Are you looking for an OptinMonster alternative to help you get good leads and boost your business?

Sticking to just a plugin is never useful if you want a sustainable business. As the market is overloaded with lots of โœ…Best OptinMonster Alternatives, we are here to give you our detailed review on the same!

Let's dive in.

OptinMonster – Introduction

OptinMonster Alternatives

OptinMaster is a popular lead conversion and lead generation tool. It is relatively cost-effective to the users because they can get their potential customers through the email list.

It helps the user grow the email list, increase page views, reduce cart abandonment, and retarget onsite viewers. It has lots of other features that allow the business to convert their target customer quickly.

The cost of OptinMonster starts from $9 and goes $19 per month, depending on which plan you choose.

Why is there a need to look after OptinMonster Alternatives?

Although there are lots of benefits of OptinMonster, we want to show you what it lacks the most, and why you should look after alternatives. These plugins are amazing and have the best features compared with OptinMonster, and are available for a low price.

Here are some reasons why not to stick to OptinMonster or buy it without looking for the alternative:

  • No Analytics: you won't get a detailed analytic report through OptinMonster, and we believe that it's a major requirement. You will get a performance report, but it lacks some essential points, which is a drawback!
  • Less customization: When it comes to lead conversion for a business, they should have maximum freedom to customize the plugin. OptinMonster is not so flexible and does not have customization features.

A business needs to get quality leads quickly; hence, look after your requirements and find your best-suited plugin.

Every plugin has its unique feature, so to get great leads, look at our detailed review on best OptinMonster alternative. Don't forget to read the end part, where we have displayed our choice of the plugin.

Top 5 Best OptinMonster Alternatives (Updated 2024)

Following table shows you the list of 5 best OptinMonster alternatives:

Best OptinMonster AlternativesPriceRatingsOfficial Links
#1. Thrive Leads$67 one-time, lifetime updates5Check it out
#2. OptimonkFree trial with $7/mo4.9Check it out
#3. GetSiteControlFree trial with $29/mo4.8Check it out
#4. Yeloni Exit popup$4.99/mo & $49/year4.8Check it out
#5. PicreelFree/Pro at $144.8Check it out

Thrive Leads – Top competitor of OptinMonster

Thrive Leads is the best lead generation plugin for WordPress and our first and best alternative for OptinMonster. It is also called an all in one email building plugin because of its effectiveness.

Thrive Leads

It offers a smart link feature through which you will not be annoying your customer; instead, you will build a better relation.

Features of Thrive Leads

Pricing of Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads offer two different plans that are highly flexible. You have your right to choose the package, whether you want it with themes or not.

You can also join the Thrive Themes community by paying $19 additionally to the licenses. Through this, you will get easy access to every feature by thriving leads.

Optimonk – Best OptinMonster alternative

Like Thrive leads, Optimonk offers an A/B search engine, one of the effective lead generation tools.

It is highly compatible with several platforms and e-commerce platforms, as well as Shopify and WordPress.

Optimonk also provides custom variable and input fields with dynamic text replacement and geotargeting.

Features of Optimonk

Pricing of Optimonk

The free of cost plan has several features; hence you can take it first and then decide on other plans according to your requirements. Every penny will be worthy; because of the best customer service, Optimonk offers to its users.

GetSiteControl – Best customizable lead generation tool

If you are looking for a platform that can help you get the right engagement and get good leads simultaneously, then GetSiteControl is all that you need.


The free plan by GetSiteControl has amazing features and can give you the best of outcomes in a quick time.

Features of GetSiteControl

Pricing of GetSiteControl

Before buying any package, we recommend using the free trial option effectively and making the best decision for yourself.

Yeloni Exit popup – Best free lead generator

If you are searching for different free tools, that too, they all are highly competent with OptinMonster, then Yeloni Exit popup is our pick for you.

Yeloni Exit popup

It is quite a lightweight plugin bundled with lots of attractive features for small businesses.

Also, it covers lots of attractive designs to make the process more artistic and user-friendly. The interface is impressive and easy to understand.

Features of Yeloni Exit popup

Pricing of Yeloni Exit popup

Yeloni Exit popup has the best features in its free version as well. However, you can also go for paid versions because it is highly affordable.

The business plan is for $4.99 per month and $49 per year. Through these plans, you can access several advantages like email and chat support, sign up unlimited contacts, email marketing integration, and a lot more.

Picreel – Best in-depth analytics provider tool

Are you looking out to convert your traffic into high-quality leads? Picreel is our suggestion for you because it not only generates the right amount of leads for your business, but the features it offers are outstanding.


It has lots of tools to boost your conversion rate by almost 30% in a quick turn around time. You can find this tool on the website named as Exit Intended offers.

This tool is the only reason why Picreel got out the top 5 space for the best conversion alternative for OptinMonster.

Features of Picreel

Pricing of Picreel

If you have a small business or are an entrepreneur, you can take the free trial, which does not require credit card details.

However, to get the tool's best benefits, you can take the Picreel starter pack, which is just $14. Below are some more package details that are affordable and beneficial as well.

The pro package can give you 3,00,000 monthly visitors, and on the other side, plus plan will provide 50,000 monthly visitors.

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๐ŸŒŸ OptinMonster FAQ

โ“Which Lead Generator is best for Small businesses?

If you have a small business, then you should go for a free lead generator tool according to your budget. You can choose the Yeloni Exit popup lead generator, as it is free of cost and has exciting features to help you get better results in a quick time.

โ“Which is the best WordPress plugin for lead generation?

OptinMonster is one of the best WordPress plugins, but it still lacks major points. Hence, you can make your own choice by knowing your feature and comparing it to the plugin's details.

โ“Is lead generating tools useful for getting profits?

It depends on how effectively you use any lead generator. To get accurate results, try to do some groundwork on your own instead of relying wholly on a tool.

โ“Which is the best OptinMonster alternative?

There is various OptinMonster alternative that helps you to get perfect leads for your business. The following are the best alternatives to OptinMonster that enables you to build an email list faster.

Final Verdict:

All the above-given alternatives of OptinMonster are unique and serve their purpose in the best possible way. It is challenging to choose the right one because every business has different requirements.

We have always been a great fan of WordPress plugins because of their extraordinary benefits and out of the box experiences.

No doubt that OptinMonster is the best WordPress plugin, but ignoring others won't get justice.

Thrive Leads is at the top, and the best competitor from our end, but the other four can also help you grow and generate profit dramatically!๐Ÿš€

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