Looking forward to selling your course online, but still stuck over which tool is best suitable for you?

Well, LearnWorlds is among some of the best tools/platforms to build your own online course, the features don't stop over there, we'll be looking forward to this LearnWorlds review to get an in-depth analysis and recognize whether LearnWorlds is good to go choice for your starting your online courses and selling them.

Not only LearnWorlds focus only on creating your online course but helps in keeping an analysis of your sales made so far and using the data to make better sales and strategy. Now that you have got an overview of LearnWorlds, let's take a deeper dive into that.

Is LearnWorlds Legit? – LearnWorlds Review in a Nutshell

LearnWorlds Review

LearnWorlds is a cloud-based Learning management system, you can perform multiple operations like generating online classes while creating a marketing funnel for your online courses. One of the major things that makes LearnWorlds an excellent choice for people/users trying to build a complete online course with videos, ebooks, audio, assignment, certificate of completion, quizzes, Slideshare, and much more, basically making a full-fledged learning center on your own.

In addition to all this, what even makes LearnWorlds even better is being Whitelabel, as people using or studying your courses won't be able to recognize or see what online course platforms are being used for your operations, these types of platforms or tools usually fall under the White label solutions, so basically you can show things by your name.

Just in case you are wondering what a cloud-based learning management system means, here is a small definition.

What is a Cloud-Based Learning Management System?

An LMS is a digital platform used to deliver training and education to learners. A cloud-based LMS is a software platform that provides virtual classrooms, training analytics, and other features. Users can access their LMS from any device, allowing them to host virtual classes or training as needed.

A cloud-based LMS has many advantages because it's scalable and won’t require you to invest in hardware or software. Cloud-based systems are accessible anywhere you have internet access, so your employees can work on the course materials when and where they need to.

In a broader aspect,  having a cloud-based learning management system can be really helpful in a number of ways:

Easy Scalability: Since a cloud-based LMS is a software service, you can add as many users as needed. This is ideal for growing companies and basically your training program or course in this case.

Access Anywhere: Students can use the system from anywhere with internet access, so virtual training courses are accessible at all times.

No Upfront Investment: Cloud-based LMS solutions (LearnWorlds) don’t require you to spend money on expensive hardware or software.

Centralized Data: Data is stored in one central location, so your team/students can collaborate more effectively.

Easy Integration: Cloud-based LMS systems are easy to integrate with other business tools. This helps businesses save time and stay organized, and since in our case we are looking forward to LearnWorlds, you can have certain plus points such as organizing quizzes, certifications, and much more.

Now that we have covered all the key features offered in a cloud-based learning management system, let's take a more in-depth look into the features offered by LearnWorlds.

Key Features of LearnWorlds- What is the Use of LearnWorlds?

As I have already mentioned before, LearnWorlds is a cloud-based learning management system, it can be a game changer in multiple aspects when it comes to making your online courses and selling them. Here are some of the key features offered by LearnWorlds that you should check before going forward with it:

1. Interactive Videos

Interactive Videos - LearnWorlds Features

One of the main key features that can make your online course stand out from other tools is making it interactive, as this makes your course fun-loving and interesting. Some of the tools/features offered by LearnWorlds that can be considered under being interactive are as follow:

2. Adding Interaction Elements

You can add multiple interactive elements such as questions, titles, overlay images, and much more. This, as a result, can help in making things even better for all your appearance and interactiveness. Here are some of the features that are offered under the interaction elements:

  • Synchronized Transcript: LearnWorlds let you get along with automated transcription as well, so you don't need to manually input the transcription as they are all automated.
  • Hosting Done by LearnWorlds: The hosting here refers to the feature that even if you have your videos listed over some other platform, you don't need to worry about that as LearnWorlds offers connections with all the major video providers.
  • Stats Available for Better Analysis: Having complete stats on your videos will be all covered up, having these types of stats can really be helpful on multiple levels as you can later improvise those segments and work accordingly on that.

3. Customizable Course Player

Customizable course player - LearnWorlds Features

LearnWorlds offers a highly customizable course player that can help you in making things better for your online school. The customizable course player also gives you access to features that can be really helpful for your students such as having a flexible pathway with drip feed along with note taking option.

4. Testing Engine

Testing Engine - LearnWorlds Features

One of the key features that make an online course into your own online school is the online assessment modules or in simple words the test options and how interactive and managed your tests are. Here are some of the key points that make LearnWorlds testing engine an excellent choice overall.

  • In-Depth Assessment: One of the key features that make things better for your operations is being able to track and monitor your students. LearnWorlds offers some excellent features to make your way around quizzes, tests assignments, and too while being able to track and monitor all of them in an easy and well-managed manner.
  • Question Banks: Having question banks can really help you in making things better in terms of assessment and providing an excellent way around your students' growth.
  • Branded Digital Certificates: Since you are running your own small online school, you need to offer some authoritativeness, well having branded digital certificates will give your online course more authority, and similarly, your students will be having something to show as proof of completion of certain courses.

5. Mobile App

Mobile App - LearnWorlds Features

Having a mobile app by your side will help in expanding your reach as not only you are available in web format but also in the mobile app which is much more accessible anywhere.

