Are you looking for an in-depth comparison between Minea Vs. PiPiADS? If so, you have just landed on the correct page as this article is going to compare both these best TikTok adspying tools and tell you which one's better!

Both tools help you spy on competitors on TikTok and find winning products, but which one's better?

We shall compare them against each other on various parameters like:

  • High-converting ads
  • Hot-selling, winning and trending products
  • Which one delivers you accurate results and much more? 

So without any further adieu, let's begin our Minea vs. PiPiADS article. 

Minea Vs. PiPiADS: Which tool offers better features for TikTok ads spying?

What is Minea? – Minea Vs. PiPiADS

Minea Review

Minea can be termed as an all-in-one dropshipping product research tool that spies on key social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. The tool is well fortified with intelligent features, and you can explore various adverts found on all of these social media experts.

Minea has over 14 million ads across multiple social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, and, most recently, TikTok. It analyses all online advertising platforms to help you find the best dropshipping products to launch. And if you have already found a winning product for your dropshipping business, you can use this ad spy tool to improve your marketing strategy.

Minea Features at a Glance

Following are a few of the key features of Minea. Let's have a quick read at them. 

1. Find Winning Products

With Minea, you can spy on all the major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. It lets you find the best-selling product for your dropshipping store as it delivers a list of the 10 winning products per day.

2. All-Round Tool for Your Online Store

If you wish to opt for a dropshipping tool that delivers excellent research, Minea is surely the one to go for, as it can rescue you from all the manual work required to be done. As it works on TikTok, it will fetch you all the required data about ads and also about the competitor's ads data which can help you to find the perfect winning product.

3. Improves Your Brand

Minea also helps you to spy on your competitors about what they are doing and which is working best for their business. It offers good insights into their branding strategy, what they are doing to develop their brand and more.

4. Minea Chrome Extension

Minea offers a chrome extension which is an add-on feature of this TikTok Ad spying tool. This feature is also capable of eliminating pointless features like auto-smart online videos and other elements like pop-up ads on a website. By using Minea Chrome Extension, you can tailor your product's searching experience and narrow down the winning products list and get the perfect one.

What is PiPiADS? – Minea Vs. PiPiADS

PiPiADS Review

Honestly, PiPiADS is currently the #1 TikTok adspying tool on the market. With this tool, you can run creative ads on TikTok and monitor them and also spy on your competitors' ad strategy. With this tool, you can discover high-traffic products in your niche that you can advertise. Along with this, the tool will also provide you with all the relevant information which can help you in running ads, such as Ads Impressions, Target Audience and Suitable dates.

With the PiPiADS TikTok ads tool, you can easily find the specific type of ads that meet your goals. It could be to make sales or for brand awareness and exposure – PiPiADS has got it all covered! We can definitely conclude that even if you have zero knowledge about TikTok Ads, PiPiADS has got you all covered!

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PiPiADS Features at a Glance

Let's now quickly check out the various features offered by PiPiADS. 

1. Track Competitors Ads

PiPiADS being an adspying tool, is beneficial if you wish to look into your competitors' ads and find out their highest-performing ads and also what strategy they are using. It also offers construction of the copy, which was written for their ads.

This feature is really a time-saving one as you can figure out all the insights about the top ads performing and then use the same strategy to have the edge over them.

2. Provides Quality Ad Material

Even if you have little or no knowledge about TikTok ads or maybe ads in general, PiPiADS will provide you with quality ad material that can serve as a blueprint for running TikTok Ads. All this Ad material provided by PiPiADS is updated on the latest trend and information regarding PiPiADS or your sales.

3. Shopify Spy Tools

PiPiADS is not only about TikTok Ads, but it is also useful for dropshipping businesses. PiPiADS comes with an exclusive Shopify spy tool through which you can do a thorough analysis of your store- the theme, the social channels it operates on, newly added products, operations, and the best-selling products.

With this feature of PiPiADS, you can also monitor sales as they are being made. All you need to do is keep your sales page open. This feature will also check out your competitor's stores and also grant you access to the hidden tools and apps that are boosting sales for your competitors.

4. Etsy Product Research

PiPiADS also helps you with product research over Etsy product research. With this feature, you get around all the performing competitive ad analysis while keeping Etsy as a platform in preference. Plus, there is also various filter like bestseller and Etsy's pick through which you can better your competitive ad analysis along with getting along with all the trending products and ads.

Minea Vs. Pipiads: Filters Offered for TikTok Ad Spying 

Filters Offered by Minea

Filters Offered by Minea

Minea has quite a few standard filters, as it only has one dashboard where you can use filters to find the winning products based on the following:

  • Countries
  • Shares and likes
  • Language
  • eCom type and much more.

