No matter if you are an experienced or an amateur Affiliate marketer, no one here can free themselves from the trap of those long-strained affiliate links.

Here we present you a ✅Link Cloaking Guide to make your affiliate links short, clean and precise.

You can also make personalized links to make the process your way. It's the technological advancement that has led us to this sort of development. If we are not using this service as affiliates, we are not valuing our profession.

There are tons of benefits associated with link cloaking. We will be sharing our top picks in the link cloaking services.

Let us get started with our ultimate guide!!

Link Cloaking

Basically, link cloaking disguises the original link and represents itself as a simple, sophisticated link. A link cloaking service will turn your existing complicated affiliate link into a readable one.

Cloaking a link has several benefits associated with it when it’s about trusting a site, all that matters is the proper name. People tend to trust the things in which they find comfort and class.

So, giving suitable personalization to your affiliate links can turn over their decision. There will be a higher possibility of many people visiting you.

Link Cloaking Guide

There are several benefits associated with link cloaking. Below is the list of few benefits that we think are enough to trust several link cloaking services.

Link Cloaking Guide

1. Better for Sharing

This is one of the reasons why someone should always go with cloaking links, the ability to share the links. If the name of the links is simple, they are easy to remember. In that way, more and more people would be able to share your link with other users.


Above is an example of a random personalized affiliate link. The formation of the link is so straightforward that you can easily share it with other users.

Another benefit of cloaking links is the proper management of the previous links in your WordPress dashboard. All your previously used links list down in the cloaking link panel of your WordPress dashboard, making it easier for you to manage, delete, and reuse them.

If you are more experienced and have more complex affiliate needs, you can use the SaaS tool for the same.

3. Build the Trust of Your Audience

Another great reason to go with affiliate links is to make your audience trust your URLs. If you use lengthy, strained, and complicated URLs, there is a high chance that your audience might feel there is something fishy about your site.

This also applies when you put complicated links in your emails.

If you want to use the service properly, you need to know what Link cloaking is. A URL Cloaker is a service that streamlined affiliate links. They turn your complex affiliate links into simple ones.

Link Cloaking Guide

After understanding the formation, you must choose the correct link Cloaking service. Following are our top picks when it’s about selecting the exemplary Cloaking service!

When you are an experienced affiliate marketer, there are many affiliate programs you are engaged in. It could be a hassle to manage all your URLs under one roof.

Link Cloaking Guide

With Pretty Links, your concern takes a rest. There is an added feature in Pretty Links that allows you to place your link wherever you want in your blog.

Not only is this an excellent service for cloaking links, but it also offers you various advantages like manage your links, develop better cloaking strategies, etc.

The starter plan of pretty links starts @ $49/year.

#2. Volumm

Volumm is an all-in-one to manage your affiliate marketing campaigns. Cloaking links is one of the benefits this platform offers. It helps create effective links that are easily readable by your viewers.

Link Cloaking Guide

If you are looking for an effective conversion tool to manage your campaign and advertising, Volumm is the option you should choose.

Volumm is one of the most comprehensive options, and the pricing plan is hard to match.

You can start using this service @ $69/month.

#3. Simple URLs

Simple URLs is the essential WordPress Plugin that you can use as a novice. If you are a beginner and have no idea about utilizing the cloaking service as your advantage, you should get started with Simple URLs.

Simple URLs

Using this service, you can turn your affiliate URL into a clean and straightforward affiliate link. This option might not be as suitable as pretty links, but we would recommend this to beginners.

They are easy to apply, and you can start using them for free.

#4. Thirsty Affiliates

Again, Thirsty Affiliates is a WordPress plugin that offers all the essential tools required for link cloaking. Whether you are a novice or an expert affiliate, anyone takes advantage of this service right on the tip of their hands.

Thirsty Affiliates

This tool also gives you the freedom to analyze your affiliate link the way you want and access other added tools like link fixer, a 404 checker, Google Analytics integration, and auto-link keywords.

This tool is the perfect option for anyone who relies on affiliate programs as supplemental income.

You can start using Thirsty Affiliates for a single website at $49/year.

👉What is Link Cloaking?

Link cloaking is a technique that allows webmasters to hide the destination's “real” URL and replace it with a different URL.

👉What does cloaking mean?

Cloaking is the process wherein the same web page appears different to different users.

👉Is cloaking illegal?

Yes, cloaking is illegal. Hosting any cloaking files or using any cloaking is against the Terms of Use for most hosting companies. Cloaking is the practice of presenting one URL to search engine spiders/crawlers, and a different URL is presented to your visitors.  

👉How do you cloak a URL link?

Give the destination URL & other information
Click on the Mask URL option button.

Bottom Lines

There is no doubt that you get a clean and straightforward URL with the use of Cloaking links. The easier your affiliate link is to read, the more traffic your site will have.

Now, link cloaking also allows you to shorten your affiliate link. Instead of using a link mixed with random numbers and alphabets, you can use the trim and clean one to attract more traffic to your site.

If you are a beginner, you can get started with the Simple URLs for free. But we would highly recommend Pretty Links for other added benefits.

That is it in our Link Cloaking Guide. We hope that our comprehensive guide was helpful to you.😊

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