Do you have a list of AI content creation tools and cannot decide which one to go with? Then you might probably need some guidance.

In our review, you will learn about the industry's one of the most demanded content creation tools. Even if you are already familiar with this platform and cannot decide whether or not it is an excellent fit for your business or if you want to get to know all things Jasper, then I bet you have landed in the right place.

Now tell me, have you ever been tasked with needing to write a piece of content and wished that you could pay someone to do that work for you?

You may be needed to make a marketing ad for a Facebook campaign, a marketing email, or write an entire blog post! But all you do is stare at your laptop screen for two hours straight and end up binging your favorite TV show! Review

What if we tell you a tool that could help you remove your writer's block and write that content for you! If that is the case, you are in the right place! I might even not called it a tool; he might get offended by that! (Pun intended.) So what is this exactly? You will get to know about all th necessary details very soon.

Detailed Jasper AI Review – What is Jasper AI? (Formerly Jarvis AI)

You can term Jasper AI as a copywriting tool that makes use of machine learning and the power of artificial intelligence to produce an enticing copy of blog posts, ads, social media, marketing emails etc., and allows you to write 5x times more content within a fraction of time. Also, Jasper AI was released in the month of January 2021 by a team which was at led by the CEO, Dave Rogenmoser, along with the team which created Proof. is a GTP-3 based copywriting and content creation tool that helps you write more effective sales copy, marketing copy, blog posts, books, emails, ads copy, social media posts, and 30+ things.

This tool uses Artificial Intelligence to create the content for you. It makes copywriting and contents much more effective. With the help of, you can generate unique content every time according to your audience's persona. One of the most vital components of this tool is the artificial intelligence feature, which works as a virtual personal assistant for marketers and copywriters.

The most excellent part about using this software is that you do not have to waste all day creating and improving your copywriting skills; will handle all that work for you. It will generate the same content in the minimum time possible! can write the following things for you:

There may be few times when software may slow down a little bit! This can happen when multiple people are using the application at the same time!

Can you blame the guy? Try generating a thousand words in a minute, and you will feel the pain too! But unlike other companies who hide their issues, the team will post the subject right away on the Facebook group and tell their users that they are working on that particular problem.

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The Team Behind is the baby of the company called UseProof. Let me first tell you about UseProof. It is a renowned company that helps small businesses increase their sales, conversions, and leads by using social proof software.


The talented team behind Jasper is the following:

If there's one thing that I can say for sure is that the team behind is highly talented and easygoing, and they know how to run their business the right way. These are the exact kind of people you need to back up the product like for your venture's long-term success and growth.

You can be assured of the fact that the future features of will be well-researched, thought out, and precisely what is best for us, the users.

💡 How does Work? (A Step-by-Step Guide)

The beauty of this tool is that it uses the latest and greatest GPT-3 technology to produce human-like text. Some of you might find this pretty confusing and techy. But believe me, that is not at all the actual scene.

Anyone can generate high-quality content in seconds, or you could even hire a Virtual assistant to do the work for you when you sit back and drink piña coladas! In 4 easy steps, you can make your way through this platform to create content through AI's power and become a part of Jasper Nation.

Step 1: Choose a Template

If you want to create a piece of content, there are possible chances that Jasper got you covered. is trained with world-class copywriters and conversion experts with the mimics models proven to work time and time again.

Currently, offers 50+ content templates that can be used to make different types of content. Following are some of the templates: Facebook ads, Instagram captions, personalized cold emails, Quora answers, to entire blog posts using the long-form assistant or Boss Mode.

You can choose the template that matches your preference perfectly, and then you are ready to move to step 2!

Step 2: Input Your Product Data

Input your Product Data

After selecting the template you want to use, the next step is to fill in the template data about the product or brand.

This is the place where you have the most power. The quality of input you provide will decide the quality of the Jasper content. You can be as specific as you want, which will help shape the output of the provided content. For instance, if you chose the template ‘Product Description,' you need to provide the data about the product or brand. You get three areas to fill in:

Company/Brand/Product Name: Enter the name of the product or company that you want the product description to be about.

About the Product: The next step will be to tell the Ai about the product by giving a detailed description. The more information you provide to Jasper, the better will be the output. You can also leave it simple and open and let Jasper do it.

The Tone of the Content: This is one of the most crucial features to dwell on! It can be witty, informative, educational, informative! You have to tell in which tone you need your content to be in.

