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RATING: 4.9/5

  • Drives up to 8x higher CTRs compared to traditional display ads
  • Supports multiple commission models such as CPC, CPM, and CPA, with a minimum payout of just $5
  • Includes over 15 targeting parameters and AI-powered solutions to deliver ads to the most ready-to-act users
Top Rated


HilltopAds logo

RATING: 4.7/5

  • Designed to achieve high engagement and conversion rates across various devices and platforms
  • Operates on CPM, CPA, and CPC models with a minimum payment threshold of $50 and weekly or monthly payment options
  • Offers extensive targeting options, such as geo, browser, OS, device type, and more, to ensure precise audience reach


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RATING: 4.6/5

  • Delivers personalized content recommendations to over 500 million daily active users
  • Taboola's SmartBid technology uses campaign and network conversion data to optimize bids
  • Supports various commission models, including CPC and CPM

Imagine an ad that doesn't look like an ad, sounds intriguing, right? Native ads are changing the game in the digital advertising world. Not only do they blend with the content, but also offer value to the visitor, and most importantly, drive revenue.

Native advertising offers publishers and affiliate marketers an effective way to monetize websites while providing a positive user experience. As native ad spending continues growing by over 25% annually, determining the top native ad platforms is key.

This article explores the 21+ best native ad networks for 2024 based on traffic quality, publisher experience, targeting capabilities, and more.

In this article, we’ll be evaluating factors like minimum deposit, geo-targeting, vertical restrictions, and payment methods, this guide identifies the ideal native ad solutions for your needs.

Let's take a closer look at the top native ad networks in 2024 and what they have to offer.

What are Native Ad Networks?

A Native Ad Network is a platform that connects advertisers with publishers to display ads that blend seamlessly with the content, design, and behavior of the platform they appear on. These ads, known as native ads, are designed to provide a non-disruptive user experience, mimicking the look and feel of the surrounding content.

For affiliate marketers and publishers, native ad networks offer a powerful tool to drive engagement and monetize content. They allow for targeted advertising that aligns with the interests of the audience, enhancing the likelihood of interaction.

đŸ”„ Top Native Ad Networks for Publishers & Advertisers

1. Adsterra10. AdUp19. Teads
2. HilltopAds11. Nativo20. Triplelift
3. Jubna12. AdStyle21. Geozo
4. Taboola13. Redirect.com22. Earnify
5. Outbrain14. AdNow
6. InMobi15. Infolinks
7. Smaato16. Dianomi
8. MGID17. StackAdapt
9. Revcontent18. Plista

Let's check out the best Native Ad Networks along with their key features and what makes them a preferable choice among marketers globally.

1. Adsterra


Securing the #1 place among the list of top native ad networks for affiliates and publishers, Adsterra is a globally recognized ad network that has been serving advertisers and publishers since 2013. Known for its Partner Care approach, Adsterra offers a range of ad formats, including native ads, that blend seamlessly with website content. With over 1 billion impressions weekly, Adsterra's native ads are a powerful tool for affiliate marketers and publishers looking to drive engagement and monetize content.

Key Features of Adsterra for Native Advertising

  • Adsterra's native ads can bypass ad blockers, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • Adsterra offers CPC, CPM, and CPA campaigns, providing flexibility for advertisers.
  • Adsterra delivers over 1 billion impressions weekly, offering a wide reach for your ads.
  • With over 20 targeting settings, Adsterra allows you to deliver ads to the best-matching audiences.
  • Adsterra uses AI to send the most relevant CPM rates and ad feeds.
  • Adsterra's native ads fit both desktop and mobile screens.
  • The Adsterra native ads can drive up to 8x higher CTRs compared to classic display ads.

2. HilltopAds


Listed on the 2nd spot in our list of top native ad networks, HilltopAds is a native ad network that provides advertisers with a wide range of advertising formats, helping them reach their target audience effectively.

HilltopAds offers a variety of targeting options, including device type, operating system, and geographical location, among others. HilltopAds is known for its user-friendly dashboard, allowing advertisers to manage their campaigns and track their performance with ease.

