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Looking to boost engagement and revenue from your mobile aapp? Offerwalls may be the answer. These opt-in ad units display a “wall” of different offers users can complete to earn rewards like virtual currency or extra lives. Offerwalls create a win-win—users get free stuff while developers monetize through high ad payouts.

Top networks like ironSource, Chartboost, and Tapjoy feature premium branded offers and average eCPMs from $30 to over $100. They also drive up to 5-7x higher user retention compared to apps without offerwalls.

The key is choosing an established network that provides relevant, fresh offers at various reward levels. This keeps users engaged while delivering results.

Pro tip: Customize the look and feel of the offerwall to match your app! A seamless experience leads to better performance.

Ready to unlock revenue and loyalty through offerwalls? This guide explores the top ad networks to consider and best practices to follow. Let's level up your monetization!

What are Offerwall Ad Networks?

Offerwall ad networks display a wall of different offers that users can complete to earn rewards like virtual currency or extra lives in apps and games. As users opt-in and engage with these branded offers, app developers and website owners get paid through high ad payouts often averaging $30 to over $100 eCPMs.

A key benefit of offerwalls is they incentivize users to take specific actions, driving up to 5-7x higher user retention compared to apps without offerwalls. Choosing an established network with relevant, fresh offers is key. Customizing the look and feel to match your app also leads to better performance. For publishers, offerwalls create a win-win between ad-based monetization and loyalty. Integrating them into your app or website unlocks a compelling way to capitalize on mobile growth.

How are Offerwall Ad Networks different from Other Ad Networks?

Unlike banner or video ads, offerwall ad networks are interactive, allowing users to engage with branded content and complete specific actions in exchange for rewards. This drives higher user retention, with offerwalls generating up to 5-7x better retention rates compared to apps without them.

Offerwalls also enable publishers to capitalize on mobile gaming growth, with average eCPMs ranging from $30 to over $100—significantly higher than traditional ad formats. Their reciprocity and relevance keep users coming back while delivering results for advertisers.

However, offerwalls may not suit all apps or users. Carefully vetting advertisers and customizing offer walls to match your app's look and feel leads to the best performance.

📡 Top Offerwall Ad Networks With Great Offers

Offerwall Ad NetworksKey Features Offered by Ad Networks
Tapjoy900+ million monthly active users
ChartboostAverage eCPMs range from $30-$100+
MetapsAlso offers Contextual Targeting
Mars Media GroupOffers a range of services in digital space
InmobiServes over 1 billion people globally
AppodealOne-stop solution for managing multiple ad networks
Supersonic AdsUtilizes a cloud-based SDK for seamless integration
Adgate MediaHave a tracking platform for in-depth traffic analytics
Google AdsenseUses a real-time auction system to ensure the highest-paying ads appear
Adscend MediaRewards-based ad solution
OGAdsOffers over 600 high-converting offers
WannadsSegmented, and automatically translated offers from more than 100 countries
CPALeadPublishers can earn up to $1 per user interaction
GrabRewardsCan launch an ad in just 3 minutes
Persona.lyProcesses more than 2.8 million in-app ad auctions per second
AdGemSuperior native ad experience
KiwiWall100% custom-made offerwall solutions

1. Tapjoy


Tapjoy connects 900+ million monthly active users with relevant brand content through its interactive offerwall. Tapjoy pioneered the offerwall ad format which displays a “wall” of different offers users can complete to earn rewards. This drives exceptional engagement – with average eCPMs from $30-$100+ and up to 5-7x higher user retention rates.

Tapjoy offerwalls compellingly blend monetization and retention. Their reciprocity converts users into loyalists, unlocking the revenue and engagement mobile publishers crave. Ultimately, Tapjoy creates a win-win by providing a compelling experience that converts.

Tapjoy Key Features

  • Average eCPMs from $30-$100+.
  • 5-7x higher user retention rates vs. apps without offerwalls.
  • 900+ million monthly active users.
  • Pay-per-action model pays only for completed conversions.
  • Interactive offerwall with branded content and rewards.
  • Customizable offerwall design and placement.
  • Real-time campaign analytics and optimization.
  • Access to working capital via the Tapjoy Fund.