Step 3: Generate AI Content

Generate AI Content

Once you have chosen the template of Jasper template and provided the necessary information, it is time to generate the AI content.

Hit the ‘Generate Content‘ Button. Jasper will work for a few seconds, and voila! You will have your desired content in front of you! Also, remember that every piece of generated AI content is saved in your “History” tab, so you don't have to worry about losing a piece of your content that Jasper has generated. 

Content Templates Offered by Jasper AI – Whopping 50+ of Them!!

The vast amount of templates offered by Jasper AI is something that sets it apart from the rest. Currently, Jasper AI offers its users 50+ content templates to choose from, along with the following:

Jasper Templates

Long-Form Assistant: Jasper AI helps you to write long-form content like emails, blog posts, stories, or even books. This long-form assistant only comes with the Boss Plan. You can use it to write a blog post on various sites. 

PAS Framework: Problem-Agitate-Solution. It is a valuable framework for creating new marketing copy ideas.

Product Description: You can create creative and compelling product descriptions which can be used on social media, websites and emails. 

Blog Post Outline: You can create lists and outlines for articles. It works best for “listicles” and “how to” style blogs or articles.

AIDA Framework: You also get the oldest marketing framework in the world. 

Content Improver: You can take a piece of content and rewrite it to make it more creative and interesting. 

Blog Post Topic Ideas: Jasper gives you more brainstorming new blog post topics which can engage the readers and rank well on Google.

Blog Post Intro Paragraph: Jasper AI can also help you to write an opening paragraph for you.

Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph: It can also help you to wrap up your blog post with an engaging conclusion paragraph.

Creative Story: You can also write creative stories that will engage your readers. 

Sentence Expander: You can expand a short sentence or your few words into a longer sentence and make it more engaging, interesting, and creative.

Explain It To a Child: You can rephrase a text and make it easier to understand. 

Facebook Ad Headline: Jasper AI can generate scroll-stopping headlines for your Facebook Ads which can get prospects to click and make them your potential customers. 

Facebook Ad Primary Text: You can create high converting copy for the “Primary Text” section of your Facebook ads.

Google Ads Headline: Jasper AI can also create high converting copy for the descriptions required for Google Ads. 

Google My Business What's New Post: You can also generate what's new post updates for Google my Business.

Google My Business Event Post: You can also generate details for your Google My Business event posts. 

Google My Business Product Description: You can also generate product descriptions for your Google My Business.

Google My Business Offer Post: Jasper AI generates your details for your Google My Business offer posts.

Amazon Product Features: You can create key benefits and features in bullet points for Amazon listings. 

Amazon Product Description: You can create compelling product descriptions for Amazon listings. 

Photo Post Captions: Catchy captions for your Instagram posts.

Testimonial Helper: Generate testimonials for

Website Sub-Headline: You can also create informative sub-headlines (H2) for your landing pages and websites. 

Perfect Headline: Well, this template can surely create high-converting headlines for your business. 

Persuasive Bullet Points: You can generate bullet points that you can insert in your emails, landing pages and more. 

Video Topic Ideas: Generate a new video topic that will engage your viewers and rank well on YouTube. 

Video Script Outline: You can also create script outlines for your videos. 

Video Script Hook and Introduction: You can create a video intro that can capture your viewer's attention which can compel them to watch. 

Video Description for YouTube: Jasper AI lets you create unique descriptions for YouTube videos which can help in ranking well. 

Video Titles: Jasper AI can also help in the creation of engaging and click-worthy titles for your videos that can rank well on YouTube. 

Content Summarizer (Coming Soon): This one is going to come soon; you just have to enter a snippet of text, and the rest; Jasper, will return you with a quick bullet-point summary.

Personalized Cold Emails: Jasper can also write for you cold emails, which can help you to get a quick response. 

Email Subject Lines: You can also write compelling email subject lines that get readers to open.

SEO Blog Post (Title and Meta Descriptions): You can write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions for your blog post, which can help you rank better on Google. 

SEO Homepage (Title and Meta Descriptions): You can write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions for your blog post, which can help you rank better on Google. 

Personal Bio: You can also create an attractive personal Bio. 

Company Bio: Create a captivating Company Bio. 

Feature to Benefit: You can turn your product features into benefits that compel action.

