Looking to monetize your website traffic or run some high-impact ad campaigns? Then it's time you checked out Kadam. This global advertising network grants both publishers and advertisers access to premium inventory spanning 195 countries. We're talking 100,000+ sites and apps with over 10 billion daily impressions up for grabs.

Backed by advanced analytics and optimization, Kadam delivers outcomes for driving conversions and revenue. So whether you want to capitalize on their vast reach to boost campaign performance or leverage it to profit from your own properties, Kadam brings solutions to the table.

In this Kadam review, we’ll break down their capabilities, strengths, and limitations so you can determine if they’re a fit for your monetization or advertising needs.

Synopsizing the Kadam Review

Kadam Review

Kadam is one of the largest advertising networks in Eastern Europe, offering advertisers access to over 100,000 publisher sites and apps across 195 countries. With daily impressions exceeding 10 billion, Kadam provides substantial reach for campaigns of any scale.

The network supports seven high-performing ad formats including native ads, push notifications, banners, and clickunders. These can be targeted using 12 parameters like geo, device, browser language, and more to precisely reach your audience.

Kadam's strengths lie in its vast traffic volumes, advanced anti-fraud systems, real-time performance analytics, and 24/7 account management support. The platform aims to maximize ROI for advertisers through competitive payouts to publishers, optimized bids, and quality assurance of traffic sources.

While the interface is fairly basic, Kadam more than makes up for it with the results it delivers. So if you're looking to boost conversions across global markets, this ad network warrants consideration.

Key FeaturesDetails
Ad TypesNative, In-Page Push Ads, In-App Pop Ads, Clickunder, Banner Ads 
VerticalsiGaming, Finance, Adult, Health, Crypto, Dating, eCommerce, App Installs
Payment ModelCPM, CPA, CPC
Payment MethodsBank Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, USDT, WebMoney, Capitalist, and Paxum
Minimum Deposit$100 for 1st deposit and $50 for subsequent deposits
Customer Support24/7 Support (Telegram, Skype, Live Chat and Email) 

Kadam Key Features

Looking forward to what Kadam offers, the Kadam ad network has a whole bunch of features that can be helpful for both advertisers and publishers.

Let’s take a look at the key features offered by it:

Ad Formats Offered by Kadam

Kadam offers a wide range of ad formats including seven high-performing ad formats to meet various campaign goals. Push notifications enable sending messages directly to user devices. Native ads seamlessly blend image and text ads into website content for a natural look. Banners include standard IAB and custom options with rich media and animation capabilities.

Clickunders open new tabs when users click on page elements. For mobile, in-app push shows fullscreen ads within apps while on-site push displays native-style ads on mobile sites. With this diverse ad unit portfolio, advertisers can use multiple options to effectively reach their target audience across devices. The ad types are further customizable in terms of size, design, and targeting parameters.

Payment Models Available

When it comes to paying for advertising, Kadam offers advertisers three flexible payment models. There's the classic Cost Per Click (CPC) model where you pay only when users click your ads. Cost Per Action (CPA) has you paying when users complete a valuable action like a purchase or sign-up. And with Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM), you pay based on the number of times your ads are displayed.

CPC and CPA pricing help maximize ROI, while CPM provides predictable costs for branding campaigns. Kadam's platform makes it simple to set up and optimize campaigns using your preferred payment method. And their account managers can provide guidance to help choose the best model.

Fraud Detection by Kadam

When it comes to digital advertising, fraud is a huge concern. Thankfully, Kadam Ad Network helps ease worries with its advanced anti-fraud systems. By detecting and filtering out bot traffic, suspicious clicks, and low-quality impressions, Kadam's fraud filters save advertisers money. You can even customize filters based on your campaign goals. Ultimately, Kadam provides peace of mind that your ads are being shown to real people who matter to your business. Pretty great, right? Fraud filters help deliver ROI.

Campaign Management Offered by Kadam

Kadam provides advertisers with two options for managing their advertising campaigns – self-service and fully managed.

The self-service platform allows advertisers to independently control campaign setup, targeting, creatives, bidding, and performance optimization. Its user-friendly interface streamlines workflow so you can effectively scale campaigns at your own pace. With self-service, you retain full control while leveraging Kadam's high traffic volumes and advanced detailed analytics.

