Do you want to generate automated organic followers to your Instagram account? We have a way for that.

Have you ever wonder how most of the Instagram accounts are loaded with likes, comments & shares? No way recently joined Instagrammers could get that amount of response!

Do not worry. We got your back. Our latest Ingramer review is going to take those wonderings far away from your life! This tool got everything for your marketing tactics!

Ingramer is an automated tool that will reduce your time & efforts, build a target audience, engage with clients & plan content.

However, it is not that easy to trust an automated tool with all your privacy. Therefore, before making up your mind, kindly read our detailed Ingramer review. This way, it will be easier for you to decide whether you should go with this toolkit or not.

The features, the services Ingramer is offering, are they legit? Let us know.

What is Ingramer?

Ingramer Review

Ingramer is an Instagram bot that promises real followers and likes by using Pro targeting filters such as hashtag, location & targets username via gender & language filters.

Ingramer offers paid and free services to manage the content, communicate with the clients, and build an organic audience. The benefits are entirely independent of each other and can be subscribed according to the need.

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Ingramer Review: Should you trust it for your Instagram Marketing?

Ingramer offers specific modules to help you promote your Instagram account. The modules are as follows:

  1. Promo Module
  2. Direct Module
  3. Posting Module

Let us have a thorough look at Ingramer modules and get to know what are they technically used for:

Promo Modules of Ingramer

Promo Module is a smart AI-based system that helps you target your specific audience or clients.

The promo module is innovative, and never let the random audience draw on your account. It uses 3 methods for targeting.

  • Usernames

In this, the system will watch stories, Follow/Unfollow the selected accounts and use your competitor's research data to interact with their audience/clients.

  • Hashtags

That will help you engage with the users who use a specific hashtag to point to various niches. Hashtags help to make your posts stand out differentiated with multiple slots.

ingramer about us
  • Location

This feature will help to sell your products to your desired location. For example, if you target the Uk's audience, it will automatically set up the UK geotags' users.

Some external features of the Promo Module include:

  • Target Growth feature
  • Direct Messenger
  • Scheduled posting
  • Instagram CRM
  • Profile Analyzer
  • Instagram search

Ingramer Promo Module Pricing

Ingramer Promo module pricing

Ingramer Direct Module

Direct Module is a fully-fledged CRM that will help you with bulk messaging, handling your clients, and generate an automated message for your clients. There are several things you can do while using Direct Module.

  • Welcome Message

You can make an instant intimate connection with your recent followers by sending them an automated welcome message.

  • Bulk Messaging

You can generate much revenue by sending bulk messages to your targeted audience to draw their attention to your products or services.

Direct Module is perfect for those who want to build a reputation for their image and increase their sales and reach customers with an intimate touch.

Some external features of the Direct Module include:

  • 1 Webchat for all Instagram accounts
  • Filtered Mass Messaging to followers
  • Split Client into categories

Ingramer Direct Module Pricing

Ingramer direct module pricing

Ingramer Posting Module

Posting Module is a scheduler for Instagram, where it will automatically schedule your postings, with a unique feature of ‘Auto-description.' Its unique features offer:

  • Automated-posting

You do not need to worry about when to post. According to your convenience, using the Posting Module, you can schedule your posting once or twice every week or month.

  • Auto-description

The posting module will automatically create a description for your posts, which you can edit even after publication.

Ingramer Posting Module Pricing

Ingramer posting module pricing

Main Features of Ingramer- What's inside Ingramer toolkit?

Now we will walk you through all the features that Ingramer offers:

Ingramer Review
Ingramer Hashtag generator

As the name suggests, the Hashtag generator is a specific tool specially built to create automated Hashtags for your posts.

If you are performing research manually for hashtags, that can be a bit of a tedious job. Using the Ingramer Hashtag generator, you can insert some keywords, and this tool will automatically pull out all the convenient Hashtags for your post.

Ingramer allows you to use the most trending Hashtags for boosting up your post value.

You can mix them up with niche hashtags. It gives a whole list of the most trending Instagram hashtags according to your post niche.

Ingramer Profile analyzer

This tool helps to come up with promotion strategies without any manual handling. Profile Analyzer is a smart AI tool that conducts a thorough profile analysis on Instagram.

Ingramer search

This tool enables to search any person or page using detailed filters.