Key Features of HilltopAds for Native Advertising

  • Offers a variety of ad formats, including native, video, and banner ads.
  • Provides comprehensive targeting options, including device type, operating system, and geographical location.
  • Delivers high traffic volumes with the potential to reach millions of users.
  • Provides excellent advertiser support.
  • Have competitive pricing and flexible payment options.
  • Offers programmatic advertising options, including programmatic direct deals and real-time bidding for certain ad formats.

3. Jubna

Jubna Ad Network

Founded in 2014, Jubna is a leading native ad network focused on monetization and user experience in the MENA region. Jubna connects advertisers and premium publishers through native ads that blend seamlessly into editorial feeds for higher click-through rates.

With machine learning algorithms, Jubna optimizes campaigns by directing budgets to the highest-converting user segments. This advanced targeting allows laser-focused reach to drive real business results for advertisers. On the publisher side, Jubna's responsive native ads match the site style for minimal disruption to user experience. Publishers can customize ad sizes, styles, and content while earning high returns.

Key Features of Jubna Ad Network for Native Advertising

  • Offers Zone bidding for ROI maximization allows advertisers to set bids based on publisher zones to optimize budget allocation.
  • Seamless native ad integration through customizable ad units that match publisher site style and layout for minimal disruption.
  • Publisher earnings optimization through a variety of ad formats and sizes to maximize publisher yield and monetization of all page elements.
  • Detailed performance analytics give in-depth campaign insights on impressions, clicks, conversions, and other metrics.

4. Taboola


Taboola has been a popular choice among some of the best native ad networks, known for its extensive reach and exclusive partnerships with top publishers worldwide. As the world's largest discovery platform, Taboola serves 360 billion content recommendations to over one billion people each month.

Key Features of Taboola for Native Advertising

  • Reach over one billion active monthly users across Taboola's exclusive premium publisher network spanning the open web, social, and mobile.
  • Leverage precise audience targeting capabilities powered by Taboola's predictive algorithms to reach the most relevant users for higher engagement.
  • Access a flexible range of native ad formats like sponsored content, video, carousels, and more to achieve specific campaign goals and objectives.
  • Benefit from an intuitive self-serve platform with robust analytics for managing and optimizing campaigns in real-time for peak performance.
  • Partner with leading publishers such as NBC News, Bloomberg, MSN, and more to have your ads appear alongside reputable content.
  • Gain actionable insights into campaign results through detailed reporting on clicks, conversions, demographics, and other key metrics.
  • Ensure brand safety through strict content policies, vetting processes, and category blocking to control the context where ads are placed.

5. Outbrain


Outbrain has been a preferred native advertising platform that connects marketers, publishers, and consumers globally. It empowers media companies to compete with walled gardens on audience acquisition, engagement, and retention. Outbrain's world-class advertising platform helps brands connect with consumers on the open web through engaging ad formats that inspire action.

Key Features of Outbrain for Native Advertising

  • Outbrain serves more than 275 billion recommendations.
  • Offers a range of ad types, enabling marketers to accomplish goals across each step of the marketing funnel.
  • Outbrain uses sophisticated AI and machine learning for precision performance, delivering highly relevant messaging to key audiences.
  • The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for marketers at all levels to create and manage campaigns.
  • Outbrain automatically detects the prominent features of your images and formats them within placements for the optimum user experience.
  • Provides a wide range of campaign targeting options based on user interests, behavior, and contextual signals.
  • Gives exclusive access to hand-picked inventory, curated to meet a wide range of advertiser goals.

6. InMobi


InMobi stands as a leading Native Ad Network, offering a comprehensive solution for in-app advertising needs. It strikes a balance between user experience and performance, driving user engagement and action with an ad format that seamlessly integrates with the form and function of the app.

Key Features of InMobi as a Native Ad Network

  • InMobi's platform can tailor ads to match the look and feel of your app, enhancing user experience.
  • From Audience Personas to Appographic targeting, InMobi enables brands to reach their target audience efficiently.
  • InMobi supports both static and video ads in various formats like In-Feed, Splash, or Pre-Roll.
  • Publishers can access a wide range of global ad campaigns from thousands of advertisers on the InMobi ad network.
  • InMobi Native Ads are designed to offer an in-context experience, blending with the visual appeal and interactive elements of the app.
  • The platform increases monetization potential for publishers by delivering a seamless, non-disruptive ad experience.

