Are you in search of a great cloud hosting platform? If yes, then this 2024 Linode review is for you! We are here to help you make an informed decision on whether or not Linode is a good fit for you. Linode is a well-known cloud hosting provider, and many people worldwide use it. If you want to know more about Linode, then you must check out our detailed Linode review.

You'll also be able to access legit and working exclusive Linode coupon codes that will help you save $$$ off your next purchase. Linode was founded in 2003 and has become a multinational organization with clients from more than 131 countries! Linode has made its name by offering VPS hosting and cloud services. Soon they will offer cloud hosting too.

We're going to talk more about deploying servers, managing them, overseeing their performance, and using Linode Cloud Servers in this Linode review. And along with Linode hosting plans, you'll also get access to Linode discount coupons.

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Linode Review

Linode is a web hosting service that provides high-performance and lightning-fast SSD Linux servers.

Christopher Aker launched the company in 2003, and Linode has grown a ton since then. By May 2008, a New Jersey-based operation made a switch from UML to ZENUML visualization. They introduced a data backup service one year later.

Over the years, the company has grown into a multinational corporation. They have opened multiple data centers across countries like England, Singapore, Japan, and Germany. The tool primarily focuses on cloud hosting. Their list of well-known clients includes The Onion, AccuRadio, and many others. They serve over 400,000 customers using Linux, and that number continues growing every year.

Additionally, Linode also offers GPU plans and one-click apps, which you can install on their servers with minimum effort. With this excellent platform, you get object storage, block storage, load balancers, and a managed Kubernetes solution known as the Linode Kubernetes Engine.

Linode at a Glance

Uptime guarantee99.99%
Hosting TypesCloud VPS, Dedicated Bare Metal Servers, Managed Kubernetes,
Free Domain NameNo
Free SSL CertificateNo
Bandwidth1TB – 20TB
Free CDNNo
Free Cloud MigrationYes
Free Trial60-Day free trial (Free $100 credit)
Global Regions11 Global regions
Money-Back Guarantee7-day money-back guarantee
Linode Official Site👉 Visit Here

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Linode is a web hosting tool that specializes in high-performing SSD Linux servers. It stands out for having a successful, innovative approach to cybersecurity. This includes participating in the HackerOne bug bounties program, which pays white hat hackers to find vulnerabilities.

Linode Reviews

The American-based company is an established player with over ten years of experience and a customer base that includes consumers in more than 130 different countries from all over Europe. While the company doesn't use industry-standard terms to refer to their plans, they're roughly equivalent to VPS hosting. We do want to emphasize that the plans are not 1-to-1 equivalents.

Here are some key products and services offered by Linode:

With virtual machines and tools for any workload, you can build, release, and scale your applications faster than ever before.

Shared CPU: Affordable shared CPU plans are ideal for basic workloads and include generous quantities of free bundled transfers. The shared CPU by Linode has got some excellent features, for example: having a 1- 32 cores option, memory of 1-192 GB, multi-queue NIC support and much more.

Dedicated CPU: The infrastructure for Linode is created to be able to run dedicated instances inside a unique compartmented space where their processor cores are not shared. If we look after the specifications that are delivered by dedicated CPU by Linode, the Linode review offers dedicated vCPU 2-64 cores, memory 4 GB- 512GB, and SSD Storage of 80 to 7200 GB, and much more.

High Memory: This is a very cost-effective way to run memory-intensive applications on dedicated CPUs in High Memory instances. It is perfect for when you need more RAM without increasing storage or vCPUs because they don't rely on physical or shared resources. Basically the high memory database and caches are more of a powerful choice; this basically includes supercharge caching and data retrieval with enterprise performance. High memory can be an excellent choice for companies that are more into extensive memory workloads.

GPU: Linode offers GPU-optimized virtual machines accelerated by the Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000, which harnesses the power of CUDA (compute unified device architecture), Tensor, and RT (ray tracing) cores to execute complex processing and deep learning workloads.

Another major point that is worth mentioning is its multiple plan types, Linode offers some excellent features in terms of delivering more power to the users, and this is why Linode offers up to four cards per instance depending upon your power needs, well, having four Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 stacked up is indeed a powerful beast.

Kubernetes: LKE is a managed Kubernetes container orchestrator for deploying and managing containerized applications and workloads. Get your workloads and infrastructure up and running in minutes instead of days with the Linode, no matter the size. Get set up with a number of different departmental pricing plans without any complicated configurations.

