“Which website should I buy from ??“, the trickiest question for an online shopper.

I believe Michael Aldrich from the UK invented or envisioned should I say online shopping back in 1979.

He made a domestic television into an online by connecting it to a computer and a telephone and had a good run for around 20 years until the millennium year. Unbelievably the idea has come this far.

India is one of the largest growing markets in this industry. Out of all the websites, here is a list of ✅Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India updated 2024.

There are a few reasons why people have started to favor online shopping rather than going to the store. It saves time, cost-efficient, and it is a one-stop-shop. You get almost everything you need.

Well, just a suggestion, always go through a secure channel, do not forget you netiquettes.

Best List Of Top 10 Online Shopping Sites In India (Updated 2024)

Online Shopping Sites in India
Shopiing SitesLinks
Flipkart.comCheck It Out Now
Amazon.inCheck It Out Now
CandereCheck It Out Now
Myntra.comCheck It Out Now
Homeshop18Check It Out Now
Paytm.comCheck It Out Now
Firstcry.comCheck It Out Now
Bigbasket.comCheck It Out Now
Zivame.comCheck It Out Now
Lenskart.com Check It Out Now


Sachin and Binny Bansal, founders of Flipkart, tops the chart by the users' choice and is considered the giant in the industry.


They have an app and a website for the users, which is amazingly user friendly. You have a variety of products to choose from, which is quite remarkable as the products available are of elite standards.

The founders have given the nation a trustworthy and dependable merchant. They give away rewards, gift vouchers, and much more.

They put on special seasonal shopping offers now and then prove to be financially beneficial. They have a reputation across the country of an unfailing online shopping place.


Amazon India is ranked the third most authentic shopping site in India, with millions of products at its disposal. This was initiated in India in 2013 with movies, TV shows, and books.


On the first day, Amazon was bestowed with a whopping number of 10,000 orders. Amazon is currently putting on the market, which includes electronic devices, men and women clothing, and almost anything that comes to your mind.

Amazon Prime is the latest gift given to the users. This allows streaming movies and TV or series, etc. Amazon currently has more than 20,000 Indian sellers and 41 fulfillment centers across 13 states.

In case of any troubles, the customers can contact Amazon the seller central and get to the support team as soon as possible. The team is highly efficient, and the most important thing is that they understand what they are dealing with.


Candere is an online Jewelry store that offers more than 10,000 designs. I know this raises a lot of questions, ‘is it safe? What if it is intercepted on the way?


Well, this is something which you should not be worried about at all. Firstly, the deliveries are done by the most trusted carriers like FedEx, Bluedart, or DHL or the most trustworthy courier service providers.

Also, the consignments are fully insured. For further details on the insurance part, you can visit the website.

The payment modes are just as simple as buying it. Jewelry it is, so gold, diamond, and platinum are available for you to choose and can be shaped as per your design selection.


Myntra, in 2007 started as a personalized gift selling website up till 2010. Items such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, mousepads, etc., were personalized as per the customers and were sent to the desired location.


In 2011, more than 400 top brands from India and abroad started to put the products on Myntra, which gave them quite a leap in the sales figures. Myntra was later taken over by Flipkart in 2014.

Myntra is amongst the giants of the e-commerce trade. The portal provides the most extensive range of clothing brands which are available at an easy on the pocket price.

Be it an agonizing dilemma wedding or something as simple as a birthday, and have everything store for you. All you need to do is start shopping!!!!


Homeshop18 was initiated as a television channel on the 9th of April 2008, which later turned into one of the largest online shopping platforms.


It offers the widest range of products, which includes the electronic item, fashion accessories, health products, kitchen appliances, and a hell lot of things. These things are accessible through the website or the app (television is also an option).

The products on sale comprise both Indian and International brands. Homeshop18 offers the customers to watch a live demo and then make their decision, although this does not apply to all the products, which makes them unique.

There is a minor setback, their delivery time, but the wait is worth it as there isn’t anyone the market that offers a price like them.


Paytm launched a mobile app in 2017 called Paytm mall, where the customers can shop for various products such as mobile phones, clothing, essentials, just like any other online store.


Paytm although new in this category, has 1.4 lakh sellers registered with them, has more than 40 couriers, and has set up 17 fulfillment centers across the nation.

It has a user-friendly portal/app; the security of your account is their priority. They have a service called Paytm postpaid service. With this, you can buy today and pay the following month with Paytm-ICICI bank postpaid. 

And most importantly, the offers & rewards with the Paytm are worth a try.


Firstcry.com is one of the few stores which offer products for babies, kids, and mothers. Firstcry is considered to be one of the largest online shopping sites for toddlers.


Supam Maheshwari and Amitaya Saha in 2010 brought it into existence partnering with more than 800 international brands, numerous Indian brands and has a variety of products outnumbering almost all the other online stores in Asia.

With an easy on the pocket price, Firstcry.com offers great customer service with delivering the product on time and as promised. The portal offers a variety of maternity products, toys, etc.. 


Bigbasket, the “essential” online store. I believe this is one of the most simple yet greatest inventions in India, and this has made people’s life simpler in a lot of ways.


They deliver every essential item for the daily use including fruits & vegetables, food grains, bakery products, poultry, dairy, meat or fish, etc.

The best thing about them is that although they have a huge customer base and are very occupied with all the timelines given to them, the quality is never compromised.

Bisbasket also provides quite a few offers, and it is given in the form of a cashback and` rewards, etc.


In 2011, Richa Kar, started an online portal for especially for women, to save them from embarrassment when shopping for lingerie from a store of a male salesman.


Apart from this, some women don’t want to go through the trouble, for saving time or for personal reasons, it is just not comfortable for them. Zivame.com is the right place for you.

Zivame offers thousands of styles and in more than 100 sizes. Zivame has partnered with approximately 100 brands and has become the largest selling portal in the Genre in India.

All one needs is to go to the portal and start shopping with amazing offers and discounts.


Lenskart, India’s most trusted online portal for eyewear. They offer reading glasses, eyeglasses, lenses, and stylish sunglasses. The thing which one can bet on is the accuracy, it is flawless, and if there is anything, it is organized to be replaced at priority.


They offer a variety of products from all over the world. They give out discounts (sometimes free frames) to the customers.

It has taken the eyewear zone to the next level. They have stores in a few cities. Strongly recommended !!!

🌟 Online Shopping FAQ

What is Online Shopping?

It is a simple process in which the users can buy goods or services directly from the ecommerce website over the internet. This process is also known as business-to-consumer (B2C) online shopping. 

Why is online shopping important?

In this era, online shopping is quite vital as it saves time for both buyers and retailers. It also reduces phone calls as one can easily find all the crucial information like availability, specifications, hours of operation, etc. on the company page.

How can I pay for online shopping?

Debit or credit cards are the most popular method that one can use in online shopping. Various online shopping sites accept payment through Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

How is safe shopping online?

Yes, online shopping is safe, convenient, and secure. But at the same time, you need to be careful while you do online shopping. One should avoid online shopping via Wi-Fi hotspots because the public Wi-Fi network is the common place where hackers can grab your credential.

Conclusion: Online Shopping Sites in India 2024

The most important thing about online shopping is that whether the product delivered will be the same a shown in the picture or not. The above sites have a reputation for delivering the promised product.

Online shopping is the best option for saving time and money in today’s world. 

I hope this helps in your future shopping experience!!!😊

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