7. Smaato


Smaato offers publishers and marketers highly effective and engaging native ad formats. Their native ads seamlessly blend into surrounding content for a smooth user experience. Smaato provides omnichannel native ads optimized for different platforms like mobile, desktop, and CTV. The Smaato native ad network generate strong results through formats like native display, native video, and native rich media. With access to premium demand and quality supply, Smaato drives high engagement and revenues with native advertising.

Key Features of Smaato's Native Ad Network

  • Multiple native ad formats including native display, native video, and native rich media
  • Omnichannel native ads for mobile, desktop, CTV, etc.
  • Seamless integration into surrounding content for a smooth user experience.
  • Strong demand from top brands and engagement from target audiences.
  • Higher revenues and eCPMs for publishers compared to banner ads.
  • Detailed analytics and transparency into native ad performance.
  • Support for all major native ad specifications like Native 1.1, Native 1.2, etc.
  • Self-serve platform to launch and manage native ad campaigns.



MGID is a leading global native ad network that seamlessly connects advertisers to engaged audiences through premium publishers. With over 850 million monthly active users and access to premium inventory, MGID enables brands to reach targeted audiences contextually via native ad formats. This results in higher engagement and conversions compared to disruptive ads.

Key Features of MGID Native Ad Network

  • Offers a variety of native ad formats including branded content, push notifications, video, and more. These blend seamlessly into the surrounding content.
  • Options to target campaigns based on location, device, interests, behaviors, and more using MGID's algorithms.
  • Features like zone bidding, predictive pricing engines, and rule-based optimization help optimize campaign performance.
  • Personal guidance and support are provided for campaign setup, optimization, and solving issues.
  • Brand safety is ensured through strict content policies and vetting.

9. Revcontent


Revcontent being one of the leading native ad networks in our list, serves over 250 billion content recommendations every month. It has direct partnerships with premium publishers like Forbes, CBS, and NASDAQ to provide advertisers access to high-quality inventory. Revcontent thoroughly vets both publishers and advertisers, ensuring the delivery of relevant content to engaged users.

Key Features of Revcontent Native Ad Network

  • Granular targeting options like language, device, geography, interests, and more allow advertisers to precisely reach their target audiences for better campaign performance.
  • Real-time campaign analytics provide actionable insights into campaign metrics like clicks, conversions, and demographics that advertisers can use to optimize campaigns.
  • Dedicated account management teams offer individual guidance and support to advertisers for setting up, managing, and optimizing campaigns.
  • Flexible native ad formats including sponsored articles, recommendations, videos, and more can be customized to match campaign goals and publisher sites.
  • Cookieless data tracking eliminates reliance on third-party cookies for future-proofing as privacy regulations evolve.

10. AdUp


AdUp is an excellent choice across many native ad networks focusing on performance marketing across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and the UK. It connects advertisers and publishers through seamlessly integrated image-text ad combinations designed to find the optimal users. AdUp thoroughly vets both publishers and advertisers to ensure ad relevancy and quality. Its self-serve platform and suite of targeting options simplify native advertising.

Key Features of AdUp Native Ad Network

  • Precise geo-targeting capabilities allow advertisers to target audiences down to specific postcode areas for higher relevancy and campaign performance.
  • Support for classic display and affiliate marketing formats supplements the core native offering to provide more options to meet campaign goals.
  • Automated optimization processes powered by AI and machine learning streamline setup and management to reduce workload for advertisers.
  • Real-time analytics and optimization tools give advertisers transparency into metrics like clicks and conversions to make data-driven decisions.
  • Dedicated account management teams offer individual guidance and support to advertisers for managing campaigns and solving issues.

11. Nativo


Nativo is a premier native ad network that specializes in seamlessly integrating branded content into publishers' platforms. With a focus on storytelling, Nativo connects advertisers, publishers, and audiences to create engaging and relevant ad experiences. The platform serves over 7,000 publishers and 228 million users, offering a range of native ad formats and targeting options to achieve campaign KPIs and deliver business outcomes.

