We are delighted to present an exclusive interview with the CEO of Rize Ads, a digital advertising industry pioneer. This interview is a rare opportunity to gain insight into the thinking of a seasoned CEO, delivering a firsthand description of their experiences, strategies, and future vision; Andrei Josu.

In this open discussion, we will cover a wide range of subjects, from the challenges of leading a firm in the fast-paced digital advertising world to the methods that have catapulted Rize Ads to its current place in the industry. We also go into Andrei Josu’s personal path, talking about their leadership style, inspirations, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Interview with Rize Ads CEO – Andrei Josu

The interview promises to be a valuable read for anyone interested in digital advertising, leadership, or the entrepreneurial journey. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned business professional, or simply curious about the inner workings of a successful company, this interview offers a wealth of insights.

Interview With Andrei Josu

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Q.1 Can you share the story behind the inception of Rize Ads and what inspired you to venture into the affiliate marketing industry?

We started off in advertising, mainly dealing with affiliate marketing. Seeing challenges from both sides, we decided to step up. With our industry knowledge, we created a product to make affiliate marketing easier and give the industry a fresh vibe. It's been a challenge, but we're confident we have the solutions to make a positive impact.

Despite being newcomers in a field dominated by major players, we've quickly found success. New publishers are joining us for positive changes and reliable results. Our strength lies in strategic focus. We're addressing specific issues in affiliate marketing, drawing from our experience as an ad agency. Embracing AI, we see its potential for automation and as a key player in global industry shifts. Simultaneously, we're providing essential functionality for affiliates worldwide.

When affiliates join us, they become official contractors of Rize Ads. We pick the best programs, connect publishers with companies, and provide a budget for launching ads. In other words, affiliates don't spend a penny on the process — we handle everything and take the load off repetitive tasks. Affiliates control the results, have more time for strategy, and quickly understand who to collaborate with next. This is the foundation of transparency, leading to better outcomes.

The toughest part was explaining to affiliates and advertisers what we bring to the table. Entering the affiliate marketing scene, we weren't the first network connecting both sides. Publishers often told us, “I'm already with a network; I have everything I need,” so we focused on security. Now our big tool is a pre-allocated ad budget, eliminating the risk of extra expenses. Also, we introduced a contract-based work format where we choose offers and automate everything. These two bonuses became game-changers, attracting a strong influx of new experts and brands eager to see them in action.

AI makes people's lives much simpler every day, especially in marketing. In the affiliate industry, with its complex system and numerous tasks, the only way to do well is to automate the routine. We plan to introduce AI to help affiliates receive important notifications about their current performance and recommended changes, as well as new reporting formats and settings. However, before that, we want to implement the integration of existing AI tools to assist our contractors.

AI means things get done automatically, saving time. This is super important for affiliates who have a lot to manage. The simpler the solutions, the quicker they see results. Our system picks the best offers for affiliates based on their experience. Right now, we're taking the load off publishers by handling creative tasks like banners, videos, and text. Next up, we'll focus on making ads more effective.

Our team has experts from all over the world, so we're flexible and don't stick to a strict schedule. Everyone adjusts the process to fit their needs. We gather for online meetings where we share not only our achievements and future plans but also discuss travel, movies, and anything unrelated to work. We balance hobbies and work, loving what we do, so everyone in the team is excited about taking on new challenges.

We're gearing up for 2024 with exciting plans already in progress. We believe these upcoming developments will be just as important as the contracts and budgets we shared before. This includes improvements in AI, extra integrations, and fresh offers.

Affiliate marketing is sure to be greatly influenced by AI. We believe advertising can reach the level of virtual reality, bringing a fresh approach to marketing. In the advertising realm, any significant global change currently leads to substantial growth if leveraged correctly. Naturally, many will shift their focus to mobile advertising. Recognizing the huge potential in this direction, Rize Ads is already working in this space, and major releases are set to begin in 2024.

By organizing the team well and delegating tasks, you can regain a balance between work and personal life. What worked for me is that most of our Rize Ads team are people I started with back in the advertising agency days. They understand the goals and tasks and often take the lead in solving problems. If you've got people you've worked with on past projects, stick with them and keep making a difference together.

In affiliate marketing, staying informed is key. Platforms like Afftweaks, where you can find advice, insights, ratings, and reviews, are invaluable. The more expert opinions, the easier it is for affiliates and advertisers to make important decisions. These platforms are top-notch resources in the affiliate marketing industry. We've been following the media for years, and it's been instrumental in our project development. Experience comes from both practice and learning from others' success.

Afftweaks believes Rize Ads offers invaluable opportunities in digital advertising. We will continue featuring the network's latest developments, cementing our partnership through more insightful interviews.

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