Do you use Jungle Scout❓❓ Even if you haven't, you probably must have heard about it. There is a piece of good news for the Jungle Scout fam! Now, Jungle Scout also offers Chrome Extension!

In this article, we are going to know about Jungle Scout and Jungle Scout Chrome Extension comprehensively. Amazon is a leading platform for all the e-Commerce sellers, where you can go on and start selling your products without any handwork!

But setting up a business online is not a piece of cake; you have to go through many integrations like where to start? Which product to sell? What do the customers want? How to look for the right keyword?

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The above questions can be a little overwhelming. There are multiple questions like these, but the only solution to these problems is Jungle Scout. Now, when you have a little idea about Jungle Scout, it is time to know about the Chrome Extension it offers.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Overview

When you already use Jungle Scout, all the integrations are dialed up with Amazon already. Well, of course! You know this already. If you are someone who wants to have an in-depth analysis of your Amazon FBA business using Jungle Scout, then this is the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is something that is going to make your job easier. Yes, if you use this Chrome Extension, you are going to save time, and you will be better at formulating strategies and knowing much about this business without any difficulties.

You don't know that your Amazon account will be directly linked to the chrome extension. Guidance will be provided at every stage. The extension will track real-time sales, revenues, keywords, best-selling products, everything.

And once you start using this, you can check out the competitive data along with profit projections, all in real time. So if you are looking to validate your product ideas, you can undoubtedly rely on this chrome extension. Also, if you are struggling to know more about other products, you can find them all in a single click and learn more about products in a quick time, along with all of their details.

You will be provided the metric value of every product you choose. The tool can see the live performance of every page. From prices to ranks, estimated sales, and pick the right opportunity for you.

You will get multiple opportunities to improve your business. You can always browse through new ideas, which will help you always stay ahead of your competitors. Last but not least, you are going to save much of your time which in my view is something precious as you can devote that time to a few other important tasks.

Even you can do multiple tasks together. Each business does look for people who are willing to optimize and work effectively, which saves manpower and makes effective usage of resources. And this Jungle Scout Chrome extension is the one that is going to save much of your time and also reduce your business spending.

How is Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Different from Jungle Scout? 

Here is an interesting fact that came up in Jungle Scout's 2021 State of the Amazon Seller Report, which suggested that 42% of sellers have said that they have the right tools and information, which undoubtedly contributes to success on Amazon.

The very fact Jungle Scout was created was to help people find products that they can sell on Amazon. After that, Jungle Scout first began as a chrome extension for product research and then it expanded to a separate web-based software platform that had seller features for research, business management and more features.

Jungle Scout's Seller Features and Chrome Extension

Seller Features 

As said earlier, Jungle Scout was designed to help sellers along every aspect of their Amazon selling journey. Right from product research, Jungle Scout's Seller features are helpful in giving you the information you require to make a well-informed and data-driven decision. As you find a product, you can also get its supplier and then launch, optimize and manage your listings.

So when products are live on Amazon, Jungle Scout will provide you with the best optimal reorder date for your product and also alert you to the changes in your rankings. Along with this, it will also help you fetch reviews and much more.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension 

You can do all of it with the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, which is free for both Chrome and Firefox. It allows you to do product research and browse Amazon. You can also get sales estimates in real-time, determine demand and competition for a given product and also check out its historical data.

So then, How is Jungle Scout Chrome extension different from Jungle Scout? 

Well, first things first, the actual difference between the seller features and Extensions is actually dependent on where and how you use them and the data points you get from product searches.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Vs. Seller Features 

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension
  • Opportunity Score

The Chrome Extension Opportunity Score is an in-house algorithm that factors in demand for a product according to the units sold, the competition it has and also how many sellers are there, along with the quality of similar articles.

So its like you can quickly gauge the opportunity of a group of listings. The score ranges from 1 to 10, with the number 10 representing the best product opportunities and number 1 products are the ones that are extremely difficult to pursue.

