You've come to the right place if you want to learn everything there is to know about Pexda vs. Ecomhunt vs. Commerce Inspector. This comparison will tell you everything you need to know about your favorite dropshipping tools and which one is best for you.

Everyone in this room is aware that the success of a dropshipping venture is inextricably linked to the identification of winning products. And nowadays, e-commerce is the only way to win the profit race with little investment! We must also point out that the underlying theme of e-commerce is straightforward.

Ordinary people believe that the equation of a dropshipping business venture is simple. All you have to do is accept orders, send them to suppliers, and get paid.

Is the process, however, really this simple? No way, no how!

Setting up a beautiful store and stocking it with appealing products is not the same as dropshipping. There is a complex system in place that requires the store to be stocked with the appropriate products. We live in a business-savvy world where finding profitable and winning products for your company is not an impossible task.

Pexda Vs. Ecomhunt Vs. Commerce Inspector

There are numerous ways to determine what is appropriate for your store, but you must rely on the right dropshipping tools to do so. So, the final question is, which dropshipping tool is best for the job? We are here to provide you with an answer to that question. Our ultimate goal is to inform you about the best software available on the market. As a result, this Pexda Vs. Ecomhunt Vs. Commerce Inspector Comparison will assist you in making an informed decision.

Pexda Vs. Ecomhunt Vs. Commerce Inspector: Best Winning Product Tool?

What is Pexda? – Pexda Review in a Nutshell

We already know that if you are a beginner just starting with your dropshipping business, finding a profitable product for your store can be a difficult task.This is where Pexda comes in handy! You no longer need to waste time researching winning products. Pexda is a product discovery tool that prevents you from squandering your money on ineffective and unprofitable products.

Pexda Review

The label of Pexda says – Stop Wasting Your Money on Bad Products. So, in that case, whether you have an eCommerce store on Amazon, Shopify, eBay or any other e-commerce platform, Pexda is a great tool to invest in.

It simplifies your task and provides a new perspective on selling your products on Shopify or Amazon. You will be able to seamlessly search for award-winning products and earn a reasonable profit by selling them to various online stores.

It is more than just a product hunting tool; it also functions as a product spy tool, providing you with valuable information about your competitors and analytical reports on your products and dropshipping sites on AliExpress. Pexda provides its services in two ways.

What is Ecomhunt? – Ecomhunt Review in a Nutshell

If you are a dropshipping store owner who has spent countless hours searching for suitable products for your store, then Ecomhunt is your only hope. It is a product hunting tool that will identify best-selling products for you in seconds. Ecomhunt will make your life easier than you ever imagined!

Ecomhunt Review

Every day, Ecomhunt's expert team works hard to ensure that you get the right products for your store. You get all of your products' possible details right on your end, and you don't have to worry about anything.

With Ecomhunt, you can almost be sure that you will find the winning products which you can sell at your store. It will save you time manually searching for products and provide you with the winning products currently selling in the market, making sales easier and boosting your revenue.

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You will receive all necessary information about the products you have chosen, such as your profit margin, related Analytics, social media engagement, store sales link, product detail via videos, targeting tools, and numerical buyer reviews.

What is Commerce Inspector? – Commerce Inspector Review in a Nutshell

Commerce Inspector is a browser extension that allows you to look for award-winning products. You get all of the product insights under one roof, which helps you decide whether or not to add tools to your store.

Commerce Inspector Review

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Google Chrome. It works across all platforms, so you don't have to worry about running your company. This Spy tool does save a lot of time that can go into manual research, and the data presented by it is also accurate. It relies on Analytical Signals and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms that provide data like a pro with complete ease.

You will learn about important factors such as profit margins, provider costs, product engagements, and data on stores that already sell the product. Without a doubt, Commerce Inspector is one of the most well-known spy hunting tools on the market.

Pexda Vs. Ecomhunt Vs. Commerce Inspector: Ease of Use

Pexda Ease of Use

Pexda's user interface is simple. The creators carefully designed the algorithm, and the platform is simple to use.

Pexda Ease of Use

You will have no problems finding what you are looking for. It provides a systematic characterization of features and tools, making it simple for users or customers to find what they're looking for.