Key Features of Nativo Ad Network

  • Wide variety of native ad formats including sponsored content, native display, video, stories, carousels, and more to achieve campaign goals.
  • Proprietary technology and platforms built to handle complex native ad operations at scale for ease of activation and management.
  • Cookieless ad delivery enables compliance with evolving privacy regulations by eliminating reliance on third-party cookies.
  • Real-time analytics provide transparency into campaign metrics like clicks and conversions for optimizing performance.
  • Dedicated support teams offer guidance to both publishers and advertisers on setup, creative building, campaign management, and more.

12. AdStyle


AdStyle is a leading native ad network that delivers relevant, engaging content through seamless ad integration. With over 200 publisher partnerships, AdStyle reaches millions of users worldwide with personalized ad recommendations designed to enhance the user experience. Its proprietary technology and rigorous vetting ensure high-quality, brand-safe native ads that drive results for advertisers without disrupting publishers' content.

Key Features of AdStyle Ad Network

  • A self-serve platform with robust targeting capabilities allows advertisers to precisely target campaigns to relevant audiences for optimal performance.
  • Real-time analytics and optimization tools give transparency into campaign metrics to make data-driven optimization decisions.
  • Support for a wide variety of high-impact native ad formats that can be customized to match campaign goals and publisher sites.
  • Dedicated account management teams provide individual guidance and support to advertisers on campaign setup, management, and optimization.
  • Lightweight, fast-loading ad units seamlessly integrate into publisher sites without impacting page load speeds or user experience.

13. is one of the dominant native ad networks, focused on delivering high performance for advertisers and publishers. Their real-time bidding platform and proprietary geo-targeting system enable precise targeting to maximize results. is also highly innovative, integrating native ads into email, display, and even exit pops to capture quality traffic. Their interface is intuitive and easy to use, with personal account managers available to assist campaigns. Overall, provides exceptional performance, utilizes innovative ad formats, and offers a smooth user experience.

Key Features of as a Native Ad Network

  • A real-time competitive bidding platform enables advertisers to easily buy quality traffic by setting bids against other advertisers.
  • Robust targeting options allow campaigns to be precisely targeted by device, geography, time of day, day of week, and more for relevance.
  • Proprietary geo-targeting system can target audiences down to specific countries, cities, or regions for localization.
  • Seamless native ad integration through domain parking and redirects creates a natural user experience with higher engagement.
  • Dedicated account manager support and online education center provide guidance to advertisers on setup, optimization, and more.
  • Flexible pricing models including CPC, CPA, and CPM allow advertisers to choose options aligned to campaign goals and maximize earnings.
  • Strict vetting and robust rating systems maintain quality by accepting a wide range of content and blocking low-quality sites.

14. AdNow


Listed on #14, AdNow is one of the prime global native ad networks, providing robust monetization solutions for publishers and high-quality inventory for advertisers. Founded by a group of digital marketing experts, AdNow has been at the forefront of innovation in the native ad networks space, combining the strengths of native advertising with the power of programmatic delivery. With a reach of over 150,000 publishers and 1,700 advertisers across 107 countries, AdNow serves billions of ad impressions every month.

Key Features of AdNow as a Native Ad Network

  • AdNow's ad formats provide up to 3 times higher Click-Through Rate (CTR).
  • AdNow has a reach of over 150,000 publishers across 107 countries.
  • AdNow offers weekly payouts starting from $20.00.
  • Publishers have control over the look, feel, and size of the AdNow widget on their websites.
  • AdNow has developed an Anti-Adblock technology to protect publishers' income.
  • Offers competitive rates, often exceeding earnings by other players such as Taboola, Outbrain, and Revcontent.
  • AdNow's user interface is easy to navigate, making it beginner-friendly.
  • Supports non-English sites, making them globally accessible.
  • All creatives are moderated and scanned for viruses and malware, ensuring safe ads.


Infolinks stands out in the native ad network space for its contextual ad targeting technology that aligns ads with page content and user intent. By analyzing keywords and referral sources, Infolinks delivers a more relevant user experience. The network also optimizes for viewability, ensuring ads are seen through exclusive, high-visibility placements.

Infolinks empowers publishers through flexible implementation allowing customization of ad units, locations, and quantity. With strong relevance, viewability, and control, Infolinks enables publishers to boost engagement and earnings from native ads.