  • Bulk request reviews

In November 2019, Amazon launched a new feature called ‘Request a review‘ in Seller Central. Amazon's “Request a Review” button can be found in a user's Seller Central account in a unique order's ‘Order details' section. 

And that's where the Extension's Bulk Request Review feature comes into play. With Review Automation, the sellers can also request reviews in a single click for multiple orders, which saves their precious time. 

  • Integrates with Product Tracker and Supplier Database

With this Extension, you can easily add products to your Product Tracker with a click which will turn the button from a plus sign to a check market which indicates the product has been successfully added.

Plus, you can also find the supplier for a specific product with a single click. As you click on the price tag icon in Extension, you will be taken to the Jungle Scout Supplier Database, where you can check out the manufactures past imports and also the type of products it produces and much more.

  • Filtering search results 

The mantra to success in getting the best product idea is by doing a good keyword search on Amazon. But many of you might be confused with the sheer volume of results most keyword searches return. Now, drifting through all those results and getting a profitable product can be tiresome.

But with this Jungle Scout Extension, you can easily filter out the results, which will shorten the entire process. Also, a few of the filters are like the number of views, date first available and revenue.

  • Removing or adding columns 

Not everyone likes the product's weight and dimension column. But with this extension, users can choose which columns to be displayed on the window. And not just this, you can also remove or add columns whenever you want to, depending on the data required.

  • Google trend report

If you are unsure about how popular the keywords you are searching on Amazon are, you can use the Extension by which you can link to Google Trends to see how the terms are performing.

With it, you can check out the following: 

  • Keywords that are popular across multiple countries/marketplaces.
  • Related queries, which you can search on Amazon
  • How is the Public Interest in the keyword phrase remaining steady, increasing, or decreasing?
  • Product page and search page overlay

This extension does not end here, as it has convenient overlay capabilities for product pages and search pages. With the Jungle Scout extension page overlay, you can check out current and historical data directly embedded on the page that you are viewing, which gives you a quick snapshot of all the essential metrics. This information can be viewed in the form of a banner or a graph.

Product page and search page overlays

Along with all of this, search page overlays give ASIN-level metrics on the search page that you are viewing. This is actually a fully customizable feature that allows you to see any metric tracked by extension.

Jungle Scout Seller Features

Jungle Scout offers three pricing plans which we will discuss later in this article. But to get access to Jungle Scout's seller features, you have to subscribe to either Suite or Professional plan, even though you do get the features such as Academy, Product Tracker and Sales Analytics with the Basic Plan. And, of course, you can use the Extension with all plans.

  • Academy

Academy, as you can guess, is a members-only training center that makes it easy for someone to watch a few lessons about selling on Amazon. You can continue to watch the videos later and learn more. 

So in the Academy, you get to learn: 

  • Step-by-step training on how to sell on Amazon, which is ideal for beginners.
  • How you can navigate and use Jungle Scout Features 
  • Few advanced videos on particular topics with timely guidance from their experts. 
  • Finding Products

So as you know, there are many ways to do product research; with Jungle Scout, you get all of them to do effective product research. Let us quickly explain to you how:

  • Product Database

Product Research can really be a daunting task, but with this feature of Jungle Scout, you can get a comprehensive catalog of over 500 million products from Amazon and then explore product ideas easily. You can also generate ideas quickly by using Jungle Scout's pre-set filters to navigate and narrow down your search results effectively.

  • Product Tracker

To find out whether or not a product is performing well and also its sales estimates, you can track the product with the Jungle Scout Product Tracker over time. It will monitor the daily inventory sales, price and also Best Seller Rank so you can actually have a data-based decision about which product is going to sell.

  • Opportunity Finder

With this feature of Jungle Scout, you can uncover product ideas that can be related to your current brand or products based on low-competition, high-demand keywords. This feature will display historical graphs and gives a score based on the niche's profitability potential.