You can also sort the products from newest to oldest. This option allows you to see the market's most recent and popular picks. In a matter of seconds, all of the necessary information will appear on the user's screen. Even if you are unsure how to obtain the correct list of products for your niche, Pexda will assist you in finding them in seconds!

Ecomhunt Ease of Use

The Ecomhunt has an easy-to-use interface as well as a comprehensive and easily navigable database. You won't have to scroll down the list looking for the newest products; the right products are right in front of you.

Ecomhunt Ease of Use

The winning products are updated on the dashboard every day, and newer products continue to rise to the top, so you don't have to worry about refreshing the list again. All members will be eligible for a free subscription with limited access to features and winning products. The free plan isn't ideal, but it's sufficient for a beginner to get a feel for the software.

You can create your store niche, and with a single click, you'll have all the information you need to promote your product. The data includes necessary attributes such as profit, analytics reports, Facebook ad reports, social media engagement, and various links to suppliers on different other stores. Even if you are a Rookie, you will have no trouble using the software. Even inexperienced users become aware of the nag within a short period.

Commerce Inspector Ease of Use

Commerce Inspector's algorithm works differently than the algorithms of the previous two software. The Analytic Signals and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms determine the working pattern and the results.

Commerce Inspector Ease of Use

It gathers information from multiple public sources and displays the results in seconds. It gathers information from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and other general websites. With the necessary information, you can gain access to vital data and the overall engagement rate of the ecosystem.

It, like Ecomhunt, has a free plan, so if you are a beginner, you should consider this platform. Few characteristics may be incomprehensible to newcomers, making Commerce Inspector a difficult nut to crack.

Final Verdict: Which one is easy to use?

Pexda and Ecomhunt are less difficult to use than Commerce Inspector. Pexda and Ecomhunt work like a dream.

However, in terms of the primary features, all three of them work equally well. We discovered that Commerce Inspector is a good match for experienced players after using all of the tools.

Pexda and Ecomhunt, on the other hand, are a boon for newcomers.

Pexda Vs. Ecomhunt Vs. Commerce Inspector: Unique Features

Pexda – What is Pexda used for?

1. Product Categorization

When we arrange things in a specific order, it is easier for us to work with them in the long run. When we organize something, we save time and can focus on other aspects of the business. Recognizing the preceding facts, Pexda provides categorized and sub-categorized products to meet the needs of every user.

If you've already decided on a niche for your product, click on the appropriate category, and the best will appear on your screen in a matter of minutes!

Following are the various categories Pexda offers:

2. AD Insight

Ad Insights is one of Pexda's most distinctive features. You don't have to worry about your product's promotion because the ad copies are attested with each product description. It allows you to view all ad copies for individual products. The general template contains photos, videos, and text copies of the required product.

3. Product Descriptions

Pexda offers simple but useful descriptions of all the products in its catalog. This saves your precious time and money, which you can dedicate to other resources and boost your productivity.

You can use the product descriptions provided by Pexda from the product’s page from the database and then copy them as it appears below the image. As most of the products come with free videos, you can use these and promote your products on Facebook or any other platform.

4. Supplier Information

Along with the product information, you will also get a substantial amount of information about the suppliers. The supplier information you get contains shipping, feedback, votes and overall experience.

5. Pexda Chrome Extension

The Pexda extension on Chrome enhances your search for the best products by providing you the sponsored ads. Specifically, Facebook sponsored ads. And by targeting ads, you get an idea of which products offer the most beneficial interest to you. This extension is easy to use as you can search for products directly from Facebook and AliExpress. 

This extension has three more features: 

  • You can configure the product search as per your liking
  • You can search for products and shops relevant to yours
  • You can manage your Pexda account

Ecomhunt – What is Ecomhunt used for?

1. Social Media Influence

Instagram is widely recognized as one of the best social media platforms in the world. Isn't it great to have the opportunity to promote your products here? Ecomhunt provides Instagram influencing tools to help your dropshipping product find a market on Instagram.

This option is especially suitable for people who are just getting started with social media marketing and do not have a large sum of money to invest in marketing strategies. Instagram is one of the most effective platforms for converting products into profits. You will see faster growth once you begin influencing your products on Instagram!

2. Facebook Community

The Facebook community has a significant impact on providing users with what they want. The Facebook community is a place where like-minded people can share their stories and journeys. As a result, Ecomhunt allows you to reach out to many people in the Facebook community. When you create your Ecomhunt account, you will receive an email link to the Facebook group.