Some of the reasons that make LKE (Linode Kubernetes) even better are the tools and features it offers; LKE offers backups, self-service version upgrades, automated recovery, persistent storage, and much more.

Bare Metal: Well, no doubt bare metal can be an excellent thing when it comes to management and functionality. Bare metal servers are physical computer server which is used by one consumer or tenant only. So basically, a physical computer server is working for only your organization, which is a functional server on its own.

The features that make Bare metal by Linode an excellent choice are consistent pricing and simple deployment. You can deploy the bare metal server using the cloud manager while managing your server using Linode API or CLI.

Secure storage is crucial for companies of all sizes, which is why storage and management are important.

Block Storage: With the fast Linode storage volumes of up to 10TB, you'll be able to scale your business needs with ease. These storage volumes are independently managed, so you never have to worry about losing data no matter what happens. In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that Linode block storage offers throughput upto 350 MB/s which can burst upto 525MB/s. The block storage by Linode also offers upto 8 volumes that can be attached to a single compute instance, making it a good to go choice overall.

Object Storage: Well-designed and easy to manage, S3-compatible Linode Object Storage can be a solution for content assets such as digital assets and more elaborate data storage challenges. It is inexpensive, with features that are well-suited for AI and machine learning projects.

You can also notice that Linode Object Storage is now set to multiple locations, including North America (Newark, NJ), North America (Atlanta, GA), Europe (Frankfurt, DE), Asia Pacific (Singapore, SG).

Backups: Linode provides simple, scalable local backups that can easily restore your data with minimal interruption. Your data automatically be backed up and protected, so you rest easy knowing it's reliable and secure. In addition to all that, Linode cloud backup offers some additional features, including manual backup and auto-enroll new Linodes (cloud manager for enrolling new Linodes with backup service).

Protect your network by lock-down, balance traffic across servers to maintain optimal performance, and control your infrastructure for the future.

DDoS Protection: Linode has the most advanced DDoS mitigation in its data center. It protects your infrastructure from attackers and gives you peace of mind so you can focus elsewhere.

NodeBalancers: NodeBalancers allow you to immediately scale your app or website and do so with ease; they smoothly handle increased load and ensure your site is highly available. Linode also offers some additional features, including SSL termination, multi-port balancing, pool network transfer, full API support and much more.

DNS Manager: The Linode DNS Manager is a comprehensive interface within the Linode Cloud Manager that works to help you keep an eye on your DNS records. Linode also offers some additional features, including Importing domains with AXFR and migrating domains from other providers using zone transfer. Another feature worth mentioning is its Clone DNS Records, as one can copy DNS records from an existing domain and quickly assign new domains to Linode.

Cloud Firewall: Linodes often face network threats that Linode Cloud Firewall is designed to help mitigate. It makes it easy to customize firewall rule sets and secure a Linode's traffic based on trusted IP addresses, ports, and protocols. The cloud firewall by Linode also offers some additional features, which include managing firewall rules, getting along with customizable rulesets, and filtering based on IP.

VLAN: Use its VLAN feature to create private, secure networks for communication among your Linodes! This makes them both more accessible and efficient. Keep your activity private in a way that is unavailable on networks bound by rules set at the data center.

Well, creating a private VLAN is pretty simple; it's a three-step process that includes creating your Linode, Configuring VLAN, and last one with attaching VLANs to additional Linodes. In addition to all this, Linode VLAN also offers some additional features, which include free network service with Seamless VLAN management (options available between API, CLI or Cloud manager).

Get quick responses and hands-on expertise from professionals who care with Linode.

Managed: If downtime is not planned for, it can be costly and put your company's repu­tation at risk. Linode Managed helps businesses cut down on costly downtime by providing them with an incident response service.

It has a highly skilled Managed Service team available 24/7 to help.

Professional Services: Hire Linode's Cloud Infrastructure Consultants for help with your server management needs. It has in-house experts who architect services, complete successful deployments and deploy software.

Get the best tools that allow you to manage advanced programs along with resources that help you get the most out of your apps, all with educational docs that help you learn how to use them.