2. Chartboost


Chartboost is a leading platform providing offerwall ads to top mobile game developers. Chartboost offerwalls create a value exchange where users opt-in to branded activities for in-game rewards. This drives exceptional engagement and revenues for mobile publishers. The native format and seamless integration also cultivate loyalty and longer playtime. One of the best things that has made Chartboost a preferred choice is the monetization available on free games and apps for publishers.

Chartboost Key Features

  • Interactive ad “walls” with rewards.
  • Average eCPMs from $25-$90+.
  • Up to 55% higher user engagement.
  • Non-interruptive and user-initiated.
  • Customizable offer wall design.
  • Access to premium game advertisers.
  • Real-time analytics and optimization.
  • Mediation to maximize ad revenue.

3. Metaps


Metads is a prominent ad network that serves as a crucial intermediary between advertisers and publishers. It plays a pivotal role in the digital advertising ecosystem, aggregating ad inventory from various sources and matching it with the advertiser's demand. Metads leverages advanced technology to ensure the ads delivered to users are contextually relevant, enhancing the user experience and ad performance. It offers a wide range of ad formats and provides a platform for both publishers looking to monetize their ad space and advertisers seeking to promote their products or services.

Metaps Key Features

  • Contextual Targeting to ensure ads are relevant to the user's content.
  • Wide Range of Ad Formats that offer diverse ad formats to suit different advertising needs.
  • Advanced Technology to utilize sophisticated technology for ad delivery and performance.
  • Aggregates Ad Inventory to collect ad inventory from various sources and matches it with advertiser demand.
  • Provides a platform for both publishers and advertisers.

4. Mars Media Group

Mars Media Group

Mars Media Group is a leading global provider of innovative online performance marketing solutions. Founded in 2005, the company has established a reputation for its technological orientation, innovative solutions, and diverse portfolio of services. Mars Media Group leverages cutting-edge technology like AI and data analytics to craft powerful solutions for its clients, ensuring maximum impact with outstanding results.

The company offers a range of services including digital marketing solutions, social media, mobile advertising, and affiliate marketing. Mars Media Group's ability to adapt, analyze, and stay relevant in a fast-paced industry has been a key factor in its continued success and growth over the years.

Key Features of Mars Media Group

  • Offers a range of innovative online performance marketing solutions.
  • Leverages cutting-edge technology like AI and data analytics.
  • Provides services in digital marketing, social media, mobile advertising, and affiliate marketing.
  • Executive team with over 10 years of experience in the industry.
  • A global performance advertising agency with a wide reach.

5. Inmobi


InMobi is a global mobile ad network that was founded in 2007. It serves as a crucial link between advertisers and publishers, providing a comprehensive mobile marketing platform that drives real connections with audiences and unlocks new growth opportunities. InMobi offers various types of Ads such as native ads, video ads, banner ads, interstitial ads, rich media ads, and carousel ads, ensuring a contextual and non-intrusive user experience.

The platform leverages advanced technologies and big data to simplify mobile advertising for its customers. InMobi is recognized for its innovative solutions and has been named one of the 50 Disruptive Companies by MIT Technology Review. It serves over 1 billion people worldwide, making it a significant player in the mobile advertising industry.

Key Features of InMobi

  • Offers a range of ad formats including native, video, interstitial, rich media, and carousel ads.
  • Leverages big data and advanced technologies to simplify mobile advertising.
  • Serves over 1 billion people worldwide.
  • Provides a comprehensive platform for mobile marketing.
  • Recognized for its innovative solutions in mobile advertising.

6. Appodeal


Appodeal is an ad mediation platform that provides a one-stop solution for managing multiple ad networks. It empowers app developers and publishers to maximize their ad revenue by offering a unified auction that ensures the highest yield for every impression. Appodeal's platform enables the creation and management of line items for various ad networks, giving users the flexibility to control the activation of ad networks.