This group keeps you up to date and provides you with all the latest information on the most popular and up-to-date products.

3. Targeting

It is crucial for any seller that before he sells or promotes a product, he must know who wish to target via product. For example, country, the age of people and also the interest-based area criteria are a few of them to consider.

But Ecomhunt provides you with all the targeting examples which can help you to further grow your business by promoting your sales and getting better-detailed insights about the targeting of products.

4. Engagement and Review

With this feature, you can learn about product engagement. By this, you will have an idea about how many have already bought the product already. And the fantastic thing about Ecomhunt is that it provides you with the product review right from the real buyer who has purchased this product from AliExpress.

5. AliExpress Integration

EcomHunt also provides integration with AliExpress, and you can view the reviews related to the delivered product. The product-giving platform and reviews are available on a single screen, making the user experience as much as possible. 

6. Ecomhunt Chrome Extension

Using the Ecomhunt chrome extension, you can easily find what your competitors are up to, and you can do all of this in a single click. This extension is all made for the Adhunter tool.

Commerce Inspector – What is Commerce Inspector used for?

1. Product Niche

One of the most appealing aspects of Commerce Inspector is that it provides product research in various niches. You can categorize and sub-categorize the products as needed. Toys, beauty and health, family, and pets are among the various categories.

Subcategories bring you as close to the niche as possible. Aside from that, Commerce Inspector can help you sort through your options using a variety of filters. The results include:

2. Products Insights

Under this tab, you can view all of the product insights in one place.

Commerce Inspector Features - Pexda vs. Ecomhunt vs. Commerce Inspector

For example, if you are thinking about including a specific product in your store, this feature will inform you about its past performance and potential future outcome.

Aside from that, you'll get the specifics of your targeting suggestions. You gain a better understanding of your future campaigns and how they can benefit you due to the information available to you.

3. Detailed Traffic & Social Media Insights

Commerce Inspector ensures that all of its users deserve everything from traffic sources to social media outcomes. And for this reason, they have included filters like Ad Shares and Reactions, Facebook Ad Likes, Newest Products etc., which help you to find out everything about the product. It searches everything while making sure that the user does not have to worry about any aspect. It provides you with everything from a Similar web platform and generates data about which product is generating most of the traffic.

4. Locate Best-Sellers with a Single Click

With the Commerce Inspector filters, you absolutely don't have to dig through every URL and application to find out every store and eCommerce Platform's most selling products. As with a single Click, it gives you a detailed and helpful report.

Pexda Vs. Ecomhunt Vs. Commerce Inspector: Pricing Plans

Pexda Pricing

Pexda Pricing

You have three pricing options with Pexda. The first is the standard version, which costs only $1.49 for the first 14 days. After that, the cost is only $14.5 per month. If you choose the Premium version, it will cost you around $24.95 per month.

This is the most popular version among Pexda users. The Ultimate Version has the most comprehensive feature set. It costs around $99.95 per month. Among the versions on the list, this one is the best to investigate.

Ecomhunt Pricing

Ecomhunt Pricing

Ecomhunt does not offer a free trial but a completely free plan which you can use to check out all the features of this awesome tool. Ecomhunt offers four pricing plans. One is the free plan which you can use to check out Ecomhunt. You only get 10 live trending products with this plan. Next is the Basic Plan, which comes at $29/mo, where you get 50 live trending products and 10 Tracker sessions.

Then comes the Pro plan, which costs $49/mo, where you get 80 live trending products and 100 Tracker sessions along with Unlimited access to ALL Ecomhunt features. Lastly comes the Suite Plan, which costs $69/mo, where you get 120 live trending products and 500 Tracker sessions along with Unlimited access to AliExpress info and extended Product analysis.

Ecomhunt has two pricing options. One is complimentary, while the other is not. You get 5 saved products with the free plan. You have three days to postpone the release of new products. The pro plan costs around $29 per month and includes access to online and Facebook communities.

Other essential features, such as Instagram influencing, are also included in the Pro plan.

Commerce Inspector Pricing

Commerce Inspector Pricing

On the list, the Commerce inspector offers three pricing options. The first is the Free Plugin, which gives you access to all of the necessary features. However, you should be aware that the key is limited. The Store Intelligence package, which costs around $49 per month, is the second option.

