If you are a new Amazon seller, then this Jungle Scout vs. AmzChart ultimate comparison is for you. Few sellers already know what they are doing and what measures they should take to succeed. But for many sellers, have no clue about what to do and what to sell.

The most critical factor an Amazon seller needs to consider while doing an online business on Amazon is to pick the right products to sell. As we all already know, the competition is fierce nowadays.

Platforms like Jungle Scout and AmzChart help these sellers finding award-winning products for their businesses. Also, with AmzChart, you can keep a close eye on your competitor's strategy and find out the exact keywords for better targeting.

Many other research tools are available in the industry, but it is always better to trust professionals! And having a smart Amazon product finder tool would be the best option for Amazon sellers!

And that is precisely why we are here; we will give you an ultimate comparison between โœ…Jungle Scout Vs. AmzChart. Then, you can decide by yourself which one to go to in the end, or you can wait for our reveal!

Jungle Scout Vs. AmzChart 2024: Overview

Junglescout vs. Amzchart

It is time to compare the key features of both of these platforms and see which one suits the needs of an Amazon seller better.

Jungle Scout Vs. AmzChart: Amazon Product Database

A product database is the collection of data of all the products on Amazon. It is a database consisting of all the critical information about the products in one place.

Both Jungle Scout and AmzChart have extensive product database records containing the necessary information about all the products.

Jungle Scout

Junglescout vs. Amzchart

The Jungle Scout database comprises over 70 million products, which are available directly from the Amazon Catalog.

Before selecting the set of products, one must always do thorough research. Lucky for you, Jungle Scout offers all kinds of filters that contain categories like to estimate sales, sales rank, revenue, etc., to help you find more profitable products very quickly.

Once you apply specific filters to the products, you can make a list of high-selling products.

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Junglescout vs. Amzchart

The product base of AmzChart is much extensive than Jungle Scout and can help a dropshipper can upto $10,000/month. The product database helps you brainstorm practical ideas and search for the right keywords that would be most profitable.

You get an advanced set of 44 filters to search for the best for you. Choosing the most successful products can help you maximize your profit to a bar.

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Jungle Scout Vs. AmzChart: Filters

Jungle Scout

Junglescout vs. Amzchart

Jungle Scout is more effective for advanced Amazon sellers who know what to sell. In short, it is a perfect option for experienced Amazon sellers. You need to input an exact number in the filter's section instead of clicking an already set-up filter.

But for the newbies, do not have a new number to put in. But as compared to AmzChart, Jungle Scout has more minor features.

But sellers can also select products through filters. After clicking on search, the page will be filled with filtered products. After scrolling through the search results, the ‘Product database' will show you detailed data. But unfortunately, the search criteria are not complete and diverse as AmzChart.


Junglescout vs. Amzchart

When you first look at the AmzChart interface, it suddenly appeals to you why its attractive to customers. Those who are just getting started with their Amazon selling business will face no difficulties in anything.

AmzChart has a powerful and entire product classification BSR sorting. Sellers get the option to filter products within 30 days.

Checking the product's BSR ranking can help Amazon sellers quickly find Amazon products with fast-growing orders that meet the seller's sales and view details button.

You can directly jump to the product detail page and click on the product link to get straight on the Amazon product page.

Jungle Scout Vs. AmzChart: Trend Analysis

Jungle Scout

This platform can show the seasonal performance of the product, and Amazon sellers get the opportunity to understand the seasonal version of the product. But Google trend is entirely equipped with the feature.

It can also show product sales, but it does not match the growth curve and chart description, which is inadequate compared to AmzChart.


AmzChart is far better than any other dropshipping tool. The reason is, Amzchart can analyze the product ranking trends, review growth trends, and additional accessibility features.

Amzchart offers a complete analysis on every category to aid sellers in knowing how each category performs in terms of product prices and the number of listings.

What is excellent about this platform is that it offers sellers a brand new opportunity index that shows the possibility that a new brand will make it through that category.

Jungle Scout Vs. AmzChart: Keyword Analysis

Every e-Commerce business depends on traffic, and free traffic comes from transactions. Therefore, using the right keyword can bring a lot of income without spending many costs.

