is a popular e-commerce site that has over 100 million visitors! The site gets more than 10 billion monthly searches, but only 100,000 sellers are on the platform. Helium 10 now offers tools to help grow your business and get started selling on Walmart marketplace.

“We see Walmart as a marketplace that has a lot of potential for ecommerce sellers to increase their sales and reach more customers.” – Says Carrie Miller, Brand Evangelist and Customer Advocate at Helium 10

Interview with Carrie Miller

Read our exclusive interview with Carrie Miller, Brand Evangelist and Customer Advocate at Helium 10, and her take on the importance of Helium 10 tools for optimizing the Walmart marketplace experience for sellers.

Q.1 We would like to know about your professional journey. What inspired you to delve into this industry?

Personally, I started helping out the family business selling products on Amazon. Once we started doing well on Amazon, I wanted to expand to other marketplaces and have since expanded to Shopify and

Q.2 What inspired Helium 10 to create the Walmart marketplace seller tool? What are some challenges you faced while setting it up?

Ecommerce sellers are constantly looking for ways to expand their customer reach and increase their sales. We see Walmart as a marketplace that has a lot of potentials for ecommerce sellers to increase their sales and reach more customers. Walmart has been putting a lot of effort into improving its site and attracting more customers to its Walmart+ program, which is similar to Prime on Amazon.

Carrie Miller Interview

It's an up-and-coming marketplace, and we wanted to help support sellers to get in early to get an edge on the competition with Helium 10 tools.

Q.3 How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the Walmart marketplace's operations?

Walmart has a very strong infrastructure, and they have been able to keep up with the demand of online shoppers and they are expanding by opening up more warehouses for Walmart fulfillment services.

Q.4 What inspired you to integrate Walmart with Helium 10?

Before Helium 10 created Walmart tools, ecommerce sellers were flying blind without any data or information to make good business decisions. We created the Xray extension so that sellers could see their competitor's real-time unit sales, revenue, reviews, and so much more. Our keyword research tool Cerebro allows sellers to take a product ID of any product on Walmart and do a reverse Product ID search to find all of the keywords that the product is indexing for.

Interview with Carrie Miller on Helium 10

This tool allows you to spy on your competitor's keyword strategies, and it allows you to see their sponsored campaign keyword targets. It is one of the best tools for optimizing your listing and spying on our competitors.

Magnet allows sellers to search keywords to find search volume as well as a list of related keywords. Our keyword tracker allows sellers to input a product with keywords to track their rank over time. It allows you to see sponsored and organic ranks.

We also have a boost function so that you can track rank on an hourly basis for 10 days straight. Our profits tool for Walmart allows sellers to have an easy-to-read dashboard that gives a quick overview of their profitability. They can see overall profits and detailed profits for each individual product. Overall, these tools have helped give sellers the data and information that they need to be successful selling on the Walmart marketplace.

Click here to watch the video by Carrie Miller to know how you can use Helium 10 to enhance your Walmart business.

Q.5 What is the advantage of using the Helium 10 Walmart tool?

The advantages are written in detail above for each tool. The biggest advantage is having the edge over the competition because you have more information to optimize listings and beat your competitors.

Interview with Helium 10 Carrie Miller

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Q.6 How can one use the Helium 10 Walmart tool to improve their experience on Walmart marketplace?

Like I mentioned above, these tools give sellers an edge over the competition.

Q.7 Which industry is the target user for the Helium 10 Walmart tool, why should they use it?

Experienced ecommerce sellers should use this tool. There are no other tools like these tools on the market for Walmart marketplace sellers.

Q.8 Helium 10 has a lot of different features; which one is your personal favorite?

Cerebro, our keyword research tool, is a game-changer. It will give you the ability to optimize your listing and spy on your competitor's keyword strategy as well as their PPC strategy.


Q. 9 Does the Helium 10 Walmart tool help affiliates marketers? If yes, how so?

These tools are for ecommerce sellers. Affiliate marketers can promote them and help ecommerce sellers to sell more products on the Walmart marketplace.

Q.10 What are your thoughts on affiliate marketing? Do you have any opinions on our platform AFFTweaks?

Affiliate marketing is the best way to tell the world about the best tools on the market. People are more comfortable making purchases when they hear from someone they know and trust.

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