  • Contextual ad targeting analyzes page content to match relevant ads to user intent for higher engagement and clickthrough rates.
  • Optimization for viewability uses exclusive placements optimized for visibility plus duration thresholds to ensure ads are seen.
  • Flexible implementation gives publishers control to customize ad quantity, design, sizes, and placements to fit their sites.
  • A variety of native ad formats including InArticle, InScreen, and InFrame seamlessly blend into content for a natural user experience.
  • Weekly payments start at just $50 and offer multiple payout methods like PayPal, wire transfer, Payoneer, and more for publisher convenience.
  • International reach serves campaigns globally across Infolinks’ publisher network spanning over 25,000 sites in 128 countries.
  • Weekly payments start at just $50 and offer multiple payout methods like PayPal, wire transfer, Payoneer, and more for publisher convenience.
  • Dedicated account management and real-time performance tracking provide guidance and transparency into campaign results.
  • Google AdSense compatibility and works with other networks.

16. Dianomi


Securing a spot at #16 among the best Native Ad networks, Dianomi specializes in the financial, business, technology, and lifestyle sectors. With a global reach of over 515 million users, Dianomi serves more than 12.8 billion content ads per month, connecting advertisers with affluent audiences on over 315 premium publishers worldwide.

The platform is known for its contextual ad targeting, ensuring that ads are seamlessly integrated alongside relevant editorial content on premium publications' websites, thereby enhancing user engagement and maximizing revenue for publishers.

Key Features of Dianomi as a Native Ad Network

  • Contextual ad targeting for seamless integration with relevant content.
  • Global reach of over 515 million monthly users across Dianomi's exclusive, premium publisher network spanning finance, business, tech, and lifestyle.
  • Specializes in the financial services, corporate, business, and technology sectors with relevant online advertising opportunities.
  • Serves over 12.8 billion native ads per month through its proprietary ad platform to maximize inventory monetization.
  • Offers a variety of native ad formats like sponsored articles and content recommendations for optimal user engagement.
  • Works with most of the world's largest asset management firms, banks, and financial brands to reach an affluent audience.
  • Provides insights on site visitors' behavior, job functions, and topics of interest.
  • Allows publishers to optimize ad placement using a learning algorithm.
  • Monetizes 100% of a publisher’s inventory with ‘always on’ premium demand from exclusive brand advertisers.

17. StackAdapt


Listed at #17 among the best native ad networks, StackAdapt is one of the top native ad networks that excel in delivering highly engaging native and video advertising solutions for brands and agencies. With its powerful and intuitive platform, StackAdapt provides access to a vast network of premium publishers and leverages real-time, data-driven audience targeting to ensure optimal ad placements. As a result, advertisers can reach their target audience more effectively and efficiently, maximizing their return on investment.

Key Features of StackAdapt as a Native Ad Network

  • Access to 45,000+ premium publishers worldwide for extensive reach.
  • Multi-channel ad formats including native, display, video, and connected TV.
  • Real-time, data-driven audience targeting for precise ad placements.
  • Flexible and customizable ad units to match site content.
  • Machine learning for smarter, faster ad placement decisions.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics for campaign performance insights.
  • Dedicated customer support and best-in-class training.
  • Compatible with other ad networks and platforms for seamless integration.

18. Plista


Plista is a pioneer in the native ad network space, known for its innovative solutions for targeted digital advertising and content distribution. With its data-driven platform, Plista successfully connects advertisers and publishers, offering a unique technology that aligns content and advertising with individual user interests.

This Germany-based company serves content recommendations using audience data based on 40 different algorithms, including behavioral, semantic, and geographical data, ensuring a personalized and engaging user experience.

Key Features of Plista as a Native Ad Network

  • Data-driven platform for targeted digital advertising and content distribution.
  • Uses 40 different algorithms for personalized content recommendations.
  • Global reach with a network of over 1,500 websites.
  • Offers a variety of innovative advertising formats.
  • Compatible across platforms and devices for improved ad interaction.
  • Provides advanced recommendation technology for precise audience targeting.
  • Pricing structure based on a CPC model, paying publishers on a monthly basis.
  • Unique technology and support options to improve user experience.
  • Pioneer in the use of hash identifiers for tracking.

