Are you frustrated with not getting your emails delivered in your client’s inbox?

This is a sad story, with most of the businesses not reaching their client’s inbox folder. Everyone wants effective inbox delivery rather than landing in a spam folder or getting deleted even before the email opens.

How to tackle this situation when everyone’s inbox is filled with so many emails every day and how to ensure your email lands into inbox right in front of your customer’s eyesight?

Just like the US Postal Service is bringing the best technology that will allow people to get a bird’s eye view of their mail before it reaches doorstep, how could email marketers be behind in providing the best technology & innovation to ensure people get high inbox delivery.

You invest heavily in email campaigns to manage your emails and customers, but it doesn’t reach the recipients’ inbox, then what’s the use of such an attack?

An email campaign that provides abundant features to manage your email but is not strong enough to deliver your emails into recipients’ inbox is a waste of time and money.

So, how to get rid of this nightmare?

You feel terribly disappointed when your most important and conversion-focused emails mistakenly get trapped into the junk or spam folder of your recipients’ email account.

To overcome this nightmare, you need to learn tips to increase your email open rates and paving their way directly into recipients’ inbox.  

Are you aware of sending emails with more than one server?

Yes, it’s true!

This strategy is now being used by many digital marketers that allow them to send emails through another server if one server fails to deliver your emails to the recipients’ inbox.

This strategy of sending emails with more than one server is well known as Hybrid email solutions.

Hybrid email solutions allow your emails to be sent from another server without getting spammed. It also doesn’t affect the speed of your email.

What most marketers do is, send promotional emails through one server and not so essential emails through another.

Why this kind of strategy?

This is because sending two different emails through two different servers will ensure effective inbox delivery; users appreciate and recognize your emails very well.

Email segmentation adds more reputation to your emails!

Tips for Effective Inbox Delivery

Inbox Delivery

We have contemplated few strategies to ensure high inbox delivery. Take care of your email deliverability with these hacks to achieve zero spam emails.

Dedicated IP Address

Why should you have your own dedicated IP?

When you send emails through a common IP address given to you by your ISP, chances are the IP must be blacklisted. This will lead to delivery of your emails in recipients’ spam rather than inbox.

Get a dedicated IP address from your ISP so only your activities are associated with that IP. This will ensure high email delivery as recipients’ will recognize your emails to be genuine instead of fraudulent.

Email Responsiveness

Are your recipients’ not able to read your emails on tablets or mobile phones?

This is because your emails are not designed for readability on mobile phones and tablets. Your emails lack responsiveness and needs to be optimized for all devices.

Ensure you use email marketing platforms that provide email optimization so your emails could be read on any device clutter-free.

Domain Authentication

Domain-specific emails are the best to let your recipients’ recognize your company. For example, an email like looks more authenticated and your recipients know it is not a fraud email.

Anybody can create an email of your name and send fraud emails but a domain-specific email can be created only by you or your authorized personnel.

Ensure your domain is authenticated so your emails reach right where they should.

Configure Records

Now that you rely on domain specific emails for high email authority you should also know what configuration settings are required for accurate email deliverability.

Check the MX and TXT records for your DNS. This can be done by logging in to your domain control panel and changing the MX and TXT records as given by your email marketing campaign.

MX records have to same as your email provider to ensure you receive emails in your email account.

TXT records should be configured with SPF and DKIM entries. Both these entries are required for better email deliverability. If these are configured in your domain DNS to match with your email provider then your emails might land into spam.

Email Segmentation: Your emails should be sent to the right person and not everyone. Segmenting your emails will increase your inbox reach as only interesting topics and products will be promoted to a specific group of people.

You can segment your emails based on age, gender or any other factors. This will increase your audience engagement as only interested people will open the emails and read it completely.

By using email marketing you can better understand your audience behavior with key elements like email open rate, conversion rate, etc.

Unsubscribe Button

Your users subscribed to receive your emails because they were interested in your products/services. 

Just like that, your users, at some point, would want to unsubscribe from receiving your emails if their interest is diverted.

Ensure your emails have an unsubscribe button that is visible to your audience so they can opt-out anytime, but this also attaches them with your emails and is, therefore, an essential factor in making your users stay. 

When your audience unsubscribes from your email, it means you respect their decision. It is much better to get unsubscribed rather than marked as spam. You never know when your audience might again subscribe to your emails.

Pay Attention to Minor Details

Your email provider doesn’t know if your email should be sent to inbox or spam, so it is your responsibility to pay attention to technicalities and reduce errors.

Pay Attention to Minor Details

Ensure all your URLs in the email are working 100%, so they don’t bounce back. Make use of URL tester, and before sending email to the main list, send test emails so you know what changes are required and what would be the reactions of your audience.

🌟FAQ on Inbox Delivery optimization

How does email get delivered?

With the help of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the client sent an email to an outgoing mail server. The SMTP server checks your address and postage to figures out where to send your mail.

What is a good email deliverability rate?

It is imperative to pay attention to the metrics when you track your email deliverability. 90% and higher is considered to be a good email deliverability rate.

What is my email reputation?

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns email sender reputation score to an organization. Email reputation score plays a very vital role in your email deliverability.

Is email blacklisted?

It is a real-time database that is used to determine whether an IP through which one is sending an email is considered to be spam.

Conclusion: Astonishing Strategies for High Inbox Delivery

If your audience unsubscribes to your email, then you need to act on it. Leave the supper and find the secret sauce to increase the efficiency of effective inbox delivery.

We hope these hacks would improve your email delivery, and you get a sound sleep ensuring all your email land in the inbox.

Say bye-bye to spam!

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