has emerged as one of the most reliable proxy service providers in the market, but still, people are a bit confused about whether it has the needed services or not. Well, in this review, we'll be running a deep analysis over it and will look after what are the features offered and whether they are really worth it or not. Buckle up, let's get started with it.

As an overview, offers services such as Rotating residential proxies, Static residential ISP Proxies, Datacenter proxies, etc. if we look after some of the major factors that make an excellent choice among users include 20M+ Residential IPs worldwide, 1M+ Static Residential IPs, One-hop ISP connectivity, 24/7 IP availability and much more. In addition to that, if you look forward to using, you can also check out's free trial using one of the links given in the description.

Now, hoping into the features and tools, it is worth mentioning that has not only made its way around normal users like you and me but is trusted by some top-tier companies such as TechRadar, MarketWatch, YahooFinance and Bloomberg.

So, let's get started with the detailed review and understand the features and services offered by it and how you can leverage for your use. Review – Overview of NetNut's Advanced Proxy Solutions Review 2022 can be an excellent choice for as well as works as an excellent network for businesses in a number of ways which will be covered in the later sections. As an overview, NetNut proxies let you get along with US Datacenter proxies, Rotating residential proxies, and Static Residential proxies as well. Now that you have got an idea of what Netnut's Advanced and Scalable Proxy solutions consist of, you can make your way around the tools and features for a number of reasons.

Your NetNut Hybrid Proxy Network connection will allow you to obtain any geolocated data content you require, as it connects directly to global ISPs and handles hundreds of gigabytes of network traffic per second. In addition, you may be certain that you will receive a highly secured, scalable, and managed IP proxy network with the best IP availability and success rates in the industry.

Now that we are all covered with the service overview, let's get started with an in-depth analysis of the features and look at the advantages of using Netnut. Below mentioned are some of the key factors that you can look after before choosing Netnut as your proxy service provider. Key AspectsFeature Type
IP Pool20 million+ IPs available
IP TypeResidential IPs
Proxy ProtocolHTTP(S)
Location (Jurisdiction-wise)Israel
Netnut SupportEmail, Skype, Telegram, Discord & WhatsApp
LayerBuilt-in Smart IP Rotation management layer
SpeedOne of the best among proxy servers

Now that we are have covered the basic overview of the features let's take a look at the Netnut features. Features at a Glance – NetNut Reviews

  • Rotating Proxies:

One of the key features of using is its rotating proxies; this, as a result, can help in making things better security-wise. Netnut basically rotates your proxies per browser session by default and can be used on any browser. The proxy rotation per browser session by default can be a great thing overall.

  • Static Residential IP:

Static residential IPs can be called fixed or dedicated IP addresses; these IPs are assigned/dedicated permanently and do not change unless there are some changes or reconfigurations made by Internet Service Provider (ISP). Since Netnut offers direct ISP connectivity with 24/7 IP availability, the sessions can be as long as you would like to go along with it.

  • Dedicated Private Pools:

Offering a dedicated private pool for users can be really helpful in a number of ways. This, as a result, ensures that the users get the best in terms of speed, connectivity, etc.

  • Response Time (Latency-wise):

The response time can be an excellent thing to consider if we look forward to the use for multiple reasons. Now, if we consider the amount of time taken for the response sent and the response received after the tests were performed, the average response time was around 5 seconds which is pretty much good if compared to the response time of other residential proxy network service providers in the market.

  • Proxy Connection Speed:

Well, if we consider the proxy connection speed offered by Netnut, it has emerged pretty well to a great extent. The speed or latency offered by NetNut is pretty great, as the average ping is around 74 ms, with an average download speed of 28.74 Mbps and average upload speed of 11.57 Mbps which is pretty amazing as compared to other residential proxy providers.

  • Average Ping: 74 ms
  • Average download speed: 28.74 Mbps
  • Average upload speed: 11.57 Mbps
  • Free Trial:

The free trial offered by can be considered among some of the best keynotes by This, as a result, can be an excellent thing to make your way around by checking the features and user interface offered by the proxy service provider. offers a 7-day free trial that can be a game-changer for new users.

  • Proxy Pool Size:

Netnut's proxy pool size is one of the biggest proxy pool size; well, Netnut's proxy pool size is not among the top-3 proxy pool size but has a considerable size as compared to some of the top-tier proxy service providers in the market. As I have already mentioned above, Netnut has around 10 million+ residential proxies, which is a huge number in itself.

  • Worldwide Proxies:

Now that if we look forward to the number of residential proxies delivered by Netnut, the numbers are mentioned below:

CountriesNumber of Proxies
United States2,316,000+ IPs
Mexico556,000+ IPs
France967,000+ IPs
Italy696,000+ IPs
Germany864,000+ IPs
India1,087,000+ IPs
Canada588,000+ IPs
UK956,000+ IPs
Argentina580,000+ IPs Reseller

NetNut reseller not only focuses on delivering its services to normal users but also focuses on the reseller option as well. The NetNut reseller account gives access to creating sub users while managing their usage efficiently. This can be an excellent thing for businesses that work over the same ecosystem and can earn some extra money by just delivering the NetNut services overall. Proxies – Different Types of Proxy Servers

NetNut basically offers three types of proxy services to choose from, these proxies include:

1. Rotating Residential Proxies

Each request made with our rotating residential proxies is given a unique IP address. If you prefer high-volume requests or continuous web-scraping, a rotating proxy is the ideal choice. With NetNut's rotating residential IPs, you can access the same websites over and over again, anonymously and undetected.