Linode Cloud Manager: Cloud Manager is a web-based interface for deploying and managing virtual machines, configuring networking, and controlling user accounts. You can also get along with some additional features, including performance monitoring, adaptive themes, User access controls, Linode Images and much more.

Linode API: With programmatic access to Linode's products and services, easily configure, manage, and scale your user management, billing, and support ticketing needs.

Linode CLI: A refreshingly simple command-line interface for servers. You can control virtually everything about your Linode account with just a few commands.

Terraform Provider: With Terraform, map out your infrastructure in one single file using its declarative configuration language, and Terraform executes through API endpoints for all cloud providers.

Marketplace: Choose one of the most popular marketplaces, configure your app, and click deploy.

Images: With Linode Custom Images, you can easily create, store, and deploy an image across multiple servers.

Integrations: A collection of integra­tions that allow you to connect infrastructure and development tools to the Linode Platform. Use the tools you're familiar with to manage your Linode resources.

StackScripts: Use StackScripts for automatically configuring new Linodes using simple scripts. Use the community StackScript library to create your own or browse the library for existing scripts.

Monitoring: Keep track of all your transfer usage and easily analyze your performance graphs straight from the Linode Cloud Manager. You can also set up alerts so that you know when you're nearing certain thresholds.

Users & Permissions: Get access to scalability and user management, and control to scale up your infrastructure along with collaboration and security for accelerating your business.

Linode Solutions

As a company, Linode specializes in three main areas: simplicity, power, and reliability. And it can be applied to any business at any stage of its journey.

Linode Coupon

Overview of Linode's features

With a variety of plans, Linode offers a range of features for your business.

Linode Coupon Code

1: Uptime & Performance

One of the most appealing features of Linode is its 99.9% server uptime guarantee. If a business doesn't demand this important feature, it could be making a big mistake. Linode provides a powerful cloud solution with a guaranteed network speed. Intel's high-performance processors are the fastest in the marketplace too.

2: Easy-to-Use Control Panel

The simplicity of the control panel is captured well, and it has a pleasing design. The ability to ensure that it will function according to individual needs and changes is also one of its defining factors.

3: Quick Launch & API Access

You can launch a server in seconds by simply clicking on “launch.” This leaves businesses with more time to concentrate on perfecting their strategies and focusing on the core aspects of your business. There are some instances where being un-managed can present a challenge, but the tools are all there. For instance, an advanced API platform, ability to scale, and DNS management make it easy to achieve that desired result. If you have the basic understanding to use this tool, you can achieve great results.

4: Upgrade for Managed Hosting

The default options come unmanaged, and there's the option to upgrade to a managed solution. Other add-ons include NodeBalancers and Longview.

5: Manage Your Web Hosting with Your Smartphone

The company also provides a downloadable app that's available on smartphones. It allows clients to create new Linodes and track existing items, manage payment, and more. If you're looking for a business solution, then your choices are more robust on Linode. This means that they give you more options to choose from, giving your business a better chance at success.

6: 9 Hosting Plans to Choose From

All Linode plans include root access and SSH. However, there is a lot of room for variation. Linode offers nine standard plans. They range from the1GB Ram plan to the 96GB Ram plan, meaning that businesses of all sizes can find a suitable level for their budget.

The starter package includes the following:

  • 2TB Transfer
  • 1GB Ram
  • 24GB SSD Storage
  • 1 Core CPU
  • 125Mbps Network Out

Start with the smaller package first, then upgrade at a later time if necessary.

To get you started with the platform for free, Linode provides you with a free trial of their servers where you can have a good look inside and start your own cloud server without paying! However, you should be wary of finding great help with the Linode support system. You might find that because the software provided by Linode isn't as strong as competitors, there are long wait times for when someone is available to help you.

Linode Customer Support

They offer you a product that is expected for you to understand on your own. If you have some questions, they are more likely to do their best to resolve your issue. They don't offer 24/7 customer support, but that doesn't mean that their service is bad. If you're not using a VPN, you'll need to handle it yourself unless you have purchased the service or you're facing an issue that only the technical team can look into:

Linode Support

  • User community & knowledge support

If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit the Linode Knowledge Base. It's an extensive technical knowledge base for everything related to Linode. There is also a community forum for people who have great difficulty achieving the standard amount of satisfaction from their Linodes.

