It means, your search is broadened and you can do the search task across any Amazon marketplace.

2. Cerebro: Optimize the Listing of Product


It works on a reverse ASIN pattern and the prime work is to spy on your competitors. It gives you an advanced way to search your product and can create a listing & optimization of a product.

This tool is best in class as it allows you to create a highly profitable campaign by targeting the most searched keywords.

Cerebro gives you ample information that consists of keywords, competitive products, your competitors, and many more.

It gives you the product listing data based on the keywords and using this information, you can judge the performance of the new products.

Apart from the above features, it offers an IQ score and it is the ratio between the search volume and the keyword that competes. The score helps you to determine the competitor on the search volume.

If Cerebro IQ Score is high, that means you got a low-competition on that searched keyword or phrase.

3. Magnet: Keyword Research Utility


The Magnet attracts the most relevant keyword that is beneficial for you. In short, it is a keyword research tool that accesses the Amazon database and fetches out the keyword.

This tool is also beneficial for Amazon sellers as the searched keyword will enable them to perform the campaign task effectively.

4. Frankenstein: Research Tool


Cerebro and Magnet help you to get the keyword relevant to the product. Now, you need to go for the listing process, and here you will require the list of keywords.

Frankenstein is a tool of Helium 10 that polishes the keyword relevant for you. In short, after getting the keyword from Magnet, you can use Frankenstein to filter the right and actual keyword that is good for your product listing.

5. Scribbles: Product List Builder


It is a product listing builder offering the high searched volume keyword. This tool is also important for product listing because the most relevant keyword will index your listing and the same will be reachable to the audiences.

6. Xray: Showcase the Marketplace


Helium 10 extension with Chrome offers several byproducts and one such is Xray. It directs you to the Amazon marketplace to know about the competition on the product.

Moreover, it also gives multiple information such as Inventory level, product rating, number of reviews, and many more.

7. Index Checker: Offers Amazon Keywords

Index Checker

If you are an Amazon Seller, then it is always recommended to follow the pattern of Amazon such as the keywords traced by Amazon, product rating, and many more.

Here, the Index checker is an efficient tool that will find out the keyword Amazon is working on it. It will help you to eliminate unwanted keywords.

For instance, if your product listing is live and you have done the work on the keywords, then you will like to know its performance on Amazon.

If Amazon does not list your product on the respective keyword, then you can eliminate such a keyword.

The above process is just like the hit and trial method, so an Index Checker is the best way to filter the right and relevant keyword to index your product on Amazon.

8. Keyword Tracker: Track Your Competitor’s Keywords

Keyword Tracker

Optimization of the listing of a product is always essential and it is possible only when you know which keyword is ranking.

Keyword tracker gives you brief details of the product ranking based on the keyword.

Using a keyword tracker, you will get to know the search volume of your keyword and the ranking of the product.

Now, it will be very easy for you to fight against your competitor just because of the keyword tracker tool.

Many sellers want to show their product on the first page of Amazon, if you are also on the same list, then you will have to follow Keyword tracker. It will help you to achieve the goal by listing your product on multiple keywords.

9. Inventory Protector: Ultimate Defensive Mechanism

Inventory Protector

No doubt, selling the product at a discount price to the consumers is a good way to enhance the business.

But sometimes it becomes a nightmare if a single user grabs the coupon code and wipes out your inventory.

So, limit to such a user is essential and inventory protectors do the same task. It is a unique tool of Helium 10 that safeguard your inventory.

10. Trendster: Forecast the Product’s Sales


Forecasting sales of a product is very much important for Amazon Sellers. Trendster is the trending analysis tool that showcases the sales performance, fluctuation of the product’s price, and many more.

This tool analysis ASIN and keywords to give the optimum result. It will give the performance result in the graph and clicking on the same will show the price points and sales rank of the products.

11. Refund Genie: Get Money from Damaged Inventory

Refund Genie

In the e-commerce business, few platforms give reimbursement to the inventory. But Refund Genie is a tool that will help you to manage your damaged inventory and get the refund smoothly.

Amazon is a brand that ships millions of packages a year and there is the possibility of damage to the products.

In this situation, Refund Genie looks into your account and showcases the detailed report to Amazon.

12. Misspellinator: Take Advantage of Others Mistakes


Misspelling also increases the traffic on the website and thus boosts sales. Misspellinator is a tool that shows the misspelling of keywords. You can use those words to index your product.