Before-After-Bridge Framework: You can also create marketing copy using the BAB framework. Before, After, Bridge. 

Unique Value Propositions: You can get create a clear statement that can describe the benefit of your powerful way.

Press Release Title & Intro: Jasper can quickly write the opening paragraphs of the press release, which will be exciting and people will love.

Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers: You can create engaging pools by creating unique questions and getting their replies from multiple choice answers.

Text Summarizer: You can get the key point of a text. 

Quora Answers: You can make intelligent answers to tough questions. 

Review Responder: You can also write responses to public customer reviews which can be winsome and professional. 

Business or Product Name: You can even generate the winning name of a product. 

Pinterest Pin Title & Description: Jasper AI can also help you to make Pinterest pin titles and descriptions, which can fetch you more traffic and engagement. 

Real Estates Listing Residential: You can make exciting and creative real estate listings that can help you sell homes quickly. 

🚀 Click on this link to explore all the templates.

Latest Updated Feature of Jasper AI – Jasper Art 

Jasper Art is the latest SAAS feature offered by the fantastic team at Jasper which allows other users to create original images and artworks in seconds. You can simply describe the image you want, and the technology of Jasper Art will do the rest for you. You even don't require any experience or artistic skills. In fact, you just need a bit of mental creativity; that's it!

The Jasper Art uses the famous DALL-E 2 AI system for its image generation capabilities. , OpenAI creates this system, and it is the same team that is behind the popular GPT-3 AI system that Jasper AI has relied on for its content generation services.

In order to get access to Jasper Art, you only have to be a paid subscriber of Jasper AI writing assistant. Currently, the Jasper Arts and Write plan is the only way to access Jasper Art if you are not a Jasper AI subscriber. So if you want to access this new AI image generation tool, then it will cost you a minimum of $49 per month called the Jasper Art & Write plan. Jasper Art offers image generation with no quotas or maximum limitations.

The usage of this new feature is also quite unique. You can use this in two different modes. The first one is the Basic one that caters to all those who are new to DALL-E 2. The second one is the advanced, freeform mode by which you can get imaginative with your own prompts.

We really did enjoy using Jasper Art, and it is a top performer AI image generator in the market that can create unique images with relative ease. It has an expansive library of styles and moods to choose from, by which you can high-resolution or highly detailed images in minutes.

Who Should Use is a perfect tool for marketers, bloggers, copywriters, and anyone who writes content for a living:

Digital Marketer: This is an excellent tool for digital marketers who want to create high-converting sales copy, blog posts, and many more.

Blogger: The number one reason why blogging sites fail is that the bloggers do not know how to produce quality articles. So, if you are a blogger and want to write SEO optimized articles, then you can watch the video tutorials of

Entrepreneurs: For all the upcoming marketers, does help you grow your business as it has 50+ copywriting templates, which can surely help to find the suitable template which can be used to make compelling AI copy to bring in a larger audience.

Marketers: All the marketers are going to love the fact that Jasper offers them dozens of copywriting templates that are focused on writing ads, which are highly engaging for their audiences on social media platforms and also while writing marketing emails.

CopyWriter: If you are a copywriter, frameworks like AIDA, PAS, Before-After-Bridge, etc., will help you generate excellent copies in just a minute.

YouTubers: Youtubers can use Jasper to generate video scrips and topic ideas. Jasper has lots of tools that can help YouTubers create high-quality content for their channel.

Agencies: Agencies that are focused on creating content for others can use Jasper AI assistant, which can help them write enticing copies for landing pages, social media posts or even sales funnels. You can term it as an additional team member who serves your team like a professional copywriter. 

Jasper AI Pricing Plans – How much is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI offers you two different plans for writing content, which includes Jasper’s starter plan and Jasper’s boss mode plan. Both the plans have different prices and features, and you can select any of them according to your requirement.

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

Jasper Starter Plan

The starter plan starts at just $49/mo and $40/mo if billed annually. This Jasper Starter Plan includes a 20,000 words limit per month and up to 5 users. 

The features of the Jasper Starter plan include: 

  • 50+ AI templates
  • Support for 20+ languages
  • Up to 5 users
  • Chat support

Jasper Boss Mode Plan

The Boss Mode plan starts at just $99/mo and $82/mo if billed annually. This Jasper Boss Mode plan includes a 50,000 words limit per month and up to 5 users.