For a more hands-off approach, Kadam also offers fully managed campaigns handled by their experts. Their team takes care of strategy, ad creation, audience targeting, bid management, and campaign optimization to boost results. With full management, you simply provide campaign goals and budgets while their specialists design and run high-converting campaigns tailored to your vertical and target metrics.

So whether you prefer autonomy or assistance, Kadam caters to both self-directed and hands-off advertisers. The platform aims to maximize ROI through competitive payouts to publishers, optimized bids, and rigorous traffic vetting. Ultimately, Kadam's campaign management options let you efficiently tap into their vast global traffic.

CPA Targeting and Global Reach

Kadam Ad Network offers advertisers the ability to optimize campaigns for maximum conversions through its CPA Target feature. CPA Target uses an automated bid algorithm to set bids at the level needed to acquire conversions at your desired cost per action. Simply set your target CPA, and Kadam will automatically adjust bids to help you achieve that goal.

In terms of audience reach, Kadam provides access to over 10 billion daily ad impressions spanning 195 countries worldwide. You can target specific countries, regions, cities, carriers, mobile devices, browsers, and more to engage your desired audience. Kadam's extensive global reach and precise targeting parameters allow you to connect with high-intent users no matter their location.

Combined with the optimization power of CPA Target, Kadam gives advertisers the analytics tools they need to drive conversions across borders. Run international campaigns tailored to local audiences while maximizing returns through automated optimization. Kadam opens up global opportunities to boost customer acquisition.

Kadam Ad Network for Advertisers

Kadam aims to maximize campaign performance for advertisers through optimized bids, anti-fraud filtering, and intelligent automation. Their CPA Targeting algorithm automatically sets bids to acquire the most high-quality traffic that converts, based on vertical, geo, site, and more. The proprietary Kaminari anti-fraud system analyzes every click to eliminate bot traffic and suspicious activity.

Microbidding allows granular CPC bid adjustments to refine costs for profitability. Kadam also provides comprehensive analytics to uncover trends and an expert support team that responds within 10 minutes.

Additionally, the platform enables retargeting through banners and push ads to recover abandoned conversions. With these capabilities to enhance ROI, target accurately, ensure traffic quality, and streamline optimization, Kadam empowers advertisers to get the most out of their ad budgets.

How to Start a Campaign as an Advertiser with Kadam Ad Network?

  • Step 1: Sign Up
Kadam Sign Up

Go to Kadam.network and click on “Sign Up” in the top right corner. Choose “Advertiser” and fill in your details to create an account.

  • Step 2: Add Funds

You'll need to add funds to your Kadam account to run effective ad campaigns. Click on “Add Funds” and choose your preferred payment method to make a deposit. The minimum is $100 for the first deposit.

  • Step 3: Create a Campaign

In your Kadam dashboard, click on “+ Create Campaign“. Give your campaign a name and enter the destination URL. Choose your preferred payment model – CPC, CPM, or CPA Target. Then pick an ad format like native ads, push notifications, etc.

  • Step 4: Set Targeting
Set Targeting

Define your target audience by selecting countries, regions, cities, browsers, etc. You can also use blacklists and whitelists. Set frequency caps, daily budget, and other limits if needed.

  • Step 5: Upload Creatives

Design engaging creatives like banner ads or native ad text/images. Upload them to your campaign and set up tracking pixels. Submit for moderation.

  • Step 6: Monitor Performance

Once approved and running, check campaign analytics for impressions, clicks, conversions, etc. Optimize targeting and creatives as needed to improve results.

And that's it! Kadam makes launching and managing ad campaigns very straightforward. Their support team is also available 24/7 in case you need any assistance.

Kadam Ad Network for Publishers

With operations spanning 195 countries, Kadam provides publishers access to high-converting ad campaigns on a global scale. Their worldwide reach and 90-100% fill rates help maximize earnings from ad spaces. Kadam supports an array of payment options like PayPal and USDT for publisher convenience.

Publishers benefit from real-time performance analytics with impression and revenue data. This enables monitoring of which ad spaces, formats, and campaigns deliver the highest ROI. Kadam also assigns a personal manager to each publisher for customized support in multiple languages.

In the end, over 7,000 publishers choose Kadam for global exposure, optimized monetization, transparent reporting, tailored guidance, and multilingual service. By filling ad spaces with relevant, high-quality ads, Kadam aims to help publishers extract the most value out of their website traffic and audience. Their capabilities make them an attractive monetization platform for publishers worldwide.