Key Features of Appodeal

  • Maximizes ad revenue by managing multiple ad networks.
  • Ensures the highest yield for every impression through a unified auction system.
  • Provides the ability to create and manage line items for different ad networks.
  • Empower users to turn ad networks on and off as needed.
  • Offers a comprehensive platform for ad network management.

7. Supersonic Ads

Supersonic Ads

Supersonic is a mobile advertising technology platform widely used by app developers globally. The platform, known for its cloud-based SDK, serves a diverse range of developers, offering a variety of ad formats and advanced solutions. With a network that spans over 500 leading game titles and publishers, Supersonic reaches a significant portion of social game players on Facebook daily in 200 countries. The company also provides a “white box approach” centered around transparency, aiming to keep partners informed at every step and offer support to help scale and profit from their games.

Key Features of Supersonic Ad Network

  • Utilizes a cloud-based SDK for seamless integration.
  • Spans over 500 leading game titles and reaches 50% of social game players on Facebook daily in 200 countries.
  • Focuses on transparency and close collaboration with partners.
  • Offers a variety of ad formats to meet different needs.
  • Provides support for developers globally.

8. AdGate Media

AdGate Media

AdGate Media is a performance-based monetization and user acquisition platform that specializes in rewarded advertising. Founded in 2011, the platform is designed to help app developers and publishers maximize their revenues through non-intrusive advertising that rewards users for their engagement. AdGate Media offers a variety of ad solutions including Rewarded and Non-Rewarded Videos, Offerwall/App Wall, and Lockers.

AdGate Media also provides a large ad inventory, a tracking platform for in-depth traffic analytics, and dedicated account manager support. AdGate Media's business model focuses on connecting premium global brands with users of popular apps and websites, thereby helping publishers increase their earnings and generate more revenue.

Key Features of AdGate Media

  • Specializes in non-intrusive advertising that rewards users for their engagement.
  • Offers Rewarded and Non-Rewarded Videos, Offerwall/App Wall, and Lockers.
  • Provides a large ad inventory for app developers.
  • Offers a platform for in-depth traffic analytics.
  • Provides support from an account manager.
  • Operates on a performance-based model, maximizing revenues for app developers and publishers.

9. Google Adsense

Google adsense

Google AdSense is a widely used ad network that allows publishers to monetize their online content. It operates by matching ads to a site based on its content and the interests of its visitors. Advertisers create and pay for these ads, with the amount a publisher earns varying due to different ad prices. AdSense uses a real-time auction system to ensure the highest-paying ads appear on a site. It supports a variety of ad formats, including responsive ads, fixed-sized ads, sticky ads, and native ads.

AdSense also offers different ways of targeting ads, such as contextual targeting, placement targeting, personalized targeting, and run-of-network targeting. The platform is known for its competitive revenue share, with publishers receiving 68% of the revenue recognized by Google for displaying ads with AdSense for content.

Key Features of Google AdSense

  • Supports responsive ads, fixed-sized ads, sticky ads, and native ads.
  • Offers contextual, placement, personalized, and run-of-network targeting.
  • Publishers receive 68% of the revenue recognized by Google for displaying ads.
  • Uses a real-time auction system to ensure the highest-paying ads appear on a site.
  • Provides a large ad inventory with multiple Google-certified ad networks competing for ad units.
  • Ads are optimized for mobile, ensuring they are high quality and relevant even when viewed on smartphones and tablets.

10. Adscend Media

Adscend Media

Adscend Media is a performance-based advertising network that provides a suite of monetization solutions, including Offer Wall, Rewarded Video, and Affiliate Marketing. Founded in 2009, Adscend Media has grown to be utilized by over 35,000 publishers in more than 180 countries. The platform is known for its rewards-based ad solutions, allowing users to earn rewards by completing actions such as downloading apps or participating in surveys.

Adscend Media's proprietary fraud-fighting solution, Total Fraud Defense, ensures the integrity of its ad network. The company also offers a global publisher network, diverse offer campaigns, and dedicated account management to help publishers maximize their earnings.

