Want to get into the highly profitable dating affiliate marketing vertical?

Want to take your affiliate marketing push beyond Amazon and other saturated affiliate programs?

Join hands with CrakRevenue to fulfill all your goals as an affiliate marketer.

CPA networks operate on the simple principle of bringing together businesses who want their product advertised and affiliate marketers looking to make money off the traffic they are getting on their blog, business, or even their social media account.

Most headlines about CPA networks helping you make thousands of dollars are a scam, but with CrakRevenue, the leading CPA network in the industry, making a few thousand dollars a month in passive income is just the start.

Read this article to learn the basics of βœ…How to Make Money with CrakRevenue. You can earn money by being an Advertiser, Publisher or by promoting referral links. Read more here.

Being one of the oldest & most trusted CPA networks, CrakRevenue attracts the best offers for you to push on your website. This allows you to generate the maximum revenue from the traffic you’re getting.

Bringing together a network of top affiliates for advertisers and compiling and presenting only the best offers for that network of affiliates makes CrakRevenue an obvious choice for you to monetize your internet traffic has made CrakRevenue a leader in the Dating, Cam, and VOD verticals.

This particular business model is structured so that the CPA network does not make any money until you, the affiliate, make any. This puts pressure on the network to help your conversion rate, and you are free to monetize your traffic without putting up a big chunk of money upfront.

Explore how CrakRevenue can help you maximize your revenue in our detailed CrakRevenue review (2024).

How to Make Money with CrakRevenue? | Earn $5000+/month as an Affiliate Marketer?

Make Money with CrakRevenue

Suppose you have a blog. You have been creating content for it for a while and have established a decent audience now. You want to make money with this blog now.

You will earn the most profit from it. Without CrakRevenue, you would have to go through all the products which offer affiliate programs in the niche in which you operate and compile the profitability and quality of all of them to see which products to advertise which your audience will like.

This can often be challenging because you have to deal with complicated payout methods, the offers might not be genuine, and a hundred other obstacles.

CrakRevenue already presents you with a list of verified high-paying offers that you can go through depending on the topic of your website and then advertise those offers. From there, it is just simple maths.

If you make even 3-4 sales in a day, with each sale giving you $80, then you can earn well over $5000 in a month. As your blog grows and you start making triple-digit sales, you can earn that much every day without putting in any extra effort on your part.

How does CrakRevenue Compare to Other CPA Networks?

Make Money with CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue offers a host of services that have enabled it to rise through the ranks of the multitude of CPA networks. These are listed below:

  • Exclusive Offers:

CrakRevenue seeks out the top advertisers in the game and promises to deliver higher conversions than other networks (its extensive network of affiliates enable it to).

Advertisers grant exclusive offers to CrakRevenue to list for it to forward to its affiliates. This ensures that advertisers and affiliates both earn to their fullest capacity.

  • Guaranteed Timely Payments:

A big issue in working with CPA networks is always the lack of punctuality in issuing payments. The reasons for this may vary to extremes, like the network being stretched for funds or not having the proper software to give payments regularly.

CrakRevenue is one of the oldest CPA networks working with hundreds of thousands of affiliate partners at a time but has continued to maintain a reputation of timely payments over its 11 years in business.

  • Affiliate Managers:

When you join the CrakRevenue Affiliate Network, a personal Affiliate Manager will be assigned to you. As CrakRevenue does not make any money until you do this manager assists you in every possible way to earn as much revenue as you can.

This comes in the form of constant customer support, suggesting strategies that give higher conversion rates and even one on one coaching sessions if need be.

  • Advanced-Data Analytics:

To understand what parts of your campaign are giving higher conversions and what areas you must work on to get them to the same rates.

A clean, effective dashboard showing how the offers CrakRevenue provides are performing on the CR site itself helps affiliates optimize their campaigns in the right direction.

These signature features are a big reason why CrakRevenue has reached the stage that it has, but the way this particular network was established and was run has a lot to do with it.

Established from a string of failed attempts at creating clip listing ventures, CrakRevenue was one of the pioneers of traffic monetization.

The growth of the industry and the growth of the company have gone hand in hand, and partnering with a network that has defined the industry practices for over a decade should not be something you should think twice about.

CrakRevenue Payment Methods | Make Money with CrakRevenue

It is to be noted that a minimum payment of $100 is required to get paid. This limit is increased to $500 if you wish to be paid by a wire transfer.

Make Money with CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue affiliates can use a host of payment pathways to receive their payments, listed below:

They have a reputation to pay their partners on time. These payments can occur between the 1st to 15th of every month or the 16th to the end of the month every year.

How to Sign Up to CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue Sign up

You can go on to CrakRevenue.com and sign up by entering your name, email, and company name. One of the affiliate managers will reach out to you after approving your application.

It is advised that you include as much data as you can in your application about the traffic you get, the verticals you target, and the audience you have built. CrakRevenue maintains total transparency in its operations.

Hence they expect the same from the affiliates they work with, so your application will get approved quicker the more forthcoming you are in your application.

Top Strategies to Make Money on CrakReveneue

#1. Coordinate with Your Affiliate Manager

CrakRevenue provides you with a dedicated affiliate manager, and they make a certain commission depending on your sales.

This means that they are as personally invested in your income as you are. Also, they will do everything in their power to help you.

CrakRevenue manager

They are aware of a lot of internal company info, which tells them what is working for affiliates and what is not. This can help you pick the right offers and market them in the best way to earn the maximum revenue. This is something that you do not get with any other CPA network and should take advantage of.

#2. Don't Pick too Many Products to Promote

Starting out, it is obvious that one would think that promoting as many products as you can is the way to go, but in reality, that can cause more harm than good.

Choosing two or three quality, high conversion rates, and popular products in a single vertical performing well in the region your audience is the ideal way to progress.