The features of Jasper Boss Mode plan include: 

All the features of Starter Plan plus 

  • Google Docs style editor
  • Compose & command features
  • Increased limits on templates
  • Maximum content lookback
  • Priority chat support
  • Grows with your team
  • Plagiarism checker
  • SEO mode

Does Jasper ai offer a free trial? currently does not offer any free trial. Instead, it offers a 100% 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. So over the span of 5 days, if you can decide whether Jasper meets the hype. If you don't like the content Jasper wrote for you, you can simply email, and they will instantly refund 100% of your money. Also, no questions would be asked from you.

Does offer a lifetime deal?

Currently, when we are doing this Jasper AI review, it does not offer a lifetime deal. But the best deal which you can get is by purchasing Jasper for a year subscription and getting 2 months completely free.

How to use Boss Mode? – Activate Full Power of

With the Boss Mode, you can write Blog Post 5X faster-using Boss mode and get the complete power of Jasper by upgrading to the Boss Mode. You also get very high-quality content that is 100% original and SEO optimized. Well, now let's see how you can use the Boss mode like a Boss:

Step 1: Open the Long-Form Assistant

Jasper Long-Form Assistant

You first have to click on “Templates” on the left sidebar of the Jasper app and then choose the “Long-form assistant” template.

Step 2: Then Create a New Document

Create a New Document

After you are done with choosing the “Long-form assistant” template, you got to freshly prepare the new document. You will see that on the screen, there are two options:

Start from Scratch: You use the Jasper AI templates and Jasper Command to write any type of content. 

Blog Post Workflow: You can get help to write your blog post from start to finish. 
If you wish to start from scratch, you would be directly thrown into the long-form assistant editor and can start writing straight away.

If you choose blog post workflow, you will be presented with a few sections you must fill before starting your blog post template, which afterward will get automatically filled into the editor as the settings are done.

Step 3: Provide Jasper with the Content Review (Formerly 2024: #1 AI Copywriting Tool? 1

If you have created a new document, the next step would be to provide Jasper with the context about which you are writing.

This step becomes even more important as the quality of input given by you to Jasper would determine the quality of the AI output that Jasper would generate for you.

On the Sidebar on the left-hand side of your long-form editor, you have to fill out each of the sections by which Jasper will know what context you are writing about. With the Boss mode of, you also have the ability to tell Jasper to create info to plug into each of these sections.

In the long-form editor sidebar, you will find: 

Title: It is the name of your document.

Content description/brief: It is where you have to tell Jasper what you are writing about. You get 600 characters to use, so make sure you make them count.

Keywords: It is mainly used if you have your Jasper account integrated with Surfer SEO so that you can write better SEO-optimized content. Here you can specify up to 3 keywords that Jasper would try to use more often when he is writing, which can help you with SEO. Also, these keywords sections are completely optional.

Output length: You can choose which output length you would like Jasper to use when it generates AI content for you. You can choose from three options: Shorter, Medium, and Longer.

💡 Secret Tip: Using Jasper Commands

Using Jasper Commands allows you to be the Boss of Jasper and tell it about what you would like him to write. Also, Jasper is continually learning new Jasper Commands and gets better at understanding what you want to create each day.

To run a Jasper Command, you must type out the command and ensure your cursor is at the end of the command. After this, use the keyboard shortcut “Cmd + Enter” to run it on a Mac or “Ctrl + Enter” to run it on Windows.

For Example, Jasper Command to create Blog Post Titles: Write Some Blog Post titles about (topic). 

So if your topic is “How to make money by writing blogs,” then you have to write this line in your editor: Write some blog post titles about How to make money by writing blogs.  And within a few seconds, Jasper will read your command and generate a blog post required by you. And now, when you have the title with you, you can similarly make Jasper create a content description or brief for you as well by using a Jasper Command.

If you have to use any keywords for SEO purposes, you can fill in up to 3 keywords that Jasper will focus upon while generating AI content.

Step 4: Generate a Content Outline

No matter which content you create with the Jasper Boss Mode, it is always best to start with a content outline.

You can use an outline to define and create diverse sections to focus on, and it will also help Jasper to work in the right direction when he generates the main content. As we are talking about the Boss Mode, this step is easy to be completed with just one simple Jasper Command.

It becomes more straightforward as you can Run your command with Cmd + Enter, and you will see that your personal copywriting assistant, Jasper, will deliver an outline within seconds. You can also outline various headings and turn them into “H2” elements with the built-in text styling options.

