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The esteemed MARE Balticum Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 will launch at the exquisite Hilton Tallinn Park in Estonia on June 4 and 5. This year's summit, which is based on the inspirational idea of “Via Infinita,” aims to break down barriers and ignite an innovative spark that will light the way to an endless future.

The event is set to be a hub of innovative ideas, disruptive discoveries, and exciting networking possibilities. This annual event will serve as the leading platform for learning and networking in the Baltic and Nordic regions.

Some of the top attendees that’ll join the event include top professionals from the iGaming, blockchain, fintech, and artificial intelligence communities.

About MARE Balticum Gaming & TECH Summit 2024

MARE Balticum Gaming & Tech Summit 2024

The MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit was founded in 2018 and has grown to become the most prestigious in-person event in the Baltic area. The conference series has grown every year, capturing the essence of “Via Infinita” by always bringing fresh ideas to the world of boutique-style events.

The summit will feature some of the primary topics around “Regulatory Evolution in iGaming: Adapting to the Baltic and Nordic Standards,” “Global Stakes: Navigating iGaming Regulation in Serbia, the USA, Spain, and Austria” and “Financial Evolution: Merging Traditions with Fintech and Blockchain Innovations.

MARE Balticum Gaming & TECH Summit Venue

The opulent Hilton Tallinn Park, which is situated in the center of Tallinn, Estonia, will host the summit. This location provides the ideal environment for participants to get priceless insights, take advantage of great networking possibilities, and enjoy the warmest hospitality that Estonia has to offer.

Esteemed Voices Converge at MARE BALTICUM 2024

MARE Balticum Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 Speakers

The MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 promises to be a convergence of esteemed voices from across the gaming and technology spheres. Prepare to be enlightened by a remarkable lineup of speakers, each bringing their unique expertise and insights to the forefront.

Among the distinguished presenters are Milica Delevic, Co-Founder and Head Of Legal at DeleWhite, Legal&Regulatory Gaming Consulting, and Vyacheslav Kreidikov, CEO of Chili Labs, who will share their invaluable perspectives on the industry's legal and technological industry. Attendees will also have the opportunity to gain insights from Edgars Hercenbergs, Senior Associate at Sorainen Latvia, and Philip Peinsold, CTO at Ski Challenge and Serial Entrepreneur in Gaming and Blockchain technology, as they delve into the intricacies of emerging technologies and their impact on the gaming sector.

Additionally, the summit will feature the expertise of Raido Saar, Chairman of the Board at Estonian Web3 Chamber, Jekaterina Dubnicka, Communications Manager at Slotsjudge, and Fili Wiese, SEO Expert at Search Brothers, who will shed light on the Web3, communications, and search engine optimization, respectively.

An Agenda Brimming with Insights

The MARE Balticum Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 promises a meticulously curated agenda, packed with illuminating sessions and unparalleled networking prospects. Over the course of two immersive days, attendees will have the opportunity to know more about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the industries of:

  • iGaming
  • eSports
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Fintech
  • Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality
  • FashionTech

Esteemed C-level executives, compliance experts, and government representatives will take center stage, sharing their invaluable perspectives and fostering thought-provoking discussions. Through a series of insightful panels and interactive sessions, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the forces driving innovation across these dynamic sectors.

In addition to the knowledge-sharing sessions, the summit will provide ample opportunities for attendees to forge meaningful connections and cultivate lasting partnerships. Exclusive networking events, including lively parties and an awards ceremony, will celebrate the achievements and groundbreaking advancements within the gaming and technology industries, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie.

We are proud to host another edition of the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit. Each year, we strive to surpass the expectations of our attendees, providing them with invaluable insights and networking opportunities that are second to none. This year's agenda is especially significant, tackling some of the most pressing issues facing the industries of our focus.

Zoltan Tuendik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at HIPTHER

Event Tickets & Accommodation

Tickets of MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit

To meet a variety of demands, the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 provides a number of ticket choices. Three nights in the Hilton Tallinn Park, access to the whole conference schedule, networking opportunities, lunches, and evening socials are all included in the €699 (sold out) Combo Pass.

The Delegate Pass, which is available until June 3, 2024, costs €379 and grants entrance to the conference, networking events, lunches, and socials for individuals who do not need lodging. There is also a Group Pass for three attendees available at a reduced price of €858.

All passes include exposure to the corporate logo, post-conference recordings, and access to the online networking platform. It is advised to register early in order to guarantee the preferred pass before the price goes up or the supply runs out.

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