How many times have you been sitting in a meeting, trying to make notes but for some reason, you can't? Maybe it's an online office meeting and you are finding it hard to focus, or perhaps you're in an online class and it's just too dull for you, don't fret, there is a perfect solution for your problem.

There is a tool out there that can live caption your meetings, create transcripts, and notes and do a whole lot more! Let's look at and all that you should know about this useful AI tool in this Review.

What is Otter.AI? Detailed Otter.AI Review

Otter.AI Review

Otter.AI is an AI meeting assistant that can record audio, write notes, capture slides displayed, and write summaries for your meetings. It is a meeting transcription tool that can help individuals and teams capture and summarize conversations, collaborate with teammates, and easily highlight and edit live transcriptions with just a few clicks. It can also give you an automated summary allowing you to recall and share information without revisiting your notes.

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How to Setup Otter Assistant?

Here are some steps to easily set up your Otter.AI assistant in six easy steps!

  • Step 1: In your Otter.AI dashboard, click on apps tab
Apps tab in Otter AI dashboard
  • Step 2: Click on Zoom app to add the app
Add Zoom app to Otter AI Dashboard
  • Step 3: Connect Otter AI to your Zoom app
Connect Otter AI to your Zoom app
  • Step 4: Open Zoom website
Zoom website Otter AI Review
  • Step 5: In Zoom settings, go to in meeting (advanced) tab and enable “Allow live streaming” option, select custom live streaming service and type Otter.AI
Zoom Save Caption options for Otter AI
  • Step 6: Enable the closed Captioning and Save Caption options

After this you can test Otter.AI assistant to check if it working and that’s how you can set up Otter.AI in less than 10 steps!

Key Features of Otter.AI

Otter has many amazing features that can help you to transcribe your meetings and make notes more efficiently. These features include:

  • Plan: Connect Otter assistant with your Google meet calendar, and Microsoft Teams or Zoom and you won't have to worry about missing another meeting ever again. Your Otter Assistant will join the meeting automatically and take notes on your behalf that you can refer to later on.
  • Capture: Otter.AI can take audio and textual notes so you can engage with the meeting in real-time. You can highlight key points in meetings and combine them with slides to your notes to come back and share details with context.
  • Engage: Highlighted notes can be found in the Takeaways panel. This is where you can tag teammates so they have the full context of the conversation or discussion through notes or slides.
  • Collaborate: Otter can create an automated summary complete with links to the meeting. The AI sends the summary to all participants of the meeting. You can read notes, search, and playback audio. You can even assign additional comments and questions to the notes.

What can Otter.AI do?

Otter.AI has a lot of functions and capabilities. Let's take a closer look at the main tasks of this AI software.

  • Real-Time Transcription: offers Real-time transcription with Automatic Speech Recognition that has been developed over the years. This has a variety of uses for different people like virtual meetings, virtual events, online classes, audio files, video files in-app recordings, or voice messages or voice conversations on chat. These files are saved in audio as well as text format and can be exported in different formats as well like .pdf, .txt, .docs, and .txt.

Along with all this, can recognize speech and be taught to distinguish speech with tags in conversation. The software is quick and largely accurate making it better than human transcriptions.

  • Meeting Recording: Otter.AI has a meeting record feature that can record audio from your meetings. The recordings are in Mp3 format and are clear enough to understand conversations. The audio recordings are independent of the text transcripts and can be shared with the text transcript or independently.
  • Otter Assistant: Otter.AI's meeting assistant is an AI bot that helps users to manage meetings and events. Otter Assistant is available to free and paid users. All you have to do is connect your calendar to Otter, this will give access to the meetings. From there whenever you have a meeting you can schedule Otter's assistant to attend the meeting, and record the meeting automatically. To do this, all you have to do is click on the Otter.AI profile and account settings. On the Account settings page, select meetings toggle all the options on, and that’s it!
  • Meeting Gems: The Meeting Gems allow you to add notes, comments, and other actions to the transcript during and after the meeting. The meeting summary feature is enabled only for longer meetings.

Otter.AI Accuracy: Am I Audible?

Otter.AI no doubt is a tool that has great functionality, but how accurate is transcription service really at the end of the day, that is what matters for transcription software.

No AI tool is entirely perfect or accurate, same goes for Otter.AI. The tool is not entirely accurate because it is near impossible to keep up with the endless speech variations along with other factors like the clarity of the audio, quality, background noise, other disturbances, playback speed, and so on.

Based on some user testing it has been found that Otter.AI is 83% accurate on average and can be improved further by speaking clearly, reducing background noise, and by building your custom vocabulary for a better understanding of the AI tool. In the worst-case scenario, the error rate is 20% where there were some background noise, and the speaker did not enunciate properly.

Otter.AI Security

When using software online, security is a valid concern among many users. In terms of security, Otter.AI has two-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) features. Otter.AI only collects the data that the user provides like registration information, app information, and cookies. However, it does not guarantee the security of your data transmitted through the Internet.

Transcribe on the Go: Otter.AI Mobile App

Otter.AI’s transcription service is fast and simple with an easily accessible mobile app and website. The transcription service is good when it comes to transcribing simple, slow speech or when you have time to edit transcripts. The mobile app makes it simple to access all your audio and video transcription in one place. Transcribe your meetings without any delay with the Otter.AI app for ease and convenience.

How to Download Otter.AI Mobile App?

  • Go to the official website.
  • Click on the Download button as you can see in the image below.
Download mobile app
  • Make the selection according to your operating system. for different operating systems
  • Download from the tabs that appears according to the corresponding selection. Chrome Extension for IOS Android App

Drawbacks of Otter.AI

Otter.AI offers amazing functionality and value that will make attending online meetings much more convenient. However, AI is not perfect and has some minor drawbacks.