Step 5: Generate Intro Paragraph

If you wish to write a blog post, book, video script or marketing email, you would want that the pieces of content deserve an excellent intro, and to help you with that, the Boss mode is here!

With the Boss Mode, the intro paragraphs are very easy to create with one simple Jasper command. If you have the title of your document at the top, you can write the Jasper Command below it and run it.

For Example, Jasper's Command to create an intro paragraph will be “Write an intro paragraph for the title above.”

Step 6: Generate Conclusion Paragraph

Just Similar to the intro paragraph, Jasper can also create a conclusion paragraph for your content. 

The conclusion paragraph is really essential when writing a blog post as a reasonable conclusion can help you wrap up your idea about a book, mail or even a script. And Jasper can help you create a conclusion paragraph with one simple Jasper Command. 

For example, Jasper's command to create a conclusion will be “Write a conclusion paragraph for the content above.”

Also, we found that Jasper generates a better conclusion paragraph when he can read the document title, the intro paragraph, and your document outline, which can give it enough context about your content. After activating the power mode, you can add a unique conclusion paragraph to your content using the “Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph” Jasper template. 

Step 7: Generate Main Content 

So when you have created a new document and done with the outline, intros, and conclusion paragraph, it's time to generate the main content! And the best part is that you can use even more Jasper Commands to start generating your document's main content.

If you're making a blog post with Jasper Boss Mode, you add various lines to your long-form content editor:

You can use a simple Jasper command like “Write a paragraph for the heading above,” and Jasper will write specifically about the headings in your document.

You can also simply place your cursor on the line below your heading and click the asper “Compose” button. You can also run this with the keyboard shortcut of Cmd + J on Mac or Ctrl + J on Windows. So by continually pressing the “Compose” button, Jasper will generate as much AI content as you would like.

After you are done with your main content written for each heading, you would like to add some final touches to your document written with Boss Mode to make it perfect:

1. Removing any Jasper Shortcodes 
2. Also, check the facts and information which has given you if you are unsure about it. 
3. Also, you should add your twist to the content by adding humor and wit to the content.

And that sums up the process of how a beginner can learn how to use Jasper Boss Mode like a BOSS in no time!

🤖 How to Use Jasper.AI Recipes?

What if I tell you that there is a way to add all of these Jasper Commands to your editor automatically as a template? Well, you read it right. The solution to this question is – Jasper Recipes!

One thing which you should know is that Jasper Recipes are predefined workflows that contain a list of Jasper Commands which can help you repeatedly create content even faster. You just have to run the commands, and your content will be done. 

Also, keep in mind that you got to activate the Boss Mode on your account as Jasper Recipes use Jasper Commands. So all the Starter Plan users cannot use it.

You can access Jasper Recipes by going to the “Recipes” tab in your dashboard. After this, you can see a list of featured Jasper Recipes to choose from.

Jasper.AI Recipes

To use any of the Jasper Recipes with Boss Mode, you just have to hover over the recipe you want and choose “Open recipe.” After this, you will be brought to a page showing you all the predefined Jasper Commands in a box and a video showing how to use that particular recipe. 

To run your recipe, click the “Run” button. After this, the Jasper app will duplicate the recipe and keep it in the long-form editor for you automatically.

The only thing which we feel you have to do is to place all the variables which are in curly braces such as {TOPIC} with your topic, outline items, etc.

To run each of the Jasper Commands, you can use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Enter on Mac or Ctrl + Enter on Windows and see how Jasper writes your content effectively.

If you want to get more access to even more Jasper Recipes, you can join the Official Jasper Facebook Group.

🤑 Jasper AI Affiliate Program – Grow More & Earn More!

The best thing about the Jasper AI affiliate program is that you can make as much money as possible as there are no limits. Also, Jasper AI offers you plans which come with a 30% recurring commission.

Jasper AI Affiliate Program

How to Signup for the Affiliate Program of Jasper AI?

To signup for the affiliate program is relatively straightforward. You can follow the following procedure:

  • First, you head to the official website of Jasper AI and scroll down to the end. There click on the Affiliate Partners. 
  • Then click on apply to be a partner and enter your email address, name, website, country, and social media links.
  • After this, accept the terms and solve the Captcha and click on “SIGNUP” to become a affiliate.

