Are you an affiliate marketer looking forward to earning 20% – 30% commissions per sale? Well, we have got you covered with Pabbly. Check out this Pabbly Affiliate Program review to know what's in for you, and do not miss out on reading it till the end to explore whether the program is legitimate enough!

The affiliate marketing industry is now the talk of the town. The reason for this is undoubtedly the marketers who have earned huge dollars with a little bit of dedication. But can affiliate marketing be a sustainable source of income? The answer is yes, and it's all possible through recurring affiliate programs.

If you are still not aware of how recurring programs work, here's how you will be earning:

You will earn a commission with recurring affiliate programs for as long as your referrals convert the order into actual sales. So basically, not just for once, but even you can earn multiple times whenever your referral renews the subscription.

Pabbly is one such all-in-one marketing tool offering recurring affiliate programs for affiliates to earn a good amount of commission. But whether it's a good program or not has to be determined. Stay booked to the review till the end to explore how much money you can potentially make with Pabbly and whether it's worth your time!

Pabbly Affiliate Program Review

Pabbly is an all-in-one marketing tool providing users access to powerful, business-critical applications to scale and grow their business. The platform is trusted by over 7000+ customers, and to date, the satisfaction rate is about 98%. It is highly intuitive and designed for every small to medium-sized business owner having very few or no technical skills. 

The platform's goal is very clear to its audience: Help businesses maintain frequent contact with customers, get more profits, and receive payments securely. The best part about Pabbly is it supports 800+ integrations. 

Coming with 1000+ video tutorials for users to understand the platform better, here are some more tools offered by Pabbly for biz owners to scale their business

  • Pabbly connects to create automated workflows and transfer data between multiple applications smoothly.
  • Pabbly subscription billing management software with the affiliate management system 
  • Pabbly email marketing, a complete email marketing solution to bulk send emails to multiple customers all with a click.
  • Pabbly form builder, an online form building application for businesses to collect online payments, generate leads, create surveys, and more
  • Pabbly email verification for better email delivery and open rates

The standard, tier 1 subscription of Pabbly is available for $25 per month, and literally, with this amount, businesses will get access to whole Pabbly applications. Larger companies can opt for tier 4, ultimate plus plan by Pabbly, which would cost them simply $299 per month. 

Basically, with every Pabbly pricing plan, customers will have no restrictions on features, and we'll come back to this point later on; let's just talk about what's in for affiliates in the Pabbly affiliate program 2024.

Just the way Pabbly has been helping business owners grab the most out of their subscription plans, it even helps affiliates get the most out of their content through their affiliate program.

Pabbly Affiliate Program

You must have noticed above that Pabbly offers monthly membership plans to its users. That being said, if the user is content with the tools and features Pabbly offers, they will again buy the membership for the coming months. Whenever they will extend their membership plan, you will earn a commission for the same – recurring payout!

To become a Pabbly affiliate, you will have to register yourself via the Pabbly affiliate form, and then the team will send you a unique affiliate link. This process takes around 5-10 days or even 2 to the earliest. Once they share the link with you, you can use it further in your blogs, social media posts, videos, and emails for your followers or readers to click and make a purchase.

All the purchases you would have made with your affiliate link will be displayed on the dedicated dashboard. The affiliate dashboard by Pabbly will help you to explore how many users you are bringing in with your link and what's your take-home commission.

With the first successful sale, you will be earning a massive 30% commission.

Let's explore it this way:

If the customer purchases the standard plan of Pabbly, that is for $25 per month. You will earn 30% of that $25 every month. That calculates to an extra $7.5 every month without doing anything extra. Moreover, if the customer decides to upgrade the subscription to the pro plan, which is for $50, you will be earning $15 a month, drawing up to $180 a year in commission.

The best part about joining the Pabbly affiliate program is prioritizing affiliates that bring in more customers for the platform. The more the customers you will bring in, the higher the support and resources you will get from Pabbly to earn more!

  • 30% Recurring Commission Forever

Unlike most of the affiliate programs available out there offering just 5-10 percent commission rates, Pabbly offers a massive 30 percent commission, which is too recurring. All you have to do is share your affiliate link for once, and whenever the referral buys another subscription plan, you will be paid for it. The best part, you will grab your commission as long as the customer stays with Pabbly.

  • Highly Intuitive Dashboard

Managing referrals can be a tedious task for affiliate marketers, and Pabbly truly understands the same. That's the reason why the team has come up with an affiliate dashboard that allows affiliates to track all their earnings and payments effortlessly. Moreover, affiliates can access all their referrals in one place with just a click.

  • Flexible Payouts

Payouts have been one of the crucial factors of any affiliate marketing program. However, with Pabbly, you don't have to worry even a bit about the payout of your earned commissions. The team credits your commissions in PayPal or bank account once you reach the minimum threshold of $50. There's no biweekly payout available as of yet, but the team is considering offering such a payout to profitable affiliates.