This is based on the fact that your audience can become familiarised with seeing a couple of names on your website and think of them when they are looking to make a purchase.

Constantly pushing a ton of products leads to none of them making a lasting impression on your audience. We again come back to our earlier point about talking to your affiliate manager as they know the best performing offers in each vertical and region.

#3. Find Out the Highest EPC Offers for Your Audience

EPC (Earnings Per Click) can be understood as your total earnings divided by your total number of clicks. This means that per how many clicks are you making, how much money.

CrakRevenue Top Offers

For example: If on a particular offer you get 10000 clicks and you make $1000 as your commission, the EPC on that offer is $0.1. The offers which give you the highest EPC on average are the ones you should be promoting the most.

#4. Using “back” Offers

When a user clicks the back button, they are shown a separate new offer. CrakRevenue offers a dedicated section on these back offers with data on which are the most converting ones. This is a completely safe and simple way to boost conversions.

#5. Goal Setting

Set goals for yourself on what you want to earn or achieve on a daily or weekly basis. You must be realistic in your goal setting to motivate yourself to keep working at it.

If you set small, realistic goals and keep achieving them and so on and so forth, you will continue to earn more and more with CrakRevenue.

Smart Links are one step ahead of conventional affiliate links. With a CrakRevenue Smark Link, you can provide your audience with links that direct them to tons of top-converting offers from the vertical you are pitching to.

CrakRevenue SmartLink

SmartLink also takes the user's device and geographic location into account while showing them the top offers in that region and among them.

They have dedicated Media Buyers and Analysts to ensure that these smart links are duly updated and can give you the maximum income from your campaign.

What are the Tools which CrakRevenue Provides for You to Promote their Offers?

πŸ’Ή Rewarding Funnels

Creating attractive sales pages and display ads is a key part of getting conversions. CrakRevenue has a dedicated Design Team to help you build these for both Desktop and Mobile traffic and any marketing needs you may have.

CrakRevenue Funnel

Their team consists of individuals with experience in increasing click rates, and using these specially built marketing funnels can help you convert to even the toughest members of your audience.

πŸ’» WordPress Plugin

WordPress continues to be the dominating platform for most websites. This prompted CrakRevenue to create a dedicated plugin for WordPress affiliates. In a couple of minutes, your WordPress website's revenue will soar after you integrate their WP plugin into your website.

CrakRevenue Plugin

πŸ… Pop-unders & Back Offers

You can up your CrakRevenue income by nearly 30% if you enable back offers and pop-unders every time you manually generate a CR affiliate link. Pop-unders are extremely convenient as you can promote other campaigns without getting in the way of the existing monetization strategy that you are putting to work.

CrakRevenue Back Offers

Back Offers are a last resort to push a sale, which gets displayed when users click back to go to the previous page. These are handpicked top converting offers, so the probability of making a sale on a customer who was leaving is very high.

πŸš€ LiveCam Widget

If you promote Cam Models on your blog, then using CR's dedicated LiveCam widget can help you promote only the top-earning models across all cam platforms. This tool redirects to only life models, so your users will go directly to the show of the modal they clicked on.

Crackrevenue LiveCam Widget

This widget has shown the ability to generate massive conversations even with no pre-existing base in the Adult niche.

How do I View my CrakRevenue Analytics?

As the core team of CrakRevenue is people who were themselves affiliates, they understand the value of being on top of your business with trustworthy stats.

Crackrevenue Analytics

CR offers a dedicated clean dashboard for you to view and analyze all your data easily. You can track users from the moment they arrive to the moment a sale is made. You can sort data by Date, Country, Offer, Device, and Vertical.

This allows you to have more informative performance reports and compare your affiliate marketing campaigns with ease.

🌟 CrakRevenue FAQ

πŸ‘‰What is CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue connects advertisers and publishers through a CPA-based advertising network.

πŸ‘‰How does CrakRevenue make money?

The short answer is yes, and as an affiliate marketer on CrakRevenue, you can make a lot of money. With CrakRevenue, some of the top affiliates can earn up to $5,000 every day. Of course, learning the ins and outs of online marketing is required if you want to become a top affiliate.

πŸ‘‰Is CrakRevenue legit?

CrakRevenue is not a scam and is a legitimate company that will reward you for your promotional efforts.

πŸ‘‰Is CrakRevenue safe?

CrakRevenue website is very secure, and information is encrypted and protected in the clouds. So, there really shouldn’t be a concern about security or safety.

πŸ‘‰What type of traffic is not allowed?

Spam, content locking, and other illegal behavior are banned when promoting any CrakRevenue offers.

Bottom Lines:

Having lots of traffic on your blog is of no benefit until you can monetize it well. Starting from scratch to build relationships with profitable advertisers in a competitive market can be a challenging task. With CrakRevenue, the process of seeking out advertisers and negotiating with them is eliminated.

You can use the traffic you've generated with hard work to make yourself some additional income using CrakRevenue's exclusive algorithm in a matter of minutes after your application is approved.

Their dedicated focus on the Dating Vertical guarantees other earnings for you throughout the year, so does Live Cams, ED, Adult Gaming, and so many more.

Offering tools for Promotion and Data Analytics which you would have had to buy separately in the way of their SmartLinks, among others, and their Affiliate Dashboard are one of the reasons they are the most preferred network by all the big players in the market.

Creating and maintaining a high position in such a competitive industry requires a certain level of work ethic and understanding of making the most sales. They have adapted to the changes in the adult affiliate marketing space and have been the change-makers.

Their reputation for making on-time payments (in their designated payment periods with their minimum payout limit) of affiliate commissions with ties to the highest paying affiliate program(s) in every verticle make them your ideal partner in the world of affiliate marketing.🀞🀞🀞

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