Key Features of Adscend Media

  • Provides a variety of offers for users to earn rewards.
  • Allows users to earn rewards by watching videos.
  • Offers a rewards-based ad solution for apps and websites.
  • Helps publishers monetize their mobile apps.
  • Provides diverse campaigns to help publishers acquire more users.
  • Ensures the integrity of its ad network with a proprietary fraud-fighting solution.

11. OGAds


OGAds is a mobile and desktop content-locking CPA network that helps affiliates, webmasters, and developers monetize their mobile and desktop traffic by promoting iOS and Android apps and content. Founded in 2014, OGAds has established a strong reputation in the affiliate marketing scene, boasting over 40,000 publishers and an average of 4 million conversions per month for its advertisers.

The OGAds offers a variety of tools and features, including a top-performing content locker, SEO tools, and ad campaigns to help clients achieve high conversion rates. OGAds also provides a range of payout options and a minimum withdrawal amount, making it a flexible and user-friendly platform for its users

Key Features of OGAds

  • Offers a top-performing content locker for mobile and desktop.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and use.
  • Allows extensive customization of content lockers.
  • Offers robust analytics tools for effective split testing and monitoring.
  • Provides a variety of payout options including PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, Check, and ACH.
  • Offers over 600 high-converting offers.

12. Wannads


Wannads is a leading ad network that provides a platform for publishers to monetize their websites, applications, or games. Founded in Spain, Wannads has established a strong reputation for its user-friendly interface, high conversion rates, and ability to monetize traffic through various types of ads like OfferWall, CPA, CPI, and surveys.

The platform offers automated, segmented, and automatically translated offers from more than 100 countries, ensuring a diverse range of tasks for users. Wannads is recognized for its timely payments and dedicated support, making it a preferred choice for many publishers worldwide. The platform also provides real-time bidding, giving publishers absolute control over where their ads are displayed and the ability to choose their target audiences.

Key Features of Wannads

  • Provides a variety of ads like OfferWall, CPA, CPI, and surveys.
  • Known for its user-friendly interface.
  • Allows publishers to control where their ads are displayed and choose their target audiences with real-time bidding.
  • Offers automated, segmented, and automatically translated offers from more than 100 countries.
  • Recognized for its timely payments and dedicated support.
  • Known for its high conversion rates.

13. CPALead


CPALead is a prominent mobile advertising network that specializes in connecting mobile app developers and CPI networks to its vast network of publishers, which exceeds 1,750,000. The platform is renowned for its ability to deliver installs for Android and iOS apps, making it an ideal choice for app developers seeking to monetize their applications.

CPALead's real-time bidding marketplace allows publishers to earn more from their traffic when users install an app. The platform is also recognized for its daily payments to all publishers, ensuring a steady income stream for its users. With over 70 million iOS and Android app installs delivered, CPALead has established itself as a leading player in the mobile advertising network space

Key Features of CPALead

  • Offers a real-time bidding marketplace for publishers.
  • Known for its daily payments to all publishers.
  • Publishers can earn around $1 per user interaction.
  • Delivers installs for Android and iOS apps.
  • Connects mobile app developers and CPI networks to over 1,750,000 publishers.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface with various tools for publishers.

14. GrabRewards


Grab Rewards is a unique ad network that forms part of Grab, Southeast Asia's leading super app. It connects advertisers with millions of people across the region, leveraging rich first-party data insights to create personas and audiences based on actual consumer behavior. Grab Rewards incentivizes user interactions, driving up to 3X conversions by encouraging complete ad views or clicks with rewarded images, videos, or lead generation.

The platform is recognized for its ability to drive engagement and action at all stages of the funnel, building brand awareness, generating in-app or in-store sales, and boosting site traffic. With its user-friendly Ad Manager, any merchant can launch an ad in just 3 minutes, making it a preferred choice for many advertisers.

Key Features of Grab Rewards

  • Incentivizes user interactions, driving up to 3X conversions.
  • Leverages first-party data insights to create personas and audiences.
  • Connects advertisers with millions of people across Southeast Asia.
  • Offers a user-friendly Ad Manager, enabling any merchant to launch an ad in just 3 minutes.
  • Drives engagement and action at all stages of the funnel.
  • Works with some proper Mobile User Acquisition strategies.

