If you're an event enthusiast, we have got a piece of great news for you. The Hipther Events collaboration with AllConfsBot, which is a Telegram Calendar that helps you keep yourself updated about all the happening in and around the event. 

Speaking more about this Telegram calendar, it is available in multiple languages that range from English, Russian, and even German. And now that the two giants have collaborated, the partnership is being looked at as a great step in the field of the iGaming industry, which would help the event hunters a lot. 

Hipther Events Collaboration with AllConfsBot

One of the top Telegram event calendars AllconfsBot, can help you access a variety of international events through the Telegram app. Additionally, as a user, it is simple to add events to your very own calendar on Google or Apple. 

Hipther Events Collaboration with AllConfsBot

Now, after this collaboration, those who are keen on the events may quickly learn about gaming, technology, and other topics in the same industry. They will learn about the important gatherings since they have extensive access to the many events that Hipther is organizing. 

This new collaboration can be viewed as a strategic partnership between Hipther and AllconfsBot. This is thought to be the best offer and a fantastic medium for event hunters who are always looking for more. 

Events by Hipther that will Happen Soon 

The first event by Hipther is this year's GamingTECH CEE Summit, which is slated to take place on September 26 and 27. Budapest will host the gaming festival, which has a proud seven-year legacy of being a major autumn event. The event is ideal for business executives who want to come together, exchange knowledge, and create lasting connections.

One can also go to the prominent event's gaming awards, which will showcase a lot of undiscovered talent and help them advertise their value and enterprises. The purpose of this award ceremony at GamingTECH CEE is to recognize and honor innovation and excellence in the mentioned Central and Eastern European region. 

Now talking about the European Gaming Congress. This year's following event is the European Gaming Congress, which is the greatest event for you if you want to learn about the latest gaming news that affects the entire European continent. We advise you not to miss it under any circumstances, as the conference will feature many panel discussions as well as some of the most insightful information for guests looking for iGaming news. 

In reality, the event is returning after a lengthy absence of three years. And trust us when we say that this is one of the most eagerly awaited events that will occur this year on October 30 and 31.

The two-day conference, which will be taking place in Warsaw, will actually bring forth the greatest gaming regulators, compliance specialists, and members of the gaming business. This will also give you a chance to talk about the development and latest information regarding the gambling industry. 

Hipther’s Events in 2024

The event that Hipther Events has always organized is excellent and unforgettable. The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit is the first event on the calendar for 2024. The dates for this event have been set for March 25–27, 2024. The MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit will take place in May 2024 from May 13 to May 15, similarly. This event will take place in Tallinn. 

More specifically, the Hipther events that will be hosted in the coming year will undoubtedly provide some of the best and most exceptional networking opportunities. Additionally, by attending these events, you'll have a wonderful opportunity to interact with leaders in the field. 

The Future of Hitpther in the Gaming Industry

We would like to say that Hipther is one efficient company that is expanding in the vastest field. Event by event the gaming company, which is also an event company is getting close to being a legend in its niche. And now when we speak of the collaboration between AllConfsBot and Hipther, we definitely know that the partnership will bring out the best from both the superiors. 

One thing is certain this Hipther Events collaboration with AllConfsBot will ensure that the event hunters are in total profit as they will now be able to guide themselves through the most efficient and convenient way of searching for an event that they want to be a part of. 

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