OAGenius is a set of tools that assists arbitrage sellers in identifying opportunities, listing products, managing inventory, monitoring prices, and fulfilling dropship orders. Orders can be organized, earnings calculated, shipping tracking automated, customer service notes created, and orders searched for.

List and sync your inventory quickly for seamless and easy automatic management. Get individual SKU reports or supplier-level reports, including profitability, order volume, refund rates, and other information.

In this OAGenius review, we will learn about the features and benefits of OAGenius.

What is OAGenius? – Honest OAGenius Review

OAGenius Reviews

OGGenius offers the best set of tools and automation for Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook Shops Business. It is a dropshipping software that helps sellers to manage their inventory, automate orders, monitor prices and source scalable products.

It is a cloud-based software that is widely used to create customer support notes, calculate profits, monitor deliveries and search shipments with great ease. It is also helpful for getting information on various suppliers like order volume, profitability, refund rates and others.

OAGenius also allows you to list items on Amazon that include features like combinations, sets and bundling several items on a single ASIN. Plus, the platform also lets users list different items on Amazon and works on eBay and Walmart as well. The tool will reprise and adjust the sales and monitor listings and stock levels as required. 

OAGenius can be used to list products on supported source sites and identifies promising opportunities. OAGenius offers four products which are as follows:

  • Sage: Dropshipping Software for Amazon Sellers
  • Sage: Dropshipping Software for Walmart Sellers
  • Sage: Dropshipping Software for Facebook Shops
  • Gravity: Product Sourcing Chrome Extension

The Sage tool is for Amazon and Walmart sellers. It is an accurate tool for inventory, pricing and orders. Even you can sync inventory and pricing easily between sources and Walmart or Amazon marketplaces. At the same time, the Gravity tool is a Product Sourcing Chrome Extension.

👉 Top Reasons to Go with OAGenius

  • The software aids in the listing of products on Amazon and allows variations, kits, and the bundling of numerous products into a single ASIN.
  • The software keeps track of prices and stock levels, reprices listings, and adjusts the quantity available as needed.
  • It keeps track of an item's available stock across supported retail sites and adjusts your listing amount accordingly.
  • Pause and relist things on your sourcing site as they come in and out of stock so you can take a deliberate approach to prevent ‘out-of-stock items from being sold.
  • The order management system will automatically import your orders, import source order IDs and costs, obtain tracking numbers from your suppliers, and confirm your shipments on Amazon.
  • The program has a price-monitoring tool that links with informed: Co, a repricer. 
  • The price monitor examines source sites for the most current pricing and then sends the revised cost to the repricer.
  • If you are informed, and Co strategy is appropriately configured.
  • You will be able to specify your minimum and maximum thresholds for every item based on intended profit, ROI, and more.
  • The sourcing addon is ideal for merchant fulfilled and OAGenius.
  • Click on a product or category page on one of their supported source sites, and the system will provide matched products, pricing, and cost breakdowns to assist you in determining what is lucrative.

Benefits of Using OAGenius – OAGenius Review

1. Know Your Inventory

If there's one obvious thing, it's that Amazon consumers get irritated when they don't receive their purchases on time. When you're a merchant, feedback is crucial. Bad reviews imply a poor reputation and a lack of interest in your offerings. Long delivery periods caused by out-of-stock items sold are frequently a one-way ticket to negative feedback.

  • If you cannot fulfill enough of those orders and have to cancel more than 2% of them, your Amazon account may be deactivated in addition to bad reviews.
  • It takes caution to avoid ‘out-of-stock things from being sold. The OAGenius inventory management platform was created expressly to combat this costly issue.
  • OAGenius is a must-have software for dropshippers since it checks inventories across supported retail platforms and updates listings accordingly.
  • A competent Amazon drop shipping inventory management tool will prevent depletion and relist items based on their availability on your sourcing site.
  • Stock snafus will never happen again if you use OAGenius, nor will you have to change your stock list manually.
  • This saves you time & money, as well as potential suspensions and avoidable customer service conflicts.

2. Keeping an Eye on Price Changes 

Your company is expanding, and your inventory of things for sale is reaching heights you could never have imagined.

Furthermore, Amazon's pricing is constantly changing. That is, no single price remains constant. As a dropshipper, you're always fighting for the best rates and the Buy Box (the ‘Add to Cart‘ box that accounts for nine out of every ten Amazon sales). You can employ price-monitoring technologies to keep your pricing from growing too high to sell or falling too low to make any money.