Before becoming an affiliate, it's crucial for affiliate marketers to understand is Pabbly worth investing your time. And the main factor to consider to get the answer of the same is by understanding the pricing plans of Pabbly. 

Pabbly Pricing Plans
  • Access to all Pabbly applications
  • 24,000 tasks per month
  • 15,000 Subscribers per month
  • 200 Customers
  • 3 Forms
  • 30,000 Email verification credits per month
  • Access to all Pabbly applications
  • 50,000 Tasks per month
  • 30,000 Subscribers per month
  • 400 Customers
  • 6 Forms
  • 45,000 Email verification credits per month
  • Access to all Pabbly applications
  • 100,000 Tasks per month
  • 60,000 Subscribers per month
  • 800 Customers
  • 12 Forms
  • 120,000 Email verification credits per month
  • Access to all Pabbly applications
  • 200,000 Tasks per month
  • 120,000 Subscribers per month
  • 1600 Customers
  • 24 Forms
  • 250,000 Email verification credits per month

The above pricing plans are highly affordable, but the best is yet to come. When your user opts for a 12-month subscription, they will be getting a flat 30% off on their bill. And if they buy a 36-month subscription, they will get a massive 50% off their bill. The cherry on the top situation here is the 30 days money-back guarantee the team offers to the users who are not satisfied with the platform's features.

πŸ‘‰ Get started with Pabbly now and enjoy a 30% discount on your annual billings.

Well, these are the selling points you can use the most to attract customers, and the more they find the pricing plans to be affordable to them, the more the commissions you will earn. 

What do we like the most about the Pabbly affiliate program? 

Becoming an affiliate partner of a program offering recurring commission is great, but what about the other benefits packed with the program? Yes, there are a lot of things we liked the most about the Pabbly affiliate marketing program, like:

  • Easiest signup process. All you have to do is fill-up the form, create a password, and you are all set for earning commissions.
  • The 30- day cookie period by Pabbly. The platform offers a cookie period of 30 days, which means, if your referral comes to them from your affiliate link and doesn't make a purchase then and there, instead they come back again within 30 days and make a purchase, you still get your commission.
  • No technical skills are required. Even if you are a beginner and are thinking of starting out your affiliate marketing journey, you can do it easily with Pabbly. You can earn by anything, like blogs, social media posts, emails, etc.
  • Pabbly offers 5 different products to users, and if your referral comes through one link but purchases any other product, you still get your commission.

There's a team always helping you get the most out of your affiliate journey. They would not just assist you with your issues but also give the best possible advice to get more referrals.

Apart from blogs, there are many more ways through which you can earn commissions from Pabbly; some of them are: 

  1. Promote Pabbly products via affiliate links on blogs and website
  2. Promote Pabbly products via email, newsletter, or landing pages
  3. Promote Pabbly products through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn
  4. Promote Pabbly products through a YouTube video 

πŸ‘‰ What you cannot do with the Pabbly Affiliate Program: 

There are certain limitations to the Pabbly affiliate program since the team is very strict with the sources of traffic that would come through your link. Following are the sources that are not allowed: 

πŸ™„What is the Pabbly affiliate program?

Pabbly is an all-in-one marketing platform helping marketers achieve their yearly targets at an affordable rate. Pabbly affiliate program is a one-of-a-kind recurring affiliate program through which affiliates can earn a good amount of money by promoting Pabbly products.

πŸ’²How much money do Pabbly affiliates make?

Pabbly affiliates, even with the standard plan, can earn $7.50 a month. And yearly, Pabbly affiliates can make more than $1000 from the comforts of their home.

πŸš€Can I join the Pabbly affiliate program for free?

Yes, the Pabbly affiliate program is all available for free.

❓What is the minimum payout of the Pabbly affiliate program?

Pabbly releases payouts of affiliates when they manage to earn a minimum threshold of $50.

πŸ”ŽDo I need to sign-up separately for every product?

No, Pabbly does not allow you to sign up for every product. You are only required to sign up once, and on your Pabbly dashboard, you will get all the affiliate links of all its products.

Finding a genuine recurring affiliate program in 2024 can be a tedious task for almost all affiliate marketers out there. When we heard of Pabbly, even we were astonished for a moment, given the benefits and, of course, the commission percentage. However, after reviewing the program for over a few months now, we found Pabbly and their commission rates to be highly awesome. 

The program is great for individuals having a social circle full of multiple business owners looking forward to getting a proper solution for scaling their business. You will literally help them ace their business with Pabbly's amazing tools. Make sure to send out your affiliate link through email or any social media post to your friends, family, and circle. Help them pick up the best Pabbly pricing plans and ask them to sign up for the same. If they stay for more than 40 days, you will get your 30% commission instantly.

Lastly, if they renew any of the Pabbly pricing plans in the future, they will bring more commission to you. Isn't it amazing? So, what are you waiting for? Tighten your belts to get paid without doing anything all with the Pabbly affiliate program!

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