  • Finding Suppliers

Finding a solid supplier for your product can be challenging at times, as you don't know whether or not the claims made by the manufacturer are true.

But with Jungle Scout, you can find suppliers who make products similar to your own by using the Supplier Database. As Jungle Scout has indexed all global suppliers and manufacturers who sell to the U.S, and this searchable list does make it easier to choose the right supplier easily. You can quickly find the names of the suppliers which your competitors are using.

  • Keywords & Listing Optimization

Jungle Scout provides you with all the resources required to optimize your listings with high-converting products which are going to attract all customers.

  • Keyword Scout

With this feature, you can discover exact and broad match search volumes for highly converting keywords. Use reverse-search ASINs to compare your competitor's keywords, or you can also take the help of a few advanced features and get the top keywords for your group of ASINs.

  • Listing Builder

Making an optimized listing is very easy now with the Jungle Scout Listing Builder. It not only does integrate with Amazon Seller Central, but it also rates your listing, updating it in real-time each time you make changes to it.

  • Rank Tracker

With this feature, you can monitor keyword ranking for your products or even your competitors. You can check out the keyword rank history for numerous keywords simultaneously, all in a single graph.

  • Alerts

With regular Alerts, you can definitely stay on top of your Amazon business. Whether it be tracking your products or your competitors, the Jungle Scout Alert will notify you about the following:

  1. Changing pricing 
  2. Changes to BuyBox ownership 
  3. Any change in product BSR 
  4. Review updates 
  5. Changes in Star ratings 
  6. New Sellers hopping on your listings 
  7. Listing Changes 
  8. Changes in the availability of products
  • Sales Analytics

With Jungle Scout Sales Analytics you can: 

  1. Check out your real time sales 
  2. Know the exact profit margin for each of the products 
  3. Know your ROI 
  4. Breakdown your direct and indirect expenses 
  5. Breakdown your PPC spend 
  6. Also compare sales and profits over time and see how various aspects impact your business. 
  7. Track your shipments so you can be well-informed when your inventory comes.  
  • Inventory Manager 

This is quite a handy feature by which you can always be well-informed about your inventory. Also, it will suggest the optimal stocking levels and reorder dates and will even reorder quantities with demand forecasting tools. 

If you Sync your Amazon Seller Central account with Jungle Scout, Inventory Manager will allow you to:

  1. Monitor your inbound inventory by tracking your shipments to one of Amazon's fulfillment centers. 
  2. It helps you to avoid any Amazon storage fees and stockouts-like situations. 
  3. It is also capable of predicting FBA sales by accessing additional metrics like cost, profit and revenue. 
  • Review Automation 

Reviews and especially positive ones are really crucial for a listing's success. Now with the Jungle Scout Review Automation feature, you can certainly relax on this front, as it will completely automate the Seller Center Review request process. Sellers can now “set and forget” the process, which will save time and earn them more reviews quickly. 

  • Promotions

This is an essential feature as when you are ready with your product to get listed on Amazon, Promotions can really be valuable to accelerate sales and boost your listing with promotional campaigns.

How to Install Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

For this, you have to keep one thing in mind that the extension can work only on Chrome Browser. If you don't have it already, install it before deciding to go for Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Discount

For the installation process, go through the following steps:

  • Sign up for Jungle Scout.
  • Utilizing your browser, log in through the Members area on the website.
  • There you will see an extension tab on the homepage; click on the tab.
  • When the page opens, go on the orange button named ‘Install Chrome Extension.' With the extension installed, you will choose to pick for the Lite or the Pro Version. If you opt for the Lite Version, it will come off black and white JS, and the Pro version will of black and orange JSPro Icon.
  • Now close all the tabs, reopen them with your new username and password.

If you decide to go for the chrome extension, for sure, there will be profit and profit to your business.