19. Teads


Teads, a global native ad network, is renowned for its innovative ad experiences that are built for attention, driving brand lift and awareness. With its exclusive content partnerships and advanced cookieless targeting, Teads offers an omnichannel platform that reaches consumers across all devices.

Its unique technology allows businesses to effectively reach and remarket to audiences, understanding the context and sentiment around the content being consumed. Teads' in-house creative studio team helps identify the best format, positioning, and environment to deliver optimal outcomes, focusing on improving brand lift, consideration, quality traffic, and purchase intent.

Key Features of Teads as a Native Ad Network

  • Offers advanced cookieless targeting leveraging contextual signals and machine learning for accuracy at scale without cookies.
  • Provides omnichannel solutions spanning branding, performance, and programmatic buying models to suit campaign objectives.
  • Employs an in-house creative studio team that builds and optimizes high-impact ad formats tailored to Teads’ premium inventory.
  • Focuses on driving measurable impact on brand lift, awareness, and quality traffic through viewability and attention metrics.
  • Specializes in personalizing ad formats and creatives using predictive algorithms to match content relevancy and user intent.

20. Triplelift

Triplelift Review

TripleLift is renowned for its innovative and sophisticated programmatic native buying experience. With a focus on quality, TripleLift offers premium placements on reputable publishers, ensuring high engagement and effective reach for advertisers.

The company's unique technology transforms web content into engaging ads, providing a seamless and impactful user experience. TripleLift's commitment to innovation is evident in its recent introduction of a new audience-targeting solution, leveraging first-party data for effective targeting in cookie-constrained environments.

Key Features of TripleLift as a Native Ad Network

  • Offers premium placements on reputable publishers. Direct partnerships with premium publishers like NBC, BBC, Bloomberg, etc. to ensure brand safety.
  • Provides a sophisticated programmatic native buying experience. Leverages the world's top DSPs, real-time bidding, and advanced targeting for native ad campaigns.
  • Transforms web content into engaging ads. Patented computer vision technology converts images into native ad units with higher engagement.
  • Leverages first-party data for audience targeting. A proprietary first-party data solution called TripleLift Audiences enables improved targeting without third-party cookies.
  • Compatible with major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Seamless activation across platforms like TradeDesk, Adobe DSP, Xandr, etc.
  • Offers diverse media buying options; Spans native, video, connected TV, display, and branded content ad formats to suit campaign goals.

21. Geozo


Geozo is an international platform for native advertising that is rapidly gaining popularity. It provides solutions for both publishers and advertisers, offering a user-friendly platform and expert support. Geozo stands out for its flexibility and profitability, offering individual conditions that suit the publishers’ needs. The platform is known for its high-quality traffic and less intense bidding competition, making it an ideal choice for advertisers. Geozo's focus on unobtrusive native ads and expert support makes it a top choice for both advertisers and publishers.

Key Features of Geozo as a Native Ad Network

  • Offers individual conditions to suit publishers' needs.
  • Provides high-quality traffic for advertisers.
  • Less intense bidding competition compared to other platforms.
  • Focuses on unobtrusive native ads.
  • Provides expert support for both publishers and advertisers.
  • Offers demand categories of ads based on the specifics of the publisher’s website.
  • Provides detailed analytics for real-time optimization.
  • Offers a quick moderation process.

22. Earnify


Earnify is a programmatic native ad network that offers a comprehensive solution for advertisers. With Earnify, advertisers can manage their native advertising campaigns across multiple networks in one place, promoting their content through 35+ native supply partners, consisting of 5,000+ premium publishers. The platform's state-of-the-art technology ensures campaigns are delivered to potential customers, increasing conversion rates and ROI. Earnify also provides transparent in-depth analytics, allowing advertisers to monitor their campaigns in real-time and optimize for conversions.

Key Features of Earnify as a Native Ad Network

  • Manages native advertising campaigns across multiple networks. Earnify connects with over 35 premium native supply partners to provide reach and scale.
  • Delivers campaigns to targeted audiences for increased conversion rates. Uses advanced targeting and optimization to direct budgets to the highest-converting user segments.
  • Promotes content through native ad placements on 5,000+ publishers. Leverages native ad inventory across a network of premium publisher sites.
  • Optimizes for conversions using tracking technology. Favors better-performing publishers automatically to maximize conversion rate and return on ad spend.
  • Allows targeting specific SSPs; Can customize native ad buys to target desired supply-side platforms like Outbrain, Taboola, etc.