This package grants you access to three stores. The Enterprise Pro Package, which costs around $499 per month, is the final option. This option gives you access to a variety of stores.

Fianl Verdict: Which software is the best option in terms of their pricing plan?

We looked at the pricing plans for all three tools. Unlike Pexda, Ecomhunt and Commerce Inspector have free pricing plans.

Aside from that, there are no statistically significant differences in their rates.

Top FAQ on Pexda Vs. Ecomhunt Vs. Commerce Inspector

Is Pexda legit?

Pexda is an excellent dropshipping product curator service, with a few features that outperform the competition. However, I believe you could subscribe to another tool in the same price range.

How good is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is ideal for dropshipping newcomers who don't have much experience with Facebook targeting or are unsure of what products to sell. With each winning dropshipping product that they publish, they will provide you with a wealth of helpful information.

Is Commerce Inspector free?

Commerce Inspector is a Google Chrome extension that is available for Mac and Windows PC. The basic plugin is completely free – forever. This allows any store to gain access to product insights, apps, traffic sources, social links, and all-time best-selling products.

What does Commerce Inspector do?

Commerce Inspector is a browser extension that provides detailed under-the-hood information about stores. Simply go to a store and click the extension to see the most popular products, apps, and trends. Commerce Inspector is a Google Chrome extension that is available for Mac and Windows PC.

How much does Ecomhunt cost?

We have a free version with access to all of our winning products, but it has minimal features, and access to new products is delayed. And we have the Pro version, which is only $29 per month (or $20 per month if the 31% discount is still active) and gives you unlimited access to ALL of our products and features!

Is Ecomhunt legit?

Absolutely Yes. It is 100% legit. It helps you to find all the winning products which can boost your sales and conversions. Ecomhunt is the best solution for all those who are looking to hunt products and always looking for those. You can use Ecomhunt and find hot products for any search engine.

Does Ecomhunt have a refund policy?

Yes! Ecomhunt does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for every new user. If you don't like the tool and wish to avail of a full refund, you have got 30 days to decide.

How much does Commerce Inspector cost?

The Commerce Inspector Chrome Extension is forever free by which you get access to product insights, apps, traffic sources, social links and best-selling products of any store. But for as little as $29/mo, you can subscribe to its in the basic plan and start exploring the platform.

Does Commerce Inspector offer a free trial?

Yes. For a minimum of $1, you can get a Commerce Inspector Free trial for the Grow plan, which costs $59/mo.

Does Pexda offer a refund policy?

Yes. Pexda does offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. So if you sign up for Pexda and find that it's not a perfect fit for you, you can send a cancellation request by email to from the registered email address, and they will provide you your refund.

How does Ecomhunt accept payments?

Ecomhunt only accepts payments via PayPal. PayPal is a more secure payment gateway worldwide, keeping your bank account secured and your card details safe. So don't have to worry about inserting your email address linked to your PayPal account to initiate the transactions.

Is the Ecomhunt support any good?

Ecomhunt provides round-the-clock support, including live chat, FAQ and blogs. There is also an Ecomhunt community page on Facebook, which is quite beneficial. You can also contact their support team at

Is the Commerce Inspector data accurate?

The data provided by Commerce Inspector is highly accurate as it searches from highly credible sources and similar pages and eCommerce sites, and the data is legit and dependable.

Conclusion: Pexda Vs. Ecomhunt Vs. Commerce Inspector 2024

It's a neck-and-neck battle here! If you can't make an informed decision after this lengthy read, now is your chance. Compared to the other two on the list, Pexda is the most straightforward and simple to use. The pricing plans are also reasonably priced.

Unfortunately, this option does not include a free plan. Second, Ecomhunt is favored by several industry drop-shippers. The limited availability of the free trial will provide a clear outcome. For a beginner, the paid pricing plans are easily affordable.

Finally, Commerce Inspector is an advanced pick for all dropshipping veterans. Even if you are a novice, the free trial will provide you with a better understanding of the software. Overall, it's a tie between the three! We've tried them all, and they've all proven to be effective when it comes to getting results.

That was the end of our Pexda Vs. Ecomhunt Vs. Commerce Inspector comparison. We hope we were of assistance. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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