Are you also worried when you make any online transactions? Well, we do have a platform that can relieve you of this stress. Presenting you – LeadingCards, which offers a payment solution for any activity on social platforms all under one place. And we are here with our honest and in-depth LeadingCards Review.

While making any sort of online transaction, you need to find a robust and effective payment provider that provides you with all the necessary aspects required for a secured online transaction. And with the ever-rising Credit Card fraud on the rise, it is highly critical to look for a payment provider which offers a good security level along with a variety of services.

One such Payment service provider which we are going to review today is LeadingCards. The team behind it have over eight years of experience in processing worldwide payment. Through this, customers can issue credit cards from multiple card issuers and keep them in a single wallet. Let us first understand a bit more about LeadingCards in our review.

What is LeadingCards? Honest LeadingCards Review

LeadingCards Review

It is an Online Platform where users can create virtual cards for ad spending. It offers a fantastic solution for users with social media and who have to make numerous ad campaigns at the same time.

LeadingCards offers guidance and support to its users to make their experience smooth and transparent at every step. It provides high-quality credit and debit card services and also checks for the available BINs for Media buying on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Taboola and ensures that you get the available BINs that meet your requirement and the ones which work with any Advertising platform.

Why is LeadingCard Creating more Buzz?

Virtual cards offer a more easy and logical solution for ad campaigns. As they are more convenient and cheaper, their maintenance and safety are both intact. But you do have to ensure that you have a robust hosting provider. So following are a few quick points that make LeadingCards unique:

#1 Instant Card Issuance

The first thing which we really like is that you can get your card issued from LeadingCards at any given time of day. This is great for users/teams from any country who want to get cards quickly for media spending.

#2 Easy Campaign Management

The platform makes it easy to track expenses on each campaign as it clearly provides you with all the information about which team member approved the spending and also where the money went along with other campaign details. This is fantastic from LeadingCards, as users can closely watch their spending and track them.

#3 No more Blocked Cards

Many Social Media platforms are known to block the cards of the user for their ad spending. This can be tough for them as it can disrupt their campaign management. But when you have a dedicated card for each campaign, you can avoid blocking for “suspicious activity” and getting payments suspended.

#4 Card Customization

As each ad campaign is unique, so should the card that naturally gets customized according to campaign needs. And with LeadingCards, users get the option to set an expiration date for the card to match the end of the campaign. Plus, they can also set up a budget cap and avoid overspending and even assign a team member to oversee it.

#5 Excellent Support

LeadingCards also offer friendly support, which is keen to answer your questions. It also guarantees the safety of the card by providing anti-fraud solutions that increase the safety level of your virtual cards more than the physical ones.

#6 Flexibility in Working with your Team

As a team, the campaigns will be managed by different people. It will not be possible for a single person to make all the changes to the cards. But with LeadingCards, you can create sub-accounts for each member of your team. These sub-accounts can create new cards, top them up, and even customize budget limits and other card information. You can check out the main account and look for data from the sub-accounts you create and have a larger picture of all the ad spending.

How to Begin with LeadingCards? – Easy Step-by-Step Guide

LeadingCards is quite an easy-to-use platform that is convenient and allows users to get complete control of all sub-accounts and campaign cards from a single dashboard. Users can just relax and enjoy the convenience and speed offered by it.

Now we shall guide you with an easy-to-understand guide through which you get started with LeadingCards.

  • Step 1: Begin by contacting support in telegram @LeadingCards
  • Step 2: Then, the manager will ask you a few questions about your business.
  • Step 3: After this, a Leadingcards team member will take over and answer any questions you might have or will give you more information about how the platform works.
  • Step 4: Then, their support representative will submit an application for a new account for you.
  • Step 5: The account will be delivered to you in 24 hours, of which you will get an email containing account information and a few onboarding materials on how to get the most out of the platform.
  • Step 6: If you have any queries related to your account, you can log in and head to support, and you will find answers to your queries.

As you successfully onboard the platform, you can top-up your Wallet and run the campaign anywhere you like. You can Deposit funds to your Wallet and issue a card, choose the GEO & platform you want to issue a card for, get your Advertisement premium credit card, and start spending – all from a single platform.

You can make it known to the support once you want to issue your first card. Also, the first card will always be issued by hand by the team to ensure that all works around well. After this, the following cards will be issued automatically in seconds!

What do we really Like about LeadingCards?

Now we shall quickly tell you a few key aspects of Leading Cards that we like the most.

  1. The platform has 12+ Card Issuers aggregated through which you can save your time and hours, which can go into sourcing and funding cards on multiple fronts.
  2. LeadingCards is a platform for media buyers, by media buyers – It understands the user's issues and works 24/7 to ensure that your cards work well any Advertising platform.
  3. Through this platform, users can issue cards whenever they want and also in multiple GEOs. It has got it all to ensure that your campaign spendings run smoothly.
  4. Last but not least, You can save time as well as money and avoid thousands of hours sourcing and funding your cards as the platform has got you all covered.

Is LeadingCards a safe Virtual Card Payment Provider?

Yes. LeadingCards is a robust and safe platform that offers a complete payment solution for any activity on social platforms all in one place. You can easily open a wallet using it and begin media buying for any social platform.

How can you get started with LeadingCards?

In order to open your LeadingCards account, you need to contact them on Telegram or Skype, and they will help you out quickly.

What can you do with the cards offered by LeadingCards?

The cards offered by LeadingCards are only for media buying. So that means that each transaction should have a Media MCC Code to go through. And you cannot use these cards for retail services.

What are the Top benefits offered by LeadingCards?

Following are the top benefits you get with LeadingCards:
1. It offers cards for multiple GEOs.
2. The platform has aggregated 12+ Card issuers to avoid any sort of problems.
3. Offers 24/7 Support to keep your money safe.
4. You can use the platform from any device.

Which are the payment methods through which you can top up your LeadingCards account?

You can easily top up your Wallet by using the payment methods like – USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20, BTC and Wire Transfer.

How quickly can you get your card from LeadingCards?

Well, that is a tricky question to answer. That's because the platform works with multiple BINs, and each BIN has its own turnaround time. And depending on the BIN you choose, a new card will instantly be issued within 1-3 Business Days.

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Conclusion – Is LeadingCards Legit?

Our LeadingCards Review found the platform to be 100% legit. It has over 12 BINs available and ensures that it offers support for any Advertising platform by providing quality Credit Card and Debit Card Bins. Right from a single wallet, you can manage all your cards. You only have to contact them on Skype or Telegram, and their team will assist you quickly.

You can call it a one-stop shop for issuing cards worldwide via an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, there is a 24/7 fraud team that is working to keep your money safe. You can issue cards in USD, EUR, or GBP, depending on your ad spend requirement. Last but not least, you can procure cards for multiple GEOs and ensure that your campaign runs successfully.

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