Are you searching for the best Keyword research and analysis tool? Today, in this post, we have shared the 🚀 honest and latest KWFinder Review, which is an affordable tool that helps you discover accurate and the most profitable keywords.

KWFinder, as the name suggests, is the best long-tail keyword research tool. It is a free online tool that can help you to find long-tail keywords with low search engine optimization (SEO).

This tool is highly relevant to your site topic. KWFinder can help you to find first page Google competition for any given keywords and can also suggest alternative keywords which can help to rank fast on Google.

As soon as you open the KWFinder website, you see a search engine with quite a lot of features and explanations of them. KWFinder claims below 3 points:

  1. No installation needed
  2. No AdWords accounts
  3. Instant usage

You can also use this powerful tool for tracking your rank in SERP. KWFinder also provides an ultimate tutorial for its users. One can also check those tutorials and learn how to use this software effectively.

If you are looking for the best tool that finds long tail keywords, this KWFinder review will help you how to use this tool effectively and efficiently. Read our in-depth KWFinder review at last.

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About KWFinder – Is it trustworthy?

KWFinder Review

KWFinder is one of the crucial keyword research tools that allows you to find long-tail keyword for your websites and blogs. It is one of the best fully-featured keyword tools.

Using KWFinder is quite simple. You need to search the keyword on the search panel, choose the country and language based on your requirement, and click on Analyse.

A sample example is given below where a long keyword ‘search engine optimization’ has been searched using country like the United states and language as English.


As soon as Analyze is clicked, it gives you a lot of keywords within seconds. As you look at the results page, you get various parameters about the keywords identified. The parameters or metrics explanation is covered in the below section.

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On the other hand, if you are looking to try KWFinder for free, you can also apply for their free trial.s

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KWFinder Metrics

On the panel to the left, one will find other suggestions based on the keyword searched. The various metrics are:

  1. Trend – Search volume for the last 12 months for the various suggestions
  2. CPC – Average cost per click
  3. PPC – the level of competition in PPC advertising
  4. DIFF – SEO difficulty of keyword based on SEO parameters, as demonstrated on the right-side panel.

The various SEO parameters are:

  1. Google SERP – Top 10 searches from Google for the selected keyword based on overall SEO score. Red color indicates high SEO competitiveness, and green color indicates low SEO competitiveness.
  2. DA and PA – Domain authority and Page authority developed by Moz predicts how well a website or page will rank on search engines
  3. MR and MT MozRank and MozTrust of the URL
  4. Links – The number of external authority passing links to the URL
  5. Facebook and Google plus – Number of Facebook likes and google plus shares of the URL
  6. Rank – SEO competitiveness Rank – the higher it is, the harder it is to compete with min. As 0 and max. as 100
  7. Estimated visits – Estimated visits per month on this SERP position

Eye-Opening Features

#1 Filter Results Option

KWfinder is a keyword research tool. Many people used KWFinder to find easy long tail keyword.

The keywords search results page provides a Filter Results option, which is quite useful to find the most profitable keywords which can drive millions of traffic from search engines. It includes various parameters, as shown below, to help with finding the best filter as per your requirement.

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#2 List and Export Option

Once you carry out the Filter Results search, you will find 2 more options at the bottom of the search page where you can select a group of keywords and create a list. The list can also be saved, which can be checked based on your needs.

There is also a feature to Export the required keywords into a CSV file. This could help you to show the results to your client or send it to your writers for productive works.

KWFinder Promo Code

#3 Keyword Import Option

There is an option to import keywords and find the SEO difficulty of the keywords in case you have a list of keywords to be searched. The results could also be imported.

As we all know, SEMrush is dominating the market, so there is no issues to try the free version of this tool as it improves the functionality of your site.

KWFinder Customer Care

KWFinder is an excellent tool that provides live developer support from anywhere on the website.

It is as simple as drag and drop of required details on the chat window. If there is any issue identified, then the fix is also provided within a few days.

KWFinder Pricing Plans

KWFinder comes with the least pricing option in the search engine market. There are two types of plans – Monthly, which starts from $29/month or $49/month, and Yearly plan, which has 50% OFF with Basic plan costing only $12/month and Premium as $29/month.

A basic plan can give up to 200 keywords 100 times a day, which is 20000 exact search volumes, and the Premium plan can give up to 700 keywords 500 times a day, which is 350000 exact search volumes.

KWFinder Pricing

Even if you feel that these prices are still higher, then come to AFFTweaks, where you might find coupon codes offering more discounts for every product.

This discount is apart from the regular 50% OFF offered by KWFinder. You can get upto 15% more discounts using the coupon codes.

🌟 KWFinder FAQ

How can I upgrade my subscription?

You need to select the desired subscription from the pricing page and then click on the “Upgrade Now” option.

Does KWFinder support PayPal?

Yes, KWFinder allows you to pay with PayPal. You can also make payment through credit/debit card, send money via Bank Transfer, or even by Bitcoin.

Is it possible to pay monthly?

Yes, KWFinder supports both annual as well as monthly plans. You can also save up to 40% by subscribing to the yearly plan as compared to the other plans.

Does KWFinder offer any money-back guarantee?

Yes, they have a 48-hour refund policy. To claim the refund, please contact at or via live chat.

KWFinder Review Conclusion

Peter Hrbacik created this tool as none other tools were able to satisfy his requirements. You might also feel the same when you use the tool that it actually satisfies all your needs for the best SEO tool.

Offering a modern, simple and easy to use UI screen, customer care support offered by developers and a single click to find long-tail keywords, I think KWFinder is a must-have tool to Get Great Keywords for Internet Marketers and SEO agencies.

KWFinder is an easy to use tool as you can easily get a discount on any KWFinder plan. Use the above mentioned KWFinder Coupons and promo codes.

If your friends are looking for the best keyword research tool, then share this Mangools KWFinder review. Using KWFinder is very simple as one can enjoy every feature which KWFinder gives us for free.

I hope you find this KWFinder review as per your expectations and would help you to get more insight into the options offered by KWFinder.😊

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