Filters Offered by PiPiADS

PiPiADS offer various filters, as you can see. You get features depending on categories, basic features and along with few specific ones like TikTok Ad search, Product Search, Winning Product, Advertiser and Etsy Product. Let's have a quick look at them.

Filters offered by PiPiADS

With this feature, you can directly check out the top-performing ads on TikTok. You can filter these by impression, categories, numbers, likes, number of days since the ad has been running, etc. You can also check out the ad copies, landing pages, videos and more with this filter. 

With this feature, you can check out trending and viral products. You can filter them as well by country, categories, data and period.

3. Winning Product

This is what makes PiPiADS stand out, as you get an exclusive section on its dashboard where you can get instant access to the daily winning products. You can filter them by ad impression, likes, comments, etc.

4. Advertiser

If you wish to see the advertisers' winning strategy, like ad budget, target audience and more, this is the feature that you should click on. Plus, there are also various filtering options as well.

5. Etsy

With this filtering option, you can check out all the products which are in high demand on Etsy, and you can compare them to others that are using other types of ad tools.

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Minea Vs. PiPiADS: Pricing Plans Comparison

Next, in our comparison, we will compare the pricing plans offered by both of these ad spying tools.

Minea Pricing Plans

Minea offers a Free Plan and two paid plans. Let's have a quick look at what you get with these pricing plans. 

Minea Pricing Plans

In all of the Minea pricing plans, you get features like: 

  • Facebook Ads
  • Influencer placements
  • Snapchat Ads (coming soon)
  • Chrome Extension
  • Details of ads and placements
  • Advanced Filters

In the Minea Free Plan, which is called the Lite Plan, you get 500 Research Credits. Where the Minea Starter plan costs 49 €/month, and you get 10,000 Research Credits.

The Minea Premium Plan is what you should look for as you get more features like Tiktok Ads, Pinterest Ads and Shop Analysis. You also get 100,000 Research Credits, and its pricing is 99 €/per month. If you subscribe for its annual savings, you can save extra! Also, Minea does not offer any refunds. 

PiPiADS Pricing Plans

PiPiADS Pricing Plans

PiPiADS does not offer a Free Plan, but it does offer you a 3-day $1 trial. PiPiADS offers three pricing plans – Starter, VIP and Pro plan. All of these plans deliver you winning products. Let's have a quick look at them.

FeaturesStarter PlanVIP PlanPro Plan
Ads per query20020005000
Ad details per day502001000
Product details per day502001000
Advertiser per query5010003000
Advertiser details per day502001000
Official SiteActivate DealActivate DealActivate Deal

If you subscribe for the PiPiADS annual subscription, you can save 30%. PiPiADS does not offer refunds. 

Minea Vs. PiPiADS: Pros & Cons

Minea Pros & Cons

PiPiADS Pros & Cons

And the Battle Winner is….?

After reviewing both these TikTok ads spying tools, we can say that PiPiADS is clearly the outright winner. Minea lacks a few key features, whereas PiPiADS has created more buzz in the TikTok ad spying arena with its numerous features and usability. It helps you to find the winning dropshipping products, which makes it an all-in-one dropshipping tool.

Top FAQs on Minea Vs. PiPiADS

Does Minea offer a free plan?

Yes. Minea offers a free plan which is known as the Lite Plan. In this Plan, you get 500 Research credits. 

Does PiPiADS offer a free plan?

No PiPiADS does not offer a free plan, but it does offer a 3-day $1 trial through which the users can check out all of its features before going onto any of its paid plans.

Which social media platforms does Minea monitors?

When we made this comparison, Minea analyzed Facebook Ads, Instagram and Snapchat Influencer Placements, and Pinterest Ads. It is soon planning to introduce Snapchat analysis as it is currently being tested.

Which are the payment methods supported by PiPiADS?

PiPiADS offers its users payment methods like Credit cards and PayPal.

How much does Minea costs?

Minea offers two paid plans which cost 49 €/per month and 99 €/per month.

Final Verdict: Minea Vs. PiPiADS – Which TikTok Adspy Tool is Better?

To make this comparison highly accurate, we have made an in-depth comparison between the two to speculate our pick. Now you can decide which one is the best (PiPiADS, of course).

Minea, though cost-effective, but PiPiADS adds more value to TikTok ad spying by offering more features. If you wish to choose an all-in-one Dropshipping and TikTok ad spy tool, you should choose PiPiADS.

PiPiADS also offers you a competitor ad spying feature which is quite valuable as you can get useful stats and insights into the ads over a platform like TikTok. In just quick minutes, you can find trending products on TikTok along with the ad details and much more. If you are indeed looking for a tool that can enhance your dropshipping or advertising business as a whole, you should try PiPiADS.

We hope that you like our Minea Vs. PiPiADS in-depth comparison. We would also like to hear your thoughts in our comment section below about both of these tools.

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