When working with five or fewer goods, you can manually track source site pricing. However, once your inventory starts to grow, you'll need automation unless you want to squander valuable hours tracking products on your own.

Fortunately, OAGenius offers a price-monitoring tool that interacts (through API) with informed. Co, a repricer (formerly Appeagle). The OAGenius price monitor monitors the source site for the current pricing and then sends the revised total cost to the repricer. If you are informed, Co strategy is appropriately configured, you will be able to select your minimum and maximum thresholds for every item based on intended profit ($/percent), ROI, and other factors.

You will save hours each week adjusting your min and max selling thresholds by employing a price monitor that syncs through API to your repricer. Listings can be listed and repriced in minutes with a few mouse clicks. By utilizing professional strategy and proven analytics, you are informed.co provides you with the most competitive minute-by-minute price.

3. Order Management Without the Hassle

You can handle your limited number of daily orders with a spreadsheet when you first start your firm. Managing order fulfillment can become one of your most difficult challenges when you get through the earliest stages and start moving more significant things.

OAGenius gives you the flexibility to manage orders, calculate earnings, automate shipment tracking into the software and Amazon, define order statuses, make customer care notes, and search for orders in seconds.

Furthermore, individual SKU data or supplier level reports, including profitability, order volume, refund rates, and more, are easily accessible both within the program and via CSV export. You will not only save yourself & your staff hours of effort and hundreds of dollars in labor expenses/management by using OAGenius, but you will also be functioning more fluidly and precisely, giving you some peace of mind.

Instead, you may concentrate on growing your business and live the life you've always wanted. Don't be a slave to your job!

4. Choosing the Correct Items 

You must sell successful products. Unfortunately, locating these things might take up a significant amount of your time, energy, and money. What if technology could automate this process and allow you to locate essential things 25 times faster than you could by hand?

That's what you get with OAGenius' product sourcing extension. You may bulk-scan source merchant pages, rapidly locate profitable products, and compare them to the same item on Amazon.

You can search for things based on your targeted profit, sales rank, and ROI. Both FBM/MFN (fulfilled by the merchant) online arbitrage drop shippers and traditional FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) retail arbitrage sellers will benefit from the sourcing expansion. You'll wonder how you ever got along without OAGenius once you start sourcing your items with it!

Key Features of OAGenius – OAGenius Review

OAGenius products

OAGenius helps arbitrage sellers identify the opportunities by which they can increase their revenue potential. And in helping them do so, it offers numerous features. 

Currently, OAGenius offers Three strong marketing resources that could be used either individually or in combination. They are: 

Gravity: This is an accurate Product Sourcing Chrome Extension for inventory, pricing, and orders that can help sellers in locating profitable products and analyze feasible products in larger quantities. 

Sage: This tool helps in keeping track of returns and market levels, reprices lists as necessary and also updates the quantity available. It also has the ability to place orders automatically. 

1. Gravity – OAGenius Chrome Extension

The OAGenius sourcing plugin provides Amazon sellers with the quickest and most accurate approach to uncover profitable product opportunities.

The market's fastest and most accurate 24/7 monitoring software.


Products are listed, inventory is automated, pricing is monitored, personnel is managed, orders are filled, and outcomes are analyzed—sync inventory and pricing between source retailers and Amazon to ensure that you purchase low and sell high.

2. Sage: All-in-one Tool for Dropshipping Automation and Inventory Management


This tool is an all-in-one platform for inventory management, price monitoring, order automation, and more. It easily syncs inventory and pricing between sources and Amazon, Walmart, or Facebook Shops. It also offers inventory, order tracking, and price monitoring tools for buying low and selling high.

This product by OAGenius will ensure that you get complete control over shipping costs, initial price, and handling time for each item. Sellers now don't have to worry about changing costs, out-of-stock items and selling for a loss as this tool can monitor cost pricing and also the available stock for each of your items and adjust your Amazon listings automatically.

This feature also saves you time by automating order management and fulfillment without the tedious steps, as it automatically pulls order information into the software to make it easy for you to manage.

3. OAGenius Auto-Ordering

This feature from OAGenius enables users to place orders on Walmart. It will automatically place an order whenever you receive an order from Walmart. This Auto-ordering feature also orders items immediately when they come back in stock, and only those items which are approved are ordered by it.

4. Products to List

list product

Products can be listed on Amazon and our system simultaneously, with support for variations, kits, and product bundles. Take complete control over each item's starting price, delivery fees, and handling time. Variations, kits, and the packaging of numerous products into a single ASIN are all supported—Auto-assign postage to your items based on the free shipping thresholds of your suppliers.