Jungle Scout

Junglescout vs. Amzchart

Jungle Scout can extract a large number of data points and display accurate and extensive keyword search volume. It can also analyze the keyword performance of the past years and display monthly and quarterly data.

That amount of information can be used to build an entire picture of the seasonality and popularity of the product over time, optimize the list and adjust PPC campaigns. But again, this feature is based on high-fees.



What is the part that the sellers like the most? They are generally long-tail keywords with significant search volume, rising trends, and relatively small competition.

AmzChart's query function is significant for querying a specific keyword's popularity and looking for relevant long-tail keywords.

With the ‘Keyword Analysis' option, Amazon users can query the historical search volume trend of the keyword and the similar monthly search volume, purchase volume, and product.

After that, all they need to do is to enter the keyword and ASIN of the product they want to query critical parameters such as:

Tap on the switch variants to get to know the keyword information of the variants. The number and purchase rate. That part could play an essential role for Amazon creators while creating a listing and generate long-tail keywords.

Jungle Scout Vs. AmzChart: Registration

Jungle Scout

The registration process of Jungle Scout is very cumbersome. It requires the users to scan the code combine with exclusive customer service. Once they click on the registration link, you need to pay $399/year.

This pattern is very uncertain to novice users. They already do not know much about what they are doing. In this situation, they cannot afford to get stripped of $399 all of a sudden.

Jungle Scout is an effective platform for a high cost, but many functions need to be used with plug-ins. Along with that, there are some specific requirements for browser adaption as well.


Compared to Jungle Scout, the registration process of AmzChart is pretty straightforward. There are two versions available of the site, one is in Chinese, and the other one is in English. The support site is available in six significant United States, Japan, France, and Germany.

To register, visit the site and click ‘Register.' That button is available in the upper corner of the home page. The most important fact is that the registration process is entirely free. Also, there is no requirement to charge users for registration.

Jungle Scout Vs. AmzChart: Pros & Cons

Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout Vs. AmzChart: Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout Pricing Plan

This platform offers three pricing plans. First is the basic, the second is the Suite, and the last is the professional plan.

Junglescout vs. Amzchart

The issue with Jungle Scout is that there is no free version available. If you are a beginner, you will have to pay for the complete version, which is not very considerate for them.

AmzChart Pricing Plan

Amzchart offers 4 pricing plans. The best part? You get a free version for your usage. If you are a beginner, you can register on AmzChart for free and start using it immediately! If you feel comfortable with the platform, you can initiate using the paid plan.

Junglescout vs. Amzchart

There are 3 paid plans. The first one is Basic, the other one is pro, and the final one is VIP enterprise. The pricing plan of Amzchart is much less than Jungle Scout. So for new sellers, we recommend AmzChart.

๐ŸŒŸ Jungle Scout Vs. AmzChart FAQ

๐Ÿ‘‰ย What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is the tool you can use to find the best products you can sell on Amazon quickly. Jungle Scout is the most comprehensive and powerful Amazon research tool available. You can find profitable products and generate more profit through Jungle Scout.

๐Ÿ‘‰ย What is AmzChart?

AmzChart is the world's leading Amazon product research and price comparison tool. AmzChart helps Amazon sellers increase sales by making it easy to find best-selling products on Amazon.

๐Ÿ‘‰ย Is Jungle Scout any good?

The top Amazon research tool available is Jungle Scout. Yes, it's a little costly, but if you're serious about building your FBA business, it's well worth it.

๐Ÿ‘‰ย Is Jungle Scout free?

Users may receive up to 10 free daily estimates by signing up for any Jungle Scout package. Basic plan subscribers receive 500 estimates per month, Suite plan subscribers receive 1,000 estimates per month, and Professional plan subscribers receive 1,500 estimates per month.

๐Ÿ‘‰ย How much does AmzChart cost?

It's free for starters, and for those who want to use advanced tracking and extended features, it's available for $9.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Vs. AmzChart 2024 | Which platform is the winner?

In the battle between Jungle Scout and AmzChart, we have a clear winner. And the winner is AmzChart.

AmzChart is the best in terms of affordability, features, and interface! If you are new to the Amazon product selling business, we highly recommend starting with AmzChart.

That was it in our Jungle Scout Vs. AmzChart comparison. According to you, which one should be the winner?

Post your thoughts below.๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

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