Are you fed up of low-quality Ai generated content? Check out our detailed Oritinality.Ai review and understand how it helps you to detect Content written by chatbot, other Ai writers or paraphrasing.

GPT 4, ChatGPT, and other AI models have seen a rise in recent times when they are able to generate a long form of blogs in seconds, While it can help save huge time, but at another hand, some for the AI content is paraphrased and hence affect Google ranking negatively because of its low quality.

Human Written content works best for SERP Rankings. Almost all the content marketing industry is suffering due to Writers and freelancers using AI to generate and deliver content. When a company is paying a freelancer writer to write content and at the same time the freelancer is using AI to write and deliver the content it results in bad quality content for humans and search engines too.

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Hence there is a huge buzz in checking AI-generated content and there are many tools scattered over the market. The most preferred and easiest AI-detected tool i came across is Originality.Ai. It is the most advance tool that can aggressively check and scan whole content for AI writing patterns, and plagiarism and can detect accurate use of AI on the content.

Refrain from using full AI Content on your blog

Having your blog site filled with AI-generated texts will surely get the rankings down, while if you keep on missing the warning, you will get your site to stand nowhere on search engines. Meaning, you will have no visitors, you will have no clicks and ultimately you will have no revenue.

Google is not 100% against using but it clearly mentions in its latest update that low-quality Content (generated from AI) will not be ranked and Google will give no ranking benefits to those sites. However, we have also seen many sites ranking with Chatgpt content but that is on very low competition keywords and not always. If you are looking for a long-term SEO game, it's better to use AI very limited on the content and get more human-written content.

What is Originality AI? Originality AI Review Review

With a lot fewer AI-written content detectors available at the moment, Originality AI is one of the unsung tools that will fetch you a proper report of your content, whether it's AI-generated or if it is a plagiarized. Continue reading our Originality AI review to know more.

A tool that does not only detect plagiarized content but at the same time will also help you identify the article if it is an AI written content is what Originality.AI is. The tool basically scans the reports that are suspected to have plagiarism or have doubts about being AI-generated.

The tool can also give you a report of unlimited websites with a number of words which will help you detect the content that has been assigned to you or is working on.

If you are concerned about your writers, submitting a foul copy of words, or if you wish to not get detected and then removed from the Google rankings, as your content is not feasible over other original stuff present on the internet, you should definitely opt for Originality.AI.

One thing a site owner should know is that search engines won't show AI-written blogs or other AI-written pieces as they are of no actual value to the readers.

The Originality.AI tool detects your provided content with legit accuracy. It works even beyond human understanding. Let's say in a situation you won't detect the content to be AI written, but this tool will have your eyes wide open as it will give you a detailed version of that same content and even the sources from where the content was copied or generated.

Features of Originality AI

The tool features unique expertise over Web Publishers, Content Agencies and Website buyers.

What are these? Let's get into bit depth.

Web publisher

Don't just rely on a word or a promise, get the scans done. Have the report of the scanned content. Get to know when and by whom it was scanned before. The tool will also save the information about the content if it has been plagiarized, this will help you have a report ready to show off later.

It also has a team management system that will put you in an authoritative position. It basically saves the history of all scanned articles and has all the reports, links, and even sources from where the article was copied, if it actually was. Having this on your side, you will never be gambling with your website in terms of content.

Content agency

This is basically a team management tool that allows you to have access to a large amount of content coming your way. If you wish to scan the write-ups on a large scale this is the perfect tool to have your hands on.

Having scanned thousands of articles along with managing a team, having an eye on your website, and having a lot of content ready at the same time is a big as well as challenging task.

With the Team Management tool by Originality AI you can have control over your team members, detect their activity and add or remove them by your choice.

This mode comes with an auto-billing feature, which will never have your team on a standstill ever. The mode will help you win over competitors as you can now guarantee your clients that you have original content ready by your writers, and at the same time can provide a report of the sources and originality of your content.

Website buyer

This feature will surely blow your mind with its results and its detection. If you wish to scan a whole website just to make sure that the content is original, this is the tool that you should go for. Be it a plagiarized or be it an AI-generated content, the Website Buyer feature will do it for you within no time.

