It is nearly impossible to create any successful business in 2022 without understanding your niche.

But with hundreds of similar products or service providers competing for the attention of your target customers, you can't rely on shaky data. Compiling and analyzing data for even the smallest product category or niche is a hefty task in today's age.

“If you are not using data to your advantage today, you are already behind the curve.” says Hexact CEO Stepan Aslanyan.

The need for accurate and actionable data in time for you to make key business decisions is going to be constant.

Interview with Hexact CEO

Read our conversation with Stepan Aslanyan, CEO of Hexact, which can help you do just that;

Q.1 What would you like to share about your personal journey before we get to Hexact?

Although I am a physician by training, I have always been in the IT industry. I've always been the type of person who believes that purpose is more important than wealth, and I've found my calling with Hexact.

Starting from way back in the early 2000s, my first company was carrying out outsourcing of software development, SEO and digital marketing projects; we had our own automation products – and this is before it was cool; back when we had to explain what SEO was before even getting into the details.

Q.2 Do you think your long experience in managerial roles before starting Hexact helped you make it a better product?

I have had a long journey to get to where I am, and still learning. Hexact is the love child of many people in our management team.

Interview with Stephen Aslayan

We have all had our fair share of successes and failures, but Hexact is different. It feels different. We have a common purpose, and that is exciting.

Q.3 How important do you think maintaining and studying data is to an average corporate in today's age?

We used to say cash is king, but that has already shifted to data is king. Business decisions are made every day using data and data analyses platforms that couldn't have been fathomable even half a decade ago.

If you are not using data to your advantage today, you are already behind the curve.

Q.4 Hexact has significant AI operations in its aim to simplify all data. What are the benefits customers can gain from this?

With Web3, AI & cloud computing growing at an astonishing rate, we can comfortably say that these technologies will be the next paradigm.

Interview with Hexact

There is a lot of information out there and many potentials, but the average person, the average business, is only utilizing a very small amount. In today's world, if you want to access the tools of titans tools, you need to have an IT team large enough to execute.

We aim to solve this issue. Hexact will bring all the advantages of data science, AI, cloud computing to your fingertips without presuming the knowledge of any coding or algorithmic skills.

Q.5 What is “Hexomatic,” and what value can it bring to different kinds of companies?

Hexomatic is a dream come true for many businesses and people. It is a no-code automation platform that enables the user to access data, process that data, and automate the end function that needs to be executed with that data.

It's like having your own personal IT team without the huge overhead and deadline delays.

For example, we have users that are in sales. They log onto their Hexomatic account, choose an area from Google Maps and tell the machine to find all the companies that are within that geographic area, rank the businesses according to traffic data, find all email addresses and phone numbers associated with those businesses, then validate & put them on an easy to use excel sheet.

On click and within seconds, that salesperson has a ready-to-go CRM database – all that's left is to contact the potential customers and start selling. Of course, this is only one example of how Hexomatic could be used – the possibilities are endless.

Q.6 You've held managerial roles in many organizations over your nearly 2-decade run in the industry. How would you describe your managerial style?

Results over process; I am a KPI-driven, results-oriented manager. I do not like to micromanage and prefer to focus on the big picture.

That is not to say that I am not hands-on. We have daily 15-minute staff meetings to ensure that the runs for that day are set and on track.

My door is always open to anyone from our staff, and I'm happy to say that many of our employees take advantage of that policy.

Q.7 What factors did you consider while assembling the considerably successful Hexact team?

When we founded Hexact, I already had a lot of experience in the startup ecosystem. One thing I learned is never to go it alone. We structured the company to allow new team members to jump on board not only as employees but as co-founders. This allows me to recruit the best of the best.

We also have a key ESOP strategy. ALL of our Hexacters have a stake in the company and are motivated to make our company successful.

Our team members must have a passion for future tech and believe that what we are building will be the new “operating system” in the cloud.

Q.8 “No-code” is a prevailing theme across your platform. Is removing the coding barrier in compelling and actionable data analysis something you're passionate about?

Hexacters believe that technology should be for the people. Very. In the 1970s and 80s, if you wanted to use the full potential of what a computer could do, you needed a ton of money to buy the computer – but that was only one part of the equation.

Interview Hexact CEO

You also had to hire a computer scientist (an expert) to use the machine and give you a competitive edge.

In today's world, if you want to use the full power of cloud computing, AI and automation engines, you have to have a team of engineers, developers & data scientists to “run the machine.”

This is only reserved for the giants of the industry. We are not just a company, we are an automation movement that will bring the full potential of cutting-edge technologies to the fingertips of small and medium businesses, doctors, policemen, teachers, etc.

Q.9 Why did you concentrate your energies on developing Hexowatch in 2020?

Hexowatch was a demand-driven product. Many of our users were asking for an automation tool to monitor their competitors' websites or any other sites for specific changes and report back.

Hexact CEO Interview

This used to be done with a person or team monitoring changes, but with Hexowatch you have an AI sidekick that does it for you in real-time.

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Q.10 What are the key struggles awaiting anyone who wants to make a place for themselves in the industry in 2022?

The biggest challenge that any startup will face is the ever-changing technology landscape. The velocity that industries are changing is staggering, and if you don't keep up, you will be left in the dust.

The faster you are, the better service you can offer your customers. You must have a capable and motivated team to keep grinding even when times get tough.

Q.11 What is the most significant factor behind you closing out this year with over 400% growth?

The most important factor and one of our key advantages is our user base. We always say, “Hexact was not created for the users during our staff meetings. It was created with the users.

We have an awesome community that keeps us on our toes and never allows us to slow down. We will continue to grow and adapt quickly and more efficiently with them by our side. A special thanks to our Hexact team.

We were able to launch new features and updates every week of 2021 and expect to do the same in 2022.

Q.12 What does an average day in your life look like?

I am a creature of habit. I wake up at 6:30 am every morning. I have my morning coffee and a quick check-up on what's happening. I'm lucky enough to be able to walk to our offices.

At 10 am every morning, we have our 15-minute run-through of the day with our staff. We tweak priorities and agree on the new features and updates for any given week. I check our KPI dashboard and make sure the key metrics are on track.

I usually have a couple of meetings with VCs and partners. I make sure to pop into the offices of our senior management once a day to talk strategy. We end the week with a small hackathon to generate new innovative ideas for future products.

We had to wrap up before getting Mr. Aslayan's views on AFFTweaks, but I'm sure Hexact loves our work as much as we admire theirs.

What was striking about the entire interview process was that we could feel how genuinely the entire Hexact team cares about serving every person who wants to use data to their advantage.

The simplicity they bring to into the infinitely complicated process of setting up a business makes them an ideal partner for everyone who wants to start building their empire today.

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