How to Monetize with Kadam Ad Network as a Publisher?

  • Step 1: Sign Up
Kadam Sign Up

Go to Kadam.network and click on “Sign Up” in the top right corner. Choose “Publisher” and fill in your details to create an account.

  • Step 2: Add Sites
Kadam Review 2024: Stepping Into High-Impact Advertising 1

In your publisher dashboard, click on “+ Add Site” to register your website(s). Enter the domain name, select the site category, add tags, and save.

  • Step 3: Get the Site Approved

Kadam will review your website(s) to check content quality, audience, page views, etc. This usually takes up to 2 business days.

  • Step 4: Choose Ad Formats

Decide which advertising formats work best for your site like banners, native ads, pop-unders, etc. Enable them from the dashboard to start displaying ads.

  • Step 5: Track Performance
Track Performance

Use Kadam's real-time analytics to see impressions, clicks, and earnings for each ad unit. Identify top-performing placements, sizes, and ad types.

  • Step 6: Optimize Ad Spaces

Based on analytics, shift underperforming ad units or create new ones. A/B test ad codes as well. Kadam's account manager can provide auto-optimization tips too.

  • Step 7: Withdraw Earnings

Once your account balance hits the $100 threshold, you can request payouts through Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and more.

And that's it! By leveraging Kadam's global advertiser base you can effectively monetize website traffic. Their team also provides 1-on-1 support to boost your earnings.

Why Kadam is a Preferred Choice for Me?

If you're looking to reach a massive global audience, Kadam should definitely be on your radar. With daily ad impressions numbering in the billions across 195 countries, this ad network boasts some serious scale. Kadam offers all the staple ad formats – native, display, push notifications, etc. – allowing you to tailor campaigns to your goals.

I especially like their CPA Target model which uses automated bidding to help you hit your cost-per-action goals. The platform also provides granular targeting options to home in on your target users. Support is there when you need it with 24/7 moderators and campaign managers ready to assist.

For both advertisers and publishers, Kadam brings some enticing opportunities through its high-quality traffic volumes, optimized bidding algorithms, and global reach. It's worth a close look if you want to cast a wide net.

Pros and Cons of Using Kadam Ad Network

What ad formats does Kadam support?

Kadam offers 7 ad types native ads, banners, push notifications, in-app/on-site ads, and clickunders.

How can I target ads on Kadam?

Target by geo, device type, browser, frequency caps, blacklists, as well as 12 other parameters.

What are Kadam's traffic volumes?

Kadam provides access to over 100,000 sites and apps with 10+ billion daily impressions.

How much does it cost to advertise on Kadam?

The minimum first deposit is $100. Then pay per click/impression based on your set bids and budgets.

What payment models does Kadam offer?

Kadam supports CPC, CPM, and CPA pricing models to match campaign goals.

Does Kadam have anti-fraud filtering?

Yes, Kadam detects bot traffic and suspicious clicks with its Kaminari anti-fraud system.

How fast does Kadam support respond?

Kadam's expert support team responds to inquiries within 10 minutes.

How can publishers monetize with Kadam?

Add your site(s) to show high-converting ads through banners, native ads, etc., and earn revenues.

When can publishers request payouts?

Payouts can be withdrawn once the account balance exceeds the $100 threshold.

What languages does Kadam's support speak?

Kadam provides multilingual support in various languages for global publishers/advertisers.

Wrapping Up the Kadam Review

At the end of the day, Kadam delivers an advertising platform built for results. With its vast global reach, optimized targeting, and real-time analytics, Kadam empowers both advertisers and publishers to maximize their ROI.

For advertisers specifically, you can tap into premium traffic sources seen by over 100 million daily users worldwide. Combined with robust fraud filtering and campaign management support, it’s easy to scale high-converting campaigns on Kadam.

And for publishers, Kadam provides access to top-paying advertisers that value your audience. Backed by dedicated account management and on-time payments, you can monetize traffic through multiple high-performing ad formats.

So if you're looking to either get your ads in front of quality users or monetize your own properties, Kadam checks all the boxes. Ultimately, it's an ad network that delivers outcomes for both sides. Give their free trial a spin today!

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