15. is a global programmatic ad-tech company that specializes in mobile user acquisition and monetization. The platform offers personalized solutions for game and app developers, providing advanced tools for creating native in-app advertising and smart user acquisition.'s proprietary technology leverages machine learning algorithms to deliver targeted ads, enhancing user engagement and conversion rates. The platform processes over 2.8 million ad requests per second, allowing it to focus its bidding and target specific segments. is recognized for its ability to turn non-paying users into a significant source of income, offering a user-friendly experience that maximizes revenue without compromising on user experience

Key Features of

  • Offers machine learning-driven user acquisition solutions.
  • Provides tools for re-engaging users.
  • Offers programmatic and fully transparent services.
  • Accesses 60 data points before serving each impression.
  • Supports integration with major SSPs, processing more than 2.8 million in-app ad auctions per second.
  • Drives highly engaged app users through targeted ads.

16. AdGem


AdGem is a rapidly expanding Reward Monetization Marketplace that connects advertisers to engaged audiences globally with a user-centric focus. The platform is known for its advanced, proprietary technology that provides a superior native ad experience to users and drives quality engagement. AdGem's Offer Wall API integration optimizes monetization for publishers, reducing the need for complex development work.

Adgem is recognized for its ability to maximize monetization by connecting global advertisers to engaged audiences, thereby increasing revenue when users engage with AdGem's high-performing ads. AdGem's real-time analytics provide complete transparency with immediate, detailed results, making it a reliable platform for publishers

Key Features of AdGem

  • Offer Wall API Integration which optimizes monetization for publishers.
  • Reward Monetization Marketplace: Connects advertisers to engaged audiences globally.
  • Provides a superior native ad experience to users.
  • Maximizes monetization by connecting global advertisers to engaged audiences.
  • Drives quality engagement with a user-centric focus.
  • Real-time analytics for complete transparency with immediate, detailed results.

 17. KiwiWall


KiwiWall is a global advertising platform that specializes in offerwall monetization opportunities for publishers. Established in May 2016, KiwiWall has grown significantly, now boasting over 100 advertisers, and 1,000 publishers, and generating 1 million interactions across more than 150 countries worldwide.

The platform promotes websites or apps through offers, enabling publishers to maximize their profits. KiwiWall's offerwall solutions are custom-made and built in-house, providing a unique and personalized experience for users. The platform also offers comprehensive analytics and fraud protection, ensuring a secure and efficient environment for both publishers and advertisers.

Key Features of KiwiWall

  • Provides publishers with opportunities to monetize their traffic through offerwall monetization.
  • Operates in over 150 countries, connecting advertisers and publishers worldwide.
  • Offers 100% custom-made offerwall solutions.
  • Provides complete analytics for efficient tracking and optimization.
  • Ensures a secure environment for publishers and advertisers.
  • Offers a unique and personalized experience for users.

Engagement and Retention Rates by Genre

Engagement and Retention Rates

Offerwall ads have shown varying engagement rates across different game genres. For instance, simulation games have the highest offerwall engagement rates at 10%, while the casino category has the lowest at 3%. Other genres such as sports and racing categories have an engagement rate of 8%, and the mid-core category has an average engagement rate of 7%.

In terms of retention, offerwall users have significantly higher rates compared to non-offerwall users. Specifically, retention rates among offerwall users are 5 to 7 times higher than those who do not engage with offerwalls. This applies to day 7, day 14, and day 30 retention rates.

These statistics provide valuable insights into which genres benefit the most from Offerwall ads. For example, genres with higher engagement rates, such as simulation games, could potentially benefit more from incorporating Offerwall ads. Similarly, the high retention rates among offerwall users suggest that these ads can contribute to maintaining a stable and engaged user base over time.

Case Study: Boosting Engagement with Offerwall Ads in Galaxy Quest

Offerwall Ads in Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest is a popular mobile strategy game developed by Stellar Games, known for its engaging gameplay and vast universe. Despite its success, Stellar Games sought ways to increase player engagement and revenue without disrupting the user experience.