You'll also be able to bypass CAPTCHAs, reCAPTHCHAs, and other anti-bots programmes to identify suspicious behaviour. The rotating residential proxies start at a price of $300 and go up to $4000 for the Netnut Master Plan.

2. Static Residential Proxies

Using a static residential proxy, you can maintain the same residential IPs for as long as you want with complete anonymity and 24/7 IP accessibility. NetNut's static residential proxies can be beneficial in a variety of scenarios, including managing multiple social media accounts and fulfilling demanding enterprise requirements. Like all of NetNut proxies, a static residential proxy is quick and highly dependable. The NetNut Static Residential proxies start at a cost of $350 (30-day plan) and goes up to $5000 (30-day plan) for the Master Plan.

3. Datacenter Proxies

For those looking for quick response time and who are a bit tight over the budget, a datacenter proxy might be right for you. Datacenter proxies help you collect and extract web data quickly while staying within your budget. You can target websites with basic security features while saving money on per-gigabyte usage as you optimize usage. Our datacenter IPs have quick response times and network uptimes of 99.9% in the United States. The data center proxies start with only $20/month and go up to $500/month for Master plans.

Now that we have covered almost everything related to the features and other aspects , its time to move along with the NetNut pricing plans along with the category, features, etc. Pricing Plans – NetNut Discount Coupon 2024

Basically, all of the plans offered by NetNut are subdivided into two categories based on bandwidth and request. Below mentioned are some of the pricing plans offered by Netnut.

At first, we'll be looking forward to plans based on bandwidth.

Rotating Residential Proxy Pricing

Rotating Residential Proxy Pricing
Starter Plan (30-day plan)$300 (20 GB)
Advanced Plan (30-day plan)$600 (50 GB)
Production Plan (30-day plan)$800 (100 GB) (IP Whitelisting available)
Semi-Pro Plan (30-day plan)$1625 (250 GB) (IP Whitelisting available)
Professional Plan (30-day plan)$2500 (500 GB) (IP Whitelisting available)
Master Plan (30-day plan)$4000 (1 TB) (IP Whitelisting available)


Static Residential Proxies Pricing

Static Residential Proxies Pricing
Starter Plan (30-day plan)$350 (20 GB)
Advanced Plan (30-day plan)$750 (50 GB)
Production Plan (30-day plan)$1000 (100 GB)
Semi-Pro Plan (30-day plan)$2000 (250 GB)
Professional Plan (30-day plan)$3250 (500 GB)
Master Plan (30-day plan)$5000 (1 TB)

Single Plan for Datacenter Proxies

Single Plan for Datacenter Proxies
Starter Plan (30-day plan)$20 (20 GB)
Advanced Plan (30-day plan)$45 (50 GB)
Production Plan (30-day plan)$80 (100 GB)
Semi-Pro Plan (30-day plan)$185 (250 GB)
Professional Plan (30-day plan)$350 (500 GB)
Master Plan (30-day plan)$500 (1 TB)

Below mentioned are the plans based on request, the based on request plan is only available for Rotating residential proxies.

Rotating residential proxies$7500 (Plus Plan)$12500 (Pro Plan)$25000 (Enterprise)

All these NetNut plans mentioned above offer different services, you can make your way upon the features that you look forward to use. Now if we talk about the number of connections for all of these packages, all of them offer unlimited of connections which is a great thing in itself.

Top FAQ on Review

What is is the finest proxy network available in the market when it comes to safeguarding your data from spying eyes and hackers. keeps you anonymous on the internet and gives you newfound freedom online.

Is NetNut free?

If you want to try for free, then you can easily start your 7-day free trial. Click here to start your NetNut free trial.

What makes NetNut the best proxy provider?

There are various key factors that make NetNut the best residential IP proxies provider. NetNut offers unlimited bandwidth, and it does not reduce bandwidth when you use a certain amount of data. NetNut offers an easy-to-use dashboard for both Mac and Windows as compared to the other proxy networks. At the same time, NetNut supports 50 countries globally.

Is worth your money?

NetNut also has some strengths and weaknesses, just like some other proxy networks. is the best proxy provider that anyone can trust on it to purchase premium proxies. NetNut offers easy-to-use dashboards, unlimited bandwidth, good connection speed, dedicated account managers and many more that make it the right choice for buying proxies. In order to test its proxies, you can even start your NetNut 7 days free trial.

Are there any other alternatives?

There are various residential IP proxies providers available on the web that you should go for. If you are looking for the best alternatives, then check the following list:

Conclusion: NetNut Review 2024 – Is NetNut a good choice?

From my experience so far, it can be said that, there are some strengths and drawbacks to every provider that we have come across, including NetNut. You may rest assured that you will receive premium proxies from them, as they have a pool of over 20 million+ residential IPs sourced directly from ISPs, good connection speeds, scraper performance, and dedicated account managers.

You may even request a 7-day free trial to test their proxies before buying any of the plans. Therefore, NetNut can be considered as a premium proxy service provider. In addition to that, from our experience so far, there were not any sign of failure rates, so as a bottom line, is a great choice overall for your needs that you might be searching for residential proxies.

Hopefully, this review has cleared some of the common queries you might have.

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