Ingramer story viewer

Using this tool, you can view any story anonymously and can download them if you want to! The concerned person will not even trace that you have watched his/her story and downloaded it.

ingramer web viewer

If you get blocked by any public account, you can secretly log via the private Instagram viewer. You will not need to create a fake account to do the activity mentioned above.

Ingramer downloader

As the name suggests, IG downloader enables you to download any video, story, IGTV, or post without any trouble.

The most common tactic to increase followers on your IG account is to follow a lot of people.

Unfortunately, the problem with this is that when you follow many accounts, the same amount of accounts does not follow you back.

Using Ingramer, the accounts you followed and did not follow you back will automatically get unfollowed after a time-frame.

Ingramer makes it easy to use every feature of it. The dashboard of Ingramer is user-friendly and easily accessible.

You can easily integrate and align the data within your dashboard, which makes it highly accessible.

The dashboard will show all the history of the performed activities, the generated likes, and the profitability of a specific client.

If your account doesn't get blocked, Ingramer recommends using a VPN or private proxy service that keeps it safe and secured from any trouble.

Ingramer Review: How to make the best out of Ingramer?

If you are considering using Ingramer for your services, then there are some things that one needs to keep in his mind, and by that way, he can make the most of the Ingramer toolkit.

Let us glance at what we can do to make Ingramer the most useful toolkit for us.

  • If you are planning to use Ingramer for your product's advertisement, then our best recommendation will be to use Direct Module for sure. In that way, you can easily connect your target audience and use the bulk messaging feature to connect individually with your audience.
  • Do not forget to add a VPN to your account to keep it safe and prevent it from blocking. Usually, when dealing with public accounts and pages, sometimes the situation gets out of hand, and it is always better to be prepared for the worst. Using VPN will keep you at a distance from any such mishap.
  • Do not think for a second to use Ingramer for any illegal activity, along with your product promotion. Your account will easily get caught for doing such spamming activities.
  • If you do not want to get caught with the automated monthly payments of Ingramer, do not forget to read the Privacy policy and User agreement of Ingramer thoroughly.
  • If you are a newbie, then before going for Ingramer, watch the tutorials and user guide available on the YouTube channel and Ingrammer. That will help you to understand the interface of Ingramer more correctly.

Ingramer tutorial for Newbies

This section has mentioned all types of tutorials in videos and blogs available from Ingramer to make the toolkit much easier to understand.


In this, you will find the Beginners Guide to use Ingramer. As a newbie, you will find this tutorial of utmost importance.


This section will find the different tutorials on how to generate more sales in your business using Ingramer.


This part will give tutorials on different marketing tactics to promote your services or products and reach the targeted audience.


How to make the best story that will attract a bunch of audiences to my product? This part shows all the methods to create engaging stories, IGTV videos, and posts that will boost your revenue.


Instagram for different niches suits accordingly. How to choose the best for your product? This section will tell all.

Ingramer review: Pros and Cons

Ingramer FAQ

Is there a free trial available for Ingramer?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question will be a NO. Every tool kit and services provided by Ingramer are independent of each other, but they have separate pricing plans of their own. If you want to try Ingramer for free, that it will not be possible officially.

How do I cancel Ingramer?

If you want to cancel your Ingramer subscription, you have full rights to do so. All you have to go is to for VPN usage. If the customer is facing any trouble, he can directly contact Ingramer customer care.

What are bots on Instagram?

Instagram bot, i.e., IG bot, helps automate your Instagram activities, like likes, comments, or postings. The Instagram bot's real aim is to increase organic traffic in your account, not a robot or fake traffic.

Ingramer Review 2024: By and Large

Alas! We are finally at the end of our most informative and detailed Ingramer review. Should you go for this? Should you not? The answer is yes.

Without a doubt, you can go for Ingramer whether you are an influencer or a start-up. This tool is going to come in handy in every situation.

ingramer conclusion

It is an era of automation, and this fully-automated tool is going to make your work a lot easier. We will especially highlight the auto- replying and bulk messages sending feature. The number of organic followers you will get after opting for this is very appealing.

We often notice that scaling your automation on a large scale can lead to spamming and banning your account. We will always recommend using automated features starting from the lowest range possible.

Did you like our detailed Ingramer review? If yes, then please let us know in the comments section below. Feel free to give any suggestions which you might think are essential from your side.

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