If you are in search of an Originality.ai free trial 2024, you have come to the right place, as we will be guiding you through your queries in the simplest way possible. Originality.ai is a must-tool for content marketers, which helps them detect AI-Generated and plagiarized content, while also protecting them against the harsh laws of Google's AI content policy.

In these crucial times, it has become necessary to protect your content from either being AI-generated content or being the one that's plagiarized.

The content detection tool helps you in no time to figure out the AI-written and plagiarised article. Originality AI is a simple word counter tool, which also shows a percentage that tells you the quantity of AI-generated content.

Currently, Originality AI is leading among the other tool available in the market and has also got free trial credits available. This is not exactly a free trial, but it comes with a few credits that will have you use the AI detector tool for free.

Before we begin to tell you the process of having the free trial credits enabled for yourself, you should know that this article will also cover the features as well as the benefits of this AI detection tool.

Now let's get started with how to get a free trial availed for yourself.

How to redeem Originality.ai Free Trial credits?

Within just a few simple steps, we will guide you to have free credits availed of this advanced AI detection tool.

  • Step 1: Go to the home page of Originality.ai and select Chrome Extension from the drop-down menu of tools.
Originality.ai Free Trial
  • Step 2: Click on the Chrome Web Store option available
Chrome Web Store - Originality.ai
  • Step 3: Click on Add to Chrome
Originality.ai Chrome extension

Now you will have an icon of Originality.ai on your Chrome toolbar, in the right corner.

  • Step 4: Click on the Originality.ai icon and have yourself registered.
  • Step 5: Confirm the link in your specified email and that's it, you will receive the free trial credits for your detection process.
Originality.ai free trial Credits

You will receive 50 free credits from Originality.ai in your registered account. Here, just so you know, 1 credit lets you scan 100 words.

Originality.ai Key Features

The Plagiarism and AI content detection tool, Originality AI has been specifically built to have the contents scanned for faults that would downrank your website on Google.

Google has come up with a strict policy against AI-generated content, by GPT-3, GPT 3.5, and other similar tools. 

Here, Originality AI, the content theft detector tool avoids your articles to fall into Google penalties.  

And it's not just about having content from a person hired, detected by the content detector tool. You can also have a whole website scanned if you are planning to buy it. Analyze it before you pay the hefty price. 

For a bit more information, let's talk about the best features of this ai content detector tool.

Most Advanced AI Content Detector

Having a 99% accuracy rate, this powerful AI content detection tool is great at figuring out AI-written content. A necessary tool for writers as well as publishers or companies to make sure that the piece of content is ready to go on the website.

It not only has intelligent ways for a content scan, but the tool will even provide you with essential insights for the writing process.

It will provide you with a proper score, that which is calculated in a percentage of 0 to 100. Where 0 is none, while 100 would tell you the percentage of the most human written parts. 

Note: If you wish to have a proper result of your content, have the paragraphs separately scanned. 

AI Plagiarism Checker

Having AI-written content checked, Originality AI also has the ability to detect plagiarised content. This is a must tool for any blogger or content creator, even if they write their own copy, just to make sure that the piece of content does not have any faults in it. 

The plagiarism checker will help you figure out the amount of plagiarism if it has got some. 

One can totally trust Orginality AI for giving you absolute and accurate results of plagiarised or original content. With this, there are no chances at all that Google would penalize you for not having unique content. 

Full Website Scan

This is for the ones who are planning to buy a website and need to know if the whole work done on the website is human content. This tool, the site scanner can check the whole website for traces of plagiarism and AI-generated content. 

This feature lets you scan even the large sites with more than 1000 blogs and give you the best result, which in terms we would say originality scores. 

Originality AI Teams Feature

This team feature by Originality AI is the best add-on feature in this tool. Here, you can have your team members added and also assign them the task.

Originality Teams

The whole team can collaborate in a timely manner using this feature. You can have a look at your team members being on the same task or let's say page, and can even review or modify the written piece

Plus this feature also is added up with the AI detectors and plagiarism checker, which will provide you with a report after the whole task has been completed. 

Chrome Extension

The whole tool already is a big saver of your time and money, but the Chrome extension will have that done in much lesser time. With the Originality Chrome Extension, you don't have to manually check the content but in fact, the extension itself will have it done for you with just a few clicks. 

Here you don't have to copy and paste the content, just let the extension know what part you want to be scanned.

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Originality AI Price and Plans

Originality AI Price and Plans

Originality AI, has got you covered with a lot of things. From having the AI-written content detected, giving you a proper report of instances of plagiarism, having you work with a team of writers on the same document, and a lot of other things.

