Are you looking for affordable, high-quality hosting? Best Cloud SSD Web host? The first and most crucial step of creating anything online is choosing a web host for your website. Many people do not pay sufficient attention to this step, so most people do not become successful on the internet.

This is where the core problem of anyone who wants to start a website comes in. Your web host directly determines the level of the user experience your website's visitors will get.

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Loading speeds, uptime, security, and a lot more have to be carefully examined before choosing. Ideally, if you're starting, you should ensure that your web host is not very expensive as you have a lot of costs to take care of.

You cannot compromise on quality but can't find it in your budget to spend more than a certain amount. The core problem finally has a solution, and it's called HostArmada. HostArmada is a Cloud SSD web hosting provider that can care for all your web hosting needs at affordable prices.

Additionally, we have brought you a series of HostArmada coupons to get you the best price if you want to buy the tool after reading our detailed HostArmada review.

About HostArmada Hosting

As we said earlier, HostArmada is a web hosting platform based on the Cloud SSD model. The exciting thing here is they provide a premium experience with 99.99% uptime, lighting fast loading speeds, and year-round responsive customer support to users, along with affordable pricing plans.

HostArmada was established in 2019, so they are still a relatively new company, but due to their pricing and quality, they have raced up the ranks in the web hosting industry.

They have a total of 9 server locations spread across three continents which are listed below:

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The closer you are to a data center, the better experience you will have. Data centers are the physical servers from where your website is hosted.

Having a wide range of these servers spread across the world, HostArmada has ensured that server load is kept to a minimum at all of them. Hence, all users around the globe have a speedy and secure hosting experience.

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Advantages of HostArmada

Let's go over the unique advantages of HostArmada and why you should consider it over other web hosts.

HostArmada Features

#1. Limited Clients Per Server

Shared Hosting plans are a great way to get access to high-quality servers at reasonable rates. The problem is that most web hosts put many people on the same shared server to save money.

Downtime increases, loading times become slower, and users have difficulty interacting with your website. This worsens the hosting experience for all users and destroys the purpose of using a shared server (premium experience at low prices).

With Hostarmada, right of the bat, all shared hosting services are performed on cloud SSD drives, so all of them are nearly 300% faster than many other web hosts. Also, when you check the details of their shared hosting plans, you will see only a certain number of people can be a part of a shared server at a time.

This upper limit of users is decided after a careful study of servers and how much data they will handle without slowing down.

#2. Faster Loading Times

Simply put, your website will not prosper if it does not have a fast loading speed. Customers have the option of choosing between millions of sites for every possible need.

They have no reason to force themselves to interact with a glitchy one. Your SEO efforts will also be wasted if you do not ensure a good loading speed.

HostArmada Uptime, loading speeds, and all other website flow metrics are consistently among the top ones in the industry regardless of if you're using their dedicated servers or a shared hosting solution.

Google, in its SEO guidelines, has laid out that slow-loading pages do not rank on search. They use LiteSpeed web servers which provide the best in class loading speed.

#3. High-Security Hosting

Every web admin spends a significant amount of time thwarting off or protecting against hacking attempts and various attacks. Given that their websites are their primary source of income for many people securing them against any malicious activity is vital.

HostArmada understands this and takes up the proactive role of providing security to all users of their service. Free SSL certificate, daily backups, and many security features are available, so users without a technical background are also secure.

A web application firewall is in place for all websites stored on HostArmada to keep you safe from any XSS attacks and SQL injections. Any vulnerable aspects of your website that come to your attention will also be secured when you contact them with its information.

Imunify360 malware protection is constantly in place. Using Imunify, you can set a default course of action for when it detects a PHP-based attack or any malware. cPanel is also available to scan and work on any possible threats.

A new threat that has web admins are worried about is DDoS. Distributed Denial of Service is a security attack that results in an abusive amount of resource consumption to the point that websites become inaccessible to actual users.

A server-wide shield was quickly created and put in place by HostArmada developers to prevent such an attack. Per-IP request throttling, SSL renegotiation protection, ModSecurity integration, and the HostArmada reCaptcha Guard are also in place. Some more features we liked were Leech Protection, Professional Spam filtering, and Hotlink Protection.

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#4. Complimentary Benefits

Along with a stellar list of features, you get a set of extra tools which go a long way in creating the perfect web hosting experience.

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These are separate from key features but are add-ons that you get entirely for free.

