Are you looking to become next amazon's bestseller or looking for best amazon product research tool? Their is no better tool then Jungle Scout. Its exclusive tool to become Amazon bestseller.

With Jungle Scout, you can establish and promote your Amazon products straightaway with the application.

From product research to product set up, make & grow your Amazon business. Till now, JS has supported 200000 budding entrepreneurs, and over 175 billion products are tracked. Sellers build this tool.

There is plenty of Jungle Scout alternative, but none of them is like Jungle Scout in terms of results. They all provide Amazon product research data, but they are not as accurate.

Well, In this article, we have featured ✅Jungle Scout Review along with Jungle Scout Discount Coupon updated for 2021.

Let’s get started here.

Detailed Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout helps in empowering Amazon entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and marketing geeks. It offers tools and resources they require to start and develop successful Amazon businesses. 

Jungle Scout was established in 2015 by Greg Mercer as the solution to find outstanding products to sell on Amazon.

The platform showcases the facts behind a successful and failed Amazon business. The motive is to move ahead and not hold on to what has been done in the past.

Through in-depth case studies, webinars, video courses, podcasts, and other sources, they share the best of experiences they had previously. 

The robust support system of JS believes in giving back what they get from the vast Amazon seller community. It is done through various activities like fundraising for charities, providing economic aid for bourgeois scholars. They balance out the system and fetch reasonable resources to help the Amazon seller community. 

They have made it simple to retrieve the essential data you get and substantiate a fetching business notion. 

✅Best Buy Jungle Scout Coupon Codes & Offer(💯 Verified)

Let’s check out the Jungle Scout Coupon codes and offers.

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How to use the Jungle Scout Discount Coupons?

Follow the steps given below and take benefit of Jungle Scout coupon codes:

Step 1. Click the discount button on our website to get yourself some Jungle Scout Coupon Codes.

Step 2. Select the preferable Jungle Scout plan as per your budget and experience level in marketing

Step 3. Have a look at all the features given with the respective plan and then hit on Buy Now

Step 4. Fill in the details by creating an account and setting a unique password

Step 5. Next, put in the payment details and also apply the above JumpScout coupon codes. The final price will appear in front of you. Complete the payment at the best price.

Step 6. You will receive a confirmation email, including your plan and features, allowed to be used. Set up your JumpScout Seller Central account and start selling.

Features of Jungle Scout

Jump Send assists Amazon sellers in generating more sales with coupon codes. It also helps in getting more positive customer reviews and minify counter reviews on returns through a network of 100,000+ purchasers searching for money-saving deals on Amazon and svelte email automation. 

Jungle Scout is amenable to Amazon's terms of service. It doesn't go with all the market or with all products, but it is very impelling when and where you can really use it.

It manages the biggest challenge of introducing an Amazon product and getting good sales along with positive customer feedback.

Let’s look at the reasons as to why choose JumpSend cum Jungle Scout.

🌌 Gain Sales Rate

It will assist you in stepping up the vast market of ready buyers with the help of their promotion attribute. It is indeed excellent for new product introduction in the market and improving your position in Amazon search results.

🎯 Inspire Customer feedback

The best way for a seller to have a good position in the market is by communicating the desired information with customers. It is seen that sellers who reply immediately to customer email, get 8x better involvement.

If a seller sends a personalized email to the customers, he/she increases their chances of getting positive reviews on their products.

✨ Connect with the potential and actual customers

Getting in touch with the buyers at the right time is necessary for improving customer experience. There are two cases, first when the potential customer has not bought the product and has some questions about it.

Its the sellers' duty to answer that question on the product page or via email. It will undoubtedly create a positive image of you in the mind of the user.

In the second case, the customer experience improves by triggering automatic emails containing the information about their product like the order confirmation, shipping updates, delivery messages, or refunds.

This direct or indirect communication will enhance your product’s visibility in the eyes of the buyer.

⏳ Decrease negative customer response

Send timely automated emails to the buyers who have initiated a refund request for the product brought previously. This will create a positive image of the sellers as the customer will feel important not only while buying the product but also when asking for a refund.

Hence, it will reduce the possibility of negative feedback on the product page.

