Mark your calendars for October 19, 2024, as New Delhi's Talkatora Indoor Stadium transforms into a hub of innovation and collaboration.

Organized by Giakaa Capital and industry partners, this event is set to be a huge thing in India's tech industry. The event will hold up all the attendees, including blockchain enthusiasts, industry leaders, and newcomers. India Blockchain Summit 2024 promises to be an event filled with great insights, networking opportunities, and great discussions.

With a focus on making India a global blockchain powerhouse while championing sustainability and women's empowerment, this summit is where ideas will spark and partnerships will ignite.

About India Blockchain Summit 2024

India Blockchain Summit 2024

The India Blockchain Summit 2024 (IBS 2024) is the premier blockchain event in India, bringing together a diverse group of participants, including investors, legislators, public servants, IT influencers, CXOs, academicians, and business owners.

Organized by Giakaa Capital in partnership with leading industry players, IBS 2024 aims to shape the future of blockchain technology through innovative ideas and collaborative dialogue.

The summit provides a unique platform for exploring the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the blockchain space, with a strong focus on sustainability and gender equality within the tech sector. The event's theme, “Driving Net Zero & Empowering Women,” highlights its commitment to these crucial issues.

Talkatora Indoor Stadium

IBS 2024 Venue

Conveniently situated in the heart of New Delhi, the Talkatora Indoor Stadium is the site of the 2024 India Blockchain Summit. This premier venue, which is well-known for its first-rate facilities and accessibility, provides the ideal environment for sizable gatherings and events.

Address: Talkatora Garden, President’s Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110001.

Agenda of the Event

The India Blockchain Summit 2024 promises a full day of insightful sessions and dynamic discussions. The event will commence with an opening ceremony featuring the traditional lighting of the lamp and welcome speeches. Attendees will then be captivated by keynote addresses on crucial topics like “Blockchain for Bharat” and the global and local dimensions of blockchain development.

The morning will continue with panels focusing on decentralization, governance, and the role of investors in the blockchain ecosystem. After lunch, sessions will move forward into expanding digital public infrastructure, empowering women in tech, and the global economic impact of blockchain.

In the afternoon, keynotes will highlight blockchain's significance in business development and trustless technology. The day will conclude with a panel on blockchain as a catalyst for digital transformation and a closing note on positioning India as a global blockchain hub.

Speakers of the Event

The India Blockchain Summit 2024 will feature an extraordinary lineup of speakers, including distinguished blockchain experts, industry leaders, and government officials.

While the complete list of speakers is yet to be revealed, past events have seen influential figures such as Shri Amit Thaker, MLA from Vejalpur Assembly; Dr. Sunil R Parekh, Founding Curator AGS at the World Economic Forum; and Dr. Satya N Gupta, Chairman of the Blockchain For Productivity Forum.

This year's summit aims to provide a platform for thought leaders to share their groundbreaking ideas and experiences, fostering a collaborative environment to shape the future of blockchain technology in India.

Attendees of the Event

Expected Attendance & Reach of India Blockchain Summit 2024

The India Blockchain Summit 2024 welcomes all participants from different domains, making it an inclusive event for anyone passionate about blockchain technology. Attendees will include government officials, policymakers, and legislators who are at the forefront of shaping regulatory frameworks. Investors, venture capitalists, and fund managers will have abundant opportunities to connect with innovative startups and groundbreaking projects.

Tech influencers, blockchain developers, and CXOs from various industries will converge to share insights and explore emerging trends. Academia and researchers will engage with the latest developments and collaborate on future initiatives. Entrepreneurs and business owners eager to leverage blockchain for growth and innovation are also encouraged to attend, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic exchange of ideas.

Registration Process

The India Blockchain Summit 2024 is a free-to-attend event, providing an inclusive platform for blockchain enthusiasts, professionals, and stakeholders.

To ensure a curated audience, registration is subject to approval. Interested participants can register through the official website at India Blockchain Summit Registration. After submitting the registration form, applicants will receive a confirmation of their application status.

Once approved, attendees can download the “I Am Attending” poster from the website to share on their social media channels. For further information or inquiries, please contact the event organizers via email at

Be The Change

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of the India Blockchain Summit 2024, where the future of blockchain technology will be shaped.

With a stellar lineup of speakers, a packed agenda, and a group of attendees, IBS 2024 is set to be a landmark event in the blockchain space.

Register now to secure your spot and join us in New Delhi on October 19th for a day of groundbreaking discussions and networking.

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