How much Marketers are Spending on Native Ads?

US Native Ad Spending Chart

In terms of spending, US native ad spend is expected to reach $98.59 billion in 2023, accounting for 59.7% of total display ad spend. This demonstrates the growing confidence in the effectiveness of native advertising.

Native ads offer affiliates and marketers a cost-effective, engaging, and high-performing advertising strategy that can significantly enhance their marketing efforts.

Why Native Advertising is Profitable for You?

Native Advertising Meme

Native advertising, a strategy that seamlessly integrates ads into the user's browsing experience, has proven to be a powerful tool for affiliates and marketers. Research shows that native ads drive high-quality traffic, organically attracting audiences and resisting banner blindness. They generate higher click-through rates than traditional display ads, with some studies showing a rate 40 times higher.

Native ads also drive higher brand lift, especially among users who have previously bought a product from the advertiser. They are consumed similarly to editorial content, enhancing user engagement.

Moreover, native ads are budget-friendly and have the potential to increase shares, as engaged audiences are likely to share the content on their social networks.

Top FAQs on Native Ad Networks and Native Advertising

What are the types of native advertising?

Native ads can take different forms and types. They can appear as content-recommendation widgets, which are recommended content units seen below articles on publishers' websites. They are usually marked with ‘paid content' or ‘you may also like' labels.

What are the benefits of native advertising?

Native advertising helps advertisers, publishers, and audiences avoid the problem of banner blindness. Unlike banner ads, native ads do not look like traditional advertisements and receive greater attention from consumers. Website visitors look at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads.

What are the disadvantages of native advertising?

One of the main criticisms of native advertising is the issue of disclosure and transparency. It's considered ethical if they are clearly labeled, but if not, they can be seen as deceptive.

How to measure native advertising performance?

The performance of native advertising can be measured through various metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and video average watch time. These metrics can help advertisers understand their key performance metrics and adjust their strategies accordingly.

How are native ads different from banner ads?

Native Ads match instead of contrasting with editorial formats for non-disruptive user experience and higher engagement.

What targeting options do native ads offer?

Contextual, geographic, demographic, interest, behavioral and more for precision targeting.

How do native ads impact revenue for publishers?

Command higher CPMs than banner ads and can monetize 100% of ad inventory due to content-style format.

How does contextual targeting for native ads work?

Contextual targeting for native ads involves analyzing the content of a webpage and user behavior to serve ads that are relevant to the content and the user's current interests.

How is viewability measured for native ads?

Viewability for native ads is measured by tracking the percentage of an ad visible on the user's screen and the duration it remains in view, often using third-party tools or direct platform metrics.

Why is cookieless tracking used in native advertising?

Cookieless tracking is used in native advertising to comply with privacy regulations and to target and analyze user behavior without relying on third-party cookies.

What fraud prevention methods do native ad networks employ?

Native ad networks use fraud prevention methods such as blacklists, domain monitoring, impression capping, bot filtering, and anomaly detection systems to ensure traffic quality.

Concluding on Native Ad Networks and Advertising

And there you have it – a comprehensive overview of some of the top native ad networks making waves in digital advertising today. By now, you can clearly see why native ads are becoming the preferred format for modern marketing strategies.

With all the targeting, automation, and analytics capabilities packed into these sophisticated platforms, it’s easier than ever for advertisers to create campaigns that deliver real business impact. Publishers are also capitalizing on the premium payouts and unobtrusive user experience native ads facilitate.

It’s a win-win for both sides of the digital advertising equation. Looking ahead, we can expect native ads to dominate even more as machine learning and AI elevate relevancy and customization to new levels. Brand safety will remain paramount as well.

The bottom line – if you’re ready to step up your monetization or advertising game, native ad networks provide the reach, formats, and performance data you need to hit your goals. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes in, the possibilities are tremendous if you select the right platform partner for your needs.

So which network is best poised to fuel your next success story?🚀 I’ll leave that exciting decision to you!

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