But with all that, you might think that the tool might cost you a lot too, isn't it? 

Well, worry not. The tool goes easy on your pockets. 

Plus we have got you covered with the discount code, which will make the deal more reasonable for you. 

Here is the coupon code for Originality.ai that's dedicated to us.

If you look at the plan, it is simple and the pricing plan is low as well. 

The tool works on the pricing in a bit different way. It is totally based on the credit score cost which is $0.01. If you are confused, let us help you out.

You receive 2000 credits for $20. And one credit, which is $0.01 will let you scan 100 words.

Here, 2000 credits and enough to have 200,000 words of content scanned. 

When you create an account on Originality AI, you will have to recharge your account with $20.

One more thing, if you run a plagiarism check and an AI check simultaneously, you will have to spend 2 credits for 100 words. So here we suggest, you perform both the tests together on a use-by-use case. 

About False Positives of Orginality AI

The tool we are talking about has a great accuracy rate in detecting the AI-generated or the plagiarized content. But, the tool even has a few faults. 

What we noticed is that sometimes the AI detection tool can figure out the difference between the human content and the one written by an AI. 

Sometimes, it even counts the human-written text in the AI generated content category. 

Plus another thing that we noticed about the plagiarism detection tool is that it can be bypassed or tricked. 

All in all, the tool is just a machine. Originality AI is a tool that can be tricked to have it thinking that the provided content has been worked on by a human and not an AI.

One thing that the users have been hoping for in Originality AI was for a better format of the scanned copies. Also, the only language they currently support is English, and since the tool is still in its beta phase we can hope for more languages to be added soon. 

Pros and Cons of Originality AI

FAQs on Originality AI Free Trial 2024

Is Originality AI 100% trustworthy?

Based on what we had tested, the tool is 95% accurate and still has a few blind spots. So, No. You can't trust a tool for being 100% correct.

How does a high score in Originality AI affect the score on Google?

The best-performing content on Google is 80% or a bit higher. So, even if you have a high score on Originality AI, it is still tough and not sufficient enough to have high rankings on Google.

Can Originality AI detect GPT3?

Yes, it can detect GTP-3, GTP-3.5, and ChatGPT with a 95% accuracy.

Does Originality.ai Offer a Free Trial?

No, you can although get a few credits for free when you install the Chrome Extension.

Does Originality.ai Offer a Free Trial?

No, you can although get 10 credits for free when you install the Chrome Extension.

Is There a Word Requirement when testing the content?

Yes, you need 50 words at least, to check manually and while using the Chrome Extension, you will have to select at least 100 words.

Can Originality AI change the content as well?

No, the tool only checks for plagiarism and AI detection.

Alternatives of Originality AI

Being the best in the market and also known to be the pioneer of AI content detection tools, Originality has no match to get the GPT-created content detected out of your written pieces.

Accuracy Test Comparison between Originality AI and Other AI Detection Tools

But, we would still have you suggest a few that you can try your hands on and see for yourself, which one would be the best. 

The list begins with Draft and Goal, which is a minimal copy of Originality AI. This is a free to use, for now, and can figure out the ChatGPT & GPT3 content through its detection process. The drawback of this tool is that it currently works only on English and Spanish content. 

DetectGPT, would be our second option given to you, in case you face any issues with originality ai. This tool has been said to work on the transformer's implementation of RoBERTa. A drawback that you would feel in it is that it is slow to use. 

Next up is Grammarly, which is a widely used and well-known plagiarism checker as well as for checking grammatical errors. The tool even suggests you grammatical corrections in your written pieces. 

A few more suggestions we would give you would be ProWritingAid and Quetext

Final Verdict: Should you go for Originality AI?

What we said in the whole article should be a base for why should you use the content detection tool. If it matches your needs or is convincing for what you have to step forward with. 

All in all,  we would still say that the tool is the best one in the market to have your copies scanned of a writing tool or even have them gone through plagiarism detection and turn your copies into a high-quality content. 

The tool is best for content writers, and content audits as the content detection software gives out the best content scores while going through amounts of content. 

The prices are simple to understand and not too expensive. But still, if you wish to have a bit off on the same, you can apply our coupon code “AFFTWEAKS25” to get an instant 25% off. 

We really hope our steps for getting you an Originality ai free trial credits were of help and that you also found our simplest way of explaining the tool of use. 

We hope to have you on our website soon again, to check out more of such amazing content. 

Do let us know about the article, and if you want us to work and write about any more of such awesome tools and detectors. 

Also, if you have any further doubts about the AI detection tool, you can get in touch with them on their official website. 

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