In addition to all this, you can build your own mobile app using the app builder without any coding skills being required, as well as they are 100% white label so you have your own brand-labeled mobile app. You can also capitalize your course by choosing what content should be free to use and what should be considered under the paid content.

6. Marketing Tools that are Powerful

This section includes some of the best features that I liked about LearnWorlds from a marketing perspective.

  • Coupons & Promotions to Increase Sales: A lot of course providers offer coupons for certain courses, it's a good way of selling your course using coupons and promotions as they entice students, I mean who doesn't like discounts?
  • Have Your Own Sales Team:  LearnWorlds also offers an advanced affiliate management system which can be an excellent way of building your own sales teams using affiliate marketers.
  • You Can also Use Your Own Custom Domain:  These domains can be used in order to make your way around things like selling course bundles and much more.
  • Integration: You can also integrate LearnWorlds with multiple tools like Zapier, Zoom, MailChimp, Convertkit, Zendesk, Facebook Pixel, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and much more.
  • Other Important Aspects: From a marketing perspective, LearnWorlds covers some important aspects as well such as capturing leads, built-in SEO, multiple payment options, multiple payment models, multiple foreign currencies, and much more.

Extra Features of LearnWorlds – Is LearnWorlds Worth Your Money?

Well, the features offered by LearnWorlds do not stop here, there are some features you might wanna take a look into:

  • Multilingual platform

So whatever part of the world you are from, LearnWorlds is going to be your companion, since it is multilingual no worries about being international, in simple words make your own online learning platform for all.

  • Start from where you left

The resume play button can be really helpful for students as they don't have to be worried about noting or remembering what was the last lecture they saw, all you need to do is log in and you'll be back to where you left.

Now that you have got an overview of the features and tools offered by LearnWorlds, let's take a look around the pricing plans and understand which plan is best suitable for you.

LearnWorlds Pricing Plan – LearnWorlds 30 Day FREE Trial

LearnWorlds Pricing Plan

LearnWorlds pricing plans are categorized into 3 different pricing plans excluding the corporate plan since you might have to contact the LearnWorlds team. As an individual or a medium-scale business, the following plans are offered by LearnWorlds:

Starter Plan

The LearnWorlds Starter Plan costs around $29/month. The starter plan gives you access to features like unlimited courses (paid), 4 payment gateways, flexible checkout options, coupons, free SSL certificate, drip feed courses, popup builders, and much more.

Pro Trainer Plan

The LearnWorlds Pro Trainer Plan costs around $99/month. The Pro Trainer Plan does not take any transaction fees which were taken at $5 in the starter plan. In the Pro trainer plan, you can have 5 admins/Instructors, unlimited courses, a complete site builder with blog, unlimited popups, form builder, affiliate management, question banks, and much more.

Learning Center

The Learning Center Plan costs around $299/month with even more features that were offered in the Pro Trainer Plan, 20 custom& advanced user roles, bulk user actions, interactive content videos, Webhook Integrations, API Integrations, and much more.

What is a Cloud-based learning management system?

A cloud-based learning management system (LMS) is a software application that allows for the creation and management of online courses, for both students and instructors.In other words, a cloud-based LMS provides a scalable platform on which instructors and students can create content that is customized to meet their needs. if you are creating an interactive course, you will want to choose a tool that allows you to build engaging applications such as quizzes, tests, assessment, etc. LearnWorlds can be considered among them.

Does LearnWorlds offer a free trial?

Yes, LearnWorlds offer a 30 day free trial that can be really helpful in a number of ways such as understanding the user-interface, features, tools, etc. It is worth mentioning that this 30-day free trial does not require any credit card info.

How much does LearnWorlds cost?

LearnWorlds offer 3 different pricing plans which starts from $29/month (Starter Plan), $99/month (Pro Trainer), and Learning center plan for $299/month. Well, you can save more by getting along with the annual plan.

Can I create an Invite only course on LearnWorlds?

Yes, you can create an invite only course on LearnWorlds, this can be used for getting along with the plans into premium membership for your course. This can be an excellent way to make your way around a loyal customer base.

Does LearnWorlds offer integration with third-party tools?

Yes, LearnWorlds offer a whole bunch of features and tools when it comes to integration, you can integrate LearnWorlds with third-party tools that can help in managing your marketing campaigns, email marketing and much more.

Can LearnWorlds help me with course promotion and coupons?

Yes, LearnWorlds cover up most of the marketing deals while making things better for your marketing and promotional operations. You can also send personalize marketing emails for completion, registration, coupons and much more.

Conclusion: LearnWorlds Review – Is LearnWorlds the right choice?

Yes, LearnWorlds can be an excellent choice for people seeking to build an excellent interactive learning experience while making your online school/course platform an international school in itself. One of the main reasons why a lot of course providers use LearnWorlds is its interactiveness along with marketing tools. Unlimited courses along with features like site builder, mobile app builder, coupons, integrations, analytics, assignments, etc. make LearnWorlds an excellent choice overall.

On the other hand, if you look forward to the marketing aspect, LearnWorlds offers some excellent features to upscale your marketing operations.You can check out extensive, and use coupons & promotions to get more students, in addition to all this, your students as a user and you/your brand will have an excellent user experience.

Hopefully, this LearnWorlds review might have helped you in some way.

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