You do get a ticket system for support requests. You can send the issue to its support team, but don't expect that your issue will be resolved within a few hours. Sometimes, Linode's team may take up to 24 hours to respond to your ticket. There are also tutorials for customers who want to learn more. It can be especially helpful for beginners who are using Linux.

  • Skype & telephone contact available

However, if customers want to contact an expert directly, they may be able to reach them by phone. You can do this by phone or Skype while the company has an expected social media stream like Twitter.

Clients can't complain about contacting Linode. This kind of business has to be seen as a selling point when it comes to this kind business. After all, issues may affect profitability significantly. Quick solutions are essential. Whatever method is used for support, 24/7 help is key.

  • Get answers & announcements from the forum

Besides those customer support services, they also host a forum for customers to talk about various topics. It's not just announcements from the company; it's a good resource for those who struggle to use Linux servers. Meanwhile, it's a good way to learn about any potential problems that may arise during the process.

Linode takes security very seriously. The company makes sure that your website remains as secure as possible. Currently, in terms of security, Linode offers:

Linode Discount

Linode has been hit by several distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in the past. While the company was taken down in January 2016 as a direct result of such an attack by hackers, it seems that the company's s engineers have learned from the incident. Since then, the company has faced further attacks, which it has managed to weather relatively well.

While putting the speed ​​of ​Linode's site, it fully loaded in 1.5 seconds, which is one of ​the best speeds ​we've ​witnessed ​lately. Furthermore, all other vital speed indicators (largest contentful paint time, total blocking time, cumulative layout shift) confirmed that Linode has nothing to worry about when it comes to speed.

Linode offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee on all their servers (which is SLA backed) and network connectivity. If your site goes down for any reason during a month for more than 0.01%, you may request a pro-rated credit refund for the downtime exceeding the guaranteed uptime. The uptime of the official site remained at 100%, showing just a few minor fluctuations in response time during the test. At best, this was a promising performance.

With Linode, you'll be billed by the hour, so you'll only be charged for the time you use. Furthermore, all plans can be easily upgraded and downgraded without any issues, which gives you the freedom that is rarely found with most service providers.

You can choose between Shared and Dedicated CPU, High Memory plans, GPU-optimized plans, and Deploy Fully Managed Kubernetes Clusters or go with Bare Metal solutions that combine Non-Virtualized Hardware with the Flexibility of a Virtual Machine. There are plenty of options out there that should make any tech-savvy individual feel like a kid at a candy store when combined with affordable prices.

Dedicated CPU Plans
Shared CPU Plans
High Memory Plans
GPU Plans

For starters, its smallest shared plan costs $5.00 per hour ($0.0075 per month) and provides 1CPU core, 1GB RAM, 1TB network transfer, 25GB of storage, and 40GB/s network in received traffic, and 1 GB/s network out sent traffic. There are ten different types of plans, and the more money you want to spend, the more features you're going to receive.

With Linode, there are several ways to pay for your account, including credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express), PayPal, checks (in US dollars only), and money orders.

With Linode, we offer 15 straightforward cloud hosting plans ranging from 1 GB RAM to 96 GB RAM, which can help you run your business of any size without hassle. Among all of these plans, the primary alternatives are:

The smaller package is definitely the best option for getting started. You can gradually upgrade to more expensive plans after some time. Customers will be pleased when they learn that Linode offers a 7-day money-back refund guarantee. It's a particularly useful option because some clients won't be able to manage their own facilities.

It's never fun to be stuck in a long contract. However, if customers realize that they've made a mistake within the week time slot, they'll lose the $5 surcharge only. In the grand scope of things, that doesn't sound too bad at all.

What does one get with Linode's managed add-on feature?

If you belong to that category of people who needs to stay out of the headache of managing their websites 24/7, then Linode's managed add-ons will do wonders for you. This service costs $100 per month and is a bit expensive if you're just starting out. However, as a new user, you will not encounter any problems as long as you use the add-on. The managed add-ons feature includes:

If you're interested in Linode, then you'll want to check out these web hosting providers as well.

Another player in the cloud computing industry is the Digital Ocean. It has many options such as:

  • Storage
  • Scalable computing services
  • Infrastructure automation tools

It has a more technical focus, so if you choose Digital Ocean, you'll need to be comfortable with technology.

Rackspace provides managed cloud services. Though there are some important differences between the two companies (Rackspace is a bit pricier than Digital Ocean), you can think of Rackspace as a more user-friendly version of Digital Ocean.

