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In this post, we bring you the ✅latest KoDDoS coupon codes 2024 that will save you up to 80% OFF on offshore hosting services. 

About KoDDoS 

KoDDoS Coupon

KoDDoS was founded in 2009 by two professionals with immense experience in the field of DDoS, security, and high-speed hosting, and therefore they named the company KoDDoS.

The company specializes in providing offshore hosting services with DDoS protection and security from other attacks. It uses high-end technology and powerful hardware to ensure your site page loads at the fastest speed possible.

It guarantees quality hosting and powerful servers as the servers are located in Holland. The team of KoDDoS is confident and ready to deal with any kind of task that you have for them. The team is available 24/7 via live chat.

Latest & Verified KoDDoS Coupon Codes 2024

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Steps to Avail KoDDoS Coupon Codes

You don’t have to be an expert or tech-savvy for applying discount codes while purchasing any hosting package or any other service at KoDDoS.

Step 1: Click on the discount button and wait for the page to be redirected. It will take you to the official site of KoDDoS.

Step 2: Take a brief look into the plans and pricing of different services and decide which one is best suited for your business.

Step 3: Once you have decided the right plan for your website then click on Order Now.

Step 4: Enter your details and review them before proceeding for the checkout.

Step 5: Enter the coupon code and proceed with the checkout.

Step 6: Fill up the required details and proceed for the payment.

Services offered by KoDDoS

KoDDoS Promo Codes

KoDDoS offers specially customized highly advance hosting packages that come with inbuilt proprietary DDoS technology.

Many websites are prone to face downtime issues due to DDoS attacks and to protect your website from such attacks, and you can choose the best hosting at KoDDoS that ensures complete security and guarantee against DDoS and other attacks.


  • Medium Risk Hosting
  • High-Risk Hosting
  • Remote DDoS Protection
  • Dedicated Server
  • DDoS Protected Colocation


  • Offshore Web Hosting
  • Offshore Reseller Hosting
  • Offshore VPS
  • Offshore Dedicated Server
  • Offshore Colocation

Other services

  • Domain Name Registration/Transfer
  • SSL Certificates
  • Server Management

If you need any service, then you can try it for free for one month and, if satisfied, continue with the service or upgrade it anytime.

KoDDoS Datacenter

The datacenter is located near Amsterdam, Netherlands. Being offshore is an added advantage that keeps you anonymous and highly protected with inbuilt DDoS protection.

The size of the floor is 800m². It has bandwidth carriers of TeliaSonera, GTT (Tinet), RETN, OpenPeering, and more. With the use of good bandwidth carriers the connectivity is excellent for Europe, America, Oceania and Asia.

The whole campus is under cctv surveillance with round the clock camera monitoring and recording. A 10000 volts iron fencing protects the territory.

Access to unauthorized person is restricted and only those with two factor authentication are allowed to pass through. Two factor authentication requires personal pass card and biometric finger print reader.

There’s lot of power supply to run the whole system. It is connected to 10KV power grid and in case of any break up generators are available for providing backup of more than 100 hours continuously.

N+1 redundancy ensures cooling and keeps the temperature up to 23ºC. Jupiter equipment have been implemented ensuring network uptime in the best possible way.

KoDDoS Plans & Pricing

Following are the four plans offered by KoDDoS.

Mini Plan A: This is the cheapest plan and costs $8.95/mo. This plan includes 3GB Raid 10 SSD, 150 GB bandwidth, 2 Addon domains, 2 parked domains, unlimited MySQL, Email & FTP, 99.9% uptime guaranteed and no agreement.

Plan A: This plan has little higher configuration than Mini Plan A and costs $14.95/mo.  This plan includes 5GB Raid 10 SSD, 300 GB bandwidth, 2 Addon domains, 2 parked domains, unlimited MySQL, Email & FTP, 99.9% uptime guaranteed and no agreement. This plan also has a dedicated IP.

Plan B: This plan costs $25.95/mo and includes all the features as in Plan A with higher configuration of bandwidth and SSD. This plan includes 10GB Raid 10 SSD, 600GB bandwidth, 5 addon domains, 10 parked domains and all the other features are same.

Plan C: This is the highest Shared hosting plan and is most costly. This plan costs $39.95/mo with 15GB Raid 10 SSD, 1000GB bandwidth, 10 addon domains and 20 parked domains. All the other features are same.

KoDDoS Pricing

All the plans include:

  • 24/7 technical support to resolve or troubleshoot all your issues and provide a smooth hosting service.
  • Latest and updated technology with powerful hardware to ensure best performance and hosting experience for clients from around the world.
  • Connectivity is excellent with use of excellent bandwidth providers.
  • Offshore hosting has an added advantage of freedom of content and speech but doesn’t allow child porn or spam contents. Any other content can be freely displayed by hosting your website at offshore location.
  • Includes cPanel control panel, LiteSpeed webserver, PHP5, MySQL 5, Softaculous 1-click app installer, Cloudflare for faster page load and more.

DDoS Protection

There are multiple types of DDoS attacks on your site that KoDDoS hosting solutions protect you from. These attacks are TCP SYN Flood, TCP ACK Flood, ICMP Echo Request Flood, TCP SYN-ACK Reflection Flood (DRDoS), TCP IP Fragmented Attack, Intelligent HTTP and HTTPS Flood Attacks, TCP Spoofed SYN Flood, UDP Flood Attacks and DNS Amplification Attack.

How DDoS Mitigation process works?

When a DDoS attack is attempted on your website to slow down your website or make it completely inaccessible, then DDoS mitigation solution detects the threat and blocks it within milliseconds, ensuring your website is up and running.

The expert DDoS team is always monitoring your site for any attacks ensuring you have a good sleep.

Medium-High Risk Web hosting – Price at $39.99/mo.

This plan protects your website against small to large scale DDoS attacks.

Virtual Servers – Price at $44.99/mo.

This plan is OpenVZ, KVM, Managed VPS, or Windows VPS, with up to 100Gbps of DDoS protection.

Kproxy Remote DDoS Protection – Price at $140/mo.

An ideal plan if hosting your site in another location and protect against DDoS attacks.

Dedicated Server – Price at $450.

Includes up to 350Gbps of DDoS protection.


What type of DDoS protection methods are used?

KoDDoS provides the best possible server-level protections. It offers medium risk hosting, high-risk hosting, remote DDoS protection, and many more.

What type of security measures does KoDDoS implement on hosting servers?

KoDDoS implements the following 4 security layers.
1 Proactive updates and patches.
2 It provides service protection for all protocols.
3 Web Application level protection.
4 Malware protection for the entire server.

What type of support does KoDDoS provide with shared hosting?

KoDDoS offers software or library installations, PHP, or CGI extensions, but it does not support website installations, email/FTP client configurations.

Conclusion: KoDDoS Coupon Updated 2024 | should you go for it?

KoDDoS is an excellent hosting company specializing itself as a DDoS provider like no other. Its offshore location gives more freedom for your site content.

The pricing is higher but worth hosting your site for protection against multiple DDoS attacks.

KoDDoS to everyone!😉

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