5. Price Tracking

OAGenius also offers a feature where you can track pricing that does scanning of updated prices on the source sites and ensures that prices are updated at all times.

6. Order Management & Fulfillment Without the Headaches

order management

Simplify the fulfillment process by automating the time-consuming tasks involved in placing orders and tracking shipments.

7. Never Sell Out-of-Stock Items

Have Amazon automatically pause and relist items as they come in and out of stock on any of your sourcing sites.

8. Simplify the Procedure

Their system decreases the time-consuming steps involved in placing orders and auto-confirming shipments.

9. Advanced Filters

OAGenius also offers an advanced set of filters that allow you to optimize your search results and get precise results all the time.

10. Returns Simplified

Using an easy upload template, you can override Amazon's auto-authorized returns. Many attributes can be searched by filtering and exporting orders and items, and a real-time report can be generated. CSV exports are provided for an in-depth examination.

11. Synchronization Systems

Use our upload templates to sync your existing Amazon inventory and link with other tools for easy company management.

12. Supported Marketplaces

Another feather in the cap of OAGenius is that it supports a wide range of marketplaces. A few of the marketplaces supported by OAGenius are – eBay, Amazon, Zoro, Walmart, The Home Depot, Sam's club, Boscov's, Overstock, Fleet Farm, Bed Bath & Beyond, Overstock, Blains Farm & Fleet, and more.

13. Manage Inventory

Monitor an item's available stock across supported source sites and automatically update Amazon inventory levels. Never again will you have to worry about selling out-of-stock items or manually altering available inventory. Items on your sourcing site should be paused and relisted when they come in and out of supply. Control how much inventory to list based on the availability of your sourcing site.

14. Monitor Prices

Maintain your Amazon competitiveness even if your costs alter. We make sure that you never sell at a loss. Automate the critical work of searching for the most recent cost pricing on each item and syncing it with your repricer. Built-in API connectors allow you to sync data to your repricer in real-time. For each of your vendors, change factors such as sales tax and shipping prices.

15. Returns Management

Upload templates that have been pre-built and are ready to use Overriding auto-authorized returns and accounting for refunds, fees, and profits and losses.

16. User Administration & Collaboration

Employee management functions that save time will help you stay organized. Set user rights to allow full reporting access or to limit access to listings, goods, and orders as needed. Employees in sourcing can immediately list Amazon and OAGenius with a single click, without ever having access to Seller Central.

Collaborate by leaving notes on orders and items for your teammates, optimizing your workflow, and speeding up tasks.

OAGenius Pricing Plans – Does OAGenius Offer Free Trial?

OAGenius has separate pricing plans for Sage and Gravity products. Let's explore each of them individually. And it also offers a 7-day free trial for both of them.

Sage Dropshipping Pricing Plans

OAGenius Pricing Plans

So as you can see, the Sage Dropshipping tool has 4 pricing plans. Let's just quickly see what you get with these pricing plans. 

In all the Sage Dropshipping tool pricing plans, you get the following features: 

  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management 
  • Advanced Lister Tools
  • 24/7 Price Monitoring 
  • Smart Notifications 
  • Basic Reporting 

Coming to the pricing plans, to begin with, you have the Starter plan, which costs $199/month and is for up to 1000 listings. Next, you have the Growth plan, which costs $399/month and is for up to 2500 listings.

Third, you have the Scale Plan, which costs $699/month for up to 5500 Listings. Lastly, you have the Boss Plan, which costs $999/month and is for up to 10,000 Listings.

Gravity Extension Pricing Plan

Gravity Extension Pricing Plan

The OAGenius Chrome Extension plugin costs $79/month; it offers you features like Unlimited scanning, Profitability calculations, Advanced filtering, Source from any supported supplier, Sell on Amazon or Walmart, Buy list creation, CSV exports and 1-Click List to Sage Software.

How to Begin with OAGenius?

Following is a step-by-step guide that can help you get started with OAGenius.

Step 1: Head to the Official Website of OAGenius and click on the “Start a Free Trial” button. 

OAGenius Coupon

Step 2: Select any one of the two solutions you want for a 7-day free trial. In our case, we choose Walmart dropshipping.

Walmart Dropshipping

Step 3: Fill in all the required details and create your profile.

OAGenius Discount

Step 4: Check out all the items which are selling cheaper at Amazon (or any other supplier) than they are at Walmart.