While the latter lets you save some money by letting you put in sweat-equity, Rackspace will gladly let you outsource system adminis­tration to them for a fee.

Vultr offers reliable and efficient solid-state drive (SSD) cloud servers and aims to provide blazing fast speeds at deployment and beyond. Vultr offers bare metal configurations. What makes it different from others is that it also offers virtualized instances.

Also read:

If you are a larger business needing the ability to customize your own infrastructure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a good fit. However, if you're a small business owner or an independent developer, having access to all of that advanced cloud tech comes at a price: unnecessary complexity, the risk of lock-in in Amazon's ecosystem, and frequent billing surprise.

Most companies move to the cloud to reduce complexity and save money. For them, AWS can be too expensive. They want a provider that matches their business needs: one that has the core services they need, priced at performance levels that match or exceed the capabilities of providers like Amazon Web Services.

Many companies choose Azure because of its wide reach and powerful capabilities. The combination of Microsoft Azure, Office 365, & Teams (Microsoft's communication platform) enables automatic integrations, simplifying workflows. While Azure's infrastructure remains impressive, outages are frequent. Microsoft has yet to shake an extensive wave of outages over several years, including a major worldwide outage in 2019.

Let's take a look at some of Linode's advantages and disadvantages:

✔What is Linode? is an award-winning cloud service provider that offers the perfect cloud hosting for businesses, teams, and developers. Linode is the best-priced cloud provider, with an easy-to-use API and 100% human support. With a global network of data centers, Linode is always in the fastest location for your application.

✔What is Linode used for?

Linode is the most reliable, stable, and affordable way to run your business or project. It offers simple solutions for developers who want to build on public cloud infrastructure, SaaS companies who need a cost-effective alternative to traditional hosting and manageability, and those who require privacy.

✔Is Linode any good?

No matter your business, Linode offers a solution that can help you build your business faster and easier. Get the comprehensive solution from Linode, including standard VMs, dedicated CPUs, Object Storage, GPUs, and Kubernetes for your business. The low cost, high availability and world-class support make Linode ideal for mission-critical applications and infrastructure.

✔Which Linode plan should I choose?

It is highly recommended that you should start with a smaller plan of Linode if you are not completely sure. You can easily up and down your Linode subscription at any time.

✔What form of payment is supported by Linode?

Currently, Linode accepts payment through Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

✔How to delete the Linode account?

Linode allows its user to cancel their account at any time. Follow the below steps for canceling your Linode account:
1. The user needs to log in to “Cloud Manager.”
2. In the sidebar, click on the Account link > Settings tab.
3. Below the “Close Account” panel, the user needs to click on the “Close Account” button.
4. Verify the confirmation form by filling in your Linode username.
5. At last, click on the “Close Account” button for the full cancellation of your Linode account.

✔Is there any working Linode coupon code?

Yes, Use the above-mentioned Linode coupon code that allows you to get a huge discount on your subscription plan along with free $100 credits.

✔Where can I get the best Linode coupons?

The best Linode coupon codes are listed on this post for maximum discount. One can redeem our Linode discount coupon if you are looking to save some bucks.

✔Which is better, Linode or DigitalOcean?

Both Linode and DigitalOcean offer the same kind of cloud services to the user. But there is some difference in both the web hosting providers such as performances, support, security, features, etc. Following are the main reason why we recommend choosing Linode over DigitalOcean:
1. It is best for those who like an independent cloud provider.
2. It offers advanced services like Cloud GPUs, DDoS protection, and Bare Metal.
3. It provides the best customer support.
4. Currently, Linode supports 11 global data center locations.

Linode Twitter Group

If you're a web developer or tech startup that needs a lot of resources, Linode would be an excellent choice. Linode can help your website become the best it can be. If you're considering starting an informational website, which is relatively stable and doesn't involve any data processing, then Linode is a good option. We're confident that you won't be disappointed with the platform!

The exclusively Linux solution has some limitations. However, unmanaged solutions make it very versatile for those with this background knowledge. On the other hand, though, it means that clients probably need a degree of expertise that is not required by other services unless they upgrade to managed services has been made.

Linode can be the perfect choice for you. We hope that this Linode review has helped you get a fresh perspective and has helped you make a better buying decision.🤞🤞

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