🌐 Global Thoughtfulness

The email feature of Jungle Scout supports eight various marketplaces. You can send automatic client emails for your Amazon Seller Central accounts in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

You can easily install the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension on your browser to find the best keywords and estimate products. 

When you search in Amazon, then Jungle Scout extension work as a bridge as it provides real-time sales, competition, etc.

If you want to use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, then you need to pay an annual fee as it is designed to research keywords, find winning products, estimate sales, etc. One can also get some additional options in the Jungle Scout Pro extension.

Price Calculator

The payment levels are versatile, depend on the accepted every month orders in your Amazon Seller Central account. The concluding price will be set upon terminating a 7-day trial. 

  • 0-500 for 30-day order count priced at $49/mo
  • 2001-5000 for 30-day order count at $99/mo
  • 5001-10,000 for 30-day order count at $199/mo
  • 10,000 plus 30-day order count at $399/mo

The plans include all the following features:

  • Product Information

One can get product ideas by quickly searching the substantial product database by setting various filters based on category, sales data, reviews, brands, discounts, size, etc. 

  • Product Tracker

Authenticate product ideas by monitoring them timely and cut down the hazard of seasonality or transformation in the demand cycle.

  • Providers Database

Discover suppliers and manufacturers with inveterate shipments to the US. You can find suppliers by name, products, or customers.

  • My Lists

One can create your keyword listing all in the same place. Keep a check on blue-chip, superior keywords for you, and your competitors.

  • List Builder

Establish and update product listings to be upgraded for high-value keywords and search connexion.

  • Keyword Scout

Utilize keyword-grade drifts and perception to create a better product database, gain brand influence, and cause more sales.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

There are three plans to help you get the tools you need to build a successful Amazon business. The basic Jungle Scout plan is priced at $39 upto 500 monthly orders.

Jungle Scout Pricing

At the same time, it becomes essential for you to note that you do not need to enter Jungle Scout Coupon Code if you click on the above mentioned Jungle Scout Discount Coupon link. Once you click on the button, the Jungle Scout Discount will be automatically activated.

The annual plan for the Jungle Scout web app is $49/month or $39/month. This offer will last for only 500 orders monthly. The yearly plan for Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is $39/ month or 19/month.

If you are looking for the best results, then Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is an excellent Amazon product research tool. But if you purchase both Jungle Scout Web App & Extension, it will cost you $69/mo or $49/mo annually.

Jungle Scout Resources assisting users

Jungle Scout helps its users in various ways so that they do not get stuck at any point in their selling campaign. You will get compelling hands-on resources accessible just for you to use them when required.

These resources include:

Pros and Cons 

🌟 Jungle Scout FAQ

What is jungle scout?

It is an Amazon product research tool that enables you to search for winning products, research keywords, estimate sales, etc. This tool also allows you to spy on your competitors from the single dashboard.

Does Amazon own jungle Scout?

It is an Amazon product research tool which is very similar to Algopix, Helium 10, Viral Launch, etc. Jungle Scout helps users to choose products, prices, suppliers, etc.

How much is a jungle scout per month?

It has different prices for different things. For Research Costs, Extension Lite, you’ll have to pay $97. For Research Costs, Extension Lite, its $97/month. And for Fetcher, starting it will cost you 
about $19/month.

How accurate is Jungle Scout Sales Estimator?

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are the best tools that have reasonable sales estimates. On the other hand, Jungle Scout Sales Estimator gives a result of about 30% accurate than Viral Launch.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Review With Discount Coupon – 2024

Overall, Jungle Scout is an excellent Amazon research tool as compared to others. It is indeed very assistive and competitive with super evaluating product tracker to check the product’s performance periodically. 

If you want to save money and energy, then think twice about every product you want to offer. Don’t go with the peak season exposure of a particular product blindly. Be patient and use the Jungle Scout to get real analytics. 

With Jungle Scout, Amazon Product Research is overturned. FBA Sellers can now find bankable product ideas, get sales information & assessment, and much more.

It is the right tool for sellers to accomplish their goals. Jungle Scout’s basic subscription will offer you a considerable amount of data to make logical Amazon product decisions, while the advanced plan features will take your success at the desired height. 

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