  • Automatic Backups (Daily)

A variety of reasons like security, caching, etc., require you to maintain daily backups of your website. Most users do not keep backups as they are challenging to do without your web hosts' approval.

Almost every quality web host asks for extra payment if you want to maintain backups alongside hosting services. Host Armada offers you the option to automatically backup all your data, if you wish to, at the regular price of whatever plan you're using.

  • SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are a vital requirement to keep your site secure (take it from HTTP to HTTPS; S for secured) and keep your users secure while they visit your website. HTTPS websites are safer for the user as they operate within an encrypted connection between the browser and user.

Google and other search engines often take SSL-certified sites with higher rankings in search results. Your site's SSL certification is done entirely for free by HostArmada when you join, and they also help you install the certificate for free if you require assistance in doing so.

  • Private DNS

(not available in shared hosting basic plan) You get a free private DNS with all HostArmada plans without any pertaining terms and conditions. A DNS (domain name server) is created around a domain you have access to to replace host-provided nameservers.

  • Free Domain Transfers

When you migrate web hosts or create a new domain, a web host conventionally charges you a fee for both. HostArmada does not charge you a fee for both at no additional cost. Free domain registration is offered, along with the ability to migrate unlimited websites.

HostArmada Pricing Plans

We will be covering the shared SSD cloud hosting plans of HostArmada here as they are the most requested ones.

HostArmada Pricing

HostArmada VPS and Reseller Hosting options are also available. Dedicated CPU hosting is available for advanced users. All prices mentioned here are monthly subscription prices. The rates are heavily discounted currently under their Lift Off sale.

Start Dock: ($4.49/month) ($14.95/month without Lift Off sale)

1 Website with 15 GB SSD Storage. Star Dock plan also comes with 2 CPU cores and 2 GB RAM. Free SSL certification, up to 7 daily backups, standard hosting, and launch features are available.

WAF, IP firewall, and Malware Scan and Removal act as security features for users of this plan.

Web Warp: ($5.39/month)($17.95/month without Lift Off sale)

Unlimited Websites with 30 GB SSD Storage. Web Warp plan also comes with 4 CPU cores and 4 GB ram. Daily backups are increased to 14, and you also get Warp Features.

Warp features include faster CPU and RAM speeds and unlimited add-on domains, a customer service manager, and a Private DNS.

Speed Reaper: ($6.29/month)($20.95/month without Lift Off sale)

Unlimited Websites with 40 GB SSD storage. Speed Reaper plan comes with 6 CPU cores and 6 GB RAM. Daily backups are increased to 21.

Dynamic Caching and Speed Reaper special functions are also available. All of these are features in this particular plan are geared towards better load speeds.

Users can pay annually, biennially, and triennially for all services as well, and costs go from high to low in the same order.

🌟 HostArmada Black Friday Sale FAQ

What is HostArmada?

HostArmada is the leading web hosting company that provides everything you need to create and manage your own website easily. HostArmada offers free domain registration and free website transfer so you can get your website up and running in no time!

Does HostArmada offer any money-back guarantee?

Yes, HostArmada provides 45 days money-back guarantee to all its new users.

Do I need to pay for an SSL certificate?

No. If you go with HostArmada hosting company, then you will get a free SSL certificate.

Does HostArmada offer a free domain?

Yes, HostArmada offers free domain to all their new customers. The user does not need to pay extra for the domain name.

What are the HostArmada Black Friday deals for 2022?

Following are the best Black Friday deals offered by HostArmada in 2022.
Cloud Shared Hosting: $3.59/mo
Cloud Reseller Hosting: $8.99/mo
Cloud VPS Hosting: $43.96/mo
Cloud Dedicated CPU Hosting: $116.80/mo

How much discount can I get by using HostArmada Black Friday coupon?

By using our exclusive HostArmada Black Friday deal, you will save upto 80% OFF.

Conclusion: HostArmada Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

The simple explanation of how HostArmada has reached the heights that it has despite being a relatively new entrant in the industry is that no other host at this price point can provide a faster speed. Excellent customer service, amazing speed, solid uptime, best-in-class hardware, and a variety of reasonable pricing options is the easiest description of HostArmada.

After reading this HostArmada review, I'm sure you do not need to be reminded of how easy a choice HostArmada is, as there simply is no competition for this level of cost-effectiveness.🏅🏅

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