Otter.AI does not offer video recording for meetings. The software provides audio files in MP3 file format only which is not as clear as other audio formats. The AI is up to 90% accurate and sometimes misses out on the end of the sentence. Currently, the AI only supports UK English and US English. Otter.AI is also comparatively more expensive than other transcription apps.

Who is Otter.AI For?

We live in a world where the use of online meeting tools has risen dramatically, especially after the pandemic. In these situations, this tool is nothing less than a lifesaver. This tool has many use cases and can be of use to a variety of professionals, students, or just people who regularly attend online events. 

If you are a professional you can get the most out of your meetings with Otter.AI. The Audio transcription tool can not only help you transcribe the whole meeting to access later but also makes automated notes along with comments and tags that you can use to collaborate with teammates. Along with that, this tool can also save presentations in notes automatically that you can access with ease after the meeting. You can even collaborate with your team through tags and comments to draw key insights from the notes along with the automated summary.

For students attending online classes, this tool is a true blessing. No more trying to make notes in online classes and trying to understand the concepts simultaneously. You get access to all the presentations in the meeting through your notes regardless if they were shared or not.  As a student, you can access minutes of transcription to understand concepts and highlight them based on their importance. After the meeting, the automated summary you receive via email is like a bonus that will help you to remember key points of the meeting.

If you are an individual that prefers to record themselves than write, this tool is perfect for you. You can record and transcribe making the whole process much simpler. You can access Otter anywhere in the world with your pc or your phone! You can save all the important conversations you have had in one place with search capabilities. You can even make notes with your customized vocabulary, names, and acronyms with ease.

This tool is really helpful for teams as well, for a product manager, you can capture all the details of the meeting in one place and focus on the product and getting things done. You can use the live notes with teammates to comment and insert images to align priorities, simplify quick planning, and smoother functioning and coordination. This tool can even make the workflow more efficient by auto-joining meetings to take notes and share them automatically with other participants. You can do all of this from anywhere around the world with your phone or PC. Search through notes and recall other details with ease

If you have a sales team, this app will help you speed up customer service by saving queries for your team so you don't miss out on anything. Collaborate easily through comments, tags, and more. Make your workflow more efficient with Otter's assistant and never miss a meeting, it will join the meeting on your behalf and make notes that you can access later. Find important information faster with the search features so you can easily resolve queries.

If you have a media team, Otter.AI is the perfect tool for you. With online transcription software, you can manage content better within live transcripts with your team to edit, highlight, and more. Save time with automated notes for your meetings and get your content out sooner. Upload audio files and get accurate transcripts from anywhere with the Otter Android/IOS App. Access transcripts in one place with an easy search.

Free Pack for Otter.AI tool: Is there a Free Plan of Otter.AI?

Otter.AI offers a free pack for its customers, with loads of features. If you are a student or someone who wants to try out this amazing tool, this pack is the best choice for you. In this pack, you get features like Recording and Transcription for your meetings in real-time. You also get access to the Otter assistant tool that can join meetings automatically and transcribe notes and send the summary automatically via email. You get 300 minutes per month with 30 minutes per conversation.

Otter.AI Pricing Plans: How much does Otter.AI Cost?

Otter.AI Pricing Plans offers 4 different pricing plans including a free plan. Apart from the free plan there are three plans, which are Otter.AI Pro Plan, Otter.AI Business Plan and Otter.AI Enterprise Plan, lets read about each of them below:

Otter.AI Pro Plan

The Pro package has all the features of the free or basic plan. Along with that you also get to import video and audio files for transcription. Otter's assistant can join the meeting on your behalf to make notes. With this pack, you also get access to advanced search, export, and playback. This pack gives you 1200 monthly transcription minutes with 90 minutes per conversation. This pack costs $16.99 per month.

Otter.AI Business Plan

The Business pack has all the features of the pro pack and more. This pack also offers Team features like shared custom vocabulary and speakers, assigning action items to teammates. The Otter Assistant can join the meeting for you if you are busy. It also gives access to Admin features like Usage analytics, centralized billing, and prioritized support. This plan gives you 6000 monthly transcription minutes and 4 hours per conversation. This pack comes at $30 per month.

Otter.AI Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise pack has all the features of the business pack and more. This pack offers a Single Sign On (SSO) feature, Organisation wide deployment, and more payment methods available. For this pack, you need to contact the Otter.AI sales team based on your organization's requirements.

Top FAQs on Otter.AI Review 2024

Can I use Otter.AI for free?

Yes! there is a free pack available in Otter.AI called the basic plan. This plan has features like 300 monthly transcription minutes, Otter assistant, recording and transcribing in real time with takeaways, and automated meeting outlines.

Can Otter.AI transcribe from Youtube?

Yes, Otter.AI can transcribe from Youtube using its text-to-speech technology from a wide range of formats and different platforms.

How long does Otter take to transcribe 1-hour of audio?

Otter takes the same time as an average human which is up to 4 hours. It also depends on the quality of the audio in terms of clarity, background noise, and more. If these factors are present then the process can become even more time-consuming.

Can Otter.AI transcribe Google Meet?

Yes, Otter.AI can transcribe meetings on Google meet. It can even attend meetings on your behalf make notes and summarize the meeting so you can access them later, along with giving you an automated summary in email.

Otter.AI Review | Conclusion: Is this Transcription Tool Worth it?

Otter.AI is a Real-time Transcription tool that can help you to transcribe, summarise and make notes of meetings with ease. The tool is not perfect with limitations on Language and accuracy but it does a good job when it comes to convenience and is quite reliable. This is a very useful tool for a variety of people who attend online events and meetings.

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