Key Features of Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

You see, Jungle Scout offers three pricing plans. The pricing plans are:

Junglescout yearly plan

Basic Plan

The basic program will only equip you with the research essentials you need along with a single license user and full access to Chrome Extension; all this is just $29 per month. You will be limited to only 20 searches in the field where opportunities are discovered, the entire data of products, keyword research, with a 3 products tracker.

Suite Plan

Many businesses use the Suite Plan. You will add more users to your site, access in-depth research about the products, and, most importantly, the required keywords. With a $49 per month bill, you are provided with tracking products of 150 products and the number of searches in the other fields.

Professional Plan

As the name says, the professional plan is for the professionals! This plan gives you the best advantages you can acquire at the expense of $84 per month. With six users included, it provides you with a boon of 1,000 products in the Product Tracker.

A 6 month, Historical Product Tracking data benefits you an edge over your matches as you will get a fair idea of which points you need to improve and which tricks worked out for you.

Along with the pricing plans, Jungle Scout also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee for their standard plans. So if you decide that the product does not fit your needs, within 7 days, they will give you a refund, and no questions will be asked. To get a refund, you simply have to email them at and speak to their team. 

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Lite Version

It is a much cheaper version of the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. It costs you about $97 on an annual subscription.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Coupon

You will also see the customers' reviews and ratings as their experience after using the product. These reviews build the brand name for your products. They will provide you the entire estimated financial value of the past 30 days. It's a budget-friendly option for you.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pro Version

The Pro version has many essential features like the Opportunity Score, which will allow you to see your product's position. Along with that FBA fee, which is required, the size dimensions are also mentioned with the Net FBA fees. The annual subscription comes to about $197.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension FAQ

What is Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is nothing but the original product research tool that helps you discover winning products, new opportunities, product insights, etc., when browsing Amazon.

How does the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension work?

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is nothing but the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension that helps people find the highest selling or winning products on Amazon. With the help of Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, you can easily do product research while you are browsing Amazon. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension enables you to get real-time sale estimates data, view historical data, and many more.

How much is the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

Jungle scout Google Chrome Extension is the only thing you need to grow your Amazon business to the next height. It offers three major plans that are Basic, Suite & Professional. The Basic plan will costs you $29/mo, the Suite plan will costs you $49/mo, and the Professional plan will costs you $84/mo. Use our exclusive Jungle Scout Chrome Extension coupon code that helps you to enjoy a 50% discount.

How to use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

If you want to use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension effectively that helps you to find great products, then follow the below steps:

1. First, you need to install Jungle Scout Chrome Extension.
2. Go to & click on the Chrome-Plug-In.
3. You need to login into your Jungle Scout account and start using Chrome Extension while browsing Amazon.

Is the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension reliable?

After reviewing Jungle Scout Chrome Extension and knowing how FBA works, the extension does provide you with the most accurate and reliable source of information for you. The data about Estimates are usually correct, so you can rely on it to make better-informed decisions.

Does Jungle Scout offer a free trial?

Currently, there is no Jungle Scout Free Trial. You can only rely on its 7-day money-back guarantee.

Which are the supported payment options by Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout supports all major payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If you do not have a credit card, you can email them at, and they will send you a Paypal invoice.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Chrome Extension 2024

The Jungle Scout offers this Chrome Extension, which enables and makes the integration process a lot easier. With the extension, sellers can speed up their product research phase and save time. Also, this extension runs on Amazon's website, and you also don't have to connect your Seller Central account for the extension to be fully functional. The data provided by the extension populate in real-time.

If you decide to go for Jungle Scout, make sure you also opt for this extension. At this point, do you still want to be stuck in the issues of offline marketing? Well, my friend, everything is going digitized nowadays, so you have to step up your game a little bit. You will have to go on and trust the online marketing tactics.

You can also check the Jungle Scout review first to come up with a decision fast.

Now, it is time to wrap up this thing over here. We hope that that this article will be beneficial to you. If you have any suggestions on it, you can mention them in the comment section below.🙂

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