Although This feature is still in the making, you will soon be in no need to check the website blogs and paragraphs one by one.

Before you buy a website, have your doubts cleared with the Website Buyer tool. Check not just the top pages right in front of your eyes, but have the entire site deeply scanned as the mode provided by Originality AI crawls deep within the website in every part and corner, and have a site examined making it free of your doubts.

This mode will give you a clear picture of the website you have your doubts about. The Website Buyer mode will give you the results of your website if it has been plagiarized or if the website has anything fishy about its generated content.

You don't have to worry about the word count or the content a website has, the tool will scan every bit for you and have your doubts cleared. This will surely gain you confidence in your decision, in case you are confused about buying a website.

Originality.AI Chrome Extension

The Originality.AI Chrome extension helps you have an eye on your writers. This will allow you to watch the writer work on his or her copy and at the same time have a report of who contributed, and how much to the article.

Who can use Originality AI? Originality AI Review

If you own a business which is totally dependent on content writing, blogs or if you belong to a news industry, this tool is meant for you. Adjacently, if you are planning to buy or sell a website and want to be sure of the content, want to have a thorough check you should have your hands on it.

Academically speaking, to check the copies of students, to have a clarity about their project or to have assurance that the words they have written and submitted have come from their own mind and are not copy pasted or plagiarized or are not generated by Artificial Intelligence.

Extras by Originality AI

There are few other features offered by let's discuss them below:

Detect Ai Written Emails

You can detect any email that has come to your inbox if it has been generated by an AI. Originality AI tools will get you the results in no time. If you suspect something, get it checked by the Originality AI.

Google Doc Extension

The google docs that you have received or been sahred can be checked by simply copying it into the Chrome extension window.

WordPress AI Checker

Google has already issued a statement that it doesn't need AI-generated texts and that it won't allow the type of content which are AI-generated and not written by the writer. So if you wish to have your website to be present on the search pages of Google, you should be sure that you have an authentic website. The WordPress extension will allow you to have detections done by Oroginality.AI.

This will make you sure of the content that you have put online or are planning to put, that Google won't take it down.

One click checker

As discussed before, you need to be sure of a website that you are about to sell or buy. Just to be certain that the whole website has been made by a human and not filled with AI-generated texts, you can use originality. AI’s website buyers tool. Subscription plans

This AI tool will have a number of team members added to your groups or lets say, teams. This tool will have unlimited websites or content scanned for you for just $0.01 per 100 words.

You have full control over it, if you wish to scan only the plagiarized content or if you want to have the content to be detected of any AI writing tool. All the power comes to you for a minimum price.

Although the site does not mention any free plans, the price that is charged doesn't affect your wallet much.

Pros and Cons of Originality AI Review

Top FAQs on Originality AI Review 2024

What is the success rate of Originality.AI?

The tool has worked with industry experts who have great knowledge about Artificially Generated texts. The masters have developed AI and overused it in a lot of ways.

What all platforms does the Originality AI detects the content from?

Originality.AI detects the AI-generated content from GPT-3, GPT-2, GPT-NEO or GPT-J. The AI detecting tool will also give you all the insights about generated content.

How does Originality.AI report the percentage of AI-generated content?

The module gives a proper report of what percentage of the content has been AI-generated. It will provide you with the information on a scoreboard from 0 to 100. 

Has the Originality AI tool been tested before?

Speaking of its tests, the tool has been ruthlessly tested with both human and AI-generated content. And the results are mind-blowing. The plagiarism score is 100%, while the Artificial Intelligence generated content score is about 90%. 

Originality AI Review Conclusion | Is it a Legit Content Detection Tool?

All in all, the Originality AI will help you detect almost everything. But you should still experiment, try detecting human written and AI generated copies both.

One thing that you should be aware of is that even though you run several tests, the Originality AI still won't be able to give you enough assurance of whether Google will still think that your content is AI generated or not. It is Google and they literally have a totally different thing going on inside their hubs. The ones you cannot compete with.

But yes, this is the best tool to have your own content checked if you want to have your own articles to have less plagiarism and less suspicion about the content being generated by an Artificial Intelligence.

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