And that's it. Jasper AI will receive your application for its affiliate program. Now their approval can take a few days, but they do approve quickly. Also, the referral cookie life is 30 days in the Jasper AI Affiliate Program.

Jasper AI Customer Support – Reliable and Quick 

The customer support offered by Jasper AI is quite robust and speed. The company offers a friendly customer support team that is always ready to help. 

Jasper AI Customer Support

You can join the Live Jasper 101 Training To Learn Fast, where Kyle Williams will help you along with 5,000 bonus words for taking the time to learn! You can also read their Blog section, which is filled with new ideas and can really help you generate unique content. Plus, you can also join the video training.

You can just type in your queries and just Email them to You can also find the answers to your question through their Search Knowledge center, where you get tons of helpful guides from tools and tips to bill support.

Plus, you can also get support through their Facebook Group, which consists of members who are always ready to help.

Jasper AI User Reviews – What do real users have to say about Jasper AI?

Jasper AI User Reviews

Jasper AI has got reviews on G2 and Capterra, and nearly 500 people have rated Jasper AI 4.9/6 starts which is a green flag and also enough to state that people love Jasper AI.

Well, about 1000+ people on Trustpilot have voted that Jasper AI is excellent and gave 5/5 stars to Jasper AI, stating that it is an excellent and trustworthy software. Along with this, we have been using Jasper AI for a long time and have found this tool to be exceptional in terms of original content formulations.

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Top FAQ on Review

What is is a platform that's been developed to fundamentally change the way people write ads, content, and marketing copy. Jasper is a complete copywriting and marketing optimization platform. We take back control from the bots and use AI-assisted writing assistants to produce effective copy in seconds – regardless of how technical your knowledge is in keywords, ad formats or conversions, etc.

How do works? is an AI copywriting assistant that provides a template and product data to turn your writing into content for you without having to do the research or writing yourself. Simply input your product data, and it'll generate AI that's tailored to share your brand's story better than anything you or a human could do on their own.

Does generate original content?

While we used Jasper, we found that it generates original content which does not repeat itself and gives a plagiarism test with a score of 99.99% for original content, which is free and clear for publication. There is also a plagiarism checker right inside Jasper Docs, which can help you to check its originality.

How many languages does support?

Currently, supports 25 global languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Polish, Japanese, and Russian.

Does offer any money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you are not 100% happy with all its features, it offers a hassle-free 7-day money-back guarantee to all its users.

How many credits you get with Jasper AI Boss Mode plan?

The Boss Mode plan starts with 50,000-word credits. So you can say that Jasper will write 50,000 words for you monthly. If your content needs to grow, you can also choose the higher plans and get along with more magic of Jasper AI Boss Mode Plan.

How to cancel Jasper AI subscription?

With Jasper AI, you can cancel your account at any time.
1. First, head to the Billing in your settings option and scroll down to the very bottom.
2. There you will find a cancel account button.
3. Then click on the cancel account button and follow all the promptings in-app.
4. Also, ensure that you follow all the steps to finalize your cancellation.

What is the Jasper AI refund policy? 

So you get 5 days to make an informed decision about Jasper serving your purpose, and still, if you are not satisfied with it, you can simply email them at, and they will instantly refund 100% of your money and will ask no questions from you. Also, when you cancel your account, the refunds are not automatic. So you should reach out directly to them within 5 days to receive a refund.

What is the mode of payment accepted by Jasper AI?

While reviewing Jasper AI, we found that it supports all major credit and debit cards. They also make sure that a 3D secure authentication secures your payment. But Jasper does not accept Prepaid cards, PayPal or any other cash apps.

How many members can be included in Boss Mode?

In the Jasper AI Boss Mode plan, you can invite up to 10 teammates to your account. Also, each has its own login. But also remember that each team member's usage will contribute to the plan's available credits.

Does offer a lifetime deal?

Currently, does not offer any lifetime deal to its users. But it offers 1000 free bonus credits to all its new customers.

Is there any active coupon code?

If you are looking for the best discount coupon to save bucks, use the above-mentioned coupon code. on Twitter on Twitter

Conclusion: Review ( 2024 – Do we still require content writers?

What are you waiting for? Use to create content faster than ever before! Establish your brand as a leader in the digital marketing space by using artificial intelligence to write blog posts, social media updates, and other high-quality content quickly.

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