Step 5: Then list those items virtually on the Walmart marketplace 

Step 6: You should repeat the same process many times to list as many products as possible so that you get the maximum chance of selling them. 

Step 7: Relax and wait for sales to start and give you revenue.

Top OAGenius Alternatives that You May Try!

Next, in our OAGenius review, we will have a few top alternatives to it. Let's see whether these top alternatives are giving OAGenius tough competition or not. 

OAGenius Vs. BuyBotPro

BuyBotPro is another fantastic alternative to OAGenius. This is actually an Amazon FBA online arbitrage virtual buying assistant. It analyzes thousands of data points to score deals out of 100.

Along with this, it also offers an FBA calculator and a buying assistant who checks eligibility. It also comes with a Chrome Extension. This tool can also calculate VAT and other export deal information to buying list in Google Sheets.

OAGenius Vs. Webscraperapp

Webscraperapp is another inventory and order management tool which makes it easy to organize your online catalog and manage sales. WebScrapperapp also has a professional team that is available 24/7/365 to assist you with every aspect of your inventory and ordering experience.

With this tool, you can automate dropshipping with its powerful inventory & order management tool features. This tool also comes with a 7-day free trial. But when we closely compare OAGenius Vs. Webscraperapp, we found that Webscraperapp is only for Amazon, whereas OGGenius also supports Walmart and Facebook selling.

Top FAQs on OAGenius Review

What is OAGenius?

OAGenius is a software company that assists dropshippers with managing, scaling, and automating their Amazon and Walmart businesses.

What is the OAGenius gravity extension?

A powerful Chrome Extension assists FBA, FBM, and Walmart Marketplace sellers in discovering profitable product opportunities.

Is Sage easy to use?

Yes, absolutely! Sage is a highly user-friendly application, and they also offer video training features to help you learn each function and usability within the resource package. Each customer can also schedule time with a professional performance trainer based on their preferences, who will guide you through the program to get the most out of it.

What is Walmart dropshipping?

Walmart dropshipping is a bridge between the 1P and 3P selling models. Walmart pays you a wholesale price for your product and lists it on its website.

How can I sign up with OAGenius?

Before downloading the Chrome extension, you will be prompted to enter your contact information. After that, you'll be able to try Gravity for 7 days. Gravity was created to make product sourcing quick and easy. There is no requirement for prior experience! Register for a free trial version to get started.

Does OAGenius offer any video training?

OAGenius also has an extensive video library that has been carefully curated to help you get started with Sage & Gravity.

Who should use OAGenius?

After doing our in-depth OAGenius Review, we will recommend this tool for Walmart and Amazon Marketplaces for sellers who wish to scale and automate product sourcing, inventory management and order fulfillment.

Is there any OAGenius free trial?

Yes. OAGenius offers a complete 7-day free trial, which the sellers can utilize to check out this dropshipping tool.

Can Sage automatically track profit?

Yes. As long as purchase cost is entered into the order management system, you will continue to receive accurate tracking of all profits and losses.

Conclusion: OAGenius Review – Why do we suggest OAGenius?

OAGenius is fast and effective, and it helps me increase revenue and profitability while eliminating out-of-stock issues and keeping all pricing modifications under control. Price history is an effective tool for detecting shifts and discovering problematic commodities from various sources.

This program is terrific for placing orders and listing things. OAGenius is a price monitoring and repricing tool that works perfectly for a variety of vendors. It has an extraordinary ability to track shipments. Because the site is upgraded every 3 to 4 hours, there is no need to worry about offering out-of-stock products.

You can rely on them to be extremely precise when it comes to adjusting the source price. I work as a virtual assistant and am overjoyed to have found this tool. On the first day, the program astounded me.

This application enables me to save both energy and money. Rather than hiring a VA to execute the orders (which might be hazardous), OAGenius performs it for me, reducing all of my anxiety and concerns regarding my credit and debit cards! The fact that it also checks each order saves me a lot of time!

The application is also quite simple to use. When I first bought this tool, it was pretty straightforward to use. Order processing is exceptionally user-friendly because you can rapidly change the order status and insert and edit the order details.

Its automatic delivery monitoring and approval features eliminate the need for manual shipment verification. I don't have to travel to Seller Central to insert listings because OAGenius sends the information directly. When managing orders, I don't have to fill out all required forms because the system will automatically retrieve the information from the supplied email.

In addition, it checks to ship in Seller Central as soon as the order has been delivered, so you won't have to worry about late deliveries or invalid monitoring. It also notifies me of any “back in stock” orders.🚀🚀

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