To use this tool, just place it on the keyword, and then it will find the misspelling of such a keyword. Mistakes always happen and you must take advantage of them.

13. Alert Feature: Protect the Listing of a Product

Alerts Hijacker

Safeguarding the listing of the products and buy box status is very much important. It is an advanced protector utility that safeguards you against the one who may try to alter your listing.

As a seller, if you add the Alert tool to your account, then it will monitor your product listings and protect them from hackers or unauthorized users.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans | Exclusive Helium 10 Discount Coupon

Helium 10 offers 4 plans to the Amazon sellers including the free one. Each plan differs from another based on tools and the time duration.

Pricing Plans of Helium 10

If you need any 1 plan out of 3 except the free one at an affordable cost, then Helium 10 Discount Code will help you. It is available on legit websites and the redeem process is very simple and easy.

Best Helium 10 Alternatives

Helium 10 🆚 Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an excellent tool that can help you find profitable products to sell on Amazon. Helium 10, on the other hand, has many more features and tools than just product research. It's also a great way to increase your productivity in e-commerce management.

With Helium 10, you'll be able to manage everything from inventory levels and pricing strategies to customer reviews and order fulfillment with ease. You'll never have any problems finding what you need or getting it done quickly, thanks to this software suite. Plus, there are plenty of tutorials available, so even beginners will feel right at home!

Helium 10 🆚 Viral Launch

There are many differences, but one of the most important differences is that Helium 10 offers a free plan, whereas Viral Launch does not have a free plan. Helium 10 has an Inventory Protector tool to protect your products from coupon scraping.

You can also use their Facebook Ads Manager for easy campaign management. They offer more than just Amazon marketing services – they also help with Google Shopping ads and other PPC campaigns like Bing Ads or Yahoo Search Marketing.

If you're looking for a company that will take care of all your ecommerce needs, then look no further! With Helium 10's suite of tools, you'll be able to grow your business without having to worry about anything else because we've got it covered! Get started today by clicking this ad right now!

Helium 10 🆚 SellerLabs

Helium 10 and Seller Labs offer a variety of features to help your business grow. Helium 10 has a better price point, while Seller Labs has more features.

Helium 10 is a tool that helps you find and research private-label products. It also lets you track your competitors' keyword rankings so you know what keywords they're targeting. AMZ Tracker does the same thing, but it's more expensive than Helium 10.

If you need help with product research or tracking your competitor's keyword rankings, use Helium 10! You'll save money by using Helium 10 instead of AMZ Tracker. Sign up for a free trial of Helium 10 today!!

Helium 10 🆚 Sellics

Suppose you want a tool that will help with inventory management, order fulfillment, marketing automation, customer service, or anything else related to running an online store. In that case, Helium 10 is the way to go.

It even has integrations with other popular tools like Shopify and WooCommerce! And if all those features aren't enough for you – they have a free trial period, so there's no risk in trying them out first!

On the other hand, if your goal is to find ways to increase sales, then Sellics might be more up your alley. They offer many different ways of finding new customers, including SEO optimization and email marketing campaigns, and analytics on how successful these strategies are being implemented!

Plus, their pricing plans are flexible, so it doesn't matter what kind of budget you're working with.

🌟 Helium 10 FAQ

❓ What is helium 10 used for?

Helium 10 is the all-in-one suite of SEO Amazon FBA tools, product research, refunds, fraud Prevention, and inventory management.

❓ When does the free trial account expire?

The free account is available for Free use. However, each tool has limitations in terms of its use. If you have a new or current business, we recommend upgrading to Platinum.

❓ Which plan is right for me?

For each seller, each use case is unique. It is determined by your company strategy and where you are in the seller journey. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Helium 10 helpful Customer Success team so that you can make a better-informed choice.

❓ How can I get the helium 10 discount code?

Here is the process:
1. Get Started Right Away. Get started with Platinum Plan with 20% OFF your first month. Navigate to Coupon Code Field.
2. Enter Coupon Code. Enter the coupon code: BLOGE6M20 to receive 20% OFF your first six month of subscription, then click APPLY.
3. Buy Now.

Conclusion: Helium 10 Review 2024 | Should you go for this tool?

This was all about Helium 10 review, its features, 13 tools, and the coupon code. If you are an Amazon Seller and need to enhance your business, then you must go with Helium 10.

Because, in this tool, you will get ample features that will support you in every form to do the online business efficiently.

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