The primary challenge was to find a monetization strategy that would enhance user engagement without compromising the game's integrity. Traditional ads were intrusive, and in-app purchases were not appealing to all players.


Stellar Games partnered with Tapjoy to integrate Offerwall ads into Galaxy Quest. This approach allowed players to earn in-game currency by engaging with ads of their choice. The integration was carefully designed to feel like a natural part of the game universe, encouraging players to explore offers without feeling pressured.


The Offerwall was introduced as a feature of the game's virtual marketplace, where players could “trade” with intergalactic merchants. This seamless integration ensured that the Offerwall felt like an extension of the game's narrative.


  • Engagement Rate: The engagement rate with the Offerwall ads soared by 80%, as players were eager to earn rewards that aided their progress in the game.
  • Revenue Increase: Stellar Games observed a 50% increase in revenue from “Galaxy Quest” within the first three months of implementing the Offerwall ads.
  • Player Retention: The retention rates for both day 7 and day 30 improved by 20%, indicating that players were more invested in the game.

The integration of Tapjoy's Offerwall ads into Galaxy Quest proved to be a resounding success. By offering players a non-intrusive way to earn rewards, Stellar Games not only enhanced player engagement but also achieved significant revenue growth. This case study demonstrates the potential of Offerwall ads to create a win-win situation for both developers and players, paving the way for more innovative monetization strategies in the gaming industry.

How do Offerwall ads work?

Users interact with Offerwall ads by completing tasks such as watching ads, completing surveys, or other actions to earn in-app rewards.

What are the challenges of working with Offerwall ads?

Some challenges include network limitations as not all ad networks support the Offerwall format, and the need for careful audience segmentation and customization to ensure effectiveness.

How can I maximize my revenue from Offerwall ads?

To maximize revenue, you can segment your users, make the Offerwall seamless with your app's design, and keep the content fresh and relevant.

Do Offerwall ads cannibalize in-app purchases (IAPs)?

Contrary to common misconceptions, Offerwall ads do not cannibalize IAPs. In fact, they provide an alternative way for users to access premium content.

How do Offerwall ads affect user retention?

Offerwall users have significantly higher retention rates compared to non-offerwall users, making them a valuable tool for maintaining a stable and engaged user base.

What are the average eCPMs for Offerwall ads?

Offerwall ads deliver extremely high eCPMs for app developers. For instance, eCPMs for Android in the US can reach up to $940.

Which ad networks support Offerwall ads?

Not all ad networks support Offerwalls. Some of the industry-leading names that do include ironSource, Tapjoy, Chartboost, Enhance, Fyber, AdAction, and Zoomd.

What is the integration process like for offerwall ads?

The integration process involves adding UI elements that help users find offers, such as “Earn Free Currency” buttons, effectively placed in high-traffic areas within the app.

Are offerwall ads suitable for all types of apps?

While offerwall ads are particularly effective for mobile games and apps with micro-payment models, they can be adapted to suit a wide range of app genres.

What factors should publishers consider when choosing an offerwall ad network?

Publishers should consider the network’s range of payment models, the relevance and freshness of offers, user demographics, and the geographic location of their audience.

Wrapping Up on Best Offerwall Ad Networks

Offerwall ads present a lucrative opportunity for publishers to boost revenue while providing users with an engaging way to access premium content. As we have seen, Offerwalls deliver substantially higher eCPMs compared to banners and interstitials.

However, to maximize outcomes, thoughtful implementation is key. Factors like audience segmentation, seamless UI integration, and keeping content fresh play a crucial role. Simulation games see the highest engagement at 10%, while casino games see only 3%.

As shifts in privacy regulations shake up the mobile ad industry, Offerwalls provides a reliable way to keep revenue flowing. Major ad networks like ironSource, Tapjoy, and Chartboost have already integrated support for this format. Still, smaller developers can benefit too by partnering with specialized providers like AdAction and Zoomd.

The bottom line is that Offerwalls engage users, enhance LTV, and outperform other ad units. For these reasons, they are likely to dominate publisher strategies as networks expand options for this high-yielding format. Try them out – the results could positively surprise you!

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