Consistently build traffic for your small business? 

Want to increase sales on your website quickly? 

Best landing page builder for small businesses?

The amount of effort one has to put in to get an excellent, consistent conversion rate is increasing day by day. As the competition in all verticals increases by the hour, landing page tools with beautiful templates seem woefully unequipped.

What is the solution here, then?

Could you try your luck with some basic landing page templates and hope your product garners sufficient attention?

Or could you increase your budget for your landing page builder and reduce your budget on other critical business expenses?

Neither of them seems to be ideal solutions, and that's because they're not. Thankfully we finally have an answer to the query we often see in people's searches.

Leadpages is a landing page builder which is a complete solution for all small businesses who want to create visibility and generate sales.

Premium templates, advanced integrations with leading tools, and a wide range of available functions help you create a beautiful landing page that will make your dreams a reality. 

The tool's range of functions is too extensive for us to cover here, so we will be going over the functionality offered by their in-house WordPress plugin, which offers users faster access to their range of premium tools.

Read our detailed ✅Leadpages Review to see how the developers of Leadpages created the best landing page plugin we have seen so far.

Leadpages Review

A plugin is a tool that helps your WordPress website engage a more comprehensive range of functions than the average WP site.

Many plugins exist, many of the useful ones that we have covered multiple times on this website.

We have been raving about the Leadpages plugin so much because of the massive range of functions available to the user after they install the plugin on their dashboard itself. 

Leadpages Reviews

Notice how while we cover the features, you will see how the plugin is not restricted to just creating landing pages but can also help you effectively manage your conversion strategy

Leadpages features are listed below:

The express purpose of all the premium templates which Leadpages offers is to increase the number of conversions you're able to generate.

leadpages boost conversions

Without any split testing, they can guarantee you at least 30% leads is a splendid achievement. Some of the most reputed tools in the industry can't guarantee their users this level of performance.

When you install the plugin to your WP site, you instantly get access to this boost and their strategies to help you consistently grow upwards.

Coding knowledge and other skillsets associated with creating a webpage can be forgotten.

Drag and drop

You conveniently drag and drop elements to create web pages with a tool trusted by some top businesses in many verticals.

Anyone can make use of the Leadpage builder and landing page editor regardless of their technical background. The drag and drop editor functionality is extended to users of the plugin as well.

They have over 150 templates for users to base their landing page templates.

leadpages templates

The range of templates is purposely designed so that anyone from a large corporate setting to a business being run out of an apartment can create the website they want in minutes.

Templates for pop-up pages are also available, along with the landing page options which we mentioned. All of them are optimized to get you the most visibility and leads.

Leadpages is already integrated with all major marketing channels, so you don't have to worry if your beautiful page will reach the right audience.

Their integrations with email marketing services, Stripe, and even Facebook will make sure of that.

The plugin is available completely free to users of Leadpages.

You can also access their paid plugin if you want more functions.

These extra features primarily include advancements on the available features in the landing page creator

All landing page templates are already optimized to the SEO guidelines of the vertical that they're created for.

The webpages you create with Leadpages and their plugin are sure to rank and get your product the stellar reach that it deserves.

The publish button on Leadpages can be modified to four major use cases. Normal, homepage, welcome gate, and 404 web pages.

These four broad use cases can then be extended to create as many different kinds of web pages as you want. Users note that you can also choose a landing page to be your homepage one at a time.

Welcome gate pages should also be utilized as they usually generate the most conversions. Error pages cover you when visitors try to access a nonexistent element on your website. 

You can try Leadpages entirely for free with their 14-day free trial.

Leadpages Free Trial

You get the full functionality of the tool and the plugin in the trial period.

You can upgrade to any of the pricing plans mentioned below after your trial if you wish to do so.

Try Leadpages FREE for 14 days!!

Leadpages WP Plugin is available to users entirely for free if they are already subscribers of Leadpages. The pricing plans covered here are Leadpages subscriptions.

If you are considering buying a subscription, this is the ideal time as prices are heavily discounted.

leadpages pricing

These prices will not be available after ET midnight on November 28. 

Create and manage 1 website landing page.

This includes access to pop-up and alters bar building as well. You get a free custom domain and free hosting on their high-quality servers as well.

The templates you get are optimized for mobile users as well. Lead notifications and necessary integrations with other tools are also available.

All features mentioned in the basic plan but available for 3 websites instead of 1.

You also get priority customer support and unlimited A/B split testing functionality.

The option to add payments and sales options for users who want to build online stores using the tool also becomes available.

✅ What is Leadpages? 

Leadpages is a #1 landing page builder that assists businesses in creating high-converting landing pages and driving sales. Lead generation and opt-in tools are combined.

✅ What is the price of Leadpages?

Leadpages pricing starts from $30.00 per month.

✅ How do I create a quiz in Leadpages?

➤Create a Leadpages Quiz using the Quiz Creation Form.
➤Locate the Quiz you created in the Items Dashboard.
➤Click the Embed & Share button, then copy the code from the iframe tab.

✅ Is Leadpages free?

You will have unrestricted, unlimited access to all of the tools associated with your chosen Leadpages plan. You will be able to see (in detail) how our platform can assist you in growing your business. That includes unlimited publishing and unlimited traffic and leads, so take advantage of your free 14-day trial today!

✅ Can you use Leadpages with WordPress?

Yes. Every Leadpages account comes with a plugin that allows you to install landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars on your WordPress site.

✅ How do I publish Leadpages to WordPress?

Use the following steps to publish landing pages to your site:
➤Click Leadpages › Add New from your WordPress Dashboard.
➤Choose the type of page you'd like to publish, then select your landing page.
➤If applicable, choose a URL slug as well as whether or not you'd like to cache your page.
➤Click Publish.

Your landing page is the first look your consumer gets into your product and business.

It decides their outlook towards your product, and a bad landing page means that no matter how good your product, it will not succeed because potential customers will leave before getting to know the specifics of your product.

Maintaining a landing page is just as important as creating a good one. 

Leadpages and their highly efficient plugin take care of both.

Don't wait too long to go to their official website and become a member of their prosperous user community, as their discounted prices will not be available forever.

After using the tool even for the full price, I'm sure you will agree that it is the most worthy purchase for any business.😊

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