Are you looking for the latest Pencil AI Review? If so, then this is the article that is going to deliver you all the insights regarding this impressive AI Ad generating tool.

As Artificial intelligence continues to improve marketing in myriad ways, new and fantastic solutions are coming across the market, which is redefining ways to success. One such tool is Pencil AI, an ad creatives generation tool that is helping Fast-growing brands & agencies to get 2x better ad results at 10x less time and cost. The tool has generated 1,000,000+ ad creatives for 2,000+ brands and agencies.

This tool can generate ads for various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Amazon Advertising, Snapchat and more. So let's check out this Pencil AI Review and see how this fantastic AI tool is redefining ways to generate Ads!

What is Pencil AI? – Pencil AI Review 

Pencil AI Overview

Pencil is an AI creative tool that allows users to test an unlimited number of Ad creative and get more customers, which directly boost the ROI of the Ad campaign. It is for the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer marketers who have to create numerous ad creatives and win more customers. This tool has a fantastic combination of analytics, copyright and design – all in a single package.

You can use it to generate ads and also track original ads. It allows users to create robust ads and easily iterate on those that worked. Pencil can also help you to run only those creatives already expected to perform among the top quartile in your niche.

Pencil AI is a creative AI Platform where you link the data to your store, asset library and ad account. And after that, its algorithm comes with new ad concepts which provide you with provide transparent insights, and learn from your data in order to improve your outcomes. It offers innovative ways to talk about and market your products by using the Open AI GPT-3 technology.

With this tool, you can even splice your photographs and video to create entirely new ad concepts. Plus, you can also upload and lock your logos, fonts, and colors to ensure that all created ads are far more consistent for your brand. It also ensures that your ads are tested and are also statistically distinct enough to uncover winners.

The Pencil AI platform is quite unique and easy to use. It offers an intuitive dashboard where you can have a quick overview of how your ads are going along. You can also check out ad impressions along with the number of clicks and our click-through rate. Plus, you can also view the different trends and targets and get a complete overall picture of how your ads are going.

You can also see all the winning ads and the losing ads at the moment. You can also compare the advertisements you've created to previous winners. And then run the best ads next time in just a couple of minutes.

Benefits of Pencil AI – Why should you use Pencil AI?

After knowing what Pencil AI is capable of doing, let's explore a few of the benefits offered by it.

  • Pencil AI removes the guesswork associated with generating ads and even video ads as it allows anyone to create a wide variety of creatives and delivers a greater chance of winning or likely to win ads.
  • Forget the days when you used to wait for your designer to get successful ads quickly. The platform is incredibly swift and can deliver quick ads in minutes. You can also create multiple perfectly-sized films and photos in no time.
  • It offers numerous editing options for users to edit ads and choose from a variety of templates and make the perfect winning ads.
  • You can also see what copy, creatives and even design elements are common across your winning and losing ads. By this, you can do what works for you the best!
  • The customer support offered by Pencil is fantastic, as you can get instant support and help to make your ad campaign successful.
  • Along with this, Pencil is continuously evolving and is adding new analytics tools to make Ad creatives generation more effective and easy.

Who is Pencil AI For? – Best Use Case Scenario of Pencil AI 

The Pencil was primarily designed for eCommerce Brands and performance agencies who need to aggressively test a tremendous amount of ad creatives to deliver CPA and ROAS.

The Pencil AI is really very helpful if you already have a strong brand and a library of images and videos that feature your services or products, which you need to turn into winning ads.

At the same time, if you don't have these, we strongly recommend you build an asset library of at least 3-5 product images and 3-5 UGC videos before trying Pencil. Stock images and videos are the last resort. It would be best if you remembered that low-quality creative inputs will lead to low-quality creative outputs.

Pencil AI works best if you already have an ad spending of at least $5k/mo and have data in your ad account on what's working and what's not! And if you don't have this with you, you will have to experiment with as many and as varied ads as possible to set a benchmark and create patterns in what works and what does not.

After all this, the AI of Pencil will start learning and show you predictions with data from ~10 ads for a given objective, targeting and metrics.

Pencil AI Features at a Glance

Here we have enlisted a few of the Pencil AI features. Let's just quickly have a look at them.

Fresh Ad Ideas in Clicks

Pencil AI has come up with fresh static and Video ad ideas for its users automatically, and that too using your existing branding and assets. Pencil AI has generated 1M+ ad creatives for 2,000+ brands using AI, by which you have never to push a pixel again. You only have to provide your branding & assets and let the Pencil AI write a copy and edit video. Plus, you also get to choose from templates, and it can produce finished ads for you.

This AI ad-generating tool not only generates an Ad copy but also proposes entirely new angles to pitch your products based on data from over $1B in ad spend. It saves your time which can go into writing copy and improve your performance with the best ideas simultaneously. Pencil AI can even automatically cut and remix video & UGC into entirely new ad ideas by finding critical moments in your existing video and UGC assets to get along with a copy narrative, producing finished ads just like a pro editor.

Pencil can even Algorithmically experiment with layouts, branding, product, CTAs and more. It can propose new ad designs within your established branding and also use your existing assets by which you can constantly test and learn which creative elements are improving your results. 

Find Winning Ads Always

Pencil AI is trained on $1B+ in ad spend and predicts which ad idea will win and saves your money on the ads which don't work. It utilizes the data from over $1B in ad spend and helps you to find new ideas which are more likely to perform among the best in your niches. So now, when you test ad campaigns, you can have a win rate that comes in higher, and you boost your revenue.

Pencil will offer you great insights by which you can predict which new copy angles will resonate with your audience from the data from your own account and over 1M ads across multiple niches to check out which copy angles are worth testing and which are not!

With Pencil AI, you can stop running ads blindly and find out winning ones in a few minutes. You can find more winners faster by running ads predicted to win. The pencil will compare your ad ideas to over 1,000,000 ads from across niches. And if your ad is similar to top ads for a given objective, targeting & metric etc., then there are higher chances that your ad will be a winner too! You can even use this tool to predict which of your existing assets will catch your audience's attention and Prioritize which assets you should use in your ads. 

Edit Ads Easily

Ads Editing by Pencil AI

With the Pencil's real-time Editor, almost anyone can make quick changes to a whole lot of ads which makes this feature perfect for busy teams who prioritize performance over perfection. The makers of Pencil AI believe that Editor is built for ad creatives, and when it comes to ad creatives, performance is more important than perfection. So they built an Editor which empowers both creative and marketing people to easily make the changes that matter.

The tool offers easy customization of your AI-generated ad creatives. Its really not complicated, and you don't have to hunt for files or branding. Instead, you can use Pencil AI, which offers a simple drag, drop swap interface with everything you need to make your ad creatives more engaging. Pencil also offers a library of stickers and scenes to create modern, channel-native social ads. With its Editor's library of pre-built scenes and stickers, you can achieve whatever is in your mind. You can avoid finding out endless formats and sizes for every channel as Pencil gives you the option to edit each format individually.

Useful Ad Insights

Ad Insights by Pencil AI

With Pencil AI, you can analyze your ads to get which copy, creatives and design elements are helping or delivering good performance. This feature will provide you with insights at the creative, copy, topic or tag level. As insights are what makes your ads work, it becomes a critical angle that you are testing them. It can be a trigger work, or it can be an asset from a specific shoot – Pencil lets you drill down to insights at every level.

Pencil AI will also help you to understand what's helping you win and causing you to lose. Not like complex A/B testing, Pencil insights seeks components across multiple ads which you have already tested and extracts average performance vs. your target and gives you a clear picture from past data. It also ensures that these insights are based on enough data and give you a quick view of how many impressions are behind any offered insight, so you know how significant that insight is likely to be.

Strategic Benchmarks

Strategic Benchmarks of Pencil AI

This AI tool analyzes over 1,000,000 ads across sectors to find new and effective ways to pitch your business. It is tough to know the ways how you can perform better. But the tool has built unique visibility into over $1B of anonymized ad spend data to help you perform at your peak. This feature sense checks your ad's performance vs. the market. And knowing whether you are performing best or not is essential. You can compare your results to your niche on critical metrics like CPA, ROAS, CPC and more.

Pencil AI can also help you to discover topics that resonate in your niche ads. You can check out what topics brands in your niche are using in ads that are performing well and also the ads which are not. Accordingly, you can pitch your product in the way it works out best. You can also compare ads tactics to see where to chill out and where to catch up, as this tool will give you visibility into your niche ads buying tactics.

How does Pencil AI work with your existing stack?

  1. Connect your Ad accounts to learn from winning ads, see insights and train predictions.
  2. Connect your store or assets library to import branding, images, videos and products.
  3. Finally, generate new ad creatives for yourself in quickly time or receive a batch from them weekly.

Faces Behind Pencil AI – Makers of Pencil AI

Makers of Pencil AI

Pencil AI Pricing Plans – Does Pencil AI offer a Free Trial?

Pencil AI Pricing Plan

Pencil AI provides 3 pricing plans – Starter, Pro and Unlimited.

The Stater plan is a Free plan where as the remaining two are the paid plans. Let's explore these in detail.

Pencil Starter Plan – $119/mo

This plan is good to get started growing your business with creative testing.

  • 1 user
  • 3 ads/mo free, then $10/ad
  • Self-serve platform
  • Chat Support 

Pencil Pro Plan – $299/mo

This plan is best for High volume creative testing powered by humans and AI.

  • 3 users
  • 100 ads/mo
  • Self-serve & Creative Assistant
  • AI predictions
  • Insights
  • 1 brief/week to Creative Assistant
  • Sharing, commenting & approvals
  • Sector benchmarks

Pencil Unlimited Plan – $999+/mo

This plan is best for unlimited creative solution for scaled brands & agencies.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited ads/mo
  • Self-serve & Creative Assistant
  • Insights & custom tags
  • 1 brief/day to Creative Assistant
  • AI predictions
  • Sharing, commenting & approvals
  • Private sector benchmarks
  • Custom & Adobe templates
  • Managed onboarding
  • Automations (coming soon!)

Also, if you go for the Quarterly Subscription, you can save up to 20% on any of the Pencil AI pricing plans, and if you go for its Annual Subscription, you can save up to 40%, which is excellent news!

Pencil AI Real Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Pencil AI Real Customer Reviews Testimonials

What is Pencil AI?

Pencil AI is a creative AI tool for eCommerce brands that are on a mission to help them discover winning ideas that unlock their next level of growth. This innovative AI platform generates Ads predicted to win. It is all for the Fast growing eCommerce brands who wish to get 2X better Ad results at 10X less time and cost.

What do we like about Pencil AI?

This tool is a blessing for marketing agencies and content creation teams who want to make their marketing campaigns really successful quickly. Pencil AI provides an opportunity to turn one creative into so many more quickly. It leverages the power of AI to deliver you top-performing creatives into as many options which can perfectly deliver you winning ads.

What languages are supported by Pencil AI?

While doing this Pencil AI Review, we did find that currently, Pencil generates ad copy in English. However, all languages are supported, so you can quickly translate your ads into any language you like. If there is a language that has special characters, you can just make sure that the font you choose supports them.

Which are the payment methods supported by Pencil AI?

Pencil AI accepts all major credit cards. Also, they can accept payment via bank transfers for quarterly or annual subscriptions.

What is the cancellation policy of Pencil AI? 

The Pencil AI subscription can be canceled at any time, and the charges will stop at the end of your billing period. And for the managed plan, they will work with you to ensure that adequate notice is available if you need to cancel.
And for any reason, if you are unhappy with Pencil, you can contact them as soon as possible. You can contact them via intercom inside the platform, Email or contact the Customer Success Manager, and they will work with you to make sure that you get the best experience possible.

How to try out Pencil AI?

First, you can sign up for the Pay-as-you-go plan, as it is totally free to generate ad ideas and get the predictions and check out all the insights and more. In this plan, you can export 3 ad ideas each month for free. And when you start liking Pencil, you can move ahead with any of its pricing plans that best suit your objective.

What kind of inputs are required to use Pencil?

To use Pencil, you will require the correct inputs to generate ads. So if your inputs are low quality, it will generate a low quality. The following are the required inputs:A Brand Kit – It includes fonts, logos, colors and a short description of your brand and products.
Assets – This includes product images, lifestyle images, product videos or UGC videos.
Also, make sure that the images and videos must not contain any text or “supers,” as this text will interfere with Pencil's automated video editing functionality.

What happens when you overuse your ad quota? 

In Pencil, the Ad quota refers to the number of ads you generate and then either download or export into your connected ad accounts. Also, all the ads generated by Pencil which you don't use are not counted toward your quota. And if you happen to use more ads than your quota allows, you will have to pay for additional ads on a per-ad basis which is aligned with the per-ad price of your plan.

What type of output is generated by Pencil AI?

Pencil AI will generate ads in “Batches.” And in every batch, you will find 4 ad ideas – 6s video, 10s video, 15s video and static. Each ad idea is automatically available in 5 sizes – 1:1, 9:16, 4:5, 16:9, 1.91:1. So you can easily use the Pencil's outputs on pretty much any Social Media Platform like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Snap, Amazon etc. You can also export your generated ad ideas directly into your ad account. You can also download ad ideas as an image (PNG) or video (MP4) files.

Final Verdict: Is Pencil AI worth delivering Winning Ads?

After doing an in-depth Pencil AI review, we found the platform extremely easy to use, and the platform does deliver you a type of dashboard, which is quite helpful in getting an overview of how it's going with your ads.

You can also check out the number of clicks and our click-through rate, and then you can see the different trends, targets and how overall its going with your ads. Plus, you can also check out the winning ads and the losing ones. We really like that in this tool, as opposed to template-based editors, you don't have t waste time choosing templates, versioning sizes, cutting videos or thinking about what to do next. Pencil will generate the finished ads from your existing assets automatically. Along with this, the tool will